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					 An Organizational and
Programmatic Overview
Presentation Outline
 What is AmeriCorps?
 NCC Mission and Purpose
 Project Partners
 Project Overview
 Performance Measurements
 Goals and Expectations
What is AmeriCorps?
   Domestic Peace Corps: AmeriCorps serves to strengthen
    communities through projects that address education, public safety, the
    environment, and other unmet human needs, while nurturing an ethic of
    service and volunteerism.
   President Bill Clinton created AmeriCorps in
   Comprised of 2,100 non-profit organizations,
    public agencies, and faith-based organizations.
   75,000 individuals join AmeriCorps each year.
   Nearly 500,000 members have served since
   AmeriCorps members have earned 1 Billion
    Dollars in Education Awards since inception.
The Corporation for National
and Community Service
   The Corporation’s mission is to
   provide opportunities for
   Americans of all ages and
   backgrounds to engage in service
   that addresses the nation’s
   educational, environmental,
   homeland security, other human
   needs and public safety to
   achieve direct and demonstrable
   results and to encourage all
   Americans to engage in such

   In doing so, the Corporation will
   foster civic responsibility,
   strengthen the ties that bind us
   together as a people, and provide
   educational opportunity for those
   who make a substantial
   commitment to service.
5 categories of National Service
                   Learn & Serve                                                                             Senior Corps

 President’s Student                Learn & Serve America                                  Foster Grandparents             RSVP
 Service Challenge                  State Ed Agencies (K-12)                              Sponsoring Agencies            Sponsoring Agencies
 HS Jrs/Srs (Scholarships)         Higher Ed Institutions                                State Offices                  State Offices
 K-Univ (Awards)                   Community-based Orgs
                                    Tribes                                                    Nat’l Demonstration        Senior Companions
 Nat’l S-L Leader Schools                                                                      Projects                   Sponsoring Agencies
 Middle & High Schools       Nat’l L&S America T/TA                                           Nat’l Organizations       State Offices
     Nat’l S-L Clearinghouse
                              Exchange                                                         Sponsoring Agencies
                              All S-L practitioners
     All S-L practitioners &

                                                                AState & National
                        ANCCC                  APromise Fellows            Tribes & Territories                    AVISTA
                                                    Grants                         Grants
                                                State Commissions                                                                  VISTA Leaders
                                                                             State Grants                 Local Projects
                   National, Regional &         Nat’l Organizations                                                                HQ
                                                                             State Commissions           Sponsoring Agencies
                      Local Projects            Tribes & Territories                                                               Sponsoring Agencies
               SE Region Campus                                                                          State Offices
                                                    Ed Award Program        National Directs Grants
               NE Region Campus
                                                    Grants                  Nat’l Parent Organizations                     Nat’l Demonstration
               Central Region Campus
                                                    State Commissions                                                             Projects
               Western Region Campus
                                                    Nat’l Organizations                                                    HQ
               Capital Region Campus
                                                    Tribes & Territories                                                   Nat’l Organizations

                    Sponsoring Agencies
The Nevada Commission for National and
Community Service (NCNCS)

 2/3rds of the funds appropriated by
  congress for AmeriCorps come through
  governor-established commissions.
 The NCNCS is responsible for selecting
  and monitoring the AmeriCorps
  programs in Nevada including the NCC.
Nevada has 8 AmeriCorps Programs
 funded by the NCNCS:
            Family Resource Centers of Northeastern Nevada - 18
           Half Time Members serving in Battle Mountain, Elko, Ely, Reno,
           Wells and Winnemucca
            Great Basin Institute - Nevada Conservation Corps - 18
           Full Time Members, 36 Half Time and 33 Quarter Time Summer
           Members serving Statewide
            Parasol Community Foundation, Inc.
           13 Full Time Members and 2 Half Time Members serving in
           Incline Village
            The City of Reno - Inclusion Youth Project
           1 Full Time Member, 15 Half Time Members and 6 Quarter Time
           Summer Members serving in Reno
            U.S. VETS - Las Vegas - NV Collaboration for Homeless
           Veterans - 19 Full Time Members and 2 Half Time Members
           serving in Las Vegas and Henderson
            University of Nevada, Reno's Center for Excellence in
           Disabilities - AmeriCorps Youth Transition Project
           20 Half Time Members serving in Reno/Sparks
AmeriCorps expectations:
 Serve at a minimum - the hours listed in
  your contract
 Serve the full time period that is listed in
  your contract
 Participate in 4-6 service projects in
  addition to the regularly scheduled
 Participate in training and education
Nevada Conservation Corps
 Nevada Conservation Corps harnesses the energy and idealism of
   youth to meet the needs of Nevada public lands and
   communities. As a federally-funded AmeriCorps program, the
   NCC promotes ecological literacy through field research and
   direct conservation service. Our statewide program transcends
   racial, ethnic and economic barriers by creating a cadre of
   corps members comprised of diverse backgrounds, drawing
   from a broad-based national recruitment process. By uniting
   environmental resources from federal, state and county
   agencies, the NCC provides students and young professionals
   opportunities to gain valuable work experience while making
   meaningful contributions toward protecting and conserving
   Nevada’s natural heritage.
Great Basin Institute Organizational Chart
NCC Financial Overview

 AmeriCorps Grant = 26% of Budget

 Project Partner Cash Match = 75% of
    Restoration Crew Project Partners
   United States Forest Service
   Nevada State Parks
   Bureau of Land
   Great Basin National Park
   Tahoe Rim Trail Association
   Nevada Division of Forestry
   The Nature Conservancy
   Lake Mead National
    Recreation Area
   Nevada Division of Wildlife
   Fish and Wildlife Service
   Nevada Fire Safe Council
   National Park Service
   City of Henderson
Trail Projects

                  Great Basin National
                  Nevada State Parks
                  USFS LTBMU at Lake
Forestry Projects
                 Nevada Division
                  of Forestry
                 Nevada Fire Safe
                Why Cut?
                •Aspen Restoration
                •Reduce Fire Hazard
                •Remove Hazard Trees
                •Invasive Species
Restoration Projects
                   Ash Meadows
                   Lake Mead
                    Area ……
Performance Measurements
   Performance Measurements track NCC
    accomplishments throughout the year
     Member Development
     Environmental Restoration
     Project Quality Assurance
     Capacity Building
     Volunteer Recruitment
Member Development
   Chainsaw
   Trail Building
   CPR/First Aid
   Citizenship
   Training provided
    by project partner
   Readings,
    discussions, and
Citizenship Training
   AmeriCorps members will participate in
    a minimum of 10 hours of training in
    Constitutional Rights Foundation’s
    Active Citizens 101. The training will
    include such topics as leadership,
    effective citizenship, the Bill of Rights
    and community development.
Environmental Restoration Goals
        in 2006-2007
 Build, maintain, and decommission 75
  miles of trail and illegal roads.
 Thin 150 acres of hazardous fuel.
 Plant 3,000 trees.
 Restore 20 miles of riparian zone.
 Remove non-native exotic plants from
  2,500 acres.
Environmental Restoration at start of

                    67 miles of trail built
                    4,826 trees planted
                    833 acres of exotic
                     plants removed
                     118 acres of forest
                     thinned (79%)
                    25 miles of riparian
                     restoration (125%)
Environmental Restoration
Project Quality Assurance

    85% of the environmental restoration projects
     completed by AmeriCorps members will receive
     scores of 4 to 5 on project partner surveys.
        ○ 5 categories

    Currently at 100% in overall satisfaction
        ○ Slightly low in member skills (83%)
Volunteer Recruitment and
Community Service Projects
450 episodic community volunteers will be
   recruited, trained, and managed during
   the 2006-2007 AmeriCorps program
35 continuous volunteers will be recruited,
   trained, and managed during 2006-
   2007 program year.
4 special community service projects will
   be completed during the 2006-2007
   AmeriCorps program year.
Volunteer Recruitment
Volunteers Recruited in 2005-2006
   467 Volunteers Recruited.
   3,906 Hours Volunteered.
   52 hours volunteered per AmeriCorps member

Volunteers Recruited to date in 2006-2007
   735 Volunteers Recruited.
   2,631 Hours Volunteered.
   30 hours volunteered per AmeriCorps member
        Upcoming AmeriCorps and
        Community Service Events
 AmeriCorps Service
  Summit, March 20-21
 Earth Day, April 22nd
     NCC members will be
      leaders at the event
     Pre-training the night
     Very large community
      event with great
   National Trails Day,
    June 2
NCC Code of Conduct

 • Respect
 • Participation
 • Positive Attitude
 • Work Ethic
 • Professionalism
Roles within the crew
 Crew Supervisor
 Crew Leader
 Corpsmembers
     Education Facilitator
     Historian
     Tool Manager
     Vehicle Manager
     Kitchen Manager
Safety         Protects               Your fellow crewmembers
                                      GBI and NCC
Policy                                Project partners
                                      Our environment and public

General Guidelines
   Wear Uniform and PPE (Hard hat, gloves, NCC shirt, Duck
    Brown Carhartts, safety glasses, chaps, proper boots).
   Attend all safety meetings and speak up about unsafe
   Ask questions
   Report all incidents and accidents immediately.
   Wear seatbelts and respect your vehicles!
   If you cant do it safely, DON’T DO IT.
 You will be challenged
  physically and mentally.
 You will develop close
 You will develop new
 You will make lasting
  contributions to the
  health of our public land
  and environment.

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