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					                                                           Balanced Scorecard website:
                                                           Questions: E-mail the Office of Institutional Effectiveness
                                                           and Assessment at or contact by
                                                           phone at 256-5663
Frequently Asked Questions

   What is the Balanced Scorecard?
   A web-based balanced scorecard was developed to record and track progress relative to the 2007-
   2012 Strategic Plan (and future strategic plans). Each unit / college uses the online Balanced
   Scorecard (BSC) to submit their institutional effectiveness plans and annual updates.
   How will I access the information? Each unit / college will have a user name and password
   provided by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment.
   What formation will I enter on the Balanced Scorecard? Each unit / college will submit
   outcomes aligned with the Strategic Focus areas. Annually, the units will provide a brief update on
   the status of their outcomes.
   Unit Outcome: A measurable outcome includes the following information: outcome name,
   measurement, target, baseline and the anticipated completion date. Each outcome will be linked to
   a Strategic Focus and a Strategic Objective from DSU’s Strategic Plan. The Foci and Objectives
   will be available in drop-down boxes.
      Example: College of Business and Information Systems
          Strategic Focus: #2: Optimize on-campus enrollment
          Outcome Name: Increase enrollment in the College
          Measurement: Number of undergraduate, main-campus, BIS students
          Baseline: Fall 07: 509 students
          Target: 569 students
          Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2012

   Each outcome will have at least one project.
   Unit Project: An activity that contributes to completion of the outcome. You can think of it as the
   steps required to complete the outcome. You will need the project name, start date, end date,
   current status, resources, and collaborating units.
   Example: College of Business and Information Systems
      Project Name: Increase recruitment activities in the area high schools
      Start Date: Fall 2007       End Date: Spring 2011
      Status: In Progress         Resources: Not applicable
      Collaborating Units: Enrollment Services
   What if I work in Student Affairs? Units reporting to the Vice President and Dean for Student
   Affairs will link each outcome to one of the Council for Advancement of Standards in Higher
   Education (CAS) categories. There will be a drop-down box with the 16 standards.
   Can I change the information I entered? Yes, you will be able to edit and delete outcomes and
   projects, The Institutional Effectiveness Committee will set a 4-week window during which you
   can update your outcomes and add new projects.
   Can I review what I have entered? You have several options to view your information: Select
   “View Outcome” to review all outcomes linked to a particular Strategic Focus. For example, what
   is my unit doing to support “developing new sources of revenue”? You can view all of the
   outcomes and projects for your unit under “View All”.
How will this information be used? The directors and deans provide an annual update at budget
hearings and during their annual evaluations. The reporting function provides the administration
with several options for generating reports and tracking progress on DSU’s Strategic Plan. For
example, one report function sorts by the strategic foci and identifies each functional unit with
active projects linked to that strategic focus. The collaboration between units is also tracked.
When will I report progress on my unit’s outcomes? Each fall, you will provide an update on
your outcomes and projects using the update function of the Balanced Scorecard.

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