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									       Spring 2010 Chemistry Extra Credit Assignment

       Due: April 23


Create an instructional board game requiring players to answer questions based on the California State Chemistry
Standards. This game should serve as a review of the material we have covered this school year. The game needs
to be capable of being played by your classmates, as it will serve as a review for their final.

        The game should include questions from the following areas of Chemistry: Atoms, Periodic Table,
            Bonding, Stoichiometry, Gases, Nuclear Chemistry, Solutions, Acids and Bases, Thermodynamics, and
        Game should have a “catchy” name
        Game designers name and period should be printed on the instructions and the game board
        There must be at least 100 questions per game (we have covered a lot of material – this should not
            be a problem). They must be YOUR OWN questions –NOT QUESTIONS FROM THE BOOK OR
            INTERNET. These questions must be put onto cards that will be used during the game (answers must
            also be on the card so that players know if their opponent answered correctly – think Trivial
        A typewritten summary sheet of all 100 questions and answers must be included for the teacher to
        A set of detailed instructions must be included.
                     o   Objective of the Game
                     o   How to win
                     o   How to set up the board
                     o   Rules of how to play
                              How to begin the game (who goes first)
                              How to play the game
                              How to end the game
                     o   Exceptions to any rules (if applicable)
                     o   How many players (minimum of 2)
                     o   List of game materials required (ex. game pieces, dice, question cards, game board, etc…)
        Board game: must be unique, designed by student, neat, and durable
        Include a bibliography of where you got the ideas for your questions and game (ex.           Chemistry
           Textbook and the game Cranium™)
       Possible sights to look for inspiration:
                    Printgames website
                    SDSU EDTEC 670:
                                                     Board Game Evaluation

 Your game will be graded according to the rubric below.

Board Game Name:                                                             Author:
                          Beginning                  Developing                 Accomplished                 Exemplary            Score

                                1                           2                            3                         4

                     The game would take        The game would take a        The game is fairly easy     The game is very easy
                     considerable effort to     fair bit of effort to set    to set up and play, but a   to set up and play in
  Practicality       set up and play...more     up and play in the chosen    few glitches are            the context it was
                     effort than it's worth.    context                      apparent.                   designed for.

                                                                             Rules are fairly short,     Rules are short, clear
                     Rules are unclear and      The rules are not
     Rules                                                                   clear and complete, but     and complete. Easy to
                     too long. There are        entirely clear or
                                                                             could be streamlined a      learn and understand.
   Simplicity        rules that add             complete. There are
                                                                             bit. All of the             All of the
                     complexity without         rules that could be
                                                                             requirements listed in      requirements listed in
                     adding to playability or   eliminated without
                                                                             the instructions have       the instructions have
                     learning.                  harming the game.
                                                                             been met.                   been met.

                                                                          Winning and learning are
 Instructional       The content is             Significant cognitive                                    Winning the game
                                                                          closely entwined, though
                     incidental. One can        effort is spent on things                                requires learning the
 effectiveness                                                            some mental effort is
                     play without learning      that have nothing to do                                  content. The two are
                                                                          spent on aspects that are
                     much.                      with the content.                                        matched completely.
                                                                          just about the game.

                                                                                                         Game elements and
                     Elements of the game
                                                Elements of the content      There is solid congruence   content elements are
                     contradict elements of
                                                are used as elements of      between the game            mapped onto each
   Elegance          the content and/or
                                                the game, but it seems a     elements and content        other in multiple ways
                     seem gratuitous or
                                                bit contrived.               elements                    that seem surprising
                     merely decorative.
                                                                                                         and apt.
                     The game can only be
                                                                                                       Several variations are
                     played in one way.
                                                                                                       clearly identified that
                     There's no way             There might be a way to      There is at least one way
   Flexibility                                                                                         make the game
                     identified to optimize     vary the game, but it's      to vary the game to meet
                                                                                                       playable in a number of
                     the match with the         not clearly spelled out.     different needs.
                                                                                                       ways to meet
                     players' skill level or
                                                                                                       different needs.
                     different contexts.
   Questions                                    Questions are simple
                                                                             Questions are definitely    California Standards
                     Questions are sloppy       require little higher
                                                                             based on the California         based questions.
                     and make little sense,     order thinking skills. 98%
                                                                             state standards. Al         Questions are worded
                     require very little        of the answers are
                                                                             questions are answered         correctly, require
                     higher order thinking      correct. Evidence that
                                                                             correctly. Grammar and       some level of higher
                     skills. Some answers       the questions have been
                                                                             language is correct.          order thinking, and
                     are wrong. Fewer than      edited and checked for
                                                                             Higher order thinking           include correct
                     100 questions minimum.     grammar. 100 questions
                                                                             questions are used.              answers (x 6)
 Requirements        A few of the
                                                Some of the                  Most of the                 All Requirements have
     Met             requirements have
                                                requirements have been       requirements have been      been met and done well
                     been met. Very little
                                                met                          met                                  (x3)
                     evidence of work.
  Total Points

Based on the rubric from the following source:
the following source:

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