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Update Frequency:                                 yearly
Release Date(s):                                  February
Date last updated:                                8/4/2008
Source(s):                                        IMPLAN Data, 2006
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Area                                               GP Raw      GP % AZ Raw         AZ %
Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance,
Aeronautical and Nautical System and Instrument           27       9%         40      8%
Air Transportation                                        81      26%        122     25%
Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing                105      33%        136     28%
Support Activities for Air Transportation                 89      28%        167     34%
Commercial Air, Rail and Water Transportation,
                                                          12       4%         22      4%
Equipment Rental and Leasing
Total                                                    315                 490
- Bioscience - Page 1 - Bioscience Establishments in GP and AZ

'Stuff'\ES202 Data (IMPLAN)
Top Aerospace Firms in Greater Phoenix

Company                                Employees Product/Technologies
                                                   Leading Supplier offering solutions of systems, products and
Honeywell                                    10700 services to the industry's largest aerospace and airline
                                                   Fifth-largest domestic airline operating over 4,000 daily flights
US Airways*                                  10373 and serving the US, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin
                                                     World's leading aerospace company and largest commercial
Boeing                                        4500
                                                     jetliner and military aircraft manufacturer.

                                                     Largest carrier based on scheduled domestic departures and
Southwest Airlines                            4154
                                                     most successful low-fare, high-frequency, point-to-point carrier.

General Dynamics-C4 System*                   3500   Integrator of secure communication and information systems
Lockheed Martin                               3081   and technology for defense, intelligence systems, commercial
                                                     Engineering and integration government and select
Orbital Science Corporation                   2900   transformational command and control, space command and
                                                     Assembly and testing of Pegasus rockets at Orbital's launch
                                                     vehicle design and manufacturing facilities in Chandler. and
                                                     Supplier of systems and services to aerospace, defense
Goodrich                                      1000
                                                     homeland security markets.
                                                     Provider of safety and securement products for the aerospace,
AmSafe                                         283
                                                     defense and ground transportation industries.
                                                     Aircraft operator for US Airways Express, Delta Connection and
Mesa Air Group*                                400
                                                     United Express

ASIG (Aircraft Service International                 Global provider of ground, fuel, cargo and airport facility
Group)                                               services to airlines, airports, oil companies and industry partners

MD Helicopters*                                275 Leading manufacturer of commercial and military helicopters.

                                                   Leader in avionics systems that increase safety, situational
Aviation Communication &
                                               200 awareness and efficiency for commercial and military flight
Surveillance Systems
                                                   Designer and manufacturer of aerospace systems for
Hamilton Sundstrand                            485 commercial, corporate, regional and military aircraft, and major
                                                   supplier for interational space programs.
                                                     Manufacturer of commercial and aerospace aluminum and
Presto Casting Company                 N/A
                                                     magnesium castings.
                                                   Manufacturer of RF/coaxial connectors and cable assemblies,
                                                   antennas, fiber optic components, microwave components and
Radiall                                         72
                                                   multipin connectors for industries including aerospace, military,
                                                   automotive and telecommunications.
                                                 Repair provider for Honeywell (AlliedSignal) auxiliary power
Triumph Air Repair                 N/A
                                                 units and associated line replaceable units.

* Headquarters

                                   Growing in Greater Phoenix - Aerospace - Page 2 - Top Aerospace Firms in
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                                   Greater Phoenix
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