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									      Do youth you serve
      have health insurance?

       Health Check / NC Health Choice
Orientation for Department of Juvenile Justice and
     Delinquency Prevention Court Counselors
Why is it important?

 YOU want youth to have the
 range of services they need.

 YOU are an important resource
 to either provide or link youth to
 these services.

 YOU can improve access to
 services for the youth you serve
 by helping them get insured.
Do you need to be an expert to promote
 NC’s child health insurance programs?

   No. Families just need to know that North Carolina
   offers two child health insurance programs.

   A simple handout (an “envelope stuffer”) helps families
   determine if they qualify and provides a Web site and
   toll-free number for more information.

   This presentation provides a brief overview of the child
   health insurance programs to help you feel more
   comfortable in your outreach role.
 What child health insurance programs
     does North Carolina offer?

North Carolina has two health
insurance programs for children
and youth:

     Health Check (Medicaid)
     N.C. Health Choice
      • Both are similar in what they offer
      • One application is used to
        determine eligibility for both
      • They are marketed together
              What are the benefits?

    Regular Checkups                    Counseling
    Sick Visits                         Lab Tests
    Medicines                           Medical Equip & Supplies
    Immunizations                       Hospital Care
    Vision & Hearing Care               Therapies
    Dental Care                         Surgery

Additional benefits may be available for Children and Youth with Special
Health Care Needs. Call 1-800-737-3028 for more information.
                    Why market the two programs together?

                                                                               Children may
                                                            200% ($44,100)*    cross over from
                                                                               Health Check to
                                        NC Health                              NC Health Choice
                                                                               as they age.
                                   Income Guidelines
Poverty Level (%)

                                                                               Families may have
                                                                               children in
                                                            100% ($22,050)*    different

                                                                               As a family’s
                              Health Check                                     income changes,
                            Income Guidelines                                  their children may
                              as of April 1, 2009               *Annual        go back and forth
                                                                income for a
                                                                family of 4
                    0   1       6                      18
                                 Age (years)
  How can a family determine if their
      youth is likely to qualify?
Income guidelines* (valid 4/1/09 – 3/31/10)
    Family Size           Monthly Income
          2                  $2,429
          3                  $3,052
          4                  $3,675
          5                  $4,299
          6            Add $624 for each additional family
 *Income before taxes. Youth from families who earn more may
 qualify if they have child care, work-related or child support expenses.
                     In addition…

For both programs, the youth

   Be a N.C. resident
   Be under age 19 (21 in
   some cases)
   Be eligible based on family
   Provide or apply for a
   Social Security number
Is a youth of immigrant parents eligible?

  Yes, if the youth was born in the USA and they qualify
  based on the family’s income.
      The youth will need a Social Security Number to apply.

  Maybe, if the youth was born abroad.
      It depends on their immigration status. Check with the local
      department of social services to find out.

Note: Parents and youth DO NOT hurt their chances for
  naturalization by applying for children’s health insurance!!
        How much does coverage cost?

Health Check (Medicaid):
      No annual enrollment fee

N.C. Health Choice:
      Annual enrollment fee depends on the
      family’s income.

         Some families have NO annual enrollment fee

         Some families pay $50 per child or $100 for 2
         or more children
    How can youth or their families obtain an
application for Health Check / N.C. Health Choice?

To get an application:

     Call the N.C Family Health Resource Line 1-800-367-2229

     Go online to www.NCHealthyStart.org.
     Visit the “FOR THE PUBLIC” section and look for “Child
     Health Insurance.”

     Pick up a form at the local department of social services or
     health department.
    What if the family needs help filling
            out the application?

If the family needs help filling
out the application, encourage
them to visit their local
department of social services.

DSS can answer the family’s
questions and take their
application when it is complete!
  What if the family completes the
application on their own? Then what?
Families can mail or take the
application to their local department of
social services. Remind them to:

    Attach copies of wage stubs or proof of
    income for the previous month.
    Include a phone number where the
    DSS worker can call if they have a

For U.S. Citizens, the DSS will also
need proof of citizenship and identity
(for example, a certified U.S. birth
certificate and government-issued
photo identification card). DSS can
help families obtain these documents.

Social Services will notify the family by
mail to let them know if they qualify.
This can take up to 45 days.

    If they qualify they will get an insurance
    card and benefits booklet in the mail.
Encourage newly enrolled youth to make
  the most of their health insurance!
Encourage youth and their families to:
  Choose a doctor
     Every youth needs a “Medical Home.”
     The doctor can help you coordinate care needed
     by the youth you serve.

  Make an appointment for a checkup
     Then they will have a trusted place to go when
     problems arise.

  Call the doctor anytime
     Whenever youth or their families have health-
     related questions.

  Read the benefits handbooks
     They are available online at the
     www.NCHealthyStart.org Child Health Insurance
     Web Site. The books have lots of information
     about benefits and resources.
   Help your families stay enrolled!

Remind youth and their families that they need to
RE-ENROLL each year!

Tell them to look for their re-enrollment packet in
the mail.

Explain how important it is for families to let the
local department of social services know if they
So… How can DJJDP Court Counselors help?
       What resources are available?
How can DJJDP Court Counselors help?
Learn about the state’s child health insurance programs so that you feel comfortable
promoting Health Check (Medicaid for Children) and NC Health Choice. You do not have
to be an expert!

Display Health Check/NC Health Choice Posters.

Complete the NC JOIN Family Data Sheet “Medical Insurance Profile”:
    Ask if the youth is currently insured by Health Check (Medicaid), NC Health Choice or private
    Enter the youth’s insurance information.
    Distribute an “envelope stuffer” if the youth is currently uninsured and encourage them to enroll.
    Keep a small supply of “application forms” on hand if the family is ready to apply (or you can print
    the form through the link from the DJJDP Web Site: www.ncdjjdp.org/resource/index.html )
    Remind them of the need to re-enroll once a year and that a re-enrollment packet will arrive by
    mail. To receive it their address must be kept current with the local DSS.
    Every 90 days, update the Medical Insurance Profile. If the youth was previously uninsured, this
    is an opportunity to see if they enrolled in Health Check/NC Health Choice.
    For Court Counselors working with youth about to be discharged from a Youth Development
    Center, coordinate with the local DSS in the youth’s county of residence so that eligibility can
    begin on the date of discharge.

Refer families who have questions or need more information to the toll-free
number or Web site listed on the envelope stuffer.

Encourage families to go to their local DSS if they need help filling out
the application form.
     What resources are available?

North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation
       Campaign and materials development

  Provides FREE bilingual (English/Spanish) envelope stuffers, posters,
  and application forms!
  The fact sheets have been translated into 6 additional languages
  (Arabic, Chinese, Hmong, Korean, Montagnard, Vietnamese).
  Materials can be ordered online, by fax or by mail.
  Go to www.NCHealthyStart.org and click on the “Order” link.
  OR link to everything you need from the DJJDP web site:
  http://www.ncdjjdp.org/resource/index.html (See next slide)
         What resources are available?
      North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice and
               Delinquency Prevention Web Site

Links court counselors to Health Check (Medicaid) & NC Health Choice materials
on the “DJJDP Partnership” page of the NC Healthy Start Foundation Web Site:

   Orientation PPT Presentation
   Facts at a Glance Handout
   Child Health Insurance Applications in English and Spanish
   Listing of Local DSS Addresses and Phone Numbers
   Online Order Form [To order FREE bilingual (English/Spanish) envelope
   stuffers, posters and application forms].
   Directory of Health Check Coordinators [Local outreach staff].
   Child Health Insurance Web Page
           What resources are available?

   North Carolina Family Health Resource Line

                     Services in English and Spanish

For Health Check / NC Health Choice:

  Educates about child health insurance programs
  Mails single copies of print materials/ application forms
  Refers families and youth for local assistance
  Helps link youth with health care providers
  Advocates for families and youth who run into barriers
       What resources are available?

Children with Special Health Care Needs Help Line


A toll-free line for those living with, caring for or concerned about
            a child or youth with special health care needs.

  Educates about Health Check / Health Choice insurance benefits
  Provides information and referrals to other state and local resources
  Links to providers/ specialists
  Helps problem solve
For more information & to order materials

 For more information:
 Click on “For the Public”, then “Child Health Insurance”

 To order materials:
 Click on “Order Form”
 Link to everything you need from the DJJDP web site:


For Questions About the Partnership Between DJJDP &
the Division of Public Health:
  Martin Pharr: 919-733-3388 (Ext. 8187) or Martin.Pharr@ncmail.net
  Judy Stephens: 919-733-3388 (Ext. 8243) or Judy.Stephens@ncmail.net

For Questions About Health Check / NC Health Choice:
  Carolyn Sexton: 919-707-5642 or Carolyn.Sexton@ncmail.net
  Local Health Check Coordinator

For Questions About Ordering Materials:
  Ania Boer: 919-828-1819 or Ania@NCHealthyStart.org
Health Check / NC Health Choice Online Orientation
           for DJJDP Court Counselors

             Training Session Participation
      Please print out this slide, sign and date below
              and turn into your supervisor.

  Signature: ___________________ Date: _________
  THANK YOU for improving access to services for the youth
          you serve by helping them get insured!

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