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First Educators Credit Union Routing Number in Al by sek10993


First Educators Credit Union Routing Number in Al document sample

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									                          Educator’s Take A Vacation on Us!
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additional cost to member) and ATM fee refund
(5 per month) for all charges from any
ATM machine (member must present
statement from another bank to FECU for
                                                      ...a Vehic
                                                          s        le
AND Open a Checking Account                       Use Low a Rate
                                                                   s5      s
                                                                                                       Rate Snapshot
with Direct Deposit of your net                         d
                                                  ...a Vehi            .25
pay in May or June and receive a                       sL      cle                         Share Savings 0.50 - 1.50%
                                              VIS             as Rates
$100 Gas or Grocery Card after 1st          ...a   AC             5.7                  Money Market 1.20 - 2.70%
deposit has been made.                           s L redit            5%
                                                                                     Super Now Ckg 0.75 - 1.25%
                                                     ow       Car         AP
                                                          as       dR        R
                                                                                  Certificates                              1.60 - 3.05%
To apply, call 800-264-8031 or visit                             5% ates                                            A     PR    For additional rate information, visit
                                                                                        Loan rates subject to credit worthiness. Your actual loan rate may
                                                                                       be higher. Rates subject to change without notice. Call 800-264-8031
                                                                                     for current rates.
                          All school employees and their families are eligible for membership.
                                                           $25 minimum deposit required to open an account.

                                                                                               Loan Application
        Hoover               Amount Requested: __________________________________                                            Purpose: _____________________________________
   1810 Merchants Dr.
   Hoover, AL 35244          Security Offered:_____________________________________________________________________________________
     (205) 581-8800
                                 Individual Credit                              Joint Credit
      Fax: 581-8809          Name: ______________________________________________________                                                     Phone Number _______________________

                             Date of Birth: _____________________ Social Security # _____________________________                                                                  # Dependents _______
                             Name: ______________________________________________________                                                     Phone Number _______________________
    3613 6th Avenue S.
  Birmingham, AL 35222       Date of Birth: _____________________                         Social Security # _____________________________                                          # Dependents _______
      (205) 581-8800
       Fax: 581-8818         Applicant Address:                                                                           Co-Applicant Address:
                             ________________________________________                                                     _______________________________________
      Anniston               ________________________________________                                                     _______________________________________
    1216 Wilmer Ave.         ________________________________________                                                     _______________________________________
   Anniston, AL 36201
     (256) 236-1260              Own               Rent         Monthly Payments: $ _____________________                                 Estimated Value: $ ______________________
      Fax: 237-4478
                             Employment: _______________________________________________ Work Phone Number ______________________
        Jasper               Salary: ______________________________________                                       Length of Employment: ________________________________
    4007 7th Avenue
    Jasper, AL 35501         Co-Applicant Employment: ____________________________________ Work Phone Number ______________________
     (205) 221-9600
      Fax: 384-9828          Salary: ______________________________________                                       Length of Employment: ________________________________

                                                                                                        CURRENT DEBTS
    Jacksonville             Name of Creditor:                                                            Balance:                                                   Payment:
  815D Pelham Rd. S.         __________________________________________________________________________________
 Jacksonville, AL 36265
     (256) 435-6116          __________________________________________________________________________________
     Fax: 435-6198           __________________________________________________________________________________
                             Name and Address of two Personal References:
Birmingham Southern          __________________________________________________________________________________
   898 Arkadelphia Rd.       __________________________________________________________________________________
  Birmingham, AL 35204
      (205) 226-7976            ________________________________________________________________________________________________
       Fax: 226-7977            Signature                                                                     Date
                                Co-Applicant Signature                                                        Date
                           You agree that everything stated in this application is correct to the best of your knowledge. The Credit Union is authorized to investigate your creditworthiness, employment history,
      Talladega            and to obtain a credit report and to answer questions about their credit experience with you. You understand that any false or misleading statements in your application may cause
    106 West South St.     any loan or extension of credit to be in default. I understand that §18 u.s.c. 1014 makes it a federal crime to knowingly make false statements on this application.
     Board of Ed Bldg.
   Talladega, AL 35160                                                                               Member Account Number
                                                                                                                                                    DEDUCTION BREAKDOWN
      (256) 362-0033                        First Educators                                                                                  Type of Account                                       Amt. of Deduction Each
       Fax: 362-3209                         Credit Union                                      FECU Routing and Transit Number

                                       Authorization for Payroll Deduction                                                                                                             (1)         $
                                         and/or Total Paycheck Deposit                                   262084916                           Savings
                                                                                                                                                                                       (2)         $
Interested in a First                                                         Member Name
                                                                                                                                                                                       (1)         $
  Educators Credit                                                                                                                                                                     (2)         $
Union loan, or would                        Company Name                            Location               Code        Pay Frequency
                                                                                                                                             Christmas Club                                        $
 you like to start or                                                                                                (Circle One)
                                                                                                                     1. Weekly
                                                                                                                                             Vacation Club                                         $
  change a payroll                             Type or Change in Deduction                      Payroll Number
                                                                                                                     2. Bi-weekly            Loan Payments                                         $
                                                                                                                     3. Semi-monthly         (See note*)
  deduction? Then                     START            CHANGE                 STOP                                   4. Monthly                                                                    $
   this page is for              Notice:   By completing this form you are              *For loan payments, divide the amount of             Money Market                                          $
                                   changing the total amount to be deducted             the monthly payment by the number of
YOU! Simply fill out               from your paycheck and/or the distribution           paychecks each month.         The amount             IRA    (Circle Type)      Regular                     $
                                   of that deduction into each of your various          deducted will be deposited into savings or                                     Roth
 the form you need.                credit union products. Please review the             checking and then transferred when the                                         Education
                                   distributions shown at far right to insure           loan payment is due.
     Questions?                    that your deduction will be split into your
                                                                                        All automatic payments via payroll
                                   products correctly.
 Call 800-264-8031.              By transmission of this document you are
                                                                                        deduction stop if member signing below file
                                                                                        any petition under U.S.C. 701.                       TOTAL TO BE DEDUCTED
                                 authorizing your employer to deduct the total
                                 amount shown at far right from each of your                                                                 FROM EACH PAYCHECK
                                 subsequent paychecks, until you stop or
        www.                     change your deduction.                                                                                                                   FECU Official Use Only
                                                                                                                                             Deductions Entered By                                 Date Entered
                                  First Educators Credit Union•P.O. Box 36489•Birmingham, AL 35236•(800) 264-8031

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