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           SEPTEMBER 1998

              Michael Hennessey, Sheriff
           San Francisco Sheriff’s Department
             633 Folsom Street, Room 200
               San Francisco, CA 94107
                     (415) 554-7225
                 (415) 554-7050 - FAX
       Passage of Proposition 209 has not deterred my goal of reaching utmost diversity and
representation of minorities and women in the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department.

         While controversy over passage of Proposition 209 in California continues to rage and its effect
on affirmative action recruitment and hiring policies is still unclear, the San Francisco Sheriff’s
Department renews its commitment to diversity and excellence in its work force. Since we began going
into San Francisco communities nearly 20 years ago to reach populations historically underrepresented
in law enforcement, we have had unprecedented success. Because of this proactive approach, we
continue to lead national law enforcement in the recruitment, hiring, promotion, training and assignment
of minority and women peace officers. Our efforts have been rewarded with a stable, committed,
diverse staff that reflects the community we serve.

         This year more women and minorities than ever before have been promoted to the highest ranks
in the department. The first woman undersheriff in the state, Mary Ann de Souza, took over the second-
highest position in the department in April. Of the three chief deputies in the department, two are women
and one is Latino. Of the six captains, four are women or minorities. The number of Asian and Filipino
sworn personnel increased this year to 13 and 11 percent respectively, well above the national averages
of four and one percent.

        Achieving these goals has been no accident. It has long been my policy to be uncompromising in
providing equal employment opportunities to all regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, national origin,
sexual orientation, religion, age, physical handicap or political affiliation.

       During recruitment we reach out to those historically bypassed by law enforcement: African-
American, Asian, Filipino, Latino, Native American and Pacific Islander men and women, as well as
members of the lesbian and gay communities.

        The response is always gratifying. Of the 2,436 people who registered at our last recruitment,
84 percent were women or minority candidates. Surprisingly even this high figure was down somewhat
from previous recruitment's when as many as 92 percent of potential recruits were women or minorities.
Because of this broad based approach to recruitment, we have a department that is diverse, efficient,
and effective.

       While schools, universities and government agencies throughout California struggle to implement
Proposition 209 in the face of serving an enormously diverse populace, the San Francisco Sheriff’s
Department remains committed to the spirit of affirmative action.

         The simple truth is affirmative action works. It works not only for those we recruit, but for the
community as a whole. A diverse staff bridges the gap between law enforcement and the people they
serve. It also provides law enforcement careers to those who have been traditionally excluded from
consideration, but as it turns out, often make outstanding peace officers.
                         Ethnic/Gender Survey of Major Law Enforcement Agencies

                  Information provided by agency Personnel or Public Information office
                       “Other” may include Pacific Islander and Native American
                                   Percentages rounded off + or - 1%

                         MALE     FEMALE    AS IAN   BLACK      FILIPINO       LATINO     WHITE     OTHER
San Francisco, CA
Sheriff’s Department      555      158         96        197        75            97         247        1
Total sworn - 713         78%       22%        13%       28%        11%           13%        35%        0%
San Francisco, CA
Police Department        1,860     325        251        210        55            286       1,362       12
Total sworn - 2,112       85%       15%       11%        10%        3%            13%        62%        1%
Alameda County, CA
Sheriff’s Department      702       97         25        118        12            71         567        6
Total sworn - 799         88%       12%        3%        15%         2%           9%         71%        1%
Oakland, CA
Police Department         592       61         56       164         16             102       311        4
Total sworn - 653         91%       9%         9%      25%          2%            16%        48%        1%
Contra Costa Co., CA
Sheriff’s Department      546       89         17        64          7            41         499        7
Total sworn - 635         86%       14%        3%        10%        1%            7%         79%        1%
San Mateo Co., CA
Sheriff’s Department      357       57         11        32          6            46         324        2
Total sworn - 414         86%       14%        3%        8%         1%            11%        78%        0%
Santa Clara Co., CA
Sheriff’s Department      380       52         18        18          0            77         315        4
Total sworn - 432         88%       12%        4%        4%          0%           18%        73%        1%
Los Angeles Co., CA
Sheriff’s Department     6,971     1,134       227       816        51           1,776       5,228      0
Total sworn - 8,105       86%       14%        3%        10%        1%            22%         64%       0%
Los Angeles Co., CA
Police Department        7,883     1,693       455      1,323       121           2,910      4,731      46
Total sworn - 9,576       82%       18%        5%        14%        1%             30%        49%       1%
San Diego, CA
Sheriff’s Department     1,597     338         111       166      Included        329        1,309      20
                                                                  in “Asian”
Total sworn - 1,935       83%      17%         6%         8%                      17%         68%       1%
New York City, NY
                         31,827                                   Included
Police Department                  5,672       530      5,083                     6,405     25,432      49
                                                                  in “Asian”
Total sworn -37,499      85%      15%         1%       14%                         17%       68%        0%
Chicago, IL
Police Department        10,676    2,508       118      3,372                     1,302      8,360      32
                                                                  in “Asian”
Total sworn - 13,184      81%       19%        1%        26%                       10%        63%       0%
Houston, TX
Police Department        4,739     639         117      1,008                     1,074      3,334      8
                                                                  in “Other”
Total sworn - 5,378       88%      12%         2%        19%                      17%         62%       0%
Average (not including
S.F. Sheriff’s Dept .)   86%   14%   4%   14%   1%   17%   65%   1%



                          WF      Undersheriff Mary Ann de Souza

                                      CHIEF DEPUTY
            Female                                                Male

      WF    Chief Deputy Jan Dempsey               LM      Chief Deputy Carl Koehler
            Administrative Division                Training Unit/Special Projects

      WF    Chief Deputy Vicki Hennessy
            Custody Division


            Female                                                Male

      WF    Captain Rebecca Benoit                 BM     Captain Dennis Williams
            County Jail #7                                County Jail #3

      BF    Captain Barbara House
            County Jail #2

      LF    Captain Veronica Keller
            Administrative Division


            Female                                                Male

      WF    Lieutenant Janice Frediani             BM     Lieutenant Frank Hutchins
            County Jail #7                                Community Relations/Civil Division

      WF    Lieutenant Jonna Harlan                BM     Lieutenant Johnny Holloway
            County Jail #9                                County Jail #7
                           Lieutenants Continued

     Female                                               Male

WF   Lieutenant Constance O’Connor         BM      Lieutenant Albert Waters, Jr.
     County Jail #9                                County Jail #1

BF   Lieutenant Sabrina Butler             BM      Lieutenant Nelson Williams, III
     County Jail #3                                County Jail #9

BF   Lieutenant Beatrice Smith             AM      Lieutenant Douglas Chin
     County Jail #3                                County Jail #1

                                           AM      Lieutenant Takafumi (Marty) Ideta
                                                   County Jail #8

                                           AM      Lieutenant Raymond Macaulay
                                                   County Jail #8


     Female                                               Male

WF   Sergeant Betty Bortin                 BM Sergeant Roi Dupre
     Administrative Division               County Jail #1
     Asst. Legal Counsel

WF   Sergeant Ellen Brin                   BM      Sergeant Charles Derek Flewellyn
     Station Transfers                             County Jail #2

WF   Sergeant Babe Franey                  BM      Sergeant Alvin Henry, Jr.
     County Jail #1                                Civil Division

WF   Sergeant Bridget O’Callaghan BM       Sergeant Edwin James
     County Jail #9                               Administrative Division
                                                  Budget Officer

WF   Sergeant Judith Quirolo        BM     Sergeant Ricardo Keppard
     County Jail #3                               Training

WF   Sergeant Rebecca L. Richmond          BM      Sergeant Joale Robinson
     SWAP                                          Internal Affairs
                              Sergeants Continued

     Female                                                Male

LF   Sergeant Senia Bruno                 AM        Sergeant Mark Otaguro
     County Jail #7                                 County Jail #2

BF   Sergeant Kendal Daggs                LM        Sergeant Mark Lagarejos
     County Jail #3                                 Court Services Division

BF   Sergeant Desiree Felix               LM        Sergeant Richard Valdes
     County Jail #2                                 County Jail #8

BF   Sergeant Aundrea Johnson             FM        Sergeant Franklin Winch, Sr.
     County Jail #1                                 Court Services Division

BF   Sergeant Imelda Johnson              FM        Sergeant Franklin Winch, Jr.
     Backgrounds                                    County Jail #7

BF   Sergeant Sandra Maclin-Gibson        FM        Sergeant Kevin Winch
     County Jail #1                                 County Jail #9

BF   Sergeant Audrey Minor
     County Jail #8

BF   Sergeant Lydia Taylor
     Central Warrants Bureau

BF   Sergeant Leona Walker
     County Jail #8

BF   Sergeant Sheryon Wheeler
     Personnel Director

AF   Sergeant Yoshino Doi
     County Jail #8

AF   Sergeant Teri Lynne Tussey
     County Jail #9
                            Supervisory Staff Continued

                                SENIOR DEPUTY
       Female                                             Male

WF     Senior Deputy Susan Corke            BM     Senior Deputy Anthony Bryant
       County Jail #9                              County Jail #3

     WF   Senior Deputy Carole Murphy BM Senior Deputy Malechi Burris
      Court Services Division           County Jail #7

WF     Senior Deputy E.B. Parkell           BM     Senior Deputy Raphael Corke
       Youth Guidance Center                       Central Warrants Bureau

WF     Senior Deputy Anna Payne             BM Senior Deputy Ernest Davis
       Court Services Division              Court Services Division

WF     Senior Deputy Louise Pierotti        BM Senior Deputy Frederick James
       Court Services Division              County Jail #2

WF     Senior Deputy Jeri Pietrelli         BM Senior Deputy Timothy Jenkins
       Court Services Division              Investigative Services

WF     Senior Deputy Maryann Poni           BM     Senior Deputy Clarence Lewis, III
       County Jail #3                              Civil Division

BF     Senior Deputy Lois Baty              BM Senior Deputy Henry Scott
       Court Service Division               Civil Division

BF     Senior Deputy Ava Davidson- BM       Senior Deputy Lloyd Thomas
       Shortridge                                  Youth Guidance Center
       County Jail #9

BF     Senior Deputy Wilma Dickerson-       BM     Senior Deputy Alvin Threets
       Bell                                        Court Services Division
       County Jail #2

BF     Senior Deputy Charlotte East         BM Senior Deputy Leon Threets
       Court Services Division              Transportation

BF     Senior Deputy Francine Ginns         LM     Senior Deputy Josef Araujo
       Alternative Programs                        Court Services Division
BF   Senior Deputy Shirley Hunter   LM   Senior Deputy Juan Gala
     Civil Division                      County Jail #9
                          Senior Deputy Continued

BF   Senior Deputy Johna Pecot            LM     Senior Deputy R. Rock Garcia
     County Jail #8                              Court Services Division

BF   Senior Deputy Janice Reed            LM     Senior Deputy Manuel Valenzuela
     Court Services Division              Court Services Division

BF   Senior Deputy Pauletta Reynolds      LM     Senior Deputy Robert Trevizo
     Civil Division                              County Jail #8

BF   Senior Deputy Felicia Smith          AM     Senior Deputy Ernest Chin
     County Jail #2                              Civil Division

BF   Senior Deputy Donna Steppe-Keys      AM     Senior Deputy William Lee
     County Jail #1                              Youth Guidance Center

BF   Senior Deputy Diana Tolliver         AM     Senior Deputy Charles Melbourne
     Station Transfers                           Research and Development

BF   Senior Deputy Anjie Versher          AM     Senior Deputy Yukio Mizota
     Court Services Division                     County Jail #8

BF   Senior Deputy Shelia Westfield       AM Senior Deputy Ronald Terashima
     County Jail #2                       County Jail #2

LF   Senior Deputy Irma Aceves            AM Senior Deputy Allan Wong
     County Jail #9                       Station Transfers

LF   Senior Deputy Marcia Colhour FM      Senior Deputy Manuel Roca
     Central Warrants Bureau                     County Jail #1

LF   Senior Deputy Annette Cruz-Padilla   FM     Senior Deputy Paul Del Rosario
     Court Services Division              County Jail #3

AF   Senior Deputy Celecia Loke           FM     Senior Deputy Paul Sanfelipe
     Investigative Services                      Court Services Division

FF   Senior Deputy Elizabeth Velasco
     County Jail #8

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