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					Upcoming Events-                                                                     Church Wide Meeting Tonight
                                                                             All members please be sure to stay after evening service for a brief
                               Anchor Kids                                   church budget and finance meeting. We will be updating everyone on the
          Anchor Kids will begin next Sunday, September 27 during our
                                                                             financial condition of the church and discussing our budget going
          5pm service.
                                                                             forward. It is important for all members to attend as we each play a part
                                                                             in reaching the church’s financial goals. Thank you
              Sponsors for anchor kids’ dues are needed. If you would
       like to sponsor ($12.00 per child) please see JoAnn ASAP.
                                Teens                                                           Special Thanks to:
Afterglow is tonight pick up 8:30                                            Everyone who put in extra work for the wonderful program last week!
Movie Night Saturday Sept. 26th we will watch at the church, starting at     Thanks to: Dave Strange Sr. for help with sound, Dave Strange Jr. for
8:00 pm.                                                                     wonderful acting, David Kincaid for building the set, Jim Zoller for
                                                                             making rehearsal CD’s, and Lori Hale for decorating the tables and
    Attention Ladies-Action Ministries                                       organizing the meal.
Our next Action Ministries visit will be this week, September 21st from 6-
8 pm. This month the ladies of the church will be serving our                                             Website
community, but all are welcome to attend. A van will leave the church lot    Don’t forget to check out the church’s website, it is once again being
at 5:40 if you would like a ride, otherwise meet us there at 6pm. Action     updated. http::// Things to be posted on the website
Ministries is located right beside Johnny’s Toys.                            need to be sent to Pastor Ron who will forward them to our new
                                                                             webmaster William Carson.
                   Volleyball League
Deadline is next Sunday, September 27th.
It's that time of year again for Main Street's indoor co-ed volleyball. To                         Small Groups
field a team, we need to have at least 10 people plus $10 per person to      Fight Club (Men’s group) meets every other Wednesday at 6:30. This
cover the league fees by Sunday, September 27. League runs from                     group is led by Pastor Ron (635-8552). The next meeting will be
November through January, games are on Thursday evenings at Main                    Wednesday, October 7th at the Duty’s.
Street. If we cannot get enough to make our own team, we may be able         Ladies Group will meet every other Wednesday at 6:30. The next
to join with HABTC (who we just completed the Komen 5K with                         meeting will be September 30th. This group is led by Lisa Duty
yesterday). See Alicia to be added to the roster AND to pay fees.                   (635-8552) please contact her for details
                 Small Group Leaders                                         McQueen’s Small Group meets every Wed at 7 pm. Please call the
There will be a meeting for all small group leaders on October 4th at               McQueen’s 441-7163 for information. This week’s meeting will
4:30pm.                                                                             be at the Mission House.
                                                                             Momentum (under 40), led by Mike and Alice Kay (908-0073).
                   Remember in Prayer                                               Childcare is $2 per child, meets every other Tuesday. The next
Please continue to pray for Leonard Brummett and Phil Johnson and                   meeting is Tuesday September 22nd at the home of the
their families as they continue to deal with ongoing health concerns.        DNA Youth is led by David Strange and Alicia Brummett. They meet at
                  Congratulations to:                                               the mission house. The next meeting will be Wednesday
The actors and actresses who performed last week in “Down by the                    September 30th.
Creek bank”! Great Job to everyone!
                          This Week at AFBC
Today-Sunday School 9:30am, Worship 10:30am and 5:00pm                                    Alexandria’s First Baptist Church
       After evening service Church-wide budget and finance meeting                                    108 Washington St. Alexandria, KY 41001
                                                                                                                     Pastor Ron Duty
       Choir practice following budget meeting                                                Church phone: 635-8552 Pastor Ron’s cell phone 859-468-3176
       Afterglow after evening service, pick up at 8:30                                       
Monday-Action Ministries 6-8pm, van leaves at 5:40                                                           Sunday, September 13, 2009
Tuesday-Momentum small group 6:30
Wednesday- McQueen’s Small Group at 7:00 mission house
                                                                                                                      10:30 am Service
                        Sunday School Classes                                       Opening Hymn          Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing                              p. 2
Nursery-we offer a clean, safe, well staffed nursery for children ages two and
under. The nursery is on the left when you enter through the front steps, the
nursery is available during Sunday school and all worship times.
Worship Kidz Style – is an exciting curriculum for our children during Sunday
School time- 9:30 am ages 3 years to 4th grade meets in the basement and is         Choral Anthem                           Famous One
under the direction of Children’s Pastor Mike Kay.
Trek-A class for 5th and 6th graders meets on the upper floor with Alicia           Hymn                           To God Be the Glory                                   p. 66
Brummett, the door is well marked.                                                                               The Comforter Has Come                                  p. 257
Teens meet upstairs, men meet at the top of the stairs on the right with Phil
Cody, and ladies meet across from the stairs with Lisa Duty.                        Special Music                   Lisa Duty and Lori Hale
Ladies-the class for adult ladies meets in the front of the auditorium behind the
organ. This class is led by Joyce McQueen.                                          Giving of our Tithes and Offerings
Men-the class for adult men meets in the church auditorium and is taught by                 11 Being enriched in everything to all bountifulness, which causeth
Doug Bamforth.                                                                                            through us thanksgiving to God. (KJV)
Adult-the class of mixed ages and gender meets in the church gym and is led by
Pastor Ron.
                                                                                    Praise and Worship                   Lord Most High
                           By the Numbers                                                  At the conclusion of this song, children are released to Children’s Church,
Last Week’s offering: $6,351                                                               located in the basement.
Offering total month to date: $8,362
Needed per month: $9,200 ($2300 per week average)                                   Message-The Christian Home
September’s special offering will go toward the costs associated with operating     The first in a series
Anchor Kids                                                                                                                  John 12:21
                                                                                     21 So these came to Philip, who was from Bethsaida in Galilee, and asked
                                                                                                           him, “Sir, we wish to see Jesus.” (ESV)
If you have an announcement you would like in the bulletin, please email
( or call (859-331-7997) Amy Huff by Thursday evening.
                                                                                    Invitational Hymn                       A Christian Home                              p. 535

                                                                                                       Evening Service tonight at 5:00
                                                                                    Church-wide budget and finance meeting tonight at conclusion of service

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