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									                      Spring/Summer 2010

Still Going Strong
                     A Blueprint
                       for frAud
Contractor Profile                                                                              A view of the west plaza of the new ballpark.

                   Moss & Associates
                                               Still Going Strong
                                                                                      By Lisa Kopochinski, South Florida Constructor Editor

      rogressing right on schedule toward its spring 2010 opening,       Construction on the project began in July 2009. As construction
      the new Marlins Ballpark promises to be a home run for             manager, Hunt/Moss is working closely with the owner (Miami-
      Miami Dade County.                                                 Dade County), designers and consultants to ensure all budget,
 With a price tag of $515 million (not including public infrastructure   schedule and logistics requirement are met.
 and parking garages), this spectacular sporting event venue and         Just last September, the first concrete pour was done for the super
 welcome addition is a joint venture between Moss & Associates           columns. That pour constituted the first estimated 16 feet of the
 and Hunt Construction Group, in association with MARS Contrac-          nearly 40-foot-tall rebar cage that had already been erected. When
 tors, Inc. Situated on 17 acres of the historic Orange Bowl site in     complete, the elliptical-shaped column will stand approximately 8
 the Little Havana section of Miami, it will span nearly one million     feet by 15 feet long and will rise 130 feet. The column is just one of
 square feet and contains 37,000 seats.                                  the 12 super columns that will support the 8,300-ton retractable
                                                                         roof. Hunt/Moss calls the super columns one of the most unique
 “I’ve been involved in many large public/private projects and this
                                                                         challenges of this project.
 is one of the more enjoyable ones,” says Bob Moss, president of
 Moss & Associates. “It is a large, complex, well thought-out design.    “They are extremely large and the technique for building them
 The design is going to be spectacular and it’s going very well.”        needs to be well thought out, well engineered and executed very
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 6 South Florida CONSTRUCTOR
safely. We have done that. In the 40 years

                             NEVER ORDINARY
I’ve been in business, this is some of the
most unique components of construction
that I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with.”
He is also very pleased with the progress
of the retractable roof, which is comprised
of three panels supported by a two-track
system on the north and south sides of the
“When the sun is shining or it’s a nice eve-
ning, the roof is open,” he says. “If it starts
raining, about 10 to 13 minutes after you
push the button, the roof closes. It also has
a glass wall facing the city to the east that
retracts and allows an unobstructed view of
the city. When the wind is blowing stronger
than desired or blowing rain, then that wall
also closes. So you have a retractable roof
and a telescoping glass wall that opens and
closes as well.”                                  A rendering of the home run deck.

Going Green
In case you think this project isn’t spec-
tacular enough, the ballpark is also going
green. The construction team has initiated
an aggressive waste management recy-
cling program with more than 90 percent of
construction waste being recycled. Primary
items being recycled include asphalt, card-
board, concrete, metal, steel, paper, plastic
and wood, among others. The design of the
ballpark has focused on including green
initiatives, with a goal to incorporate pre-
consumer and post-consumer recycled
content that will ultimately represent more
than 20 percent of the total material incor-
porated into the ballpark.

The team has also specified an extent of
materials to be harvested and manufac-
tured within 500 miles of the jobsite to
reduce transportation emissions and sup-
port the local economy. As the ballpark pro-      When completed, the new ballpark will contain 37,000 seats.
gresses, other green project elements will
include the use of low VOC (volatile organicventure team Hunt- Moss, the city and the   addition to the Miami skyline and to city of
compounds) paints, adhesives, carpets and   county, you get the feeling everybody’s on  Miami overall.
flooring to improve the indoor air quality in
                                            the same team pulling together. It’s one of
the ballpark.                                                                           “People are going to want to go there just
                                            the more enjoyable teams I have had the     to see the building and enjoy all the things
When asked what he likes most about this    pleasure working with on a large compli-    going on Centers | Museums
         Healthcare | Aviation | Higher Education | Casinos | Hospitality | Performing Art around the building in addition to
project, Moss doesn’t hesitate. “From the   cated public/private project.               what will be going on inside the ballpark.”
president of the Marlins to his entire job- He also adds that the ballpark is going to
site management design team, our joint      be a wonderful, architectural, significant
                                                         ARTISTIC SURFACES
                           PHONE 965.968.1700 | WWW.ARTISTICSURFACES.COM
                                                                                                    year, the company reported revenues in the
                                                                                                    $200-million range. And for 2010, the pro-
                                                                                                    jected revenue is $200 million-plus.
                                                                                                    “Our company, like all companies in Flor-
                                                                                                    ida, has become a smaller company than
                                                                                                    we would like at this time,” explains Moss.
                                                                                                    “We have adjusted our overhead and fixed
                                                                                                    costs to deal with the challenges of re-
                                                                                                    duced revenue. However, we feel very for-
                                                                                                    tunate that some of the large projects that
                                                                                                    we have going into this recession will carry
                                                                                                    us through the recession and are very ex-
                                                                                                    cited about the years to come.”
                                                                                                    The company is also actively pursuing proj-
                                                                                                    ects in Georgia and with corporate clients
                                                                                                    that could lead to work in other states. With
                                                                                                    such an impressive career under his pro-
                                                                                                    verbial tool belt, it’s clear how much Moss
                                                                                                    loves the industry he chose more than four
                                                                                                    decades ago.
                                                                                                    “I find it to be an extremely dynamic indus-
                                                                                                    try with many challenges—a lot of techni-
                                                                                                    cal challenges and a lot of detail to pay at-
                                                                                                    tention to. The greatest thing is you build a
  The Marlins Stadium is the site of the old Orange Bowl, built in 1936 as Burdine Stadium. It
                                                                                                    monument to your work and your success
  went through several renovations, including one in 1963 when South Florida AGC members
                                                                                                    for many years to come. You have the pride
  (from left to right) M.R. Harrison, Sr., Rod Overholt Sr. and John C. Harrison, Sr. oversaw the
                                                                                                    of accomplishment.”
  biggest upgrade of the stadium.
                                                                                                    In his limited spare time, Moss enjoys
                                                                                                    spending it with his wife, Sandra, two sons
A Stellar Record                                  Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale and with
                                                                                                    and three grandchildren. He also loves
No stranger to big projects, Bob Moss             offices in Miami, Tampa, Clearwater and
                                                  Ocala, the company has roughly 175 sala-          boating and fishing in Florida and the Baha-
boasts an impressive construction career                                                            mas and spending time in North Carolina on
that spans 40 years. After spending three         ried employees. It ranked number 39 on
                                                  ENR magazine’s 2007 list of “Top Construc-        the golf course. He is also heavily involved
decades working for other companies, the                                                            in his church, First Baptist, and volunteer-
North Carolina native decided he wanted to        tion Managers at Risk” and, more recently,
                                                  received the 2009 ABC Safety Award.               ing for local charities.
strike out on his own, which he did in 2004.
                                                  “We are the youngest company to ever be           “I love Fort Lauderdale,” he says, “It’s a
“It’s always been a desire of mine to                                                               great community and a great business cli-
form my own company,” he says. “I never           recognized with the National Safety Award
                                                  by ABC,” says Moss. “Safety is a huge pri-        mate for the kinds of things we do. I am
thought it would happen, but both my sons                                                           excited about everything that is going on,
decided to go into the construction busi-         ority at our company. It is one of our non-
                                                  negotiable standards. We want to send ev-         and if I am healthy, I’ll always be working.”
ness and obtain business construction de-
grees. I’m also too young to retire and I still   eryone home safe every day and it meant a
enjoy the business very much.”                    lot to be recognized for this award.”

Since 2004, Moss & Associates has be-             When asked if he is surprised at his phe-
come the fastest-growing private company          nomenal success, Moss replies, “Yes. That
and one of the largest general contrac-           success is directly related to the outstand-
tors in South Florida. Known for delivering       ing business partners that came to work
complex, landmark projects for the private        for the company-—Joe Harris, Ron Dunn,
and public sectors throughout the U.S., the       Mike Little, Ted Adams--and the many out-
Bahamas and the Caribbean, the company            standing business relationships they have
is proud of its construction portfolio that       accumulated over the years. I truly believe
ranges from mixed-use “Main Street” de-           we have the smartest effective leadership         Moss was construction manager on the
velopments and luxury high-rise residential       team in the business.”                            $21-million Leon Medical Centers Flagler
towers to hospitality, office, educational,       Though 2009 was an especially tough year          project. Construction began in February 2009
healthcare, biotechnology and corrections         for Florida’s construction industry, Moss &       and was completed in October 2009.
facilities.                                       Associates continues to do very well. Last
                 Florida’s Miller
          Construction Company
         and Moss & Associates
                                Launch New Statewide Healthcare
                                          Construction Company

        wo leading healthcare construction firms have joined          Administration (AHCA). Fully 100 percent of Miller’s 55 hospital
        forces to launch Moss Miller Healthcare, a unique company     and other healthcare facility projects passed in all final inspections
        designed to meet the growing demand for hospitals, clinics    by AHCA. The company most recently completed a multi-phase
        and research institutions across the state of Florida.        renovation for Cleveland Clinic Florida and has worked on dozens
                                                                      of complex projects for Holy Cross Hospital.
Moss Miller Healthcare is a fusion of healthcare specialist teams
from Moss & Associates and Miller Construction Company, both          Moss & Associates, one of the state’s largest construction manage-
recognized innovators in healthcare construction. With a seasoned     ment firms, has an executive team whose members directed
staff of healthcare preconstruction and construction experts, Moss    construction of landmark medical centers from Miami to Orlando
Miller Healthcare is positioned to grow into the premier healthcare   and Tampa Bay. The company recently completed two clinical
builder in Florida.                                                   facilities for Leon Medical Centers, as well as the $72-million
                                                                      University of Miami Biomedical Research Building. The firm has
“The economy has kept the lid on Florida healthcare work, but         offices in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa and Ocala.
with construction costs lower than they’ve been since the 1980s,
we’re beginning to see requests for significant hospital projects,”
said Joe Harris, executive vice president of the new company. “As     Smooth Operations
hospitals’ financial investments recover, we expect the flow of       “Blending our expert healthcare teams gives us a strong, cost-
projects will accelerate,” he added.                                  effective platform for growth,” said Hannaka. “Our operational
                                                                      systems are already in place through several joint ventures, and
                                                                      our people have a shared commitment to exceptional service and
Just What the Doctor Ordered                                          craftsmanship.”
While the Fort Lauderdale-based Moss and Miller firms remain
independent as two of the state’s most prominent construction         Since 2004, Moss and Miller have joint ventured on projects
services companies, “joining forces for the long term specifically    including Nova Southeastern University’s massive University
to pursue opportunities in healthcare builds on our companies’        Center, Performing Arts Center and The Commons dormitory, plus
strengths and our established working relationship,” said Wayne       the Himmarshee Landing residential/retail/office complex in Fort
Hannaka, vice president of the new entity.                            Lauderdale and the San Remo Plaza office/retail facility in Miami.

Executive team members of the new Moss Miller Healthcare              The two firms’ CEOs, Bob Moss and Tom Miller, have been industry
venture are responsible for having overseen more than $2.5 billion    colleagues and friends since they met in the 1970s. Bob Moss
collectively in medical facility construction projects.               founded Moss & Associates in 2004, and has since built some
                                                                      of the state’s largest, most complex mixed-use, corrections and
“Our team brings each project the insights of veteran experts plus    other commercial projects. Miller Construction Company, founded
the progressive ideas of project managers who think strategically,”   in 1973, has built its niche with mid-sized commercial projects
added Hannaka.                                                        throughout South Florida. Both businesses focus on earning long-
                                                                      term client relationships rather than “chasing projects.”
Miller Construction Company has a 20-year South Florida health-
care construction track record, with proven expertise in meeting      For information on Moss Miller Healthcare, contact Neil Hammack
stringent requirements of the state’s Agency for Health Care          or Joe Harris at (954) 769-8280.

                                                                                               South Florida CONSTRUCTOR 19
OCALA—The new Marion County Judi-               Supported by 70 steel shafts that are an-        Honored at the ceremony with a special
cial Center, which officials hope will serve    chored 105 feet below ground, the new            plaque was Senior Judge Victor Musleh,
as a “beacon” in a revitalized downtown,        five-story complex took two years to build       who, as former Chief Judge of the 5th Ju-
opened its doors to the public this past        and is the largest capital project in the his-   dicial Circuit, urged the County Commission
February. Adding 146,520 square feet of         tory of Marion County. The State Attorney’s      to approve plans for a new courthouse.
space to the existing courthouse, the new       Office now occupies the fifth and topmost        “We went around and around on it,” re-
construction features four new courtrooms,      floor, while the third and fourth floors of      called Musleh, 76, who retired in 2007.
a large jury assembly area and a ground-        the building have been shelled-in for future     Musleh estimates it took nearly two years
floor arraignment room that can accom-          growth.                                          of talks before the County Commission
modate large numbers, in addition to new        “This is a beautiful building on the outside.    voted, 3-2, to approve the construction of
office space and hearing rooms.                 It will become a beautiful building on the       the new building.
“This is a magnificent building,” said Ad-      inside,” said Clerk of the Court David Ell-      “It worked out quite well,” said the judge,
ministrative Judge David Eddy in remarks        spermann. He reminded his staff that it is       as he gestured towards the gleaming open
to fellow judges, attorneys, county lead-       importance to “apply ourselves to those in       space. The project, undertaken by Moss
ers, the sheriff, his deputies, courthouse      need” — the public who will most make            Construction, began in October 2007 with a
staff and members of the public during a        use of the space.                                budgeted cost of $42 million and was com-
fanfare-marked ceremony to celebration          “Cities are defined by their iconic build-       pleted at more $1 million under budget, ac-
the occasion.                                   ings. This is Marion County’s iconic build-      cording to a county news release.
“It is for the citizens of Marion County for    ing,” said Joseph Rispoli, senior partner of
whom this building was constructed,” the        Ocala’s Architecture Studio Inc. who, along
judge said.                                     with co-partner Roland Sosa, designed the
A crowd of at least 200 gathered in the         space, which he said he hopes will “illumi-
lobby area by the main entrance, where          nate the downtown area” and serve as its
glass windows provide a panoramic view to       “beacon.”
the outside. Despite the steady drizzle out-    Although all judges had the option to move
side, the indoor ceremony was brightened        their chambers, only County Judge Sarah
by a Presentation of Colors by members of       Ritterhoff Williams chose to move into a
Marion County Fire Rescue and the Sher-         new office by the northwest side of the
iff’s Office, a patriotic medley performed by   building.
Sheriff’s Office Pipes & Drums, and a solo      The new structure marks the fifth major de-
national anthem sung by Joseph McMillan,        velopment in the history of Marion County
a local firefighter.                            courthouses. The other buildings—and
The roughly half-hour-long ceremony, pre-       additions—were the Ocala Courthouse of
sided over by County Administrator Lee A.       1851, Ocala Courthouse of 1907, and the
Niblock, was capped off with a ribbon cut-      existing Judicial Center, which was built in
ting involving the county and circuit judges.   the 1960s and expanded in 1991.
Moss & Associates
                                                                           Other Projects

Moss & Associates                               cally challenging, complex and advanced        system is rivaled in size only by Miami
Completes $135                                  research centers in Florida, the building      International Airport.
                                                was designed by Karlsberger. It incorpo-
Million Biosciences                                                                            “Moss kept this key project on track, from
                                                rates, under one roof, all critical compo-
Project                                         nents typically found in leading research
                                                                                               coordinating multiple design teams to
With funding for biomedical research                                                           managing complex utility connections, in
                                                campuses: a Class 10,000 cGMP manu-
topping more than $90 billion nationally,                                                      a dense, high-traffic urban environment,”
                                                facturing laboratory, BSL 2 wet labs, vivar-
                                                                                               said Rich Jones, associate vice presi-
and research efforts put on a fast track        iums, an imaging suite and faculty offices.
due to federal stimulus funding, Moss &                                                        dent of facilities design and construction,
Associates was pleased to have recently         Moss is pursuing a Silver level Leader-        University of Miami. “They managed a
completed a multifaceted $135-million           ship in Energy and Environmental Design        250-person labor force, while maintaining
project for the University of Miami’s Miller    (LEED) certification for the facility, whose   a safe environment and keeping adjacent
School of Medicine. Located at 1600             energy-saving features include a single-       hospitals and businesses in full operation.”
NW 10th Ave. in Miami, the new 10-story         ply reflective rubber roof, an air-condi-
biosciences research laboratory includes a      tioning condensate recycling system and
massive central energy plant and 1,400-         “daylight harvesting” of sunlight. The         Moss/Miller
space parking garage.                           building meets stringent federal research      Awarded $34-million
The centerpiece is the 178,263-square-
                                                standards such as separate, dedicated          contract for Nova
                                                laboratory air systems.                        Southeastern
foot Biomedical Research Building for the
Miami Institute for Human Genomics where        Supporting the new Biomedical Research         Oceanographic
research will include DNA sequencing and        Building is a $62.8 million, 10-story,         Facility
genetic mapping, led by acclaimed geneti-       551,000-square-foot parking structure          Project continues six-year
cists Margaret Pericak-Vance, Ph.D. and         and a 26,000-square-foot, 14-megawatt          expansion for Broward-
Jeffery Vance, M.D., Ph.D.; and the Inter-      central energy plant—the second largest        based university.
disciplinary Stem Cell Institute, directed by   in South Florida—that will provide backup      FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – May 20, 2010
Joshua Hare, M.D.                               power for the new facility and future          – Moss/Miller, LLC has been awarded
“As the new home for two renowned               campus buildings. Both components were         the contract to build a new $34-million
academic research programs, this facility       designed by Theodore Roux of Miami.            Oceanographic Research Center at Nova
will be a key anchor for the growth and                                                        Southeastern University.
                                                Under a separate contract, Moss also
sustainability of South Florida’s life          constructed a campus-wide under-               Construction is scheduled to start in
sciences sector,” said Scott Desharnais,        ground chilled water distribution piping       October at the 10-acre Nova Oceano-
vice president, Moss & Associates. “Even        and utility service network known as           graphic Center site at the western end of
more importantly, the research conducted        “The Loop.” The chiller includes a             John U. Lloyd Beach State Park in Dania
in this facility will save lives. The Stem      36-inch diameter steel piping throughout       Beach, adjacent to Naval and Coast Guard
Cell Institute has already released find-       the Medical School Campus that was             facilities on the Intercoastal Waterway at
ings from a phase one clinical trial on a       installed without any disruption to the        the Port Everglades entry. Completion is
stem cell based treatment for heart attack                                                     slated for December 2011.
                                                School of Medicine or Jackson Memo-
patients. We are proud to know that
                                                rial Hospital. “The Loop” can supply           The new 86,000-square-foot Center of
we built the facility where these break-
                                                enough chilled water for the 11 existing       Excellence for Coral Reef Ecosystems
throughs will occur.”
                                                buildings and future needs of the Miller       Science Research Facility (COE-CRES)
Considered to be one of the most techni-        School of Medicine. In South Florida, this     will feature research laboratories, labo-

22 South Florida CONSTRUCTOR
ratory support, research offices, adminis-       Moss & Associates is a privately-held con-
tration offices and support, research dis-       struction company ranked among the na-
cussion areas, building support, and park-       tion’s top 100 building contractors, with
ing. The project will be built to meet LEED      annual revenues topping $649 million. It
Silver Certification.
Moss/Miller is a partnership of two Fort
Lauderdale construction companies, Moss
& Associates and Miller Construction Com-
pany. The project, which will likely be be-
tween four and five stories, will be a de-
sign/build with Cannon Design and ACAI
The new project continues a major, six year
expansion for the university based in Davie,
Fl., just west of Fort Lauderdale. The team
has built several consecutive projects in a
list that includes The Commons, a 528-stu-
dent, $40-million dormitory complex, the
$64-million University Center and the
$22-million Performing Arts Center.
“This is a major project for us, and the re-
cent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has only
highlighted the vital importance of oceano-
graphic research,” said Moss Vice Presi-
dent Brett Atkinson, who has overseen con-
struction on this project as he has for Nova
Southeastern’s expansion since 2004.
“This will be a world-class center for Nova
and for South Florida, and will only deepen
our area’s role in global oceanographic re-
The project was made possible through a
$15-million grant from the National Insti-
tute of Science and Technology. The pro-
                                                 Construction by Moss on the $135-million University of Miami Biomedical Re-
ceeds came from the American Recovery
                                                 search Building, Garage and Chiller Plant began in November 2006 and was
and Reinvestment Act, signed into law in
                                                 completed in May 2009.
February 2009 with an estimated $784 bil-
lion in economic stimulus.
The current Nova Oceanographic Center            is Florida’s seventh-largest contractor and
is comprised of three buildings and sev-         the Southeast’s eighth-largest green build-
eral modular units. It is host to the National   er. Through its headquarters in Fort Lauder-
Coral Reef Institute, established by Con-        dale, and regional offices in Miami, Tampa,
gressional mandate for the study of coral        Clearwater and Ocala, Moss provides
reefs, and the Guy Harvey Research Insti-        design-build, general construction, con-
tute, dedicated to the study of biodiversity     struction management and preconstruction                                      Moss & Associates
and wildlife.                                    consulting services throughout the United
                                                 States, The Bahamas and the Caribbean.                           2101 North Andrews Avenue
Moss/Miller was recently awarded a
$1.4-million renovation project for Nova         Founded in 1973, Miller Construction Com-                                             Suite 300
Southeastern, renovating and converting          pany has completed more than 400 com-                          Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311
the existing 22,000-square-foot Central          mercial projects throughout South Florida,                             Phone: 954.524.5678
Services Building on the Davie, Fl., campus      including office buildings, hotels, health-
into a new Athletics Facility, including ath-    care, higher education, manufacturing and                                 Fax: 954.524.5677
letic training and academic centers, locker      distribution facilities. It is based in Fort
rooms, strength room, new storefronts and        Lauderdale. One can learn more about the
HVAC systems.                                    company at www.millerconstruction.com

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