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					                             DUPUY & ASSOCIATES, P.C.
2600 SOUTH SHORE BOULEVARD                                                                PHONE: (281) 668-9121
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LEAGUE CITY, TEXAS 77573                                                                  WWW.TX-DIVORCE.COM

Re:    Texas Adoption
       Fee Agreement

Dear Client:


       This letter is to describe the terms and conditions under which Dupuy & Associates, P.C.
(“Firm”) is offering to represent you (“Client”) in connection with the above-referenced matter.
In consideration of the mutual promises herein contained, the parties hereto agree as follows:

         This letter is a legal contract, and the terms and conditions of our agreement with Client
are described in some detail. This letter not only establishes the terms of our contract with Client,
it may also help to prevent any misunderstandings. When Client signs and returns a copy of this
letter, Client is agreeing to the terms and conditions of representation, which are described in this

       It is the Firm’s strict policy to obtain the written approval of every client to the terms and
conditions of representation; therefore, we will take no action on Client’s behalf until it has
returned a signed copy of this letter and has funded the initial retainer. Therefore, until Client
signs and returns a copy of this letter, and funds the retainer described in this letter, there is no
agreement or obligation between us concerning any legal representation.

       We cannot guarantee any expected outcome or conclusion of the legal matter due to
numerous and complicated factors which are beyond our control. We make no express
warranties concerning this transaction, and hereby expressly disclaim any implied warranties
concerning it. It is expressly understood and agreed that no other representations have been
made to Client except those set out in this letter.

        Client agrees to keep our office advised of its business contact numbers and, if
appropriate, any e-mail address so that we may make contact after normal business hours. Client
agrees to promptly inform us of all changes in its contact information as soon as such changes
occur. Since this matter involves litigation, Client may be required to attend court appearances,
and is required to comply with any discovery requests, deposition notices, Court and Texas
Rules, as well as Court Orders.

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                 This agreement only relates to the matter described above that is before a Texas state
         court, and does not include any fees and expenses associated with any arbitration or appeals. If
         any matter requires negotiation, we will negotiate with the opposing party on Client’s behalf and
         at Client’s direction. We will not conclude or settle any matter without Client’s approval. Please
         do not communicate with any of the parties, witnesses or attorneys in the case without our

                You authorize us with your power of attorney to sign court or other legal documents,
         which may be required in the course of our representation. Also, you designate our law firm as
         your attorney-at-law and in-fact to act in your name, sign legal pleadings on your behalf and to
         perform the acts necessary and appropriate to effect the above described legal representation.


                We have agreed upon an hourly rate basis as follows:

                           Christopher Dupuy                         $200     (Discounted from $250)
                           Associates & Other Attorneys              $150     (Discounted from $180)
                           Any Paralegal Time                        $90      (Discounted from $125)
                           Any Legal Assistant Time                  $45      (Discounted from $60)

                 Under this payment arrangement, time is kept in tenth-hour (0.1) increments and the
         hourly charge is the time that the attorney allocates for the matters performed on your behalf.
         For reference:

1-6 Minutes     0.1 Hrs 7-12 Minutes 0.2 Hrs 13-18 Minutes 0.3 Hrs 19-24 Minutes 0.4 Hrs 25-30 Minutes 0.5 Hrs
31-36 Minutes   0.6 Hrs 37-42 Minutes 0.7 Hrs 43-48 Minutes 0.8 Hrs 49-54 Minutes 0.9 Hrs 55-59 Minutes 1.0 Hrs

                 Any time spent traveling more than 60 miles in one direction shall be billed at 50% of the
         hourly rate identified above. Time includes but is not limited to, travel to and from hearings,
         depositions and the courthouse−said amount is calculated from the time the attorney leaves the
         office until his/her return.

                 Further, it is our policy to undertake representation only after we have received a deposit
         in the agreed to amount. Client agrees to initially fund the hourly-rate retainer in an amount of
         $7,000 $3,500, of which $1,500 is non-refundable. Expenses and fees shall be charged against
         this amount. Please note that, exclusive of expenses and filing fees, Client’s initial retainer will
         provide for approximately 15 hours of attorney time.

                If the initial retainer is exhausted, Firm shall invoice Client on a monthly basis for the
         new amount due. Although an invoice may be generated at any time, Client will typically be
         invoiced on or about the last day of each month. Client agrees that full payment is due upon

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receipt. Further, subject to that below, each invoice will contain an amount sufficient to
replenish the retainer to an amount of $5,000 $3,000.

      Client agrees and acknowledges that the Firm’s rates do not include any other cost or
expense, including but not limited to:

       (i)       filing, service and witness fees;
       (ii)      opposing, non- or third-party subpoena and production fees;
       (iii)     fees and expenses associated with court reporters, videographers, hearings
                 and/or depositions;
       (iv)      expert witness and investigatory fees and expenses;
       (v)       expenses associated with long-distance teleconferences and facsimiles,
                 certified mailings, FEDEX® and/or overnight deliveries;
       (vi)      fees, costs and fines imposed by the Court;
       (vii)     travel expenses and costs, including any fees or expenses associated with,
                 but not limited to, car rental, flight tickets and lodging;
       (viii) creation of trial notebooks, trial boards and demonstrative exhibits;
       (ix)      copies in the amount of $0.15 per page, scanned documents or images in
                 the amount of $.25 per page, and facsimiles in the amount of $1.00 per
       (x)       home study;
       (xi)      fees and expenses associated with any Ad Litem and/or Amicus attorney;
                 as well as,
       (xii)     expenses associated with specialized, out-of-state or case specific legal
                 research obtained through a third-party such as Westlaw                or
                 LexisNexus .


        Each billing will set forth a summary of the legal work performed, fees earned and costs
incurred, as well as the total amount owed to the Firm, if any. In this regard, the Firm’s invoice
will summarize work performed on a day-to-day basis; not on a per item basis. Further, under
the Firm’s structure, the hourly rate for the attorney’s time may vary by attorney and more than
one attorney may be working on the matter at any given time. Until paid, it is the Firm’s policy
to cease all work. Upon non-payment, the Firm reserves the right to petition the Court to
withdraw as counsel; and, Client agrees not to oppose any withdrawal of counsel founded upon a
non-payment dispute, issue or matter. All attorney fees and expenses related to the collection of
any past due amounts shall be borne by Client.

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         It is expressly agreed and understood that the above fees and expenses do not include (i)
any appeal which may be taken to a Court of Appeals, as well as any form of appellate review,
whether in state or federal court; (ii) any expenses necessary to prepare the record for appeal;
and/or (iii) any retrial of any portion of the case if, for any reason, any matter in the case must be


        Should it become necessary to refer this matter or any part of this matter to another
attorney or law firm, Firm will advise Client of any fee-sharing arrangement. This fee-sharing
arrangement will include (i) the identity of all lawyers or law firms who will participate in the
arrangement, (ii) the basis upon which the fees will be divided among the other lawyers, law
firms, and Firm, and (iii) the share of the fee that each lawyer or law firm will receive, or the
basis upon which the division will be made. Firm will ask Client to consent to the terms of the
fee-sharing arrangement in writing before the referral is made.


        This Agreement is formed and performable in Galveston County, Texas. All monies
owed hereunder are to be paid at our principal office, located at 2600 South Shore Boulevard,
Suite 300, League City, Galveston County, Texas, 77573. Subject to that below, jurisdiction and
venue of any dispute arising hereunder are also performable in Galveston County, Texas. Client
further agrees that (i) this agreement, (ii) any dispute arising under it, as well as (iii) any dispute
arising from Firm’s representation, including but not limited to fee disputes, are−at the Firm’s
election−subject to binding arbitration under the rules, procedures and guidelines of the
American Arbitration Association.

        Finally, the State Bar of Texas investigates and prosecutes professional misconduct
committed by Texas Attorneys. Although not every complaint or dispute with a lawyer involves
professional misconduct, the State Bar Office of General Counsel will provide you with
information about how to file a complaint. For more information, please call 1-800-932-1900.
This is a toll-free phone call. A copy of the Texas Lawyer’s Creed is either attached hereto as
Exhibit “A”, or is located and can be downloaded by Client from the Firm’s website’s Contact
Us page. Prior to signing, Client acknowledges receipt of the Texas Lawyer’s Creed.

       Please sign in the space provided below so that we may begin working on your behalf. If
you have any questions concerning our fees or your legal matter, please contact us at either (281)
668-9121 or

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                                                    Very truly yours,

                                                    Christopher Dupuy
                                                    For the Firm

AGREED TO AND SIGNED on this _____ day of ______________________ 2009.

Name: _________________________________
      (Sign or Print or Your Name)

                CLIENT INFORMATION:

Address:        ____________________________________


Phone:          ____________________________________

Alt. Phone:     ____________________________________

Fax:            ____________________________________

E-Mail:         ____________________________________

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