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					Pathways for Children, Youth & Families of York Region
135-137 Main Street North, Suite 308,
Markham, Ontario L3P 1Y2
(905) 471-7877

    Volunteer Application Form Guidelines

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Pathways for Children, Youth & Families of
    York Region. We have a profound desire and need for volunteers to share their skills,
    knowledge and time. In return we strive to offer an exciting and rewarding volunteer

    Please find below some information about Pathways’ recruitment and screening process.
    Some important points to be aware of are:

    comfortable in their role we require at least a 3-month commitment to Pathways.

    direct interaction with children/youth.

    regarding clients and business must be held in strict confidence.


    The following are the steps to becoming a volunteer with Pathways.

    1. Application - Please complete and return the application form found at the end of this
    document. Following a review of your application, you will be contacted about the status of
    your application and, if applicable, an interview will be arranged.

    2. Interview - At the interview you will be asked questions regarding your experiences, values
    and interests. The interview is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and to explore
    specifically how you may be involved with our programs. You will be asked to sign an oath
    of confidentiality.

    3. References – Two references are required. Following the interview, one or both references
    will be contacted. Once your references have been confirmed, if applicable, you will be
    requested to furnish a criminal reference check.
     4. Criminal Reference Check - For the safety of our clients, applicants approved to work in
     positions that involve or may involve direct interaction with children/youth are required to
     present a criminal reference check. Please ask and Pathways will supply you with a
     Vulnerable Sector Screening Form that has been signed by a Pathways’ director. This is the
     form that is required by the police department to acquire your criminal reference check. The
     next step is to take this form to the York Regional Police in either Newmarket or Richmond
     Hill. You are required to pay the $15.00 fee.

     The completed criminal reference check is sent to you, and then you are asked to bring it to
     Pathways. The original form then stays in your personnel file at Pathways. Pathways requires
     a new, original criminal reference check even if you have had one done recently.

      The criminal reference check shows the results of a search for criminal conviction in Canada.
     Depending on the nature of the offence and other considerations a record does not always
     preclude a candidate from becoming a volunteer.

     5. Volunteer Orientation - Volunteers will receive an orientation to the agency and are
     encouraged to ask questions as they arise. Volunteers are also invited to workshops,
     professional development opportunities and training sessions as appropriate.

     Please call Pathways at (905) 471-7877 if you have any questions.

                  Thank you once again for your interest in volunteering with Pathways!

                            VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM
                                This is kept confidential when completed.

First Name:                                            Last Name:


                                                       Postal Code:

Telephone:                                             Cell Phone:

Business Telephone (if we can contact you there):

E-Mail Address:

Birth Date:
                  Month          Day           Year
Emergency Contact:                                          Telephone:

I am willing to work as a volunteer for:         3 months            6 months       1 year

I understand that in order to work directly with youth I must be at least 19 years old.
I confirm that I am as least 19 years old.

Have you ever been an employee, a volunteer or a client with Pathways for Children, Youth & Families
of York Region?
         Yes (please check all that apply)        client        employee      volunteer

                                             WINDOW OF WORK

              GLAD GIFTS                          QUESTS                            NO-NO'S
          Special skills, talents and   Areas I would like to learn more
                                                                                Please don't ask!
            interests I like to use.                about.
     1.                                 1.                               1.

     2.                                 2.                               2.

     3.                                 3.                               3.

     4.                                 4.                               4.

     5.                                 5.                               5.

     Things I do well and ENJOY Skills I may not have but would           Tasks I really don't want to
                doing.                enjoy learning about.                            do.

How often would you like to volunteer?
         Weekly         Occasionally             Projects
         Other (please specify):

I am available on the following days and hours:

                          Monday    Tuesday WednesdayThursday Friday     Saturday    Sunday
             After 6 pm
I would like to receive an emailed monthly Pathway's newsletter.
          Yes             No

You may use:
Professional - present or former employers; other agencies you have volunteered at.
Personal     - someone who has known you for at least 1 year.

The following people may be contacted for reference checks:

#1     Name:
       Tel:                                         Relationship to you:

#2     Name:
       Tel:                                         Relationship to you:

I certify that the information in this application is, to the best of my knowledge, correct and complete. I
give my permission to Pathways for Children, Youth & Families of York Region to contact the above

Signature of Applicant                                                  Date

Parental/guardian consent for applicants under 19 years of age is required.

I, the undersigned, give my permission for my child/ward to volunteer with Pathways for Children,
Youth & Families of York Region.

Signature of parent/guardian                            Printed name of parent/guardian

                   Please return to:
         Volunteer Coordinator, Robyn Magee
Pathways for Children, Youth & Families of York Region
        135-137 Main Street North, Suite 308,
              Markham, Ontario L3P 1Y2
      Tel. (905) 471-7877 Fax. (905) 471-7949

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