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                  Doctors of Chiropractic Call for Key Revisions
                   to Governor’s Workers’ Compensation Plan

 SACRAMENTO – The California Chiropractic Association today supported Gov. Schwazenegger’s
efforts to move forward on workers’ compensation reform but again called on decision-makers to
amend current proposals to protect injured workers’ access to the care they need.

“Doctors of chiropractic also are small employers who have seen their premiums for workers’
compensation insurance go up by as much as 600 percent in the last four years,” said Dr. Doug
Wilson, CCA president and a doctor of chiropractic practicing in Santa Maria. “We understand the
need for reform. However, we need to make sure that the proposals do what they set out to do – save
the state and employers money.

“The way current legislation is drafted, chiropractic care is virtually eliminated from the workers’
compensation system,” Wilson said. “Removing chiropractic care from workers’ compensation will
not save the state money. In fact, it likely will cost the state and employers more as injured workers
have no option but to use other medical providers that routinely recommend expensive treatments such
as drugs and surgery.”

Last year’s workers compensation reform severely limited injured workers’ access to chiropractic
care and will result in as much as a 70 percent cut in chiropractic care this year. CCA’s proposed
amendments to current workers’ compensation plans include:

      Requiring certification for all medical providers participating in the workers’ compensation
       system. With certification of all providers, any medical provider that may try to game the
       system could be decertified and no longer allowed to provider care under workers’
      Creating an independent medical review process, one that ensures review is done by a like
       provider. Like-provider review, where an MD reviews MD cases and a DC reviews DC cases,
       is standard in other IMRs. CCA is concerned that current IMR proposals allow only for a
       paper review of a patient’s case. Such reviews, CCA believes, should be done in person. CCA
       also wants to ensure that an injured worker has the right to appeal an IMR decision.

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