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									Grammar For Writers CU-210
INSTRUCTOR: Ernabel Demillo


“The Editorial Eye”, Jane T. Harrigan, Bedford/St. Martin’s
“The Associated Press Stylebook, 2008”
Various handouts

Good writing begins with good grammar. In this class you will (re) learn the rules of grammar
to help you communicate clearly, concisely and coherently with your audience, whether it's for a
job interview or your readers.

In Grammar for Writers we will cover parts of speech, word use, sentence construction, spelling,
punctuation and principles of effective writing. Not only will your work in this class affect your
performance in future communications/journalism courses, but you will be able to use these
skills in a situation where you will be asked to write.

I will also introduce to you the basics of copy editing. Copy editors check stories for spelling,
grammar, punctuation, correct word usage and newspaper style. These are all skills that can be
helpful no matter what career path you decide to choose.


1. Quizzes -- There will be a quiz at the start of each class. Students who arrive late will not be
permitted to take the quiz. There are no retakes or make-ups of the quiz.

2. One-Page Memos -- This is a summary of the assigned readings. Please double-space. You
will be deducted for late memos. Remember, this is a writing exercise, so you will be graded on
how well you summarize the readings, content, spelling and grammar.

3. Grammar Worksheets

4. Midterm and Final

The final grade for this course will be based on your quality of work. You will be evaluated on
each assignment.

Quizzes 10%
One-Page Memos 10%
Grammar Worksheets 10%
Attendance and Class Participation 10%
Midterm 30%
Final 30%


-- Attendance is required. Regular attendance, timeliness, participating and attentiveness are

-- Students who miss two classes may have their final grade lowered. As is college policy,
students who miss more than 4 classes may receive a final course grade of FA. You must e-mail
or call the instructor if you miss class because of an illness or emergency.

-- Don't miss your deadlines. Deadlines play an important role in this class and in journalism in
general. Journalists must meet their deadlines or their job is on the line. Assignments turned in
late without a valid excuse will not be accepted. All late assignments will be penalized one
grade for every late class.

-- Please shut off all cell phones.

-- No eating or drinking in the classroom.

Week 1: Friday, August 29th

Go over syllabus
Go over AP Stylebook
Parts of Speech

Assignment: “A” in AP Stylebook (from “a” to “amid”)
Handout: Spelling words

Week 2: Tuesday, Sept. 2

Quiz: “A” in AP Stylebook and spelling
Lecture: Verbs

Assignment: Finish “A” in AP Stylebook (“among” to awhile”)
Read: Chapter 3 in “The Editorial Eye”

Friday, Sept. 5
Quiz: Spelling test and “A” in AP stylebook

Lecture: Continue with Verbs

Worksheet #1 Verbs, due Tuesday, Spet. 9

Week 3: Tuesday, Sept. 9
Quiz: Spelling test
Worksheet #1 due!

Lecture: Verbals, Gerunds

Read AP Stylebook “B” (bi-weekly to by-)
Worksheet #2 Verbals, due Friday, Sept. 12

Friday, Sept. 12
Quiz: AP Stylebook “B”
Worksheet #2 Due!

Lecture: Participles, Infinitives

Handout: Worksheet #3 Verbs and Verbals, due Tuesday, Sept. 16 th
Read: “C” in AP Stylebook (Cannon to church)

Week 4: Tuesday, Sept. 16

Quiz: AP Stylebook “C”, spelling test

Lecture: Nouns, Subject, Direct Object, Indirect Object

Read: “C” in AP Stylebook (colloquialisms to cynic)
Read Chapter 1 in “The Editorial Eye”, one page memo due Friday, Sept. 19

Friday, Sept. 19
Quiz: “C” in AP Stylebook
One Page Memo#1 Due!

Lecture: More nouns, Object of the Preposition, Object of the Verbal, Predicative Nominative

Worksheet #4 – Nouns, due Tuesday, Sept. 23

Week 5:
Tuesday, Sept. 23
Spelling Quiz
Worksheet #4 Due!

Lecture: Pronouns, personal, relative, indefinite

Read: AP Stylebook “D” (damage to drunk)
Read: Chapter 2 in “The Editorial Eye”, one page memo due on Friday, Sept. 26
Study for spelling quiz

Friday, Sept. 26
Quiz: AP Stylebook “D”

Lecture: Continue pronouns, demonstrative, interrogative, reflexive

Worksheet #5 Pronouns, Due Tuesday, Sept. 30
Read: AP Stylebook “E” (each to “eye to eye”)

Week 6: Tuesday, Sept. 30

Quiz: AP Stylebook “D”
Worksheet #5 Due!

Lecture: Adjectives and Adverbs

Worksheet #6 and #7 Adjectives and Adverbs, due Friday, Oct. 3
Read: AP Stylebook “F” (face-to-face to full-)

Friday, Oct. 3
Quiz: AP Stylebook “D”
Worksheet #6 and #7 Due!
Lecture: Prepositions
Worksheet #8 Prepositions, due Tuesday, Oct. 7
Read: AP Stylebook “G” (gage to group)

Week 7: Tuesday, Oct. 7

Quiz: AP stylebook “G”
Worksheet #8 due!

Lecture: Conjunctions
Midterm Review

Worksheet #9 Conjunctions, due Friday, Oct. 10
Study for midterm

Friday, October 10
Worksheet #9 Due!
(Grammar and Spelling)

Read: Chapter 2 in “The Editorial Eye”, one page memo due Tuesday, Oct. 14
AP Stylebook “H” (half to hyper-)

Week 8: Tuesday, Oct. 14

Quiz: AP Stylebook “H”
One page memo due!

Phrases: Prepositional, Participial, gerund, infinitive, appositive

Worksheet #10 Phrases, due Friday, Oct. 17
Read AP Stylebook “I” (impassable to it’s)

Friday, Oct. 17
Quiz: AP Stylebook “I”
Worksheet #10 due!

Return midterm
Clauses: Independent and Dependent

Worksheet#11 Clauses, due Tues. Oct. 21
Read AP Stylebook “J” (Jewish congregation to jury)

Week 9

Tuesday, Oct. 21
Quiz: AP Stylebook “J”
Worksheet#11 due!

Subject/Verb Agreement: Singular, plural

Worksheet #12 Subject/Verb Agreement, due Oct. 24
Read: AP Stylebook “K” (k to kwanzaa)

Friday, Oct. 24
Quiz: AP Stylebook “K”
Worksheet #12 due!

Lecture: Case, nominative, objective, possessive

Worksheet #13 – Case, due Tuesday, Oct. 28
Read AP Stylebook “L” (lady to lycra)

Week 10

Tuesday, October 28
Quiz: AP Stylebook “L”
Worksheet #13 Due!

Lecture: Punctuation

Worksheet #14: Punctuation, due Friday, Oct. 31
Read AP Stylebook “M” (mace to Myanmar)
Read Chapter 4 in the Editorial Eye – One Page Memo due Friday, Oct. 31

Friday, Oct. 31
Quiz: AP Stylebook “M”
Worksheet #14 due!
One Page Memo#4 Due!

Editing for Style – Clarity, Conciseness

AP Stylebook “N”

Week 11

Tuesday, Nov. 4 -- Election Day – Don’t Forget to Vote!!!

Quiz: AP Stylebook “N”

Continue Editing for Style: Using Quotes, Limiting Prepositional Phrases, etc.

AP Stylebook “O”
Read Chapter 5 in “The Editorial Eye”, One page memo due, Frida y, Nov. 7

Friday, Nov. 7
Quiz: AP Stylebook “O”
One page memo #5 due!

Lecture: Accuracy

Read AP Stylebook “P” (palate to plurals)

Week 12
Tuesday, Nov. 11
Quiz: AP Stylebook “P”

Lecture: Fairness

Read AP Stylebook: Finish P & Q
Study for spelling test!

Friday, Nov. 14th
Quiz: AP Stylebook “P&Q”
Spelling Test

Lecture: Legal and Ethical Issues for Editors

Read Chapter 6 in “The Editorial Eye”- One page memo due on Tuesday, Nov. 18
Read AP Stylebook “R”

Week 13

Tuesday, Nov. 18
Quiz: AP Stylebook “R”
One page Memo#6 Due!

Lecture: Ethical Issues Continued

Read AP Stylebook “S”
Bring in your three favorite newspaper or online headlines to class on Friday.

Friday, Nov. 21
Quiz: AP Stylebook “S”

Lecture: Writing Headlines

Read Chapter 10 in “The Editorial Eye”, one page memo due after Thanksgiving Break,
Tuesday, Dec. 2

Lecture: Continue writing headlines

Assignment: AP Stylebook “T”

Week 14
Tuesday, November 25
Quiz: AP Stylebook “T”

Lecture: Putting It All Together
In Class Writing Exercises
Read AP Stylebook “U”
Don’t forget Memo#7 Due on Tuesday, Dec. 2

Week 15
Tuesday, Dec. 2
Quiz: AP Stylebook “U”

More in-class editing and writing exercises

Read AP Stylebook “V” and “W”

Friday, Dec. 5
Quiz: AP Stylebook “V” and “W”

Grammar/Spelling Review

Read AP Stylebook “W”, “X”, “Y” and “Z”

Week 16

Tuesday, Dec. 9
Quiz: AP Stylebook “W”, “X”, “Y” and “Z”

Lecture: Final Review

FINAL: Tuesday, December 16

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