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					          Virtual Schoolhouse
                                                          SEVENTH GRADE

Qtr-           Benchmark/                       Lesson Makeup                              Assessment                Materials/
Week            Indicator                                                                                            Technology

1st                              Pre-Test
1st        Number, Number        Adding and subtracting whole numbers             Puzzle pages                   A+ Grade 7 Math:
2          Sense and             Estimating sums and differences                  Visual Aides                   Properties/ include
           Operations:           Multiplying and dividing whole numbers           Place value games              various worksheets
           Represent and                                                          Flash Cards- addition,         from computer-based
           compare numbers       Have students write their vertical               subtraction, multiplication,   activities
           less than 0 through   multiplication problem on a large grid, one      division
           familiar              digit per grid square, to help them keep their                                  5x’s each on given
           applications and      computations and regrouping in proper            Quiz                           Multiplication and
           extending the         alignment.                                                                      Division number/
           number line.                                                           Board Work:                    continue for the
                                 How many people live in your town? How           Have each student go to the    duration of the year
                                 many people live in a nearby town? Record        board and demonstrate and      until the student has
                                 your data in a place-value chart. Which has a    articulate knowledge with a    mastered facts to
                                 greater population? Add to find the total        given problem. Continue        twelve
                                 population. Then round your answer. Use a        throughout the year.           One minute test every
                                 map to report your findings in class.                                           Friday
                                                                                  Digit, place value, addend,
                                                                                  sum difference, factor,
                                                                                  product, base, power,
                                                                                  divisor, dividend, quotient,
                                                                                  remainder, polygon,

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          Virtual Schoolhouse
                                                         SEVENTH GRADE

1st        Number, Number        Estimating products and quotients                Ability to classify             A+ Grade 7 Math:
3          Sense and             Arithmetic and algebra                           expressions                     Expression and
           Operations:           Representing numbers using letters               as algebraic or numeric and     equations
           Represent and         Replacing variables                              identify variables
           compare numbers       Review use of calculator
           less than 0 through                                                    Evaluate expressions using a
           familiar                                                               calculator
           applications and      The sports pages of most newspapers provide
           extending the         an abundant supply of scores that students can   Quiz
           number line.          use to create equations and expressions.
                                 Students can pose questions such as “How
                                 many runs did the National League and the        Vocabulary:
                                 American League score in one day?” Students      Estimate, variable, variable
                                 can work in small groups to generate             expression, terms, constant,
                                 sentences such as “NL Runs + AL Runs =           coefficient, like terms,
                                 Total runs per day.” Have students replace       simplify a variable
                                 one of the values in their sentence with a       expression, combine like
                                                                                  terms, substitute, evaluate a
                                 variable and challenge another group to solve
                                                                                  variable expression, volume
                                 the resulting equation.

1st        Number, Number        Order of operations- explore different           Develop various real life       Scientific and non-
4          Sense and             calculators                                      scenarios introducing           scientific calculators
           Operations: Use       Evaluating algebraic expressions                 algebraic reasoning
           order of operations   Equations- Solution by substitution                                              A+ Grade 7 Math:
           including use of      Solving addition equation equations              Quiz                            Order of operations,

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                                                         SEVENTH GRADE

           parenthesis and                                                                                        Distributive property,
           exponents to solve     Sometimes it is easier to remember rules by     Vocabulary:                     properties, number
           multi-step             remembering certain phrases. To help            Number expression,              operations, like terms
           problems, and          students remember the rules for order of        parenthesis, simplify,
           verify and interpret   operations, have them remember “Please          equivalent, number
           the results            excuse my dear Aunt Sally.” The p from          equation, property,
                                  please stands for “simplify the parentheses.”   communitive, associative,
                                  The e from excuse stands for “evaluating the    identity, zero, distributive,
                                  exponents or powers.” The m from my and the     division properties, area
                                  d from dear stand for “doing multiplication
                                  and division from left to right.” And the a
                                  from Aunt and s from Sally stand for “doing     Write the following phrases
                                  addition and subtraction from left to right.”   on the chalkboard and have
                                                                                  students use them to write
                                                                                  word problems involving
                                                                                  multiplication and division.
                                                                                  Have partners exchange
                                                                                  problems and then write the
                                                                                  appropriate equation to

                                                                                  multiplied by

                                                                                  same amount

                                                                                  twice as often

                                                                                  half as many

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                                                        SEVENTH GRADE

                                                                                cost the same amount

                                                                                separated into equal groups

                                                                                fives times as much

                                                                                shared equally

                                                                                same amount each week

                                                                                earns the same amount

                                                                                cost per item

                                                                                divided by

                                                                                equal amount

                                                                                gave each friend the same

1st        Number, Number        Using formulas                                 Place value chart             A+ Grade 7 Math:
5          Sense and             Review                                                                       Decimal number
           Operations:           Decimals and place value                       Quiz                          concept
           Compare, order and    Comparing and rounding decimals
           covert among                                                          Vocabulary:
           fractions, decimals   Use place-value charts to help students line up Decimal, decimal point,
           and percents          the digits, not only when they are comparing    scientific notation

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                                                         SEVENTH GRADE

                                 and ordering decimal numbers, but also when
                                 they are adding and subtracting decimals.
                                 Make a sheet of charts with spaces for
                                 thousands through hundredths and a special
                                 space for decimal points.

1st        Number, Number        Adding and subtracting decimals- calculator      Demonstrate accuracy on         A+ Grade 7 Math:
6          Sense and             Multiplying decimals by powers of ten            calculator and on paper         Decimal Number
           Operations:           Multiplying decimals- decimal point                                              Concepts, Decimal
           Compare, order and    placement                                         Show understanding of          Number operations
           covert among          Dividing decimals by powers of ten               simulated checkbook (paper)
           fractions, decimals   Dividing decimals                                and computer-checkbook
           and percents                                                           program
                                 On the chalkboard, have a student highlight
                                 the decimal places in the factors of a           Vocabulary:
                                 multiplication exercise, as in the example       Decimal, decimal point,
                                 below. Have another student place the            scientific notation
                                 decimal point and highlight the decimal
                                 places in the product. Some students may
                                 need to be reminded to count digits to the
                                 right of decimal points when they count
                                 decimal places.

1st        Number, Number        Decimals and fractions                           Vocabulary:                     A+ Grade 7 Math:
7          Sense and             Repeating decimals                               Decimal, decimal point,         Decimal Number
           Operations:           Renaming percents to decimals                    scientific notation             Operations, Problem
           Compare, order and    Evaluating expressions with decimals                                             solving 2
           covert among                                                           A good activity for
           fractions, decimals   Many students have difficulty aligning digits,   reinforcing the relationships
           and percents          especially when finding the quotient in a        between fractions, percents,

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          Virtual Schoolhouse
                                                          SEVENTH GRADE

                                 division exercise. Have students complete          and decimals is to have
                                 some exercises by using graph paper, placing       students complete an
                                 each digit in a square. This method will help      equivalency chart. This chart
                                 them keep everything aligned appropriately.        could include common
                                                                                    fractions and percents. A
                                                                                    four-column chart that
                                                                                    provides space for a 10-by-
                                                                                    10 grid picture will help
                                                                                    students visualize the
                                                                                    meaning and size of the
                                                                                    numbers. Students can keep
                                                                                    the chart in their notebooks
                                                                                    for future reference.

1st        Number, Number        Divisibility rules                                 Completion of classroom         A+ Grade 7 Math:
8          Sense and             Prime and composite numbers                        charts                          Exponents and
           Operations: Apply     Greatest common divisor using variables                                            Factors, Fraction
           and explain the use   Factoring                                          Vocabulary:                     concepts
           of prime                                                                 factors, divisible, common
           factorizations,       Knowing rules for divisibility by 2, 3, 4, 5, 9,   factor, greatest common
           common factors,       and 10 can be very helpful in finding the          factor
           and common            prime factorization of numbers. Also, create
           multiples in          an understanding for divisibility rules 6, 7, 8,
           problem situations    etc.

1st        Number, Number        Least common multiple                              Use scientific notation to      A+ Grade 7 Math:
9          Sense and             Scientific notation-why & how                      describe the differences in     Fraction concepts
           Operations: Apply     Making conjectures                                 planets’ orbits

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          Virtual Schoolhouse
                                                         SEVENTH GRADE

           and explain the use
           of prime              Demonstrate ability to find LCM and GCD        Vocabulary:
           factorizations,       when there are variables involved. Using the   factors, divisible, common
           common factors,       two abbreviations correctly                    factor, greatest common
           and common                                                           factor, multiple, common
           multiples in                                                         multiple, least common
           problem situations                                                   multiple, prime number,
                                                                                composite number, prime

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          Virtual Schoolhouse
                                                              SEVENTH GRADE

Qtr-           Benchmark/                           Lesson Makeup                                Assessment              Materials/
Week            Indicator                                                                                                Technology

2nd        Number,              Review                                                     Vocabulary:               A+ Grade 7 Math:
1          Number               Proper fractions                                           Fraction, numerator,      Like terms, Fraction
           Sense and            Improper fractions                                         denominator, proper       concepts
           Operations:          Mixed numbers                                              fraction, improper
           Use simple           Equivalent fractions                                       fraction, mixed number,
           expressions                                                                     equivalent fraction
           involving            Guided Practice/ display an understanding through
           integers to          visual aides e.g. pizza party
           represent and
           solve                Working with fractions can be difficult for students,
           problems             because they may have a hard time relating their
                                understanding of operations with whole numbers to
                                operations with fractions. Students have learned that
                                addition can be thought of as joining two or more
                                groups, or sets, to form a new set. They have also
                                learned to add units of like quantities, such as tens to
                                tens, ones to ones, and so on. Addition of fractions
                                should be an extension of these concepts. So, when
                                students are trying to add and , they will learn that
                                they need to add “like” quantities. To do this, they
                                learn that they need to rewrite the fractions with
                                common denominators or “parts equal in size” when
                                adding or subtracting fractions. Note in the diagram
                                below that = and = . So we can add the number

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                                of twelfths,   + , and get .

2nd                             Fractions in simplest form                                  Vocabulary:                 A+ Grade 7 Math:
2                               Comparing and ordering-calculator assistance                Fraction, numerator,        Like terms, problem
                                Like and unlike denominators                                denominator, proper         solving
                                                                                            fraction, improper
                                Materials: fraction strips with halves, thirds, fourths,    fraction, mixed number,
                                sixths, and twelfths                                        equivalent fraction, lowest
                                                                                            terms fraction, like
                                Students should recognize that means a unit has been        fraction, unlike fraction
                                divided into 9 equal parts and there are five parts.
                                That is, the denominator of a fraction tells you the size
                                of the parts you have and the numerator tells you how
                                many of those equal parts you have. Students should
                                also know that addition can be modeled as the joining
                                of sets and that subtraction can be modeled as the
                                taking away of sets.

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                                                               SEVENTH GRADE

2nd        Number,              Adding fractions and Subtracting fractions with              Vocabulary:                    A+ Grade 7 Math:
3          Number               regrouping                                                   Common denominator,            Fraction Concepts,
           Sense and                                                                         least common                   Problem solving 1
           Operations:                                                                       denominator
           Represent            Have your students estimate the answer before
           addition and         performing an operation with two fractions. For
           subtraction          example, students might estimate that the sum of + is
                                less than one and greater than , since > and + = .
           fractions and        Similarly, the product of (2 ) X (1 ) is close to 4, since
           decimals with        both numbers are close to 2. The quotient of ÷ is
           models and           greater than 2, since > and there are 2 fourths in .

2nd        Number,              Multiplying fractions and mixed numbers                      Using hands-on materials,      A+ Grade 7 Math:
4          Number               Dividing fractions and mixed numbers Mean                    demonstrate fractions of
           Sense and            Median, Mode, Range, Minimum, Maximum                        whole numbers                  Fraction Operations,
           Operations:                                                                       Using graph paper,             problem solving 2
           Represent            Help students understand the power of an outlier by          illustrate multiplication of
           multiplication       looking at how the mean changes as the high or low           two fractions
           and division         numbers in a data set move further from the mean of
           situations           the other numbers in the set. (This example would be         Create and use fraction
           involving            simple to program into a spreadsheet.)                       strips
           fractions and
           decimals with                                                                     Vocabulary:
           models and                                                                        Reciprocal of a fraction,
           visual                                                                            minimum, maximum,
           representations                                                                   range, mean, median,
                                                                                             mode, average

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                                                              SEVENTH GRADE

           Data Analysis
           the different
           provided by
           measures of
           center and
           measures of
2nd                             Solving subtraction equations                            Lots of pencil and paper      A+ Grade 7 Math:
5                               Complex fractions                                        practice, using the           Problem solving 3
                                Using calculators to solve and check fraction problems   calculator as an aid
                                Simplifying by addition                                                                Calculator
                                Simplifying by subtraction                               Vocabulary:
                                                                                         Reciprocal of a fraction
                                When using reciprocals to divide fractions, students
                                often forget which fraction to invert. Emphasize that
                                the divisor (the second fraction in the expression) is
                                always inverted

2nd                             Multiplying rational expressions                         Recipe conversion/ Each   A+ Grade 7 Math:
6                               Converting measurements                                                            Algebra Concepts,
                                                                                         student create a recipe and
                                Chapter review                                           eat!                      Expressions and
                                                                                                                   Equations, Problem
                                Use familiar referents for standard units so that        You may wish to challenge solving 6
                                students will be able to estimate length, weight, and    the class by showing the

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                                                              SEVENTH GRADE

                                capacity. For example, a baseball bat is about 1 meter     students a diagram like the
                                in length and 1 kilogram in mass. Your pinkie finger is    one below. Explain that
                                about 1 centimeter wide. A dime is about 1 millimeter      each unit in the metric
                                thick. A football weighs about 1 pound, and a large        system is 10 times the size
                                paper clip or thumbtack has a mass of about 1 gram.        of the unit to its right.
                                Have students measure the length or width of their         When converting a larger
                                hands in centimeters and inches to help them estimate      unit to a smaller unit,
                                linear measurements.                                       multiply. Note that the
                                                                                           tables include hectometers
                                                                                           (hm) and decameters

2nd        Number,              Ratios                                                     Solving word problems         A+ Grade 7 Math:
7          Number               Proportions                                                using these skills            Probability, Ratio
           Sense and            Ratios and proportions                                                                   and Proportion,
           Operations:          Percents and fractions                                     Vocabulary:                   problem solving 4
           Develop              Percents and decimals                                      Ratio, proportion, percent,
           meaning for                                                                     discount                      Ask a weather
           percents,            An out-of-class activity that is often very helpful to                                   reporter from the
           including            students has them go to the store with their parents and                                 media or a student
           percents             list the prices for 10 or more products. Students then                                   studying
           greater than         solve a proportion to find the unit price of each                                        meteorology to come
           100 and less         product.                                                                                 to class to discuss
           than 1                                                                                                        how probability
                                                                                                                         applies to predicting
                                                                                                                         the weather.

2nd        Number,              Finding the percent of a number                            “Going shopping” activity/    A+ Grade 7 Math:
8          Number               Finding the percent of increase or decrease                Field Trip to the mall        Percent Concepts,
           Sense and            Formulas and percents                                                                    Problem solving 5,

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                                                              SEVENTH GRADE

           Operations:          Calculating taxes                                     Vocabulary:
           Develop              Unit review                                           Ratio, proportion, percent,
           meaning for                                                                discount, percent
           percents,            Possible description: The number of students          increase, percent decrease
           including            participating in after-school sports increased from
           percents             September through November and decreased from
           greater than         November through December.
           100 and less
           than 1
2nd                             Mid-year review                                       Mid-year exam

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                                                             SEVENTH GRADE

Qtr-            Benchmark/                        Lesson Makeup                              Assessment                  Materials/
Week             Indicator                                                                                               Technology

3rd        Number, Number           The real number line and integers               Illustrate concepts on a number Practice OATs now
1          Sense and                Absolute value                                  line                            through April as
           Operations: Use a        Comparing integers- greater than and less                                       needed.
           variety of strategies,   than                                            Vocabulary:
           including                Even and odd integers                           Integers, positive integers,    A+ Grade 7 Math:
           proportional             Adding positive integers                        negative integers, opposites,   Integers, adding and
           reasoning, to                                                            absolute value, number scale, subtracting Integers,
           estimate, compute                                                        altitudes, Fahrenheit, Celsius Absolute value
           solve and explain        Like many ideas in mathematics that are
           solutions to             abstract or symbolic, it often helps students
           problems involving       to have a visual model to help them
           integers, fractions,     conceptualize the idea. A number line is a
           decimals and             great choice for this topic.

           Processes: Use
           models and pictures
           to relate concepts of
           ratio, proportion and

3rd        Number, Number           Adding negative integers                        Flashcard game using positive,   A+ Grade 7 Math:
2          Sense and                Subtracting positive and negative integers      negative, and absolute value     Integers, adding and
           Operations: Use a        Multiplying by positive integers                (yes, Around the World for       subtracting Integers,

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          Virtual Schoolhouse
                                                            SEVENTH GRADE

           variety of strategies,   Multiplying by negative integers                seventh graders)                 Multiplying and
           including                Dividing by positive and negative integers                                       Dividing Integers
           proportional                                                             Vocabulary:
           reasoning, to                                                            Integers, positive integers,
           estimate, compute        Make use of ideas students already know,        negative integers, opposites,
           solve and explain        such as multiplication being repeated           absolute value, number scale,
           solutions to             addition. This can help them realize that 3 x   altitudes, Fahrenheit, Celsius
           problems involving       (-3) = -9, since -3 + (-3) + (-3) = -9
           integers, fractions,
           decimals and             Connect the fact that multiplication is
           percents                 commutative to help you justify -3 x 4 = -12,
                                    since they already know that 4 x (-3) = -12.

                                    Give students a positive or negative number
                                    and ask them to give you two numbers
                                    whose sum, difference, product, or quotient
                                    is the given number. For example, given the
                                    number -8, it could be the product of -4 and

3rd        Number, Number           Using positive and negative integers to         Elevation map reading skills     A+ Grade 7 Math:
3          Sense and                compare elevations ( talk to social studies     Draw and create problems          Integers, adding and
           Operations: Use          teacher about what region they are              using exponents                  subtracting Integers,
           order of operations      studying )                                      Learn to draw a 3-D figure       Multiplying and
           including use of         Exponents-using a calculator                                                     Dividing Integers,
           parenthesis and          Multiplying and dividing with exponents         Vocabulary:                      Plane Figures
           exponents to solve       Squares                                         Integers, positive integers,
           multi-step               Cubes                                           negative integers, opposites,
           problems, and                                                            absolute value, number scale,

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          Virtual Schoolhouse
                                                         SEVENTH GRADE

           verify and interpret   Weather Project:                              altitudes, Fahrenheit, Celsius
           the results
                                  Choose two places on a world map or globe
                                  that are in different hemispheres. Use the
                                  internet or newspaper to follow the weather
                                  in each location. Record the temperature in
                                  each location for a week. Graph the
                                  temperatures on a line graph. Find the
                                  average high ad the average low
                                  temperature during the week. Report your
                                  findings to the class.

3rd        Geometry and           Square Roots                                  Vocabulary:                      A+ Grade 7 Math:
4          Spatial Sense:         Irrational numbers and square roots           Triangle ,Pythagorean            Triangles
           Describe and use       Pythagorean theorem                           theorem, rational number,
           properties of          More about triangles                          irrational number , Square
           triangles to solve                                                   Root
           problems involving     Hands-on work with Pythagorean theorem
           angle measures and     Chart rational vs. irrational numbers
           side lengths and
           right triangles

3rd        Measurement:           Chapter review                                Test                             A+ Grade 7 Math:
5          Convert units of       Perimeters of polygons- regular and           Memorization and application     Plane Figures,
           length, area,          irregular                                     of formulas                      geometric Concepts
           volume, mass and       Areas of rectangle and squares
           time within the
           same measurement

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                                                          SEVENTH GRADE

3rd        Measurement: Use        Areas of triangles                           Quiz                             A+ Grade 7 Math:
6          problem solving         Areas of trapezoids and parallelograms                                        Geometric Concepts
           techniques and          Areas of irregular polygons
           technology as           Volume
           needed to solve
           problems involving      Creative memory devices for remembering
           length, weight,         formulas
           perimeter, area,        Applying formulas to the appropriate shape
           volume, time and

           Analyze and explain
           what happens to
           area and perimeter
           or surface area and
           volume when the
           dimensions of an
           object are changed

3rd        Measurement:            Volumes of cylinders and spheres             Problem-solving accuracy         A+ Grade 7 Math:
7          Select appropriate      Finding room measurements                                                     Geometric Concepts,
           units to measure        Circumference and areas of circles            Vocabulary:                     Space Figures,
           angles,                 Actual measurements vs. estimates             Center, radius, diameter,       Geometric
           circumference,                                                        circumference, circle,          Measurement
           surface area, mass      The circle is the plane figure that maximizes clockwise. Counter-clockwise,
           and volume, using       the area it contains. Using a long piece of   cylinder, cone, cube
           U.S. customary          rope with the two ends tied together, have
           units; e.g., degrees,   students form a long narrow rectangle on
           square feet, pounds,    the floor and count the number of students

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                                                          SEVENTH GRADE

           and other units as   who can stand inside of it. Continue making
           appropriate          rectangles so the measure of the length gets
                                closer to the measure of the width with each
                                new rectangle. The area inside should
                                increase. Now have students form a circle
                                with the rope and stand inside of it. They
                                will see that they have made a shape with a
                                lot of interior space.

3rd        Patterns,            Review                                             Graphing technique              A+ Grade 7 Math:
8          Functions and        Graphing equalities                                                                Coordinate Graphing
           Algebra:             Graphing inequalities                              Vocabulary:                     Graph plots
           Graph linear         Graphing solutions of equalities                   Graph of a solution, number
           equations and                                                           line, inequality, probability
           inequalities         To turn graphing into a kinesthetic
                                experience, make a set of axes on the school
                                grounds by laying down two perpendicular
                                axes with some tape. Mark off units from -6
                                to +6 on both axes. Place students on the
                                points (-6, 0), (-5, 0), (0, 0), (6, 0). Whisper
                                to them an algebraic expression such as,
                                “Double your number and add 1.” Then
                                have them walk the appropriate number of
                                steps forward or backward, depending on
                                whether the number they have is positive or
                                negative. Together, the students should
                                form the graph of the equation y = 2x + 1 by
                                doing that. Have the rest of the class try to
                                guess the equation that was graphed. After
                                doing this several times, switch roles and

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                                                         SEVENTH GRADE

                                 have other members of the class graph the
                                 equation and the other students guess what
                                 it is.
3rd        Patterns,             Graphing solutions of inequalities             Graphing technique              A+ Grade 7 Math:
9          Functions and         The coordinate system –locating points                                         Coordinate Graphing
           Algebra: Describe,    The coordinate system-plotting points          Vocabulary:                     Graph plots
           extend and            Determining the points of a line               Graph of a solution, number
           determine the rules                                                  line, inequality, probability
           for patterns and      Look in a newspaper each day for a week to
           relationships         find the days predicted high and low
           occurring in          temperatures. On two separate number
           numeric patterns,     lines, graph the day’s temperature, one for
           computation,          the predicted high and one for the predicted
           geometry, graphs      low temperature. Graph those temperatures
           and other             on the same number lines in a second color.
           applications          Compare predicted temperatures with the
                                 actual temperatures.

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          Virtual Schoolhouse
                                                          SEVENTH GRADE

Qtr-            Benchmark/                      Lesson Makeup                             Assessment                    Materials/
Week             Indicator                                                                                              Technology

4th        Patterns,              Graphing lines                                Written work                        A+ Grade 7 Math:
1          Functions and          The slope of a line                                                               Coordinate Graphing
           Algebra:               Formula for the slope of a line               Vocabulary:                         Graph plots
           Graph linear           Slope-intercept form of a line                Plane, coordinate plane,
           equations and          Review                                        coordinate axes, horizontal,
           inequalities                                                         vertical, x-axis, y-axis, origin,
                                  Place a bean seed on a damp paper towel in    ordered pair, graph an
                                  a clear plastic cup. Then insert a few        ordered pair, graph of an
                                  toothpicks into a potato and rest it on the   equation, broken-line-graph,
                                  top of another cup so half the potato is in   slope, rise, run
                                  water. Place the cup side by side. Draw a
                                  coordinate plane, and plot both plants’
                                  growth as a function of time ( x-axis shows
                                  growth, while y-axis shows time in days.
                                  Describe the slope of the graph. What does
                                  the slope tell you?

4th        Data Analysis and      Graphing using a sales formula                Vocabulary:                         A+ Grade 7 Math:
2          Probability:           More practice with slope- intercept form      Plane, coordinate plane,            Coordinate Graphing
           Collect organize,      Review                                        coordinate axes, horizontal,        Graph plots
           display and                                                          vertical, x-axis, y-axis, origin,
           interpret data for a                                                 ordered pair, graph an
           specific purpose or                                                  ordered pair, graph of an
           need                                                                 equation, broken-line-graph,
                                                                                slope, rise, run

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                                                           SEVENTH GRADE

4th        Geometry and            Angles and angle measure                        Vocabulary:                     A+ Grade 7 Math:
3          Spatial Sense:          Identifying and classifying angles              Complementary angle,            triangles ,Geometric
           Identify and label      Complementary and supplementary angles          Supplementary angle,            Concepts,
           angle parts and the     Angle measures in a triangle                    Intersect, line of symmetry,    Space Figures,
           regions defined                                                         line segment, obtuse angle,     Geometric
           within the plane                                                        acute angle, parallel lines,    Measurement
           where the angle         As much as possible, make geometry a            perpendicular lines, right
           resides                 hands-on and “minds-on” learning                angle
                                   experience. Give students opportunities to
                                   draw various angles, triangles, and
                                   quadrilaterals and to use protractors and
                                   rulers to measure angles and lengths. Also,
                                   provide opportunities for students to discuss
                                   what they discovered from their work. This
                                   will allow you to clarify misconceptions and
                                   explain concepts they do not understand.

4th        Geometry and            Naming triangles                                Vocabulary:                     A+ Grade 7 Math:
4          Spatial Sense:          Congruent triangles                             Triangle, polygon, diagonals,   Triangles, Geometric
           Identify and draw       Similar triangles                               Isosceles, Obtuse, Scalene      Concepts,
           three-dimensional       Parallelograms                                  Equilateral triangle, ,Right    Space Figures,
           objects from            Quadrilaterals and diagonals                    triangle, parallelogram,        Geometric
           different views (top,   Polygons and diagonals                          quadrilaterals, pentagon,       Measurement
           side, front and                                                         hexagon, octagon, decagon,
           bottom perspective)     Create various polygons with labels             face, vertex, area, perimeter
           Apply properties of
           equality and
           proportionality to

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           solve problems
           involving congruent
           or similar figures

4th        Data Analysis and      Drawing, cutting, and pasting tessellations      Create a tessellation across a   A+ Grade 7 Math:
5          Probability:           (When finished with Plato unit)Use fancy         page                             Motion geometry
           Collect , organize,    papers or computer-generated images
           display and                                                             Vocabulary:
           interpret data for a   Point out applications of the ideas whenever     rotation, refection,
           specific purpose or    possible. For example, when using the            tessellations, transformation,
           need                   overhead projector, explain that the image       translation
                                  placed on the glass is similar to the one seen
                                  on the screen. Discuss tile or fabric patterns
                                  that show examples of translations or
                                  reflections. Point out examples of windows,
                                  doors, and fixtures that are congruent to one
                                  another. Discuss how the angles in a room
                                  are often right angles. Have students find
                                  examples of the various figures they are
                                  studying in their homes or in school.

4th        Data Analysis and      Bar graphs, intervals                            Accurate interpretation         A+ Grade 7 Math:
6          Probability:           Circle graphs                                    Accurate representation of data
           Collect , organize,    Frequency tables                                                                 Statistics
           display and                                                             Vocabulary:
           interpret data for a                                                    Graph, circle graph, bar
           specific purpose or    Create a statistics bulletin board in your       graph, horizontal axis,
           need                   classroom. Have students cut out graphs          vertical axis, pictograph,
                                  from magazines and newspapers, write a           calendar, tally, frequency
                                  summary about each graph, and post the           table, rotation, refection,

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                                graphs and summaries on the bulletin board.    tessellations, transformation,
                                You can have one student present his or her    translation
                                graph each day at the start of math class.

4th        Data Analysis and    Range                                          Quiz: Which graph should be         A+ Grade 7 Math:
7          Probability:         Stem-Leaf-Plot                                 used and why?                       statistics
           Understand the       Box-and-whiskers plots
           different            The probability fraction                       Vocabulary:
           information          The fundamental principle of counting          Graph, circle graph, bar
           provided by                                                         graph, horizontal axis,
           measures of center   Using and making graphs                        vertical axis, pictograph,
           and measures of                                                     calendar, tally, frequency
           spread               Using a representative sample to predict the   table, stem-leaf-plot, quartiles,
                                total population produces an estimate, not     box-whiskers plots
                                an exact answer.

4th        Data Analysis and    End of year review                             “Final” Post-test                   A+ Grade 7 Math:
8          Probability:                                                                                            Complete all
           Understand the                                                                                          remaining lessons
           provided by
           measures of center
           and measures of
4th                             Return finals                                                                      A+ Grade 7 Math:
9                               Celebrate success                                                                  Complete all
                                Graph progress                                                                     remaining lessons
                                Make presentation to upcoming seventh

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