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       Students will be able to…
Locate the United States on a globe.
Piece together a map of the United States.
Estimate the distance from Ohio to other
Identify major geological formations and
 state parks.
Decide, as a group, the most efficient route
 to travel between states.
           Materials Needed
• Inflatable globe     • U.S. floor map
• Magazines            • 8x10 U.S. maps
• Scissors             • Teacher addition of
• Glue                   geological formations
• Large Construction     and state parks
  Paper                • Notebook paper
• State templates      • Pencils
  Maps On Us: A Map, Route and Yellow Pages
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              Fun Social Studies - States and Capitals

 Free Blank Outline Maps of the Countries and
            Continents of the World
 Student Activities
•Globe Trotters
•United States Collage
•Map Hop
•Major Stuff
•Rat Race
        Activity #1
      Globe Trotters
Have students stand in a circle.
Toss in an inflatable globe, making sure it
When students catch the globe, they must
locate the United States.
Continue until all students have had a turn.
Note: If you have more then one globe,
make more than one circle to shorten time.
       Activity #2
  United States Collage
•Provide each student with a magazine, scissors, a
pencil, glue and a piece of construction paper
•Each group should have set of state templates.
•Have the students find random pictures to cut out
state shapes.
•Once all the states shapes are cut out, the students
need to piece together a map of the United States.
•Glue the map to the construction paper and
             Activity #3
              Map Hop
oGather students around floor map of the United
oAsk, “Where is Ohio?” and have one student
stand there.
oHave students take turns leaping from Ohio to
specific states. Make sure students count leaps.
oAsk follow up questions about the relationships
of distances between states. (farther, closer,
longer, etc.)
          Activity #4
          Major Stuff
Give each student an 8x10 map of the
United States.
Have them label the state parks and
geological formations we talk about in class
on these maps.
Make sure they keep these on hand for the
next activity.
           Activity #5
             Ratgroups of four or five.
Have students get in
Each group receives a secret state.
Challenge each group to find their way back to
Ohio, citing how they will travel, what states they
will go through, and any geological formations or
state parks they will pass on the way.
Have them estimate the distance and length of
time their travels will take.
Groups will report their decisions to the class.
Please get into a
circle at the front of
the room.
United States Collage
• Find pictures from the magazines at
  your table.
• Using the state stencils, trace the state
  onto the picture and cut it out. Do this
  for all 50 states.
• After you have cut out the 50 states,
  glue them in the correct position to
  form the U.S. map on your construction
        Major Stuff
  On the maps in front of you label these
• Smokey              • Washington D.C.
  Mountains           • Disney World
• Rocky Mountains • Alamo
• Yellow Stone
                      • Mount Rushmore
  National Park
• Grand Canyon        • Death Valley
• Great Salt Lake     • New York City
• The five Great      • Dayton, Ohio

          RAT RACE
• Your group will be given a secret
  location in the United States.
• Your job is to find your way to Dayton,
• You must identify all important places
  that you will pass along your way.
• You must also estimate the length of
  time and distance that your group will
  travel and what transportation you
• You can use all the resources needed.
  Hint: You might want to take a look at
  Major Stuff.

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