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					 The @Work Solution for Case Management

                                   The Case Management Challenge
Their obstacles…
                                   Through our experience, research, and analysis, we have identified a
1. Compliance-driven systems:      number of deficiencies/challenges that information systems in
   A one-trick pony                workforce development must address:
2. User interface: Feeding the
   beast                           Their Obstacles…
3. Performance metrics: Too        1. Compliance-driven systems: A one-trick pony
   little, too late
                                   Systems that focus too narrowly on compliance with federal reporting
4. Accountability: It’s hidden     mandates lack the agility to adapt to a changing mix of funding
   in the data                     sources and programmatic needs.
5. Expenses: Where’s the bang      2. User interface: Feeding the beast
   for our buck?
                                   Many systems offer the user only one way of looking at information,
6. Strategic vision: Raising the
   line of sight                   forcing them to navigate an inflexible interface that reflects the
                                   physical structure of the underlying database more than the business
                                   model and workflow of their organization.
                                   3. Performance metrics: Too little, too late
…Our solution                      Many systems focus solely on the after-the-fact performance
1. Beyond Compliance               measures required by Federal agencies, failing to offer adequate
                                   tools to identify potential problems before they become performance
2. A Flexible, Intuitive User      issues.
                                   4. Accountability: It’s hidden in the data
3. Real-time Performance
   Analysis Tools                  Few comprehensive systems today are able to analyze performance
4. Reinforcing Accountability      on a real-time basis at all levels: the individual caseload, the
   and Transparency                workgroup, the service provider site, the multi-site contractor, the
                                   local WIB, the overall grant program, all the way up to the state
5. Follow the Money
                                   workforce system as a whole.
6. Supporting Your Strategic
   Initiatives                     5. Expenses: Where’s the bang for our buck?
                                   Hand in hand with accountability for performance measures, systems
                                   must also be able to compare program allocations, fiscal obligations,
                                   and actual expenditures at all of the levels described in the chain of
                                   accountability above, to prevent disallowed costs and to facilitate the
                                   most efficient allocation of scarce resources.
                                   6. Strategic vision: Raising the line of sight
                                   The data system and reporting and analysis tools must be
                                   comprehensive enough to relate performance to the strategic
                                   initiatives and objectives of the workforce system as a whole; the
                                   strategy should drive the system, not the other way around.

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The @Work Solution for Case Management

…Our Solution
                                  The @Work solution offers a robust, scalable, state-of-the-art, web-
                                  based information management solution using the ClientTrack.NET
                                  case management and reporting software, a product of Data
                                  Systems International (DSI). The @Work solution combines DSI’s
                                  award-winning software hosted in a robust, secure environment with
                                  the value added case management and reporting tools and
                                  workforce expertise of @Work Solutions, Inc.
                                  Here’s how the @Work solution addresses the challenges identified
                                  1. Beyond Compliance
                                  Obviously, compliance with all statutory mandates and grant
                                  requirements is the bottom line. But with a properly designed
                                  system, where sound policy and procedures drive a database
                                  system that reinforces the organization’s business model instead of
                                  distracting from it, compliance should become a non-issue – a
                                  natural by-product of following best practices in case management
                                  and program administration. This should remain true even as new
                                  providers and grant programs are added to the system.
                                  Our solution is a combination of a state of the art database
                                  management system, ClientTrack.NET with @Work value-added
                                  case management, program management, performance reports, and
                                  analysis. Our industry leading DBMS gathers all of the data required
                                  for all WIA grants in an efficient, easy-to-use data entry interface,
                                  with HIPAA-compliant data security features. This data is combined
                                  with unemployment insurance quarterly wage data to automatically
                                  produce all required federal reports and WIASRD data extracts,
                                  including the new reporting requirements for the Department of
                                  Labor’s common measures initiative to be implemented in PY 2006.
                                  Today’s WIBs need to weave together multiple funding sources in a
                                  coherent service delivery strategy – and the @Work system is
                                  designed to do just that. Specifically, the system provides:
                                         •   Proactive case management – case managers can input
                                             information efficiently, generate forms with all appropriate
                                             client data, produce vouchers, track expense processing,
                                             respond quickly to automatic reminders for follow-up with
                                             customers at every stage of the program, and generate
                                             reports needed for timely compliance as well as continuous
                                         •   Seamless collaboration – accommodating multiple types of
                                             projects in a community database with a common user
                                             interface, to ensure ease of use, reliability, and data sharing
                                             according to specific rules and procedures agreed upon by
                                             partnering agencies.
                                         •   Comprehensive reporting – placing a wealth of information
                                             and reports on both WIA and non-WIA projects at the user’s
                                             fingertips, increasing the usability for the local WIBs.
                                         •   Rapid retooling and implementation of new local
                                             programs – data elements, business rules, user screens,
                                             and reports can be rapidly added, modified, and deployed

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The @Work Solution for Case Management

                                             with built-in customization tools, without the need for
                                             reprogramming or recompiling. New data elements can be
                                             added to existing programs and whole new local programs
                                             can be brought on-line with relative ease. This ensures that
                                             you always have an up-to-date set of reports and analysis
                                             tools -- not only to meet current requirements, but, more
                                             importantly, to support continuous enhancements as new
                                             programs are woven into the local service delivery system.
                                  Even the most powerful software is of limited use without a
                                  comprehensive implementation plan and full support for
                                  administrators and front-line staff. The workforce professionals of
                                  @Work are there with you every step of the way, to make sure that
                                  the system not only works well, but works well for you. This ongoing
                                  support relationship is integral to the @Work solution. We provide:
                                  •      Setup and customization of all pick lists, data entry edit checks,
                                         and criteria for automated eligibility determination;
                                  •      Initial setup of agency/service provider data and service
                                         offerings, as well as training and assistance with maintaining this
                                  •      Ongoing consultation to ensure that all setup data and
                                         customization makes sense for end-users and fits into a
                                         coherent business plan and service delivery strategy;
                                  •      Comprehensive train-the-trainer sessions that go beyond system
                                         navigation, to address how to use the system to reinforce best
                                         practices in case management, and to maintain clear lines of
                                         communication and accountability among staff and
                                         management, and between agencies;
                                  •      Help desk support via phone and email for technical issues and
                                         assistance with making the most of the tools provided by the
                                  •      Facilitation of user groups that meet regularly to address issues,
                                         share ideas with each other and the @Work team, and guide
                                         continuing enhancements to the system; and
                                  •      Comprehensive online and printed documentation on all facets of
                                         the software and the @Work Solution.

                                  2. A Flexible, Intuitive User Interface
                                  In our practical experience with case management and day-to-day
                                  operations, we have shared the frustration of users forced to spend
                                  inordinate time “feeding the beast” – meeting the demands of data-
                                  hungry programs -- with inflexible tools.
                                  The @Work system provides alternative ways of accessing data that
                                  are suited to different tasks and styles of working. With simple, task-
                                  oriented screen navigation and “at-a-glance” reporting features, case
                                  managers can track clients throughout a variety of programs and
                                  services with a minimum of screen-hopping.
                                  Intake, assessments, eligibility determination, forms, case notes,
                                  goals and service plans, referrals and service tracking, expense
                                  vouchers, exits and follow-up, monthly contacts, form letters, mailing

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The @Work Solution for Case Management

                                  labels, calendars, to-do lists and task reminders – it’s all in one
                                  place, at your fingertips, from any web browser.

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The @Work Solution for Case Management

  Figure 1. Step-by-step data entry screens and customizable data validation features ensure
  quick and accurate intake.

  Figure 2. Employment and education history can be readily entered and accessed. Changes
  to data elements are automatically logged, so there’s always an audit trail.

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The @Work Solution for Case Management

       Figure 3. Context-sensitive pop-up menus allow you to accomplish a wide array of tasks
       in an orderly, efficient workflow.

     Figure 5. With a wealth of easy-to-use forms, we do the paperwork – so you can do the
     people work.

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The @Work Solution for Case Management

 Figure 5. Powerful case management tools, including assessments, case notes,
 and scheduling, with the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Office applications.

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The @Work Solution for Case Management

                                  With powerful filtering features, you can focus precisely on the task
                                  at hand – and then accomplish it from one screen, double-clicking
                                  directly to the records you need, without navigating in and out of
                                  individual client folders. You can see your progress in real-time, so
                                  you know when you are finished, and no one falls through the
                                  Administrators can use the tool to monitor progress for the caseload
                                  of an entire program, a particular agency or department, or an
                                  individual case manager. A variety of lists and aggregate reports are
                                  available from within the Caseload Management tool, using the same
                                  caseload and client selection features.

  Figure 6. The Caseload Management tool provides a task-oriented view of a caseworker’s entire
  caseload, making short work of routine processes like monthly contacts, regular updates to ongoing
  activities, follow-ups, and client mailings.

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    The @Work Solution for Case Management

                                      3. Real-time Performance Analysis Tools
                                      With its Common Measures initiative, the Department of Labor has
                                      simplified the performance reporting process at the federal level,
                                      particularly for states and agencies that manage multiple DOL grant
                                      programs. By introducing rolling quarterly reporting, they have taken
                                      a significant step toward making the reporting system more timely
                                      and responsive for stakeholders at the national and state level.
                                      However, federal performance measures are still (of necessity)
                                      based on post-exit outcomes and UI wage data, which means they
                                      are of little use in monitoring and guiding the day-to-day operations
                                                                             of boards and service providers.
                                                                             Because of the two-quarter
                                                                             delay in UI data, they
                                                                             essentially tell you how you
                                                                             were performing 9 to 15 months
                                                                           To bridge this gap, the @Work
                                                                           system incorporates metrics
                                                                           that are similar to the Common
                                                                           Measures, but include the
                                                                           active client population as well
                                                                           as those who have exited.
                                                                           Employment and wage
                                                                           measures use the job
                                                                           placement data you’re already
                                                                           gathering in the course of
                                                                           meeting federal and state
                                                                           requirements, rather than
                                                                           waiting for UI data.
                                                                           Reports based on these metrics
                                                                           won’t necessarily match the
                                                                           numbers derived from UI data
                                                                           that tell the “official” story, but
                                                                           they do provide an accurate
                                                                           assessment of your progress
                                                                           toward meeting performance
                                                                           goals, in a way that can be
                                                                           measured on a real-time basis.
                                                                           We work with state and local
                                                                           WIBs to help establish monthly
                                                                           numerical goals for service
                                                                           providers, which, if met, will
                                                                           insure that federal performance
                                                                           requirements will be met or
Figure 7. Sample Performance Report - Goal-to-Actual reporting             exceeded. You can then run
provides predictive, rather than reactive, performance                     reports that compare actual
assessments. Dashboard indicators relate DOL Common                        performance to these goals
Measures to state and local performance metrics that can be                continuously.
tracked on a monthly basis.

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The @Work Solution for Case Management

                                  The system includes a wide array of detail reports that allow you to
                                  drill down to the data behind the numbers. And with extensive, easy-
                                  to-use data filtering features built into the reporting system, you don’t
                                  have to be a power user to run powerful analyses.

                         Figure 8. Customizable Reports - Powerful data warehouse ad-hoc
                         reporting and analysis tool offers an easy-to-use, intuitive, drag-and-drop

                                  With these tools, you can identify potential problem areas and
                                  address them before you suffer the consequences of failing to meet
                                  federal performance goals. Moreover, this continuous feedback from
                                  all components of the service delivery system reinforces
                                  accountability and helps all partners evaluate service strategies to
                                  improve customer service and responsiveness to the changing
                                  needs of employers and the economy.

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 The @Work Solution for Case Management

                                    4. Reinforcing Accountability and Transparency
                                    In order to deliver services efficiently and respond to the needs of
                                    your area’s workforce and employers, information must be freely
                                    shared among all levels of the system and incorporated into strategic
                                    activities such as setting policies, planning, and preparing budgets.
                                    @Work has addressed this challenge with a structured approach to
                                    reporting that:
                                          •   Tracks multiple programs across common performance
                                              measures and program specific measures;
                                          •   Establishes procedures for defining reporting requirements
                                              clearly and consistently across all programs; and
                                          •   Incorporates numerous run-time parameters, allowing users
                                              to target the specific information for a specific task.

@Work in One-Stops
@Work can produce                   The system is built upon a reporting hierarchy, as illustrated below:
specialized reports for different
grants, populations and
demographic characteristics,
and aggregate data across
programs in order to
demonstrate the impact of all                                       State Admin
the WIBs funding to the
community. In a One-Stop
environment, each organization                                      WIB Board
can easily pull out the data
required for their program or
funding requirements, while
generating aggregate reports
that reflect the value and
synergy of the One-Stop
System. @Work can also easily                                       Contractor
combine ClientTrack.NET data
with other local or regional
data in a high-level report                                         Site / Center
generator to create a local or
regional workforce
development picture of the
labor market, existing worker
                                                         Case Manager/Front-line Staff
skills and skill gaps identified
by employers.

                                    This allows all of the information to be rolled up to the highest level
                                    or drilled-down to the individual caseload. Our system includes
                                    numerous dashboard indicators, management reports at all levels,
                                    and tools to help front-line staff with day-to-day tasks. Together,
                                    these tools provide all parties with accurate and timely feedback that
                                    clearly illustrates how they are doing, where they are falling short,
                                    and what they need to do to get back on track.
                                    By comparing quantitative goals to real-time measurements within a
                                    common set of performance metrics, accountability flows from the
                                    individual staff level all the way up to top administrators and

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    The @Work Solution for Case Management

@Work for the State:                  Similarly, there is transparency at all levels. Partners can see the big
                                      picture, and their own contribution to it, through quantitative analyses
•    Producing reliable and           incorporated into the system. All parties understand what is
     valid data for state and         expected of them and how their performance is assessed.
     federal reports without
     multiple attempts,               The @Work solution provides a structure that enables a clear line of
     validation concerns, or          sight from strategy developed in the governor’s office right down to
     other frustrating issues.        the front-line workers. Implementation of these strategies is carefully
•    Providing detailed               monitored and results are reported in a concise, easy-to-interpret
     information by regions           format.
     and state-wide for use in
     grant writing or                 5.     Follow the Money
     showcasing activities and        Our experience is that voucher generation and tracking is a large
     efforts to current and
                                      part of the day-to-day operations of local WIBs. Yet, for many
     potential funders.
                                      database systems, this functionality seems to be more or less an
                                      afterthought, rather than an integral part of the system. The @Work
                                      system offers comprehensive processing and reporting of expenses
                                      Front-line staff can generate vouchers through a process that is easy
                                      to use, yet carefully integrated and validated to ensure a proper audit
                                             •   Establish client accounts, using funding streams (from WIA
                                                 or other federal, state or local grants) set up at the state or
                                                 WIB level with validation of allocation amounts and client
                                                 eligibility against current agency policy;
                                             •   Budget specific amounts within the account for allowable
@Work for the WIB:                               expense categories (for example, amounts for tuition, books
                                                 and supplies, and fees within an Individual Training
•    Producing reports by
     region, Workforce Service
                                                 Account), and print a Planning Guide (illustrated in Figure 9)
     Area, program, service                      that shows how the allocated funds fit into the client’s needs
     provider, and case                          and available resources;
     manager that are easy to
     understand and read.                    •   Place clients into services and training programs tied to lists
                                                 of providers and offerings that are specifically approved by
•    Helping the WIB achieve                     the state or local WIB;
     its goal of operating
     systems of                              •   Generate expense obligations tied to an approved vendor,
     communication,                              service/program and account, and print vouchers for clients
     coordination of planning                    with “not to exceed” amounts encumbered;
     resources, and
     collaboration across                    •   Track the processing of vouchers as vendor invoices are
     diverse community                           received, and approved and paid/denied, in full or in part, by
     sectors.                                    authorized staff; and
•    Setting and measuring                   •   Monitor account balances (which cannot be exceeded
     continuous improvement                      without specific approval of authorized administrators) and
     benchmarks to ensure
     funding of a well-                          activity in real-time as amounts are allocated, encumbered,
     developed resource for                      and actually expended.
     the general population of
     employers and job

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The @Work Solution for Case Management

                 Figure 9. Planning Guide – The case manager and the client setup a budget and
                 agree upon a planning guide that shows how WIB funding and other resources will
                 be used to meet the client’s needs.

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The @Work Solution for Case Management

                      Figure 10. Individual Training Account Statement – Track balances and activity
                      for all of the client’s funding sources in a concise format.

                                  To monitor and control this activity, administrators can:
                                         •   Establish funding streams and overall amounts and time
                                             limitations of availability, deactivate/reactivate funding
                                             streams, and immediately turn voucher availability on or off
                                             for vendors or programs when approval is granted or
                                             revoked by the Board;
                                         •   View on-screen lists of pending or approved vouchers at the
                                             state, WSA, contractor, site, or caseload level (in
                                             combination with other selection criteria, such as funding
                                             stream, voucher date, vendor, program/service title, and
                                             expense category) and quickly record approvals and
                                         •   Run a wide variety of reports that summarize allocations,
                                             obligations, and expenditures by all of the categories
                                             mentioned above, or drill down to individual expense details.
                                  By linking outcomes to costs and allowing you to easily monitor and
                                  analyze expenses from a variety or perspectives and at all levels of
                                  drill-down, the @Work solution gives you the tools you need to
                                  accurately assess the return on your investments in the workforce
                                  system and continually fine-tune the allocation of scarce resources.

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The @Work Solution for Case Management

                      Figure 11. A wealth of expense summary and detail reports can
                      be precisely targeted with a common data-filtering interface.

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The @Work Solution for Case Management

                                  6. Supporting Strategic Initiatives
                                  The impact of implementing this case management solution is more
                                  than simply replacing an older system with a new one. It is a
                                  refocusing of the organizations’ energies, programs, and operations
                                  to the end goal – development of a stronger and more responsive
                                  workforce system through local programming.
                                  The @Work Solution can be configured to align information
                                  management with strategic goals by targeting your unique drivers.
                                  For example, we’ve listed three drivers of economic development:
                                         •   Focusing on economic growth regions - The rich data
                                             structure and reporting hierarchy allows the state to do
                                             cross-regional comparison and analysis of workforce
                                         •   Focusing on strategic skills - The system supports the
                                             Work Keys assessment, so that job seekers can be tracked
                                             in relation to strategic skills. State initiatives can be
                                             incorporated into the flexible systems across various state
                                             and local programs. Running a local grant can easily be
                                             integrated into the statewide skills initiative.
                                         •   Focusing on targeted industry clusters - All training
                                             program offerings can be classified according to a
                                             customized set of industry clusters and occupational
                                             categories. Training “pipeline” reports, such as the one in
                                             Figure 12, summarize current and projected training
                                             activities according to these industry groupings. This allows
                                             WIBs, regions, and the state to relate outcomes measures to
                                             specific industries, as well as gauge the impact on the labor
                                             market over the coming months.
                                             The same classification is applied to job placements. By
                                             combining job placement data and associated wages with
                                             the matching training outcomes and costs, you can get a
                                             comprehensive picture of your programs’ impact on targeted
                                             industry clusters on a cost/benefit basis.

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The @Work Solution for Case Management

Figure 12. The training “pipeline” report analyzes current year training activity and costs by industry
cluster, and projected training completions over the next three quarters.

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The @Work Solution for Case Management

                                  The following graphic illustrates the current focus of case managers,
                                  with compliance obscuring their line of sight.

                                               Customer Service           Case Management        Employment

                                  @Work can supply a more comprehensive case management and
                                  reporting system – one that is flexible and easy to use, to clear the
                                  line of sight for case managers.

                                             Customer Service         Case Management           Employment

                                                  C     o         m   p     l    i    a     n     c    e

   For more information or a demonstration of our case management
                       solution, please contact:

                                                Dixie Gray, COO
                                            1 North Penn, Suite 302
                                             Indianapolis, IN 46203
                                              317.436.4040 (work)
                                             317.750.0208 (mobile)

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