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									                     Sample-Performance Measure Data Dictionary

Balanced Scorecard Goal: Customer                Measure Name/Measure Number:
                                                           Customer Loyalty

Owner:         John Smith,                       Strategy: Revenue growth
               Support Center Manager

Objective: Increase customer loyalty______________________________                 __
Description: The customer loyalty rating measures the percentage of surveyed
Customers stating they prefer our products to competitor offerings, and will purchase
our products again. Our research indicates that loyal customers make more
frequent purchases and tend to recommend our brands to others. Therefore, we
believe increasing customer loyalty will help us achieve our strategy of revenue

Lag/Lead:      Lag           Frequency: Quarterly      Unit Type: Percentage

Polarity:      High values a good
Formula:       Number of quarterly survey respondents answering yes to survey
               question 5: “Do you prefer our products to competitor offerings?” and #
               6 “Will you purchase our products again?” divided by the total number
               of surveys received.
Data Source: Data for this measure is provided by our survey company, “SST.”
Each quarter they perform a random survey of our customers and provide the
results electronically to our Marketing department. Data is contained in
the form of MS Excel spreadsheets. Data is available the 10th business
day following the end of each quarter.

Data Quality:          High—received automatically from third-party vendor

Data Collector:   J. Smith, Marketing Analyst
Baseline: Our most recent data received from SST indicates a customer loyalty
percentage of 59%
Target:           Q1: 2001: 65%       Q2: 68%      Q3: 72%       Q4: 75%

Target Rationale: Achieving customer loyalty is critical to our revenue growth
strategy. the quarterly increases we’re targeting are higher than in past years but
reflect our increased focus on loyalty

Initiatives:   1. Seasonal promotions
               2. CRM project
               3. Customer service training

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