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					May 20, 2003                                                                  Page      131

      The Board of Commissioners for the County of Cabarrus met in recessed
session in the Multipurpose Room at the Cabarrus County Governmental Center
in Concord, North Carolina on Tuesday, May 20, 2003, at 5:30 p.m.

      Present – Chairman: Robert M. Freeman
                Vice Chairman: Richard D. Suggs
                Commissioners: Carolyn B. Carpenter
                               Robert W. Carruth

                                  Coy C. Privette

      Also present were Mr. John D. Day, Interim County Manager; Ms. Susan
Fearrington, Assistant Finance Director; Ms. Cathie K. Straub, Budget
Officer; Mr. Don Cummings, Human Resources Director; and Mrs. Frankie F.
Bonds, Clerk to the Board.

      Chairman Freeman called the meeting to order at 5:40 p.m. Vice Chairman
Suggs was not present for the beginning of the meeting.

      Commissioner Privette gave the invocation.

Request from the Mental Health Association

      Commissioner Carpenter reported that the Mental Health Association of
Central Carolinas has requested a letter of endorsement supporting a grant
application to the Department of Housing and Urban Development for funding to
build housing for County residents with mental illness.

      UPON MOTION of Commissioner Carpenter, seconded by Commissioner
Privette with Commissioners Carpenter, Privette and Carruth and Chairman
Freeman voting for, the Board asked Mr. Day to look into the grant
endorsement request by the Mental Health Association and to bring information
back to the Board for consideration on May 27.

Addition of a Closed Session

      UPON MOTION of Chairman Freeman, seconded by Commissioner Carpenter
with Chairman Freeman and Commissioners Carpenter, Privette and Carruth
voting for, the Board voted to add a Closed Session to the agenda for
discussion of personnel matters.

      Vice Chairman Suggs      arrived   at   6:00   p.m.   and   was   present   for   the
remainder of the meeting.

Budget Overview

      Ms. Cathie Straub, Budget Officer, compared the expenditures in the
proposed FY 2004 Budget with expenditures for FY 2003.     She called the
Board’s attention to the reduction in expenditures for a number of
departmental budgets for FY 2004.

      Ms. Susan Fearrington, Assistant Finance Director, presented the
proposed Five-Year Financial Plan for FY 2004 through FY 2008. The Plan
provided forecasts of revenues and expenditures for the General Fund, the
Arena and Events Center Fund and the Solid Waste Fund and maintained the tax
rate at 56 cents through 2008. Ms. Fearrington highlighted such issues as the
fund balance, school debt, required purchase of election equipment and the
impact of the revaluation on the FY 2005 budget.

      Ms. Shelley Farris, Accounting Operations Supervisor, briefly reviewed
the financial information concerning the Arena and Events Center.          She
pointed out there is a 37 percent increase in revenue projected for FY 2004.

Board of Commissioners

      Ms. Bonds briefly reviewed the proposed budget for the Board of
Commissioners.   She reported a decrease in most of the line items with the
exception of dues and subscriptions, stating most membership dues are based
on population and increase as the County’s population continues to increase.

County Manager

      Mr. Day reported a decrease in the recommended budget for the County
Manager’s Office.
May 20, 2003                                                       Page   132

Human Resources

      Mr. Don Cummings, Human Resources Director, reported a reduction in the
requested Human Resources budget.      He pointed out there is no funding
included for the biennial labor market study pursuant to Board action in
January suspending the study along with developmental and merit increases for
FY 2004.

Tax Administration

      Ms. Dawn McHale, Tax Administrator, reviewed the requested budget for
Tax Administration, including Tax Collections, Tax Assessor, Land Records and
Appraisal.   She reported a “flat” budget for Tax Collections with some
increases for the Tax Assessor’s office, specifically increased postage to
mail revaluation notices and purchased services for contracted audits.


      Ms. Linda Grist, Elections Director, presented a brief overview of the
proposed Elections budget for FY 2004.      She reported the office would be
conducting three elections during the next fiscal year.

      Mr. John R. Boger, Jr., member of the Board of Elections, requested
that the salary grade for the two Election Clerk positions be raised from
Grade 58 to Grade 60.     He stated those employees should be classified as
people with like responsibilities and duties and that the positions are
comparable to such positions as Deputy Tax Collector and Deputy Register of
Deeds. Also, he referenced a survey of similar positions in other counties
that had been done by Ms. Grist.

      Mr. Cummings stated the last comparative study by The Scott Group
(consultants) had indicated that the Election Clerk positions were slotted
properly on the pay scale and no change in salary grade had been recommended.

      Mr. Day suggested no changes be made to the Election Clerk positions at
this time based on the Board’s action in January suspending the FY 2004
salary survey as well as the developmental and merit increases for all
employees during FY 2004.

      There was discussion regarding the Election Clerk positions, including
the current salary for those positions and the comparison of salaries for
similar positions in other counties, and administration of the County’s pay
plan. The Board took no action on the request to upgrade the positions.

Register of Deeds

      Ms. Linda McAbee, Register of Deeds, presented a brief overview of the
requested budget for the Register of Deeds office. She reiterated the request
made at the April 21st Board meeting for an additional Deputy Register of
Deeds position.    Ms. McAbee also explained the Automation Enhancement and
Preservation Fund established by the State to provide funding for enhancement
and preservation of records in the Register of Deeds Office. She stated she
had planned to use those funds during FY 2004 for such projects as the back
file conversion of old documents, the scanning of birth, death and marriage
certificates and the imaging of old land record documents.       However, Ms.
McAbee reported that Mr. Day had recommended that the current vendor services
(i.e., indexing, imaging and Internet services) be paid from the Automation
Enhancement and Preservation Fund during FY 2004. She stated she had agreed
to the use of funds as proposed by Mr. Day for FY 2004 only.

      Mr. Day confirmed his proposal to use the preservation funds to pay the
monthly vendor bills only during FY 2004. He also advised there would be some
money available after the payment of the monthly vendor services to do some
of the projects as outlined by Ms. McAbee.


      Ms. Susan Fearrington, Assistant Finance Director, reviewed the
proposed budget for the Finance Department.  She reported a reduction in
expenditures due to the restructuring that occurred at the retirement of
Blair Bennett.

      There was brief discussion regarding the charges for bank services and
possible costs associated with self-funded health insurance.
May 20, 2003                                                          Page     133

      Ms. Fearrington also reviewed the revenues and debt service for
Cabarrus County. She commented on the reduction in revenues and the increase
in debt service.

      There was discussion about the County’s debt and the continued issuance
of certificates of participation for financing construction of new schools.
It was suggested that the Board may wish to look at general obligation bonds
for future school construction as the bonds would be a less expensive method
of financing and a bond referendum would help to gauge the public’s support
for construction projects.

Information Technology Systems

      Ms. Jean Kennedy, Director of Information Technology Systems (ITS),
presented an overview of the ITS budgets, including Administration, Systems
and Geographic Information Systems.   She pointed out that expenditures for
the County’s local and long distance telephone service have been reallocated
to ITS.

      There was discussion regarding the “phone trees” in some departments
and concerns that employees are not answering the telephone when they are in
the office.   Mr. Day advised he would address this issue at the next staff

General Services

      Mr. John Page, General Services Administrator, briefly reviewed the
proposed budgets for General Services, including Grounds Maintenance,
Administration, Street Signs, Building Maintenance, Facility Services and
Fleet Maintenance. In addition, he reviewed the budgets for the Courts,
including Administration, Building Maintenance and Facility Services.

      Mr. Page also presented a proposal to provide in-house cleaning
services for the Arena and Events Center buildings. The estimated total cost
for FY 2004 is $179,757.00 or $492.48 per day. This would be an increase of
approximately $97,000.00 from the amount currently budgeted for FY 2004.

      Mr. Day and Mark Chappuis, General Manager of the Arena and Events
Center, discussed problems with contracted cleaning services at the Arena.
Mr. Day stated the issue is quality and pointed out the excellent level of
service provided by General Service employees in other County facilities.

      The Board will consider the proposal for in-house cleaning services
during a later work session.


      Mr. Steve Little, Parks and Recreation Director, reviewed the proposed
budgets for Parks and Recreation, including Administration/Recreation,
Athletic Division–Youth Basketball, Matching Incentives Grants ($50,000.00),
Camp Spencer Park, Frank Liske Park and North Cabarrus Park. He reported the
elimination of the paid gym supervisor positions for the youth basketball
program and the implementation of a volunteer program to provide supervision
during practice and games.    Also, Mr. Little stated a background-screening
program would be implemented to provide a background check on each volunteer
with the youth programs.

      There was brief discussion regarding youth leagues        and     concerns
regarding financial audits for those volunteer organizations.


      Mr. Tom Dillard, Library Director, presented a brief overview of the
budgets for the libraries in Concord, Kannapolis, Harrisburg and Mt.
Pleasant. He explained the State Aid for Libraries and the required level of
local funding. Also, Mr. Dillard stated additional space is needed for the
Local History Room at the Concord Library and suggested the possibility of
moving that room out of the Library to another downtown location.

      There was discussion regarding methods of collecting overdue           fees,
including the possibility of collecting food for a local food bank.

Arena and Events Center

      Mr. Mark Chappuis, General Manager of the Arena and Events Center,
presented the proposed budget for the Arena. He pointed out the general fund
May 20, 2003                                                          Page   134

revenue contribution decreased by 43 percent and the projected operating
revenue increased by 37 percent for FY 2004. It is hoped the facility will
be self-supporting by FY 2008.

      There was discussion regarding various issues associated with the
Arena, including the planned improvements to the Midway area, problems with
the dirt floor in the Arena and recent events at the facility.

County Fair

      Ms. Mary Ann Cooper, Fair Coordinator, and Debbie Bost, Cooperative
Extension Director, reviewed the proposed Fair budget.    They also discussed
the plans that are being developed for the 2003 Annual Fair in September.

      There was discussion    regarding a number of issues associated with the
Fair, including the use of     the Events Center for livestock events, the need
for a storage building,       the placement of flags outside the Arena and
opportunities for community   groups to sell food at the Fair.

Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

      Ms. Ann Sternal, Director of the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB),
reviewed the CVB budget for FY 2004 and the proposal to increase the
occupancy tax from five percent to six percent.    She explained the proposal
to use the additional funds to help finance a convention center and to
provide money for a grants fund of $200,000.00.

      Mr. Day stated he is recommending that the CVB contribute at least
$100,000.00 a year to the Arena and Events Center if the occupancy tax is
increased to six percent.

      Mr. John Cox, Tourism Authority Board member and Chief Executive
Officer of the Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce, reported the Tourism
Authority had agreed to Mr. Day’s recommendation concerning funding for the
Arena and Events Center.

      There was brief discussion regarding the requested increase in the
occupancy tax and funding assistance for the proposed convention center to be
owned by the City of Concord and operated by John Q. Hammons. Additional
information will be provided to the Board regarding these issues.

Closed Session

      UPON MOTION of Commissioner Privette, seconded by Commissioner Carruth
and unanimously carried, the Board moved to go into Closed Session to discuss
personnel matters as authorized by North Carolina General Statute 143-

      UPON MOTION of Commissioner Carpenter, seconded by Commissioner
Privette and unanimously carried, the Board moved to end the Closed Session.

      No action was reported from the Closed Session.

Recess of Meeting

      UPON MOTION of Chairman Freeman, seconded by Commissioner Carpenter and
unanimously carried, the Board recessed the meeting at 10:15 p.m. until 5:30
p.m. on Tuesday, May 27, 2003.

                                            Clerk to the Board

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