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					       Contact/Station                  Public, Education, & Government            Population

  Jerry Musial, jmusial@ci.west-
                                                 government                           61,000

      John M. Goran, NCE
      Cable TV Coordinator
       Brunswick Cable 7                P, E & G (G takes priority for
         28 Federal St.                        programming)
      Brunswick ME 04011
      Office 207.725.0614

    Amelia K. Hamilton-Morris,
                                          Government Access only                      200,000

          Tony Ruggieri
  City TV Production Supervisor
   City Television Channel 18                                                   200,000 population,
       735 Anacapa Street                                                     64,000 cable subscribers
    Santa Barbara, CA 93101
        Ph: (805) 564-5311
                                        We have one channel that has           population: 42,000.
         Leslie Helwig              historically operated like public access   14,000 subs. But, a
     Community Relations                but with full time staff doing the   contractual arrangement
    Bloomfield Township, MI        production work. (no meetings, open to with another franchise
    www.bloomfieldtwp.org          community producers, but professional        area for public and
                                   staff doing the production work). A few governement channels
            Joel Smith
                                                                                about 400,000 in the
     Springs TV Channel 18
                                                                                community but only
    City of Colorado Springs               All government access
                                                                                   120,000 cable

                                   Government out of our facility, although
            Eric Palm
                                   we run education & public via fiber from    The population for the
       Media Coordinator
                                      other facilities. Comcast runs &         City of Des Plaines is
      City of Des Plaines
                                    maintains Public for a consortium of               56,945
CableTV - cabletv@desplaines.org

           Reg Dunlap
                                       2 channels of Public and 1 for         43,000 residents, 13,000
      Civic TV Coordinator
                                              government.                       cable tv subscribers
                                                                             200,000 / 50,000
      GLENDALE, CA - GTV6                        GOV. ONLY

              Brad Clark
           Station Manager
       Madison City Channel            Government Access only - Madison
               Room 210                   City Channel, Madison, Wis
  215 Martin Luther King, Jr, Blvd.
         Madison, WI 53703
             Larry Bell, Jr.
  Marketing and Communications
                 TV 13                                                    We serve about 85,000
                                               Government Only
           Video Specialist                                                   subscribers.
              John Lanza
    Cable Television Coordinator
           Town of Smyrna                                                   Population: 30,000;
        Smyrna, Tennessee                                                   Subscribers: 8,000
            Dane Bora
   Video Production Coordinator
                                                                            105,000 total pop.
        City of Costa Mesa                         Gov. only
                                                                              27,000 subs

  Jean de Galzain, KOCT Station                                            175,000 and 50,000 +
             Manager                   Public/Community and Government      homes (85% cable
(760) 722-4433 jdegalzain@koct.org                                             penetration)

         Natasha Behner
         Staff Producer,
 Community Access Television of                                             47,000+ / 17,500+
                                        Public, Education, & Government
           Salina, Inc.                                                        subscribers
   P.O. Box 0645, 410 W. Ash
     Salina, KS 67402-0645

                                                                          690,000 / 185,000 cable
 Louisville MetroTV - Louisville, KY             Government
            Michael Mauro
        TV Services Manager
       Arvada Media Services                                   We serve about 26,000
                                         Government Only
            P.O. Box 8101                                          subscribers.
          Arvada, CO 80001
           Bruce Anderson
        Cable TV Coordinator
                                                                We have about 50,000
           1900 Hassell Rd.
                                         Government only.       residents and 11,500
Village of Hoffman Estates, IL 60195
        847-781-2607 phone
          847-882-2621 fax
          Derley Aguilar
Station Manager, WTOB Channel 2
                                                               40,000 residents, approx.
     www.blacksburg.gov/wtob           Public and Government
                                                                  23,000 subscribers
daguilar@blacksburg.gov, (540)558-

Steven Brust, director@wavetv.org,
WAVE TV in Woodland, CA, Cable             Public Access          50,000 population
           Channel 21
      Employees               Employee Experience         Camera/Format             Editing/Format
                              All have worked in
                            commercial television.                                  Edit on Accom's
                           One has also worked in       Shoot and Master on        Affinity NLE system
          3 FT
                              corporate video. 1:          BetacamSP                    and also on
                           17 yrs. with city. 2: 5yrs                              Globestream 8000
                            with city. 3: 3 yrs. with
                          The FTE has 30+ years in
     1 FTE, 2 PTE                                                                    FCP 4 & Imovie
                          engineering & music; the
                               part-timers vary in

 One full time. My 2 staff
                              I have 25 years of                                     edit on AVID
  members were laid off
                           television experience. I     Shoot on Mini-DV tape      Express non-linear
last year. Occassionally I
                           have a Masters Degree.                                       editor.
   get get a free intern.

                           Our 2 full-time employees                               edit using Discreet
                               have 20 years and 10                                Edit (However the
                              years experience in the                              product has been
        2 FTE, 4 PT                                      We shoot on DVCAM
                                 television industry                                discontinued by
                             respectively. Part-times                              Discreet - although
                            vary from student interns                              our 2 systems are
                           Production - range from 8
  6 full time - me, office
                              yrs to new hire. 3 with
    manager, four FT                                                                 One Avid, three
                              college degrees, 1 with
production. 1 regular PT                                   Mostly DVC PRO             laptops with
                           technical school. This job
  at about 15 hrs/wk. a                                                                 Pinnacle.
                              has been most of their
 few hourly as needed.
                            professional experience.
                           I've worked in the field my
                                entire life and have a                                       I
                                                       I do all our own shooting
                                degree in broadcast                                cut on Final Cut Pro
    Just me, one FTE                                    on miniDV but can also
                           communications. I owned                                          4.
                                                       accommodate Beta SP.
                           a production company for
                                several years before
 One full-time (me) and          Various...several in
    several free-lance        college (studying video
people that help run our prod.), a couple of free
                                                                 DVCAM             Media 100 I Finish
  council meetings and lance people that work for
      any additional         various clients, a couple
    programming I am            of community/public
                              Full timers: cable TV &
                               independent producer
                              backgrounds. 1 college                               edit on Casablanca
 2 full time, 1 part time                                  Shoot on Digital 8
                               trained, 1 tech school                                      Avio
                              trained. Both about 20
                              years experience. The
                               MOST OF US HAVE
                                  BEEN OUT OF
                                                                           AVID XPRESS PRO
                                                       DVCAM & DVCPRO50     w/MOJO & AVID
   per SEMESTER              OR LESS WHERE WE
                                    EACH GOT
                               DEGREES IN FILM,
                           Tremendously varied. I've
                           been in TV since 1977; on
full time? 5 part time?                                                     Final Cut Pro with
                                  the other hand,
13 volunteer? intern?                                  BetaSP and DVC Pro.  assorted graphics
                            for many of our part-time
                             Work-Study production
                                 Assistants, this is
                              We have combined 75
                                                       We shoot on Beta SP
                             years in the business. 2
                                                      and DVCAM. We should   We use Adobe
  We have 3 ft and 3         with 30 yrs in radio and
                                                        be using all DVCAM   Premiere Targa
      contract               tv news and one with tv
                                                              within 5        3000 for NLE.
                                news and master's
                              degree in technology.

                              15 years production
1 full time; Occasional                                    Plans are to shoot      edit with Avid
                            experience at local NBC
       Freelancers                                             DVCPro               Adrenaline

                         Full-timer: 18 years in
1 FT + 1.75 FTE (split video production (15 here                                Edit: Discreet EDIT
                                                          Shoot: Beta SP and
  between 4 - 6 part-     at City) Part-timers:                                   & Avid Express
                                                             some mini dv
       timers)          varies from 10+ years to                                (FCP coming soon)
                                 first job

                           We have been 20 years in
                                                                                FCP 4 on G-4 and G-
  10 f/t, 18 p/t, 6v, 4i       business most are
                           proficient in the profession

                          combined 20 years of                                  We edit on Final Cut
   5 FT, 2 PT, 150+      nonprofit TV experience                                   Pro 3, iMovie,
                                                          We shoot on Cannon
    volunteer base,               for FT                                        Photoshop and have
avg. 2 interns/semester and varies dramatically for                              an analog system
                          part time and interns                                      still in use
                            Engineer - most recently                            1 linear system, and
                             worked for a local A/V                              1 Targa 3000 with
4 FT, 2 freelancers, 2-6     company as a system                                  Adobe Premiere.
   volunteer interns          engineer & installer                                 Currently in the
                            2 Producers - worked in                                   process of
                              news and/or public                                 purchasing 2 Final
                            Experience ranges from
 We have 4ft, 2pt 3vol                                                         We have 7 FCP HD
                           15+ years to HS students      We shoot on DVCAM.
   and 1 contract                                                                edit stations.
                             wanting to learn more.

                                                                               edit on a VideoCube.
                           21 years (5 broadcast and
 1 full time 1 half-time                                                         (looking at DV &
                              16 municipal) and 5         We shoot on SVHS
           intern                                                                Avid or Final cut
                                                                                     next year)

                           Self: 5.5 yrs broadcast, 4
  2 full time, 1 part time
                           yrs. municipal; FT: 3 yrs.                          Final Cut Pro 4, one
(30 hrs.), 1 part time (10                               MiniDV, playback on
                             Municipal; PT: 2 yrs.                              rarely used linear
    hrs.), a handful of                                    SVHS and DVD
                                Municipal & 1 yr.                                     editor
 interns and volunteers
                           Mix of experience: all non-
                           TV backgrounds; .5 FTE                              Pinnacle StudioDV,
   1.5 FTE, about 5         employee has been with                              Adobe Premiere,
                                                           D8 and MiniDV
 consistent volunteers      the org for over 4 years;                                 Apple
                             others are all relatively                               iMovie
                              new in the last year.
 Bulletin Board System

         Scala IC3

Tightrope Media Systems

CastNet System by Scala
    and Alpha Video

We use Adobe Premiere
and a Matrox RT2500 for
our bulletin board system.
   With Music Choice
  supplied by our cable
     company for our

   Chameleon for our
 channel; Scala for other

 SCALA Infochannel. It's
pretty limited in what it can

    We use a PC with
 powerpoint hooked up to
 a scan converter. Much
  more inexpensive than
   buying an integrated
system. Plus, it allows for
Tightrope Media Systems,
  Carousel & Cablecast.
  (just installed 10 days
  ago!. We were using
 Amiga 1000 and Amiga
     1200 until then!)


 We use Matrox Infonet.

 Planning on Inscriber's

       Frame Rate

 Scala Info channel I200

just left the Amiga world -
   now - TargetVision's
   Enterprise program

 We do not run a bulletin
board system except for 2
    hours/week of job
 postings - currently on a
 VideoGizmo - we will be
phasing out this system in
  We use Powerpoint.

Currently use MagicBox,
    but plan to buy
 TargetVision this year.

Media Xtreme with audio
      from NPR.

  Scala InfoChannel
    Designer (v.1)

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