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									Benefits of being bilingual                                International social actvities                          ESL Certificate
It pays to be bilingual! How can you improve yourself      ESL students can join the Intercultural Student         BC also offers a state approved ESL Certificate of
to compete successfully in our global workforce?           Association, which meets weekly and hosts activities    Completion, comprised of a series of 3 non-credit
                                                           such as International Week, Cup of Culture, Thanks      classes, for which the tuition is waived. The series is
More job opportunities                                     Giving Dinner, and the International Talent Show.       includes ESL 61N (Reading), ESL 55AN (Grammar/
According to a study carried out by the University         Get involved!                                           Writing), and either ESL 71AN or ESL 71CN
of Florida, the University of Miami and the Florida                                                                (Listening/Speaking). There are no prerequisites
Department of Education, Hispanics who are fluent                                                                  for any of these classes.
in Spanish and English earn almost $7,000 more
than their English-only counterparts.                                                                              Technology/Language Lab
According to another study, in the U.S. bilinguals                                                                 A state of the art Multi-Media Language Lab serves
earn 7 percent more than monolinguals.                                                                             ESL, American Sign Language, and Foreign Language
The Los Angeles Unified School District pays bilingual                                                             students. It provides interactive web-based video,
teachers a bonus of up to $5,000 annually.                                                                         audio, and recording capabilities in private student
                                                                                                                   carrels, so students can communicate and interact
More confidence when writing/                                                                                      with one another or engage globally with foreign
Speaking English                                                                                                   students. The privacy of headset/microphones
Do you understand the importance of being bilingual        Admissions/Placement                                    promotes speaking ability and encourages students
in our global, 21st century?                               Students must take the COMPASS ESL placement            to talk freely and lose inhibitions as students feel
                                                           test at the assessment center in order to be placed     more anonymous. Listening skills improve as
“Individuals who speak more than one language have         in the appropriate ESL course. This is a computerized   students hear correct language patterns, and
the ability to communicate with more people, read          test that, taken together with the Math portion,        attention is heightened due to the excitement of
more literature, and benefit more fully from travel        takes approximately 2 hours.                            using modern technology.
abroad. Knowing a second language also gives
people a competitive advantage in the workforce.           Courses                                                 Free Tutoring
These are some of the compelling reasons for               The ESL Department offers a wide variety of courses,    College requirements can often be a difficult
parents to encourage the development of a second           such as Listening/Speaking, Pronunciation, Reading,     transition from high school or other cultures. BC
(or third) language with their children.” Kathleen         Grammar/Writing, and Advanced Composition.              offers free one-on-one ESL tutoring with trained
Marcus, ERIC, Clearinghouse on Languages and               Students can take classes simply to improve their       and highly skilled ESL tutors. In these 30-minute
Linguistics                                                English skills, work towards a degree, or transfer      sessions the student can receive help in reading,
                                                           to a university. Classes are offered at all times -     writing, editing, speaking and learning English. For
More community                                             during the morning, afternoon, or even after work
                                                                                                                   an appointment call 395-4634.
and cultural connections                                   in the evening. Students can go online at www.
How can you feel more connected and empowered     to get the current schedule
in our community?                                          of classes.                                             Faculty
                                                                                                                   Our faculty is highly trained and has lived or studied
Being bilingual will remove barriers in the workplace                                                              and taught abroad in countries such as Japan,
and in the community at large. With fluent English                                                                 Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, England, Sweden, France,
language skills, students will no longer be marginalized                                                           Norway, Germany, France, and the Kuwait.
or stigmatized, but will be able to participate fully in
the democratic culture in the U.S.
The English as a Second Language program
welcomes local bilingual/bicultural students
seeking to improve their language skills and English
language learners from around the world. The ESL
program is designed to equip English learners with
language skills required for academic work at the
college or university level. The Bakersfield College
ESL program provides opportunities to build skills in

speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

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                                                          Contact the ESL Department Chair,
                                                          Jeannie Parent at:

What are students saying
about BC ESL?

                                                          Shohreh Raman, at:
                                                          Contact the International Student Counselor,
“I strongly feel that I wouldn’t be writing a thesis as   www.srahman@
part of my Masters requirements if I hadn’t had
extraordinary and highly qualified professors who
taught me well in the BC ESL department,Thank
you Ms. Parent and Ms. McQuerrey for helping me
build and shape the foundation of my skills in the
English language.”
        - Nancy Leon, Long Beach State University
            Graduate Student in Social Work
“The ESL program at BC is so good that it does
not only prepare students to pass the English
writing test required to graduate, but also to meet
university writing levels.”
        - Juan Duran, Long Beach State University
               Student (former BC student)                Brochure design: Caitlin Murphy, Bakersfield College Digital Arts student

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