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									                    America Saves Week
                February 24 – March 2, 2008

            A Guide for Extension Educators:

This working paper was prepared by a team of Cooperative Extension professionals and the
America Saves team at the Consumer Federation of America. To access the most current version
of this document on-line, go to

July 2007

                                             1   America Saves Week 2008 - A Guide for Extension Educators
For furthe r information and questions, contact

Nancy Register, Director, America Saves, or
Jane Schuchardt, National Program Leader, CSREES, USDA,

America Saves Week Extension Leadership Team
Southern Region
Jennifer Abel       
Virginia Cooperative Extension, Arlington County
Elaine Courtney     
University of Florida Extension, Okaloosa County
June Puett          
University of Tennessee Extension

Northeast Region
Barbara O’Neill   
Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Western Region
Patti Wooten-Swanson
University of California Extension

Central Region
Caezilia Loibl     
Ohio State University Extension
Carol Young        
Kansas State University Extension

The following pages provide extension educators with the following resources and tools for
a successful America Saves Week:

Item                                                                                                                    Page
Planning and Implementation Grants for the America Saves Week................................................ 3
America Saves Campaign Coordinators.......................................................................................... 4

                                                              2   America Saves Week 2008 - A Guide for Extension Educators
Planning and Implementation Grants for the America Saves Week

Provided by: George Barany, Consumer Federation of America

To:    America Saves
       1620 I Street, NW, Suite 200
       Washington, DC 20006

For questions contact: Nancy Register,
Maximum grant: $1,200

Deadline for submission: November 30, 2007, with funding based on availability

This grant is being made available to assist in the planning and implementation of America Saves
Week 2008 to reach desired goals and numbers. A final report will be required as a stipulation of
this grant that includes specific numbers to measure impact. Due date for the final report is
March 29, 2008.

Grant procedures
Please submit no more than a two-page proposal to America Saves that includes the following:

1) Goals for America Saves Week

    Number and types of organizations, not for profit and for profit that will participate
    Projected number of people taking financial action: opening or adding to a savings
      account; starting or adding to a 401k or other deferred compensation program; opening
      an IRA, 529, etc.
    Number of Savers to be enrolled
    Number of people to be reached directly through classes, events, presentations
    Number of people to be reached indirectly through marketing and media

2) Monthly objectives to reach goals

3) Tasks to achieve objectives

4) Budget

                                                3   America Saves Week 2008 - A Guide for Extension Educators
America Saves Campaign Coordinators
Prepared by: George Barany, Consumer Federation of America

As of June 2007, more than 50 America Saves campaigns were in place across the United States.
If there is a campaign operating in your locality, please contact the appropriate coordinator to
work together on America Saves Week activities.

Ann Berry                                           Suzanne Badenhop
Extension Agent                                     Family Economics Specialist
University of Tennessee Extension                   University of Kentucky
6183 Adamson Circle                                 242 Scovell Hall
Chattanooga TN, 37416                               Lexington KY, 40546 0064
423-855-6113                                        859-257-7485
423-855-6115 fax                                    859-257-7792 fax                           
Tennessee Saves                                     Kentucky Saves

Jeri Ajayi                                          George Barany
Colorado Saves Director                             Director, Financial Education
CCCS & Money Management International/              Consumer Federation of America
Colorado Center for Financial Education             1620 Eye Street, N.W. Suite 200
10375 E. Harvert Avenue Suite 300                   Washington DC, 20006
Denver CO, 80231                                    216-458-0250
303-632-2280                                        216-458-0257 fax
303-632-2101 fax                                                 America Saves
Colorado Saves
                                                    Wendy Bauman
Steve Ayers                                         President
Extension Agent                                     Wisconsin Women’s Business Institute
University of Illinois Extension                    Corporation
801 N. Country Fair Drive Suite D                   2745 N. Dr. M.L.K., Jr. Drive
Champaign IL, 61821                                 Milwaukee WI, 53212
217-333-7672                                        414-263-5450
217-333-7683 fax                                    414-263-5456 fax                          
Champaign County Saves                              Milwaukee Saves

                                               4   America Saves Week 2008 - A Guide for Extension Educators
Lisa Beall                                      Elizabeth Braun
Coordinator                                     Colorado Saves Assistant
Wheeling Saves                                  CCCS & Money Management International/
1310 Market Street                              Colorado Center for Financial Education
Wheeling WV, 26003                              10374 E. Harvert Avenue Suite 299
304-234-9221                                    Denver CO, 80230
304-231-1217                                    303-632-2279                              303-632-2101 fax
Wheeling Saves                        
                                                Colorado Saves
Nikki Beare
Extension Agent                                 Stephen Brobeck
Havana Learning Center                          Executive Director
7858 Havana Highway                             Consumer Federation of America
Havana FL, 32333                                1620 Eye Street, N.W. Suite 200
850-539-5040, ext. 539                          Washington D.C., 20006
850-539-5346 fax                                202-387-6121                              202-265-7989 fax
Gadsden Saves                         
                                                America Saves
Beth Bell
Cooperative Extension Service                   Alethia Calbeck
605 Lewis Street                                Grant and Program Director
Dyersburg TN, 38024 5119                        CCCS of Delaware Valley
317-262-1700                                    1515 Market Street Suite 1325
731-286-6143 fax                                Philadelphia PA, 19102                                  215-563-5665, ext. 3321
Tennessee Saves                                 215-563-7020 fax
Cathy Faulcon Bowen Ph.D.                       Philadelphia Saves
Consumer Issues Specialist Pennsylvania
State University                                Isaac Chappell
Department of Agricultural and Extension        County Extension Agent
323 Agricultural Administration                 Alabama Cooperative Extension System
University Park PA, 16802                       Auburn University
814-863-7870                                    1702 Noble Street Suite 108
814-863-4753 fax                                Anniston AL, 36201                                  256-237-1621
Pennsylvania Saves                              256-238-8630 fax
                                                Calhoun County Saves

                                           5   America Saves Week 2008 - A Guide for Extension Educators
Althea Chavis                                     Bill Crim
1141 Kelly Drive, Lot #2                          Director, Center for Economic Opprotunity
Hinesville GA,                                    & Public Policy
912-767-9693                                      United Way of Salt Lake
912-767-344 fax                                   175 S. West Temple Suite 30                    Salt Lake City UT, 84101
Army Saves                                        810-736-7771
Preston Cochrane                                  Utah Saves
Executive Director
AAA Fair Credit Foundation                        Brenda Cude
230 West 200 South, Suite 3104 Post Office        Professor
Box 3808                                          University of Georgia, Housing &
Salt Lake City UT, 84110                          Consumer Economics
801-483-0999, ext. 356                            215 Dawson Hall
801-364-8885 fax                                  Athens GA, 30602                        706-542-4857
Utah Saves                                        Georgia Saves

Kelli Conley                                      Linda Culligan Bruce
Coordinator                                       Bruce Family Living Educator
Building United of Southwestern                   University of Wisconsin
Pennsylvania                                      Douglas County
1111 Wood Street                                  1313 Belknap Street
Wilkinsburg PA, 15221                             Courthouse Room 107
412-731-7180                                      Superior WI, 54880
412-731-7183 fax                                  715-395-1363                                 715-395-1399 fax
Faith Saves                             
                                                  Northland Wisconsin Saves
Elaine Courtney
Extension Agent IV                                Marilyn Furry
University of Florida Extension Okaloosa          Family Resource Management Specialist
County                                            Pennsylvania State University
5479 Old Bethel Road                              323 Agricultural Administration Bldg.
Crestview FL, 32536                               University Park PA, 16802
850-689-5850                                      814-863-7428
850-689-5727 fax                                  814-863-4753 fax             
Okaloosa Saves                                    Pennsylvania Saves

                                             6   America Saves Week 2008 - A Guide for Extension Educators
Larry Garcia                                   Patricia Hasson
President                                      President
El Paso Affordable Housing CUSO                Consumer Credit Counseling Service of
4707 Montana Avenue Suite 202                  Delaware Valley
El Paso TX, 79903                              1515 Market Street Suite 1325
915-838-9608                                   Philadelphia PA, 19102
915-838-8085 fax                               215-563-5665, ext. 3310              215-563-8754 fax
El Paso Saves                        
                                               Philadelphia Saves
Jane Gault
Extension Agent                                Rebecca Haynes-Bordas
University of Tennessee Extension              Extension Educator
800 Second Avenue North Suite 3                Purdue Extension Marion County
Nashville TN, 37201 1083                       6640 Intech Boulevard Suite 120
615-862-5995                                   Indianapolis IN, 46278 2012
615-862-5998 fax                               317-275-9305, ext. 254                                 317-275-9309 fax
Tennessee Saves                      
                                               Indy Saves
Jan Golden
Family Life Education Supervisor               Richard Hill
Family Counseling Services/Consumer            Director of Member Education
Credit Counseling Service                      Langley Federal Credit Union
1639 Atlantic Boulevard                        721 Lakefront Commons Suite 400
Jacksonville FL, 32207                         New Port News VA, 23606
904-396-2228, ext. 114                         800-826-7490
904-398-6649 fax                               757-596-2312 fax                      
Jacksonville, FL Saves                         Langley Saves

Angelo Gonzalez                                Shirley Hill
Project Director, Economic Independence        Program Coordinator
Cuban American National Council                Jefferson County Saves
1223 SW 4th Street                             1200 Tuscaloosa Avenue, S.W.
Miami Fl, 33135                                Birmingham AL, 35211
305-642-3484                                   205-320-7020
305-642-7463 fax                               205-320-7027 fax                    
Miami Saves                                    Jefferson County Saves

                                          7   America Saves Week 2008 - A Guide for Extension Educators
Elizabeth Hilton                                    Keli Loga
Executive Director                                  Project Coordinator
Cleveland Saves                                     University of Wisconsin Extension
3631 Perkins Avenue 3rd Floor                       932 S. 60th Street
Cleveland OH, 44114                                 West Allis WI, 53214 3346
216-325-0556                                        414-290-2406
216-325-0558 fax                                    414-290-2424 fax                
Cleveland Saves                                     Milwaukee Saves

Maureen Keown                                       Angela Christ
Marketing Director                                  Program Coordinator
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of               OSU Extension, Hancock County
Delaware Valley                                     7868 CR 140 Suite B
1515 Market Street Suite 1325                       Findlay OH, 45840
Philadelphia PA, 19102                              419-422-3851
215-563-5665, ext. 3338                   
215-563-8754 fax                                    Hancock County/ Ohio Saves
Philadelphia Saves                                  Marjorie Major
                                                    Director, Financial Literary Training &
Jinhee Kim                                          Development
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist        Kansas City Neighborhood Alliance
Department of Family Studies                        3101 Broadway Suite 101
University of Maryland                              Kansas City MO, 64111
1204 Marie Mount Hall                               816-753-8600, ext. 1022
College Park MD, 20742                              816-753-6397 fax
301-314-9161 fax                                    Kansas City Saves
Maryland Saves                                      Steven Malin
                                                    Co-Dircctor NYC Saves
Alonzo Knox                                         FRB-NY
President and COO                                   33 Liberty Street
Institute of Community Development                  New York City NY,
13315 Ector Drive                                   212-760-6141
Baker LA, 70714                           
504-554-1323                                        New York City Saves
Louisiana Saves                                     Gayle Rose Martinez
                                                    Extension Educator
                                                    517 Court Street Room 104
                                                    Neillsville WI, 54456
                                                    715-743-5129 fax

                                               8   America Saves Week 2008 - A Guide for Extension Educators
Valerie McWilliams                         Jackie Ogden
Directing Attorney                         County Coordinator/Family and Consumer
Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance           Science Agent
Foundation                                 Chatham County Extension Service
1817 S. Neil Street Suite 203              Post Office Box 9866
Champaign IL, 61820                        Savannah GA, 31412
217-356-1351, ext. 119                     912-652-7981
217-356-7621 fax                           912-652-7989 fax           
Champaign County Saves                     Georgia Saves

Jennie Meehan                              Julia Ogden
President/CEO                              Director
Silicon Valley Economic Development        Arizona Saves
Corporation                                6633 N. Black Canyon Highway 2nd Floor
1155 N. First Street Suite 107             Phoenix AZ, 85015
San Jose CA, 95112                         602-246-3510
(408) 298-8455 EX26                        602-246-3512                 
Silicon Valley/South Bay Saves             Arizona Saves

Carrol Neal                                June Puett
President and CEO                          Extension Agent
Members First Federal Credit Union         University of Tennessee Extension
7215 Riverport Plaza Drive                 6183 Adamson Circle
Louisville KY, 40258                       Chattanooga TN, 37416
502-719-1228                               423-855-6113
502-719-1231 fax                           423-855-6115 fax           
Louisville Saves                           Tennessee Saves

Cynthia Nevels                             Mary Quinn
Junior Finance Literacy Academy            Executive Driector
1707 S. Lamar Street                       Charlotte Saves
Dallas, TX, 75215                          1142 Eastview Drive
214.426.1106                               Charlotte NC, 28211                        704-556-1260 cell 704-965-0764
Texas Saves                                704-571-7526 fax
                                           Charlotte Saves

                                      9   America Saves Week 2008 - A Guide for Extension Educators
Jeannie Realaford                              Nancy Schwartzmiller
Army Community Service Specialist              Executive Director
Fort Stewart                                   Georgia Consortium for Personal Financial
55 Pony Soldier Street Building 253            Literacy
Hinesville GA,                                 4601 Club Valley Drive
912-767-8889                                   Atlanta GA, 30319              404-240-0790
Army Saves                           
                                               Georgia Saves
Nancy Register
Associate Director                             Jay Seaton
Consumer Federation of America                 Chief Operating Officer
1620 Eye Street, N.W. Suite 200                Consumer Credit Counseling Services of
Washington D.C., 20006                         Central Ohio
202-387-6121                                   2800 Euclid Avenue, Suite 510 The Inner
202-265-7989 fax                               Belt Building                      Cleveland OH, 44115 2418
America Saves                                  216-781-8725
                                               216-781-8554 fax
Ellen Richardson                     
Director of Public Programs                    Cleveland Saves
N.C. Department State Treasurer
325 N. Salisbury Street                        Sarah Shirley
Raleigh NC, 27603                              Consumer Federation of America
919-508-5164                                   5 Laguna Street #302
919-508-5167 fax                               Fort Walton Beach FL, 32548         850-855-4883 CELL 850-217-3597
North Carolina Saves                 
                                               Military Saves
Phil Schlachtenhaufen
Executive Director                             Susan Shockey Ph.D.
Northwoods Saves                               Executive Director
3375 Airport Road, Lower Level                 OSU Extension, Franklin County
Rhinelander WI, 54501                          2105 S. Hamilton Road Suite 100
715-365-2752                                   Columbus OH, 43232
715-365-2760 fax                               614-866-6900, ext. 206                           614-868-8280 fax
Northwoods Saves                     
                                               Columbus Saves

                                         10   America Saves Week 2008 - A Guide for Extension Educators
Shayna Simpson Hall                              Sharra Thomas
The IDA and Asset Building Collaborative         Offica Coordinator
of North Carolina, Inc.                          Cleveland Saves
Post Office Box 27386                            3631 Perkins Avenue 3rd Floor
Raleigh NC, 27611-7386                           Cleveland OH, 44114
919-875-3685                                     216-325-0556
919-212-1086 fax                                           Cleveland Saves
North Carolina Saves
                                                 Rev. Samuel Ware
Bridget Sloan                                    Director
Project Coordinator                              Building United of Southwestern
Ohio State University Extension Franklin         Pennsylvania
County                                           1111 Wood Street
2105 S. Hamilton Road Suite 100                  Wilkinsburg PA, 15221
Columbus OH, 43232-4145                          412-731-7180
614-866-6900, ext. 209                           412-731-7183 fax
614-868-8280 fax                                                        Faith Saves
Columbus Saves
                                                 Cheri Wilson
Jerilyn Stowe                                    Assistant Vice President
Community Impact Manager                         CoVantage Credit Union
United Way of Salt Lake                          Post Office Box 365
175 South West Temple Street                     Crandon WI, 54520
Salt Lake City UT, 84101                         715-478-5100, ext. 4223
801-736-7710                                     715-478-5103 fax
801-736-7800 fax                                                          Northwoods Saves
Utah Saves
                                                 Dena Wise
Patti Wooten Swanson                             Family Economics Specialist
Nutrition, Family, and Consumer Advisor          University of Tennessee Extension
University of California Cooperative             218 Morgan Hall
Extension                                        Knoxville TN, 37996-4512
5555 Overland Avenue,                            865-974-8792
Suite 4101 Mailstop 018                          865-974-5370 fax
San Diego CA, 92123                    
858-694-2850                                     Tennessee Saves
858-694-2849 fax
San Diego Saves

                                           11   America Saves Week 2008 - A Guide for Extension Educators
Robert Wynn                               785-587-8124
Director                                  785-587-8428 fax
Asset Builders of America, Inc. 
P.O. Box 46202                            Kansas Saves
Madison WI,
608-322-4423                              Betty J. Zeedyk                      Benefits Manager
Milwaukee Saves                           Parkland College
                                          2400 West Bradley Avenue
Carol Young                               Champaign IL, 61821
Financial Management Specialist           217-351-2491
Kansas State University Extension
3904 Westbank Court                       Champaign County Saves
Manhattan KS, 66503

                                    12   America Saves Week 2008 - A Guide for Extension Educators

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