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									                   Racial Incidents Reporting

     School Name             A CLICK HERE TO SELECT SCHOOL*

                         DfES Number           0

*Click in the Yellow cell above and choose your school from the drop down list at
              the right of the cell then choose from the menu below.

     To enter the Details of an Pupil 2 Pupil Racial Incident Click Here

             To enter the Details of an Adult Racial Incident Click Here

                                  Instructions and Guidance Click Here

Please note that, although there is a statutory requirement to collect this
information, it will remain confidential and individual schools are not identified
when preparing statistics.
   School Name:                           GO TO SCHOOL DETAILS SHEET                                      DfES Number
                                                                                                    Home                                    Ethnicity of     Age of       Gender of
               Contact   Incident    Date of                    Ethnicity of   Age of    Gender                                                                                        Language of Location of    Type of                              Action                         Further Action
Contact Name                                   Name of Victim                                     Language    Name of Alleged Perpetrator     Alleged       Alleged        Alleged                                           Description of Incident            Outcome of Incident
               Number    Number     Incident                      Victim       Victim   of Victim                                                                                        Alleged   the Incident   Incident                             Taken                              Taken
                                                                                                  of Victim                                 Perpetrator    Perpetrator   Perpetrator
All other Incidents - Staff to staff, staff to pupil, pupil to staff, member of the public on any
                                                                                                                  GO TO SCHOOL
Children Services premises to employee, employee to member of the public on any Children
                                                                                                                  DETAILS SHEET
Services premises

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Please      Does the
                                                                                                                                         Does the                        Ethnicity of     Age of      Gender of     Religion of      Choose        Alleged                                                                                                      Further
                    Contact    Date of                          Ethnicity of   Age of   Gender of   Religion of   Please Choose Correct                Name of Alleged                                                                                       Location of    Description of the    Type of   Isolated    To Where Else has the                   Action
   Contact Name                             Name of Victim                                                                              Victim have                        Alleged       Alleged       Alleged       Alleged      Correct Status Perpetrator                                                                                    Action Taken
                    Number    Incident                            Victim       Victim    Victim       Victim         Status of Victim                    Perpetrator                                                                                         the Incident       Incident         Incident   Incident   Incident been Reported
                                                                                                                                        a Disability                     Perpetrator    Perpetrator   Perpetrator   Perpetrator     of Alleged     have a                                                                                                      Required
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Perpetrator    Disability
      Guidance to Complete and Return the Racial Incidents Monitoring Forms

This document details how to record Pupil to Pupil racial incidents and other Adult related racial
incidents and how to return them via s2s.

There are four sheets (tabs at the bottom of the page) in this spreadsheet. The first one, School
Details, is where you enter the name of the school by selecting from a drop down list.

The second sheet Pupil to Pupil Racial Incidents, is where, as the name suggests, you record pupil to
pupil racial incidents.

The third sheet relates to all other racial incidents, those that have an Adult involvement and should be
used in the following cases only:

Staff to staff incidents
Staff to pupil incidents
Pupil to staff incidents
Member of the public on any Education Department premises to employees
Employees to members of the public on any Education Department premises

To record pupil to pupil incidents, click on the Pupil 2 Pupil tab to select that worksheet and enter the
details in the cells under the various column headings.       Please note that the cells coloured yellow
have drop down lists from which you can select the appropriate value. Please be careful to complete all
the required details. Once complete, save the spreadsheet to your hard disk and then send to the
authority via s2s at the end of each month.
For each subsequent incident, complete a new Row in the same document so that we build up a
complete picture for the year for your school.

To record adult related incidents, click on the Adult Incidents tab to select that worksheet and enter
the details in the same way as in the Pupil 2 Pupil instructions above.

                Instructions for Submitting Incidents Forms to LEA using
                                  School to School (s2s)
Uploading the completed form to s2s for return to the LEA

Once the form is complete, you will need to rename it in order to return to the LEA via s2s. To do this
find the file in Windows Explorer, put the mouse pointer over the file name, press the right mouse
button and select rename.

The new file name should be should be in the following format:

       866XXXX_866LLLL_RACINDP_MTHYR.xls for Racial Incidents
XXXX is your schools DfES number.
MTHYR is the month and year that you are completing the form for, e.g. JAN07.

Next log in to the s2s website at       and click on the blue and
red s2s Login Here logo.
Insert your username and password and click ‘submit’.

On the next page click on ‘upload’ from the list at the left hand side of the screen. Then ‘upload
generic file’.

A box will now appear on the left hand side of the screen. Click ‘browse’ and a window will appear in
order for you to find your renamed file containing the Racial Incident Report.

Once you have found the file, click ‘open’ and the file path will appear in the box on the right hand side
of the screen.

Click ‘Upload File’. A message will appear saying this could take up to 5 minutes, but it usually only
takes a few seconds.

Once complete, a message will appear saying the file has been transferred to the website. You can
then log out of s2s.

Note that the Export and Data worksheets are for LA office use only

If you have any queries regarding the above instructions, please contact either Michael Biddulph,
Information Development Officer, on 01793 463162 or at

Click this button to return to the School Details Page >>         Click
Copy Data to new spreadsheet

         Click Here
schoolName   incidentNumber   incidentDate   victim   ageVictim
genderVictimlanguageVictim                 perpetrator
                             ethnicityVictim                    genderPerpetrator
languagePerpetrator ethnicityPerpetrator           incidentType   warning
detailedInvestigation   policeReferral   mediation victimRelocation   removeGraffiti
lostPrivileges   exclusion incidentDescription   comment   furtherActionFlag

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