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					7FCI-L3-030084-B – REFRESH 14                   ATTACHMENT 05                                         PAGE 05-1


                                                FSC GROUP 84
                             LAW ENFORCEMENT & SECURITY EQUIPMENT

      NOTE: FOB terms offered for this Attachment should be the same FOB terms
      offered to your commercial customers, as disclosed on the Commercial Sales
      Practices, contained elsewhere within this solicitation package.

      Clause 52.247-32 – FOB Origin, Freight Prepaid will be included in any resultant
      award if your commercial customers are offered FOB Origin freight terms (see
      basic solicitation document for clause in full text).

      Clause 52.247-34 – FOB Destination will be included in any resultant award if your
      commercial customers are offered FOB Destination freight terms (see basic
      solicitation document for clause in full text).

    Oral or written requests for explanation or information regarding this solicitation should be directed to:

                             GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION
                             819 TAYLOR STREET, ROOM 7A37
                             FORT WORTH, TX 76102-6114

Cary Grigsby – 7QSAB-E8              Sharon Hair – 7QSAB-B8                    Don Miller – 7QSAB-D1
Phone: 817-574-2346                  Phone: 817-574-2309                       Phone: 817-574-2333
Fax: 817-574-2688                    Fax: 817-574-2688                         Fax: 817-574-2688
e-mail:         e:mail:               e-mail:

Mary Foster – 7QSAB-F3               Lincoln Strunk - 7QSAB-S2                   Melissa Prieto – 7QSAB–G8
Phone: 817-574-2350                  Phone: 817-574-2375                       Phone: 817-574-2304
Fax: 817-574-2688                    Fax: 817-574-2688                         Fax: 817-574-2688
e-mail:          e-mail:              e-mail:
7FCI-L3-030084-B – REFRESH 14                ATTACHMENT 05                                     PAGE 05-2

Additional information Regarding Attachment 05:

1. Ancillary services include, but not limited to, maintenance agreements, training, installation,
measuring, alterations, etc. may be added to any Special Item Number. An offeror must be offering
the product in order to offer ancillary services. These services may be added to current contracts or
included in new offers and must be priced out up front on resultant contracts. Data must be
submitted to substantiate the price for the services.
2. If contractors accept trade-ins, they are allowed under any resultant contract. It will be the
responsibility of the ordering agency to determine fair and reasonableness of price/off-set.
3. The FDA has defined drug test kits as medical devices which are regulated by the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA). All drug test kits that are to be marketed in the U.S. are regulated by the FDA
and are subject to premarketing 510(k) and postmarking regulatory controls of the FDA. Therefore,
based on FDA's definition of medical devices all contractors are required to provide the FDA 510K
certification clearance documents for their drug test kits (medical devices) offered for a GSA contract.

4. Leasing Agreements: Consideration will be given to proposals for leasing options in accordance
with the vendor’s normal commercial practices. Only those vendor-proposed options, which are
considered to represent a good value, will be accepted. If commercial leasing arrangements conflict
with law, statute or regulations, the law, statute or regulations will prevail over the commercial leasing
arrangements. Often factors in commercial leasing arrangements such as liability, warranty,
maintenance during lease, payment, and/or timeliness of delivery or repairs must be adjusted to be
acceptable by the Government.

5. Further terms and conditions for leasing are found in Attachment 11 of this solicitation.

6. See the Read Me attachment for maintenance agreement terms and conditions.
7FCI-L3-030084-B – REFRESH 14               ATTACHMENT 05                                       Page 05-3

                                       SIN DESCRIPTIONS

Law Enforcement and Security Equipment and Services
Category    Description

426 1A      Miscellaneous Personal Equipment - Consisting of Belts, Shell Cartridge Cases, Speed
            Loader Cases, Clip Holders, Handcuff Cases, Gun and Flashlight Holsters, Flashlights (Police,
            Hand-Held Electric, Penlight, Traffic), Baton Rings, Belt Straps, IN Cases, Tactical Equipment,
            Duty Gloves, Etc.; composed of leather and other materials. THIS SIN DOES NOT INCLUDE
426 1B      Body Armor - (including canine body armor) and Ancillary Services such as Alterations,
            Measuring, etc.
426 1C      Helmets
426 1D      Restraining Equipment - Consisting of Cuffs, Batons, CN, CS and OC Munitions, Other
            Less-Than-Lethal Munitions, Distraction Devices and Accessories such as Neutralizers and Gas
426 1G      Miscellaneous Non-Personal Law Enforcement Equipment              - Including Forced Entry
            Tools and Vehicle Disabling Equipment
426 2A      Canine Training and Handling Equipment, Canine Search and Detection
426 3A      Emergency Signal Systems - Consisting of Sirens, Light Bars, Spot and Flood Lights,
            Beacon Warning Devices, Public Address Speakers and Systems and Control consoles
426 3B      In-Vehicle Protection and Restraint Systems
426 4C      Night Vision Equipment     - to include Camera Equipment used in conjunction with night
            vision equipment
426 4D      Alcohol Detection Kits and Devices
426 4E      Bomb Disposal and Hazardous Material Protective and Detective Equipment
426 4F      Emergency Preparedness and First Responder Equipment, Training and Services –
            includes but not limited to Continuance of Operations Planning (COOP) services,
            decontamination kits and showers, mass casualty containment trailers, survival/disaster and
            rapid deployment kits, hazardous material detection equipment and clothing, and emergency
            response training.
426 4G      Firearms Storage, Securing and Cleaning Equipment; Unloading Stations; Bullet
            Recovery Systems and Gun Racks. - THIS SIN DOES NOT INCLUDE FIREARMS OR
426 4J      Target Systems/Target Range Accessories - to Include Shatter Resistant Protective
            Lenses and Shooters Gloves. THIS SIN DOES NOT INCLUDE FIREARMS OR AMMUNITION
426 4K      Metal and Bomb Detection Equipment:         - Includes Airport Security, also ancillary services
            such as installation, training, etc.
426 4L      Fingerprinting/Palmprinting (Taking and Detection) and Evidential Casting
7FCI-L3-030084-B – REFRESH 14                ATTACHMENT 05                                         Page 05-4

426 4M      Drug Testing Equipment and Kits        - to include Ancillary drug testing services
426 4N      Criminal Investigative Equipment and Supplies - consisting of: Forensic Investigative
            Equipment (Tissue Detection and Location); Questioned Document Exam. Supplies/Kits:
            Chemical Analysis Test Kits for Testing Blood Stains, Gun Powder Residue and Seminal Fluid
            Stains; Electronic Countermeasure Equipment; Invisible Detection Materials (Theft Detection);
            Evidence Collection Containers, etc.
426 4Q      Vehicle Monitor (Tracking) Systems
426 4S      Closed Circuit Surveillance Systems: - Including but not limited to CCTV surveillance
            systems and components including monitors, cameras, telescopic lenses, camera mounts and
            enclosures, audio components such as microphones, control centers for managing single or
            multiple cameras. The CCTV surveillance systems can use either hard-wired or wireless
            methods to transmit information. Audio and Video recording devices for use with CCTV
            systems, night vision and infrared devices designed specifically for CCTV surveillance
            systems, computer equipment and software required to perform the functions specified,
            vehicular video surveillance equipment, mirrors and binoculars, observation towers, Covert
            Surveillance systems are also included. This SIN also includes ancillary services such as
            installation and training required for the CCTV Surveillance Systems.
426 5A      Aircraft Armoring and Ancillary Services
426 5B      Armored Vehicles, Vehicle Armoring Services, Wheeled Vehicles (excluding patrol
            cars) used strictly for Law Enforcement or Security purposes and other
            miscellaneous armoring products and services. Includes all types of armored vehicles
            (excludes Mobile Command Centers). Also includes armoring done on any other type vehicle
            or structure including, but not limited to boats, temporary jail cells, mobile jail cells (in
            vehicles) and all services required to provide armored products. Does not include rental or
            leasing of armored vehicles at this time.
426-6       Law Enforcement and Security Training – including but not limited to all types of range
            safety and operations training, all types of high performance and defensive/offensive driving
            training, all types of weapons training, force protection training, surveillance and surveillance
            detection training, maritime security training, all types of close quarters defense (CQD)
            training, special response team training, chemical/biological and weapons of mass destruction
            (WMD) detection training, terrorism awareness training, survival training, explosive ordnance
            detonation (EOD) training, and tactical training is realistic physical environments. Also
            includes all types of products required to support the training.
426-7       Professional Law Enforcement Services - including but not limited to all types of
            professional services provided in conjunction with law enforcement such as fingerprinting
            services, handwriting analysis, breath analysis, ballistic analysis, and forensic artists services
            (sketch artist).
426-99      Introduction of New Services/Products related to Law Enforcement and Security
7FCI-L3-030084-B – REFRESH 14                  ATTACHMENT 05                                         PAGE 05-5


   1. Must be on manufacturer’s letterhead.

   2. Must be dated.

   3. Must not have an expiration date.

   4. Must be signed by an officer of the company.

   5. Must reference the solicitation number (new offers) or contract number (for existing contracts).

   6. Must contain the phrase that the manufacturer is willing to be “a source of supply sufficient to satisfy the
       Government’s requirements for the contract period”

   7. Must contain the statement that end products are US Made or are Trade Agreement Compliant.


(Manufacturer)_____ hereby certifies that each end product to be delivered under this contract is a U.S. made end
product, a designated country end product, a Caribbean Basin country end product, a Canadian end product, or a
Mexican end product as defined in the FAR clause 52.225-5, entitled “Trade Agreements Act”.

(Must be signed by an officer of the company)

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