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									Web Analytics Benefit Calculator - Improved Advertising/Website Outcomes

Web analytics can substantially benefit your business by improving the
outcomes that you generate from your online advertising. By changing
the figures in this spreadsheet to match your situation you can tell for
yourself whether our services will generate a positive return on          Change the values in these
investment.                                                              fields to match your situation

Monthly Av. Advertising Budget                                            $                    20,000.00
Av. Monthly Visitors/Responses From Advertising                                                    8,000
Estimated Conversion Rate From Advertisements                                                         5%
Estimated Improvement                                                                                10%
Average Profit Per Sale                                                   $                       150.00
Your investment in our services & software                                                         $5,500
Your estimated costs to implement the recommended changes                                        $10,000

Estimated Sales Per Month Before Improvement                                                         400
Estimated Sales Per Month After Improvement                                                          440
New Sales Per Month                                                                                   40

Advertising Cost Per Sale Now                                             $                        50.00
Advertising Cost Per Sale After Improvement                               $                        45.45
Net Change in Advertising Costs                                           $                         4.55

Total Reduction on Advertising Acquisition Costs                          $                       181.82
Total Profit For New Sales                                                $                     6,000.00

Total Monthly Contribution                                                $                     6,181.82

Total Yearly Contribution                                                 $                    74,181.82

Less investment in our services & your estimated costs                                             $6,500

Net Contribution - Year 1                                                 $                    67,681.82

Return on Investment - Year 1                                                                     1231%

Payback period (months)                                                                             1.05
ebsite Outcomes

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             Enter the target improvement that you think that we can realistically generate for you
             Enter your average profit margin for sales from your website
             This is our fees for the service and software that we will provide to you for the first year of service
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