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Job Application for Blockbuster - DOC


Job Application for Blockbuster document sample

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									                  Blockbuster Inc.

                 Point of Sale Kiosk

           System Requirements Document

                  Due: October 22nd, 2007
                   James Sabia and Leon Benjamin

James Sabia                                        Phase 2
Leon Benjamin                                      Page | 1
James Sabia     Phase 2
Leon Benjamin   Page | 2

       Since Blockbuster Inc. opened its doors in 1985, they have been extremely successful.

All the way up to the new millennium, Blockbuster Inc. has taken the market lead, by providing

customers with a vast amount of movies and other multimedia entertainment to choose from.

But since the rise of online movie rentals and other popular rental stores, business for

Blockbuster Inc. has slowly but surely been decreasing.

       Blockbuster Inc. is a large corporation currently employing 128,000 people in 5,192 of

their stores. The well established chain is noted for their selection of movies and video games

at an affordable price. Hence their slogan “More Movies, More Choice, More Value”. Since

online movie renting is such a new big thing, people do not want to bother with long wait times

in movie rental stores. So, to respond these new demands, Blockbuster Inc. must do something

in order to keep their sales at a high and steady rate. We at Business Solutions Inc. have

developed a solution to Blockbuster Inc.’s problems. Our specialists at Business Solutions Inc.

plan to develop a Point of Sale Kiosk software for standalone kiosk machines that will be placed

in each of the participating Blockbuster store. The Point of Sale Kiosk will provide customers

with quick information of Movies, and Video games, a synopsis, user rating, price, location, and

availability. With the addition of a Point of Sale Kiosk in a Blockbuster store, some of the

advantages will include a fast and easy checkout, no long checkout lines and an electronic

member sign-up that is quick and easy.

       Blockbuster Inc. requested the professional services of Business Solutions Inc. because

they know we will do the job right and provide them with 100% satisfaction.
James Sabia                                                                         Phase 2
Leon Benjamin                                                                       Page | 3

       Blockbuster Inc.’s main goal in this project is to gain higher sales and more customer

memberships. In order to do this their main target are the customers. Customer satisfaction is

focus and most important goal that this project will attempt to achieve. The more customer

satisfaction that is achieved, the more customers will keep coming back, bring new clients in,

and increase overall sales on a whole. At Business Solutions Inc. we believe that our Point of

Sale Kiosk will definitely allow Blockbuster Inc. to achieve their projected goals. Business

Solutions Inc. will create an application that will run on the Point of Sale Kiosks in any of their

5,192 locations. The system will authorize customers to access the database with a user login

and password. Also, the system will allow an administrative login for employees so they can

update the database with new movies, video games, current availability, pricing and also to

maintain the system. The Point of Sale Kiosk will be extremely useful for employees and most

importantly their customers. The specialists at Business Solutions Inc. believe that the Point of

Sale Kiosk will have the potential to save Blockbuster Inc.’s from losing business by increasing

their revenue and sales significantly.

The Point of Sale Kiosk will provide many features, such as:

                      Movie and Video game query - the user will be able to search for movies

                       and video games by genre, or alphabetically.

James Sabia                                                                           Phase 2
Leon Benjamin                                                                         Page | 4
                     Detailed Information - the system will provide detailed information based

                      on the generated search. The information that will be provided will

                      include: synopsis, genre, user rating, release date, director, price and


                     Member Sign - up- new customer will be able to electronically sign-up to

                      Blockbuster Inc. This new member sign-up is quick and easy.

                     Fast Checkout- customers will be able to checkout quickly by

                      automatically billing there credit card on file.

       A major requirement of this application is that it needs to be very easy to use and most

importantly FAST. The system needs to be fast and be able to generate a query in no more than

3 seconds.

James Sabia                                                                        Phase 2
Leon Benjamin                                                                      Page | 5

       At Business Solutions Inc. we have done an intense investigation on the current daily

operations at Blockbuster Inc. The investigation was completed by interviewing current

employees of Blockbuster Inc. and as well as interviewing customers of Blockbuster Inc. Also,

we oversaw the daily operations at Blockbuster Inc. by watching their normal checkout

procedures and how customers get around the store to find what they need. After conducting

our investigation, we were able to come to a conclusion that numerous problems are lingering,

that needed to be isolated and solved immediately.

       In our investigation we had the opportunity to interview current employees of

Blockbuster Inc. After interviewing them, Business Solutions Inc. was able to collect an

exceptional amount of information based on the day to day operations at Blockbuster Inc.

From the interviews based on the employees we were able to establish that their particular

Blockbuster store receives a good amount of business which causes long checkout lines. Also,

there are only 2 checkout stations in that particular Blockbuster store. The employees stated

that the lines can get very long and many times customers would walk out because they did not

want to wait on line. Also, we found that when employees were helping customers, other

customers would frequently ask the employee’s certain information regarding availability and

James Sabia                                                                       Phase 2
Leon Benjamin                                                                     Page | 6
location, causing longer waiting times for the customers on line. The last part of our

investigation was to interview current customer and non-customers to see how they would like

the addition of a Point of Sale Kiosk. We found that the majority was thrilled to hear that

Blockbuster Inc. was considering implementing this technology and could not wait to see it and

test it out.

        We found that with these major problems, customers were very unhappy on how

Blockbuster operates there stores. This is definitely a major reason that is causing customer

dissatisfaction and a decrease in revenue and customers.

        Currently, Blockbuster Inc. uses their main computer(s) as a database for their products.

Customers do not have access to these computers, and there is no current way to “easily” find

what they are looking for. With the addition of a Point of Sale Kiosk there will be some cost


The cost feasibility of the new system is:

                   The purchase of the application for the Point of Sale Kiosk. Each store can

                    purchase the application and have unlimited licenses for that particular


                   The purchase of the Point of Sale Kiosk (hardware).

                   Minimal cost required for training all employees

                   Regular maintenance fees

James Sabia                                                                        Phase 2
Leon Benjamin                                                                      Page | 7

       After the interviews were conducted and the observation of Blockbuster Inc.’s daily

operation, we at Business Solutions Inc. highly recommend that we implement a Point of Sale

Kiosk into Blockbuster Inc. Their current operation does not meet customer satisfaction which

in fact is causing a loss in sales and customer memberships.

       Business Solutions Inc. highly believes that our proposed system will help increase sales,

revenue, and most importantly customer satisfaction. Our proposed system will make

customers time spent at Blockbuster Inc. more enjoyable, much easier to get around and a

quick in and out solution. Our proposed system will meet the requirements Blockbuster Inc.

anticipates. The system will be very easy to use with a user friendly graphical user interface

(GUI) for both employees and customers. Updating the database will be very easy, and most

importantly the system will need to be fast, generating a query in under 3 seconds.

       The required resources for this project are shown below:

James Sabia                                                                        Phase 2
Leon Benjamin                                                                      Page | 8
                   Each participating Blockbuster Inc. Store will need to purchase the Point

                    of Sale Kiosk hardware for our system depending upon how many Kiosk

                    stations they would like.

                   The application will allow authorized users to update and maintain the

                    database, while allowing customers to only view the database

                   A team of programmers from Business Solutions Inc. will be needed to

                    develop the application based on the requirements projected by

                    Blockbuster Inc.

                   User manuals

                   Moderate training will be required

James Sabia                                                                    Phase 2
Leon Benjamin                                                                  Page | 9
     Time and Cost Estimates

     Business Solutions Inc. is aiming for the new system to be completed within the next couple of

     months, with the project date of completion set for on or before December 20th, 2007.

                                                  Time          Hourly Rate               Final Cost
                                              to complete

System Development                          2 Weeks

   Programming the application             4 Weeks           $55 / Hour         $8,800

   Testing the application                 1 Week            $30 / Hour         $1,200

   License Fee (per store)                                                      $9,000

                                                                                 TOTAL:         $19,000

Installation of system

   1 kiosk (minimum) per store                                 $3,000      per $3,000
   2 technicians to install hardware        Total of 1 Day                      $1,400
                                                                $700 each
   2 technicians to install software                                            $1,200
                                                                $600 each

     James Sabia                                                                     Phase 2
     Leon Benjamin                                                                  Page | 10
Populate the database according to             3 Days
Blockbuster Inc.’s store

        Data entry                            24 Hours          $18 / Hour         $432

                                                                                    TOTAL:         $432

                                                                   Estimated GRAND TOTAL:          $24,632

       Note: These are just rough estimates and the prices are always subject to change. Each store

       that purchases our application MUST purchase a license. BUT the one license is valid for

       unlimited Point Of Sale Kiosks within that store.

       James Sabia                                                                      Phase 2
       Leon Benjamin                                                                   Page | 11
Expected Benefits

       The expected benefits out the new system are described below:

               The main goals projected behind the implementation of a Point of Sale Kiosk are:

                to achieve greater customer satisfaction, increase sales, attract new customers

                and maintain an effective business process.

               The new system guarantees scalability. The database used in the system can

                grow to support the expansion of new movies.

               As the database expands the system WILL NOT decrease in response time and


               A Point of Sale Kiosk is expected to increase sales dramatically.

               Increase in customer memberships.

               During busy nights, it is expected to provide a faster check out for customers.

                Faster checkouts with the POS Kiosk will lower the employee workload and

                employees can better focus on customer checkout and other tasks.

James Sabia                                                                          Phase 2
Leon Benjamin                                                                       Page | 12
               An electronic member sign-up that can be done in half the time as opposed to

                the original handwritten sign-up.

James Sabia                                                                     Phase 2
Leon Benjamin                                                                  Page | 13

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