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									                                                    Flagstaff Area Resource Guide
            Agency                   Phone                                 Services Provided                                    When?          For Whom?
                                                Support for people who want to quit drinking or are affected by a friend or
   Alcoholics Anonymous             779-3569                                                                                       Call           Anyone
                                                relative's drinking problem.
      Alternative Center                                                                                                                      Families/youth
                                    214-9050 Family food boxes, info. & referral, respite & transitional living.                24 hours, 7
           823 W. Clay                                                                                                                        age < 18 years
       American Legion                          Jackets/Coats for kids (Fall & Winter only), blankets, trips to V.A. Clinic
                                    773-0084                                                                                   10am - 7pm         Veterans
       104 W. Birch Street                      and Hospital.
             Azpire                 213-0742 Individuals with mental illness or co-occurring substance use.                   10am - 5pm M-        Adults
      2304 N. 4th Street #C                                                                                                         F
          BOTHANDS                              Homebuyer assistance; homebuyer education; operates Sharon Manor;                             Anyone, call for
                                    214-7456                                                                                   8am - 5pm
       2304 N. Third Street                     foreclosure prevention counseling                                                                 details
       Catholic Charities                       Sack lunches; eviction prevention, utility assistance for outside of           8am - 5pm,
                                    774-9125                                                                                                  Local Residents
   460 N. Switzer Canyon #400                   Flagstaff; other help - call agency for more information.                      closed 12-1
 Catholic Charities Shelter &                   Emergency and Transitional for families. Permanent Supportive housing                            Homeless
           Housing                  214-7154 for individuals in situations of homelessness. Call for information. Fill out      8am-5pm           Families/
   460 N. Switzer Canyon #400                   application to be placed on waiting list.                                                       Individuals
   Catholic Charities PATH                                                                                                                       Homeless
                                    774-9125 Homeless outreach; emergency supplies (water, blankets, gloves, etc.);
           Program                                                                                                                              individuals/
                                    X 53016 thrift store vouchers; information on local social services; additional            8am - 5pm
                                                                                                                                                 families in
   460 N. Switzer Canyon #400       or 53021 services for homeless (or potentially homeless) mentally ill clients.
  Cedar Closet / Assistance
                                                                                                                               10am - 4pm
          League                    779-3029 Low cost clothing; free clothing available via agency referral.                                      Anyone
                                                                                                                                Mon - Sat
       2919 N. West Street
 City of Flagstaff Community
                             779-7632 Helps first time homebuyers by reducing the cost of housing. Call for more               8am - 5pm        Residents of
          Land Trust
      211 W. Aspen Avenue    ext. 7218 details.                                                                                 Mon - Fri        Flagstaff

   City of Flagstaff Owner-
      Occupied Housing              779-7632 Rehabilitation for homes with health and safety hazards. Call for more            8am - 5pm        Residents of
        Rehabilitation              ext. 7262 details.                                                                          Mon - Fri        Flagstaff
      211 W. Aspen Avenue
   Coconino County Career
                                                Vocational training; on-the-job training; Summer youth jobs; career center                        County
           Center                   679-7400                                                                                   9am - 4pm
       2625 N. King Street                      with computers.                                                                                  Residents

Coconino County Community          Rental assistance; mortgage assistance; utility assistance; motel
                                                                                                                               8am - 5pm
         Services         679-7425 assistance; food box referrals; transportation; senior citizen programs;                                   Local Residents
       2625 N. King Street                                                                                                      Mon - Fri
                                                prescription assistance.

 Dept. of Economic Security 1-800-352- Information about DES services for Arizona.                                             8am - 5pm      State Residents
    DES Aging and Adult           779-6141
                                            Investigates abuse, neglect, or exploitation of vulnerable or incapacitated                       Anyone 18 and
       Administration             or 1-877-                                                                                    8am - 5pm
         397 Malpais #3                     adults in Arizona                                                                                     over
DES Child Protective Services 779-3681
                                                                                                                                               Anyone under
              (CPS)               or 1-888- Investigates child abuse or neglect.                                               8am - 5pm
        397 Malpais #11                                                                                                                            18
 DES Food Stamps & Public 779-0327                                                                                                                County
          Assistance               or 522- Cash Assistance; Food Stamps; Medical Insurance; JOBS Program.                      8am - 5pm
  397 Malpais #7 or 3480 E. Rt 66
      Vocational Rehab                                                                                                                         Disabled Local
                                  779-4147 Training, schooling, necessary resources to disabled clients for work.              8am - 5pm
     1510 S. Riordan Ranch Rd                                                                                                                    Residents
DNA People's Legal Services                                                                                                    New intakes
                                    774-0653 Free legal services to low income or indigent people.                            1:30pm - 4pm
     2323 E. Greenlaw Ln. #1                                                                                                      Tues.
      Family Food Center
                                    774-3188 (Excellent) Hot evening meal daily.                                              4pm - 5:30pm        Anyone!
        1903 N. 2nd Street
 Flagstaff Housing Authority                                                                                                                     Flagstaff
       3481 N. Fanning Dr.          526-0002 Operates Flagstaff-area Public Housing and Section 8.                             8am - 5pm
                                                   Flagstaff Area Resource Guide
  Flagstaff Shelter Services                                                                                                7:30am - 12am
                                               Operates a Day Drop-In Center featuring a phone with long distance,
                                   225-2533                                                                                    closed on           Anyone
        216 W. Phoenix                         agency referrals, and showers. Overnight shelter during Winter season.
                                            Provides showers, lunches, and emergency vouchers for clothing and
     Goodwill Industries                    household supplies; also a One Stop Career Center for employment
                                   526-9188                                                                                 8:30am - 4pm           Anyone
                                            assistance, computer use, and job searches.
      2225 N. Steves Blvd.
    The Guidance Center                                                                                                        8am - 5pm
       2187 Vickey Street          527-1899 Counseling; mental health help; drug and alcohol programs.                                       Local Residents
                                                                                                                            (crisis anytime)
        Hope Cottage                                                                                                                            Women &
      3 East Cottage Street        774-9270 Dinner at 6pm; Lodging (check-in @ 4pm).                                           4pm - 6pm
Inn Transitions @ The Royal                                                                                                                     Homeless
                                     Referrals and advocacy for homeless services; emergency supplies;                      10am - 10pm 7
             Inn            779-4141                                                                                                         individuals and
        2140 E. Route 66                       transportation and transitional support.                                       days a week
Kid's Care - Health Insurance 1-877-764-                                                                                                         Arizona
                                         Free or low-cost health insurance for children.                                        Anytime
          Program                5437                                                                                                           Residents
    Native Americans for                                                                                                                       Some programs are
 Community Action (NACA) 526-2968 Substance Abuse services; job services; other services - call agency for                    8am - 5pm         Native American
                                               details.                                                                                               only
      2717 N. Steves Blvd.
 North Country Health Clinic
       2920 N. 4th Street          213-6100 Medical; Dental; Behavioral; Sliding Fees.                                        8am - 5pm        Local Residents

Northern Arizona Food Bank                     Emergency Food Boxes Disaster Services, Wood Program. Online at              8:00am - 5pm
                                   526-2211                                                                                              Anyone in need
    3805 E. Huntington Drive                                                                          Tues-Sat.

       Northland Cares                                                                                                                          Walk-ins and
     2501 N. 4th Street #10        779-9498 Free, fast, and confidential HIV testing; other services.                         9am - 4pm
Northland Family Help Center 774-4503 Crisis intervention; Women's shelter; Children's shelter.                               8am - 5pm          Women &
 Northland Shelter (HALO                                                                                                                         Women &
                                   527-1900 Crisis intervention; Women's shelter; Children's shelter; Counseling.              24 hours
         House)                                                                                                                                   Children
 Red Cross of Northern AZ
        963 W. Route 66            779-5494 Emergency Services for individuals and families - burn outs, disasters, etc.      8am - 5pm        Anyone in need
     The Salvation Army                        Sack lunches; emergency food boxes; emergency utility help; clothing and 8am - 11:30 M-
       507 N. Humphreys            774-1403                                                                                            Local Residents
                                               furniture vouchers; rental assistance; other services - call.                  TH
 Salvation Army Thrift Store                                                                                                  9am - 5pm
      2229 E. Cedar Ave.           774-5061 Low cost clothing and furniture; free clothing available via agency referral.                          Anyone
                                                                                                                              Mon. - Sat.
        Sharon Manor                                                                                                                           Women &
                                               Transitional Housing for Women & Children with DV background - Not a
                                   773-1882                                                                                  Call for Info. Children with DV
      2304 N. Third Street                     walk-in shelter.
    St. Mary's Food Bank
       1801 W. Route 66            779-7066 Emergency Food Boxes with DES referral.                                           8am - 4pm        Local Residents

 St. Vincent de Paul In-Town                   Emergency utility and rental assistance; medication assistance; food
                                   774-6511                                                                                  9am - 11am        Anyone in need
          Help Line                            boxes; other services. Please do not leave messages.
  St. Vincent de Paul Thrift
            Store                  779-4353 Variety of goods, clothing, and items at reduced prices.                          9am - 4pm            Anyone
      2113 N. East Street
 Sunshine Rescue Mission                                                                                                                       Mostly Men for
                                            Breakfast at 6am; Lunch at noon; Dinner at 7pm; Overnight Lodging;               5pm check in       lodging. One
                                            emergency food boxes; clothing (for all); other - call.                           for lodging        family room
  124 S. San Francisco Street
                                               Berg's bbq Free food every Sunday at Killip Elementary School 2300 E
     Think Jesus Project           380-2565 6th, Referral to Transitional Housing, Support to the less fortunate of           1pm- 4pm             Anyone
  Traveler's Aid (run by St.                                                                                                                   Travelers only,
                                               Transportation aid; bus assistance; gas assistance; car repairs; other        4pm - 5pm
      Vincent de Paul)             774-9125                                                                                                        not local
  460 N. Switzer Canyon #400                   services for travelers - call agency.                                        Mon. - Fri. only
 Victim/Witness Services of
                                               Victim/witness advocacy, crisis intervention, victim compensation, social
      Coconino County              779-6163                                                                                   8am - 5pm        Victims of crime
                                               service referrals.
   201 E. Birch Avenue, Suite 4.
                                            Prepared by the Coconino County Continuum of Care     November 2009

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