How to Write a Request for Proposal for Espp Plan

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					                                                     Equity Professional and Industry
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Our past publications have had articles on                executive compensation and benefits.
International Considerations, IFRS-2, SEC                 William is published nationally in            Award for Management
Disclosures and Reporting, and the Top Ten                WorkSpan Magazine and various websites
Tips at year-end as a corporation moves into
                                                          such as the NASPP and NCEO.
a new year.                                                                                           For the second year in a row, FRS has won
FRS takes the time to condense the most                                                               the Management Training Award for the
important information, present it to you in                                                           City of Santa Clara. The U.S. Local
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  Contents                                                                                              (EASi), the leading independent stock plan
                                                                                                        management         software      company,
  The CEO Speaks...................................1      CEPs - Get 8 CPE units!                       announced Section 16 functionality that
  Announcements.....................................1                                                   combines its web-based technology with
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                                                                                                        analytics service to assist venture capital

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and private equity firms with FAS 157               suggestions to your manager and the       New Challenge:
compliance.                                         Executive Team.
See:                                                    Question: Under Rule 144 what is the
                                                 4. Advance your career by taking             current holding periods for affiliates? $25
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Real-time Reporting among other features.                                                  that can deliver a complete solution to
                                                certification, HR certification, accounting
See:                                                                                       your company        -- from consulting
                                                classes, management classes, advanced                                                 services to outsourcing, to training and
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ppage?PageName=etcs_solutions_admin_2q                                                     education courses that keep your staff
09                                              It is easy to take webinars for these up-to-date in this fast-changing arena.
                                                advanced topics under a 24/7 access. With
                                                                                           We deliver unsurpassed knowledge of
                                                one whole month to complete the class, the
                                                                                           all aspects of equity compensation,
                                                materials, and take a short exam, you are unrivaled attention to detail and a high
                                                sure to move ahead with your additional level of personal attention. We
Equity Compensation                        -    knowledge.        Go to: www.equity- understand and meet the strictest
TIPS for Summer 2009                   and click on Training. You standards of confidentiality to protect
                                                will see CEP classes and Equity your information and minimize risk.
4 Important Items to Complete!                  Professional classes.                      Our services are organized and priced
With people on vacation, summer can be the                                                    to deliver the best value without
time to concentrate on getting those “back-                                                   sacrificing quality.
burner” things or list-of-things-to-do done!    Efficiency Tool / Tip:
 1. Audit your software - your options and      Set up subfolders in your Email Inbox that    Trust the Experts at
    award tracking database. Run the Audit      will hold current emails but will organize
                                                them so that you can work on one task at a
                                                                                              FRS Equity Strategies
    Report.     Run the Data Check and
    Valuation Check. Run the Security           time.    Each subfolder will start with
    Check. Because your employees are           “a(name of task or topic)” so that the FRS Equity Strategies, Inc.
    regular people, they do a lot of complex    subfolder is at the top of your Inbox
    things – change locations, change tax       folders.                                   3940 Freedom Circle
    jurisdictions, get married, get divorced,                                              Suite 503
    change employment status, leave the                                                    Santa Clara, CA 95054
    company, or go on a leave of absence.                                                  Phone: (408) 727 0227
    The “people” part of the data can be the                                               Fax: (408) 727 1760
    most challenging. You must have the         The Challenge!                   
    people and related personnel data           Answer to our challenge from our
    absolutely correct in order for your
                                                last newsletter:
    grants, transactions and reporting to be
    accurate.                                   Question: What are the IRS holding Be sure to visit our website for complete
                                                                                         details on all of our equity plan
                                                periods that allow for long-term capital
 2. Read and update your SOX compliance                                                  management and training services.
                                                gain treatment when selling shares
    documentation. Your auditors may set
                                                acquired from an equity benefit?
    up a preliminary audit in the Fall to get                                            To request a custom proposal, or to request
    this part of the audit out of the way       The answer is: 2 years from grant date additional information on consulting or
    before the big year-end audit hits.         and 1 year from exercise/purchase date.  outsourcing services, please contact:
 3. Make your Option Plan and ESPP more Challenge Winner: Inta Abele of Charles
                                                                                              William Parsons
    beneficial to the employees. Write Schwab wins the $25 gift certificate for the
                                                                                              Account Executive
    down several changes to your Equity first email with the right answer
                                                                                              direct: (408) 315-1129
    Plans that could make your Plans more
                                                                                              office: (408) 727-0227
    beneficial to the employees, may allow
    for less administrative burden, and may
    present a cost-savings. Present your

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