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									                                          ONLINE STUDY HELP FOR TESTING SKILLS
    Brevard Community College               This is the material you'll find in each of the four sections of the TABE:

If you have any questions or                READING (50 questions, 50 minutes)
    problems, feel free to write to:        Interpreting graphics, vocabulary, recalling information, understanding the text, evaluating the meaning of
               the text

or call one of the BCC Learning Labs:       MATH COMPUTATION (40 questions, 24 minutes -- you may not use a calculator)
           Cocoa: 433-7331                  Decimals, fractions, integers (positive and negative numbers), percents, algebraic operations
           Palm Bay: 433-5251
           Melbourne: 433-5520              MATH APPLICATIONS (50 questions, 50 minutes -- you may use a calculator)
           Titusville: 433-5033             Numeration, number theory, data interpretation, pre-algebra/algebra, measurement, geometry, word
                                            problems, estimation
McGraw Hill has recently published a
  TABE preparation book called              LANGUAGE (55 questions, 55 minutes)
  TABE Test of Adult Basic                  Usage (parts of speech), sentence formation, paragraph development, capitalization, punctuation
  Education: The First Step to
  Lifelong Success. This book is
  available at, and may
  be available at your local bookstore      The CPT is an untimed test that consists of three sections:
  or library.
For additional review material, you         SENTENCE SKILLS (roughly 20 questions)
  could look at a books designed to         Sentence structure, punctuation, agreement, tense, parallelism, wordiness
  study for the GED or the SAT test,
  since these tests are at                  READING (roughly 20 questions)
  approximately the same level as           Comprehension, main idea, inference, tone, purpose, supporting details
  the TABE and CPT.
                                            ALGEBRA (roughly 20 questions)
BCC students may also come to one           Integers, monomials, binomials, radicals, exponents and roots, solving linear equations and inequalities,
  of our BCC Learning Labs to use           factoring, functions, coordinate planes, graphing quadratic equations
  TABE preparation software and
  other resources. Call the Learning
  Lab nearest you to find out what
  materials are available there, and
  hours of operation.

This site has extensive help for both Math and Language. Look in the College of Mathematics, Department of Core Mathematics, Office of
Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra. Pre-algebra contains tutorials and quizzes for fractions, decimals, percents, integers, and geometry. In the College
of Humanities, Department of English, you will find the Guide to Grammar and Writing. The Word and Sentence Level contain tutorials which cover
usage, and the Paragraph Level covers paragraph development. There are also lots of quizzes to help you polish your skills.

This Scottish site includes wonderful interactive tutorials in reading, usage, and math. It has tutorials, self-tests, and answer-keys to go with both.
Users must understand that the word revision means remediation or tutorial in "British."

This site is a comprehensive of resources for practicing both Reading and Language skills. Each concept has instruction and then a quiz to test if
the student masters the skill. The web-site automatically grades the quiz.

Free downloadable worksheets for Reading, Language, and Math.

A wonderful site to get started learning the basics of Reading comprehension, Language, and Math, includes tutorials (both visual and audio),
worksheets, and games. Click on “Words” or “Numbers” to get started. For reading, there is also an excellent section called “In the News” that has
questions based on a number of interesting news stories. The format of this section is similar to the TABE.
For many students, it is difficult to do the math on the TABE within the time limit. This site will give you practice in adding, subtracting,
multiplying, and dividing quickly.

Another site to practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing quickly. Very easy to use!

Another easy-to-use java applet for practicing adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing quickly.

In the “Basic Mathematics” section, this site has plenty of practice problems and quick review lessons for the basic math skills that the TABE test
covers. This site also includes good algebra review for the CPT.

The “ages 13 - 100” section has great lessons in fractions. CPT students may wish to look at the tutorials in geometry and algebra. There are also
plenty of math games to help you practice math skills in a fun way.

Practice tests to test your skills, especially in algebra and geometry. Also, plenty of puzzles and interesting math facts.

Lessons for adults who have forgotten what they knew about math. Covers fractions, measurement, algebra, and some geometry.

Algebra Review in 10 Easy Lessons; requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or greater. As it says, this site is a review. It can remind you what you
once knew about algebra, but it will not be as helpful for people learning algebra for the first time. Great for CPT preparation.

The “Flashcards” section has good practice problems for estimation (“rounding”), algebra, geometry, fractions, and integers, along with basic
multiplication and division. The “worksheets” section has good practice problems for fractions and decimals.

The “Lessons” section has great tutorials on algebra, proportions (fraction problems), and word problems.

This popular web site is designed for K12 math competitions. There are skill reviews and tutorials in decimals, fractions, algebra, geometry and
more. The site can be utilized by adults. Go to "Help Facility for Grades 4 through 8" for drill and practice.

"AAA Math for K8" and "All About Fractions" have tutorials, drills and practice for math skills taught in K through 8th grade. The skills range from
addition to algebraic equations, geometry, statistics, metric measurement, graphs and percents. The program is highly appropriate for adults.

If you are the kind of person who learns well when playing games, then this site is for you. It features games designed to help you improve your
math skills at many different skill levels.

This site has java games and flashcards to practice various math exercises.

Fun math games with Macromedia Flash. Learn more about geometry, measurement, number theory, and algebra.

Online tutorials and practice quizzes for percent, integers, algebra, number theory, and geometry. Some portions of the site cost money, but
most portions are free.

This site has many tutorials and practice problems for fractions, percents, and algebra, all written by students! It also has streaming videos by a
gifted professor, explaining the concepts. It also specifically addresses the problem of math anxiety.

Algebra practice problems, with directions on how to do each problem.
This site has brief tutorials on punctuation and grammar (which includes usage and punctuation).

Grammar can be fun? This site is for adults. It delivers usage rules, tests and practice with a light hearted touch.

This web site offers definitions of advanced grammatical concepts. There are no practice exercises on this site, but it is a quick reference tool for
refreshing a student's memory of grammatical terms. Includes usage, punctuation, and paragraph development.

Guild to Grammar and Writing has everything! Sentences, paragraphs, how to construct an essay, etc. You can also "Ask Grammar" and get a
response usually within hours. (Results are posted to the web, not to your email.) Wonderful, visually interesting tutorials and quizzes on usage,
sentence formation, and paragraph development.

Many tutorials and quizzes for Usage and Punctuation. There are also some very well designed PowerPoint presentations to look at on Sentence
Formation and Commas. Also check out the neat PowerPoint presentations on writing resumes and cover letters!

A quick, fun test of the “Emergency Grammar System”

Grammar topics and exercises are found here to assist in your review. This site spends more time defining grammar terms.

Grammar tips and questions with quick answers are given on this site. It is useful for students who wonder why something is the way it is.

This is an excellent, adult oriented web-site by CNN! It gives various interesting news stories with many specific activities to improve
comprehension and vocabulary. In the "Your Turn!" module students can e-mail responses to the web site. Students can review their answers and
get a report card to measure their performance. There are multimedia links for those with adequate computer capabilities.

Free vocabulary puzzles to enhance vocabulary acquisition.

This site has many fascinating stories in History, Film, Famous Trials, Tragedies, Religion, Law and Biographies to help improve your
comprehension skills. From Virginia Woolfe's "Mrs. Dallaway" (from the new movie, "The Hours") to The Columbia Disaster, this site has so much
information that you'll be here for hours!

Explains how to analyze content, language and structure to improve comprehension.

These interactive online lessons help to improve reading comprehension and build vocabulary skills.

Reading comprehension practice exercises which help understand grammar skills as well.
Free ESL site including forums, chat, grammar, writing, quizzes and games, flashcards, audio, help lines, multilingual content, and much more!

There are over 1,000 quizzes, exercises and puzzles on this website to help you study English as a Second Language.

Many grammar lessons. Some of the lessons have quizzes.

Interesting Things for ESL Students: a fun study site for students of English as a Second Language. Word games, puzzles, quizzes, exercises,
slang, proverbs and much more.

Karin's ESL Partyland: over 75 interactive quizzes, 15 discussion forums, interactive lessons on a variety of topics, a chat room, and lots of great

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab: this neat site has many English listening exercises.

The ESL Center: A collection of links for learning English. I especially recommend the links to flash quizzes.

An online picture dictionary. Also has games and quizzes to help learn English.

This site will help you discover your special brand of intelligence, and will show you ways to use your intelligence to learn effectively.

This comprehensive guide will help you discover your learning style, and show you how to use your style to learn. An invaluable tool, both for
practicing for standardized tests such as the CPT or TABE, and for succeeding in school.

This site contains many helpful tips on successful studying and dealing with test anxiety.

There are tips on overcoming test anxiety on this site.

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