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					Chapter Administrators
YPO-WPO Membership
Take home value is________?
                      Membership Process

          Retain      Grace
                      WPO-YPO Dual membership
                      WPO membership

                      Chapter Operating Tools
           Tools      Online tools
                      YPO I prospects
YPO Membership Criteria

    1.   Age
    2.   Title
    3.   Financial Information
            Requirement A
            Requirement B

You don’t know? You don’t remember? You have a
           Membership Dues for New
                        Payment schedule
                                                            Total Payment
      Quarter        Initiation Fee          Dues              Due with
July-September         $US1500             $US2500             $US4000
  October –
                       $US1500             $US1875             $US3375

January- March         $US1500             $US1250             $US2750

  April -June          $US1500              $US625             $US2125

 1.     April – June must pay last quarter dues and incoming year
 2.     New members receive an Event Voucher $1500 valid for 2 years
     YPO I - New Member Dues

Lets discuss :

You have submitted John Lane’s application on 31 March.

If we process the application on 31 March what are the dues that
    John needs to pay?

If we process the application on 1 April what are the dues that
    John needs to pay?
              DUES - payment

CREDIT CARD             CHECK                    TRANSFER
                                             Copy of the wire transfer
                                                will help expedite

                                         Young Presidents'’ Organization
                                              Swift Code WFBIUS6S
                            YPO          ABA (Routing)Number:121000248
                     600,E Las Colinas    Account Number: 4121315014
                         Suite 1000          Wells Fargo Bank N.A.
                      Irving. TX 75039         420 Montgomery St
                                           San Francisco,CA94104 USA
     YPO Membership Process A to Z
                                     Chapter submits the
                                     application to YPOI

                                1.   YPO Confirms Receipt!
                                2.   Review

                     Complete?                                 Incomplete ?

Processed within 72 hours

Welcome e-mail is sent to
member with username and

                                        1. RM sends                     New member Kit sent to
                                        welcome e-mail                  member or Officers
  Email notification goes to:
  MO, CA, Regional team                                                 based on Chapter
                                        2. Web site overview            preference
      Waivers – New Members
1.   Chapters submit a waiver request when a Prospect does not
     meet ALL YPOI membership criteria
       Age
       Title
       Financial Status
     for extension of the Grace period

2.   Membership Officer or Chapter Chair completes waiver form
       Provide enough information and justification
       Submit first to your Regional Director for Regional Chair

3. Waiver form sent to YPO International either fax
   (+1.972.587.1611) or e-mail
       Waivers – New Members

          Please keep in mind
   Membership submits the waiver requests 2nd
    Wednesday of every month.

   The Waiver Committee has TWO Weeks to vote

   Decision is sent to chapter

   Membership has to receive application to process!
   Waivers – New Members

Lets Discuss:

1. The Rainbow chapter submits a waiver request for Bill
The waiver is for title. The waiver is approved.

2. The Rainy chapter submits a waiver request for Maria Lanka
The waiver is for financial criteria. The waiver is approved.

   Is there any difference between the two
   approved waivers?
     Renewal – Fast Facts - June 2008
   1 April to 1 June is the YPO-WPO renewal period.
    Excluding which members?
    NEW Members who joined between April and June

   Its Online from the Member’s My YPO homepage
    The Online links are :
    1. Renew My Membership Online – completely online and
    2. Print My Renewal Forms – consists of all printable renewal
         documents needed

   Deadline is 1 June 2008

   Late fee is US$300
   Online dues and recertification status available through the Chapter
    Roster in the Chapter Operating Tools – filter by Dues and
    Recertification. Real time status displayed.
                 ALERT!   Renewal

           Renewal has 2 Parts
1. Payment     DUES                           RECERTIFICATION

2. Recertification                          SELF           THIRD PARTY
                                       RECERTIFICATION   RECERTIFICATION
                                                DUES - payment

                 CREDIT CARD                                        CHECK                    TRANSFER
                                                                                         Copy of the wire transfer
                                                                                            will help expedite

  ONLINE          MAIL        PHONE             FAX
                                                                                     Young Presidents'’ Organization
                                                                                          Swift Code WFBIUS6S
                                                                        YPO          ABA (Routing)Number:121000248
                                                                 600,E Las Colinas    Account Number: 4121315014
                                                                     Suite 1000          Wells Fargo Bank N.A.                                                     Irving. TX 75039         420 Montgomery St
                                                                                       San Francisco,CA94104 USA

            YPO                                            MAIN
                                Membership            +1.972.587.1611
600 E Las Colinas Boulevard   +1.972.587.1618
         Suite 1000           +1.972.587.1500
      Irving, TX 75039                                 ALTERNATE
                               1.800.773.7976         +1.972.587.1612
Self Recertification – Every year!

            Self Recertification

  Qualify                   Does not Qualify

                                               Member Can Apply for grace
                                                period by contacting their

                                       If Member has no grace years available:
                                            1. Chapter can request waiver for
                                               ONE year grace
                                            2. May qualify for WPO
       Member can resign                    3. Resign

                                                              Click for form
Third Party Recertification - Every 3rd year

                   Third Party Recertification

                                      Accepted 3rd Part certifications by YPOI are:
                                      1.    External Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)
                                      2.    Chartered Accountants (CAs)
                                      3.    Lawyers /attorneys

         Qualify                                 Does not Qualify

    Member Can apply for grace period by
                                                                      Member can resign
         contacting their chapter

                                   If Member has no grace years available:
                                   1.the Chapter can request a one time –one year grace
                                   •Member can choose to resign
                                   •Member may qualify for WPO

                                                                          Click for form
       See the grace years available and request grace
                for each member on MyYPO :
    chapter Operating Tools/Chapter Roster/List
                by Grace Information

Request Grace – Procedure:

   The Chapter -Membership officer of Chapter Chair-
    sends an e-mail to approving or denying
    the member to recertify by using a year of grace.
     Chapter Dues – YPOI collection
   Deadline for requests is FEB

   A contract needs to be signed between YPOI and the chapter

   YPOI is responsible to collect until end of the renewals i.e

   Status of payment is available on –chapter roster-dues

   For any financial questions regarding chapter due collection after
    31JUN, please contact the Finance Team
‘Click’ for the most updated
 information on renewal…..
 Failure to pay or recertify
          by 1 June
Resignation on 30 June!
         Reinstatement of Former Members

   Within ONE year from the resignation date
    -Contact invoice and recertification form
     * involuntary resigned members pay $300.- reinstatement fee

   More than one year
    The Chapter must submit a fully completed application
    *age criterion is exempt
Exercise – Transfer of Members
   Lara Jones, member of the Rainbow chapter has sent an
      email to your Membership Officer and said:

   I am a member of the Rainbow chapter and I would like to
      transfer to your Formula 1 chapter.
      Regards, Lara

   Your Membership Officer forwards the message to you with
   the following note:

     …we actually reached our cap for this year, do we have to
     accept this transfer? and if we have to accept how do we go
     about it?
     Regards Martha
                    Member Transfer
       Accept/Not accept is a decision entirely up to the chapter

       Transfer process is different from Chapter to Chapter

       YPOI recommends:
        If the chapter is willing to accept, request a written confirmation
        from the ‘departing chapter’ that the member is leaving in good

•       For each transfer that YPOI is involved, we need:
        An e-mail acceptance from the Membership or Chapter Chair
    WPO and YPO-WPO membership
WPO – eligible for membership
   All past YPO ‘graduates’
   All YPO members at the age of 45 and above,
   Former YPO Members who are 45 years old and above -have been in YPO for at
    least 3 years (excluding any grace period) -no longer qualify for YPO

YPO-WPO option for dual membership (effective 1 July 2008)
   YPO and WPO members 50-55 years old have the option of
    WPO or WPO/YPO dual membership (only YPO is not an option)

YPO members at the age of 45-50 will have the option for:
    1. YPO membership only
    2. WPO membership only
    3. Dual WPO/YPO membership

    WPO yearly dues = $1700
    YPO-WPO dual membership dues = $1700 (WPO) + $800.- YPO
   Lets discuss – dual WPO-YPO

Roberto Conti is a 50 years old. He would like to just continue be
involved in his YPO chapter and he does not want to be a member of
Is this possible?

Georgina Green is 46 years old current active member of the YPO
Blue chapter and she would like to join a WPO chapter. Can she do
that? What are all her YPO-WPO International options?

Mario Lanza resigned from YPO 5 years ago and he is now 48. Can
he be reinstated back to YPO-WPO? if yes, what are his options?
     WPO – membership application
   send the name of the WPO prospective member to with contact info

   WPO Initiation fees are paid by any past YPO member who has
    never been a member of WPO before and/or has been away
    from YPO for one year or more.

   Membership will forward an application/invoice to the prospect
    giving them the option on the various WPO dues

   For the time being – there is no WPO generic application
 Lets discuss – WPO initiation fee

Albert Giovanni is 54 years old, eligible for dual membership on
   1JUL08. Albert decided that he wants to join just WPO for the
   new year i.e FY08/09. Does he have to pay initiation fees for

Maria Strong has graduated from YPO in 2001. She has never joined
  WPO. She would like to join now, does she have to pay initiation

Jason Lord was a member of WPO in 1998. He would like to reinstate,
   Does he have to pay WPO initiation fees?
         WPO chapter recruitment

The Regional teams can provide the chapters with:

  (a) names/contact info of past YPO members eligible to join
  (b) names/contact info of WPO members in the Region not
  affiliated with a chapter
        YPO International Prospects

   They apply online through the public website

   Qualifying applications are assigned to chapters based on the
    location of the prospect and e-mailed to the MO and CA

   Chapter has 15 days to respond if they are interested or not
    interested to pursue the prospect

   Chapter response and feedback is extremely important
           New Member Kits
Chapters have the following options:
 The kits may be sent to:
    The chapters for distribution

    Directly to the new member

   The request to select options is sent to the
     chapters in July

   The new member kits include:
      Letter from the International Chairman

      New Member Event Credit Voucher - $1,500.00

      YPO business card with contact information

      Forum Brochure
Vouchers = the road to a unique YPO
          Supply Order Requests

   Go to:

   Acknowledgement of order within 24 hours

   Order fulfilled and sent out via FedEx

   Tracking number is sent to the person who ordered the supplies
Membership Officer – CA Support

     Lets share some best practices:
     Application follow up?
     Membership Committee?
     Appointments with prospects?
     Recruitment events?
     Marketing material?
     Chapter rosters?
The YPO-WPO Membership Team

                                         Ivi Michael
                                   Director of Membership

      Chad Lane
WPO Chapter Development                Joyce Jamengo                           Bryan Garza
       Manager                       Membership Manager                   Global One/ Membership

              Ester Kwasowski                                Christina Stephens
            Membership Associate                            Membership Associate

               Kittu Chandok                                   Rawia Ibrahim
            Membership Associate                            Membership Associate

                    temp                                           temp

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