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					                                                                  IBIS BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS SCORING
          Area     Number                                                      High Level Description                                           Default   Config   Custom   N/A
                                                          System & Technical Requirements: General Requirements
          GEN       6.6.01      Application system is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
          GEN       6.6.02      System complies with the State of Wisconsin Information Resources Enterprise Architecture (attached).
                                System consists of fully-integrated application modules (i.e., data is stored and updated in only one
          GEN       6.6.03
          GEN       6.6.04      System is table-driven with online screens to control parameters.
                                System utilizes effective-dated transactions and table updates (either future dated or retroactive) with
          GEN       6.6.05
                                the ability to specify data edits by type of transaction.
          GEN       6.6.06      System supports multiple concurrent application sessions for each user.
                                Applications incorporate business rules into the system so that the rules are appropriately applied at the
          GEN       6.6.07
                                time data is being entered.
                                System is vendor-independent, that is, system is non-proprietary, based on non-proprietary technology,
          GEN       6.6.08
                                and is not locked into usage with proprietary hardware or operating system platforms.
          GEN       6.6.09      Default application system availability is continuous (i.e., 24 by 7).
          GEN       6.6.10      System is based on:
          GEN                      Real-time update of tables from end-user input screens without the use of batch processes

          GEN                      All input (e.g., batch and on-line) edited via State defined parameters prior to processing
          GEN               100% Web-enabled architecture
          GEN       6.6.11      System architecture is compatible with:
          GEN               Standard, message-based API's
          GEN               Wireless access
          GEN               Enterprise Workflow
          GEN               Application Server
          GEN               Web Server
          GEN               Report Server
          GEN               Database server
          GEN       6.6.12      System supports the following data-transfer methods:
          GEN               XML
          GEN               EDI: ASC X12 and/or UN EDIFACT
          GEN               Flat file (e.g., ASCII, variable and/or fixed length, comma-delimited, etc.)
          GEN       6.6.13      System provides Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) functionality:
          GEN               Connectivity services -- transports data across different networks and protocols
                                                  Communication services -- guarantees message delivery and handles queuing and encryption
                                                  for various types of communication (e.g., publish and subscribe, request/reply, etc.)
          GEN                      Data-flow services -- routes data to the appropriate destination(s) and filters messages
          GEN                      Data-mapping services -- links data to the appropriate meaning in different schemas
                                                  Data-transformation services -- handles data validation, calculations, lookups, padding,
                                                  truncation, etc.
          GEN                      Transaction processing services -- manages transactions across multiple applications

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                                                                  IBIS BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS SCORING
          Area     Number                                                  High Level Description                                             Default   Config   Custom   N/A
                                              Business process flow services -- groups and links data flows to automate the steps in a
                                              business transaction
          GEN                  Web Services functionality (e.g., UDDI, WSDL, SOAP, etc.)
                                System processes that run on the desktop must be compatible with currently supported MS Windows
          GEN       6.6.14
                                operating systems.
          GEN       6.6.15      System is compatible with the State's use of network protocols, such as TCP/IP.
          GEN       6.6.16      System provides toolsets to accommodate the following:
          GEN                  Database maintenance
          GEN                  Report design and generation
          GEN                  Application security administration
          GEN                  End-user interface design
          GEN                  System upgrade administration
          GEN                  API maintenance
          GEN                  Archiving/purging of data
                                System complies with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance rules,
          GEN       6.6.17
                                where applicable.
                                Application can be accessed by standard browsers without requiring specialized plug-ins or applets to
          GEN       6.6.18
          GEN       6.6.19      System maintains the state of the browser without cookies.
                                Access requirements through firewalls should be clearly identified and follow standard port designations,
          GEN       6.6.20
                                where possible.
          GEN       6.6.21      System must be integrated with Active Directory products.
                                System supports a fully scalable architecture designed to allow incremental increases in hardware
          GEN       6.6.22
                                capacity to meet demands of increased usage.
                                System supports multi-node application server processing so that application processing load can be
          GEN       6.6.23
                                distributed and balanced across multiple physical servers.
                                System architecture supports rapid failover or redeployment in the event of planned or unplanned
          GEN       6.6.24
                                System architecture ensures that ninety-nine percent of all failover events are concluded in less than five
          GEN       6.6.25
                                System architecture ensures that batch processing does not interfere with on-line responsiveness or
          GEN       6.6.26
                                System architecture provides user session isolation such that a failure in one session has no impact on
          GEN       6.6.27
                                other user sessions.
          GEN       6.6.28      System provides simultaneous access to data by at least 10,000 concurrent users
          GEN       6.6.29      All system data can be archived and retrieved.
          GEN       6.6.30      System administrator can define retention periods.
          GEN       6.6.31      Processing for erroneous transactions is suspended until the error is resolved.
          GEN       6.6.32      Deleted records are marked for deletion but not removed from the database until archived.
          GEN       6.6.33      Administrator has the ability to reset deleted records (maintaining referential integrity).
                                System supports mass changes to defined groups of transactions or data, such as the change required to
          GEN       6.6.34
                                process a reduction in all excess leave balances on June 30.
                                System provides method to access archived data when system architecture changes as a result of
          GEN       6.6.35
                                software upgrade.

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                                                                  IBIS BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS SCORING
          Area     Number                                                    High Level Description                                           Default   Config   Custom   N/A
                             System provides job scheduling tools to automate administrative tasks such as data base backups or
          GEN       6.6.36
                             regular report production.
                             System can be configured to purge records upon request for records within a user-defined time and
          GEN       6.6.37
          GEN             Validates integrity of database before and after purge
          GEN             Identifies orphaned records (i.e., records that do not have parent values)
          GEN       6.6.38 System archives data and transactions on CD or on some other form of archive storage.
          GEN       6.6.39 System provides a method to access, query, and report against archived data.
          GEN       6.6.40      System can access archived data when system architecture changes as a result of software upgrade.
          GEN       6.6.41   System includes ability to list all records included in purge.
          GEN       6.6.42   System integrates any proposed third party applications into the main menu structure.
                                           Menu structure is maintained during software upgrades for primary ERP system and third-
                                           party applications
          GEN               Vendor proposed third party applications reflect ERP system security profiles
          GEN       6.6.43 System provides a management console that is web accessible.
                             System provides software distribution tools to facilitate migration of application software to other servers
          GEN       6.6.44
                             (e.g., test, development, etc.)
          GEN       6.6.45 Application is supported by version control tools that provide "check in" and "check out" support.
          GEN       6.6.46 System tools support enterprise-wide administration of multiple application servers.
          GEN       6.6.47 System tools support proactive management of application server resources.
                             System includes a flexible resource accounting and management capability that is integrated with the ERP
          GEN       6.6.48
                             system (charge back support).

                                                                  System & Technical Requirements: Security
                                The application must satisfy State of Wisconsin vulnerability testing. Any issues discovered must be
          GEN       6.6.49
                                resolved and paid for by the company to the state’s satisfaction.
                                The State of Wisconsin must be notified of any intent to outsource development of the application or to
          GEN       6.6.50
                                use code from an outsource company
          GEN       6.6.51      System security is integrated throughout all application modules.
          GEN       6.6.52      All password and security related files are maintained in an encrypted state.
                                System triggers an automatic review of employee's user profile upon changes entered to employee's
          GEN       6.6.53
                                assignment or employment status.
                                When a user logs in to begin a session, all authentication information on that session is made available to
          GEN       6.6.54
                                any application, screen or transaction that the user attempts to access during that session.
                                If the company learns of a security issue in the application the State of Wisconsin will be notified
          GEN       6.6.55      immediately of the potential issue, and be given daily updates of the extent of the issue and the progress
                                toward a solution.
          GEN       6.6.56      The application does not use embedded logins and passwords.
          GEN       6.6.57      Users must authenticate themselves to access application servers.
                                Properly authorized users can log in once and access all application modules and screens during that
          GEN       6.6.58
          GEN       6.6.59      System tools control user access to application servers.
          GEN       6.6.60      System tools control access to application servers from other servers.

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                                                                   IBIS BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS SCORING
          Area     Number                                                     High Level Description                                           Default   Config   Custom   N/A
          GEN       6.6.61      System tools audit and report on application server access and access attempts.
          GEN       6.6.62      Users must authenticate themselves to access the database or database servers.
          GEN       6.6.63      Users must authenticate themselves to access workflows through standard web browser clients.

                                                   System & Technical Requirements: Database Management System
          GEN       6.6.64      The application can be implemented on either Oracle 9i or Oracle 10g or DB2 7.1 for z/OS.
          GEN       6.6.65      The application database supports data replication and synchronization across multiple physical servers.
                                The application requires only one database entry and associated unique ID for each entity and/or person
          GEN       6.6.66
          GEN       6.6.67      The application uses an index or identifier other than tax ID for each entity and/or person.
                                The application updates all related modules and tables with a single entry, for example, an account
          GEN       6.6.68
                                number change is made only once but takes effect throughout the application.
          GEN       6.6.69      The application tracks and stores date effective changes throughout all modules.
                                The application provides query features that support alternate field lookup, for instance, using vendor
          GEN       6.6.70
                                name to look up vendor number.
          GEN       6.6.71      The application provides table look-up fields that can be linked to, or refer to, other tables.
                                The application database supports execution of procedures stored in the database based on event
          GEN       6.6.72
          GEN       6.6.73      The application database provides automatic replication of table updates to multiple databases.
          GEN       6.6.74      The application database locks records at the data item level.
          GEN       6.6.75      Data attributes can be configured by the system administrator.
          GEN       6.6.76      The application database provides standard query language (SQL) capabilities for database queries.
                             The application database allows properly authorized administrators to create new data items on-line and
          GEN       6.6.77
                             will automatically update a global data dictionary with these new elements.
          GEN              New data items are automatically included in migration paths during software upgrades
                                          Data model documentation for accommodating new fields is included as part of upgrade

                                                     System & Technical Requirements: Input Methods and Devices
          GEN       6.6.78      The application supports both on-line and batch entry of transactions and data.
                                The application will perform updating from external batch sources (i.e., other application systems)
          GEN       6.6.79
                                through a standard interface.
          GEN       6.6.80      The application supports on-line integration through standard message-based API's.
          GEN       6.6.81      Edits may be defined by transaction type and input source.
          GEN       6.6.82      The application will allow mass changes or deletes by table-driven data, if properly authorized.
          GEN       6.6.83      Supports gathering information from the a wide variety of input devices. Please list.

                                                                  System & Technical Requirements: Processing
                                The application allows system administrators to control the priority of processes based on multiple user-
          GEN       6.6.84
                                defined criteria
          GEN       6.6.85      The application supplies job scheduling tools that allow users to predefine start times for batch processes.
          GEN       6.6.86      The application supplies job scheduling tools that allow users to control jobs by transaction type.

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                                                                     IBIS BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS SCORING
          Area     Number                                                       High Level Description                                       Default   Config   Custom   N/A
          GEN       6.6.87      The application allows users to sequence multiple jobs based on user-defined rules.
                                The application maintains a system-wide calendar, which can be updated on-line by the user, for
          GEN       6.6.88
                                production scheduling.
                                The system provides automatic program checks for controlling data files, verifying correct processing, and
          GEN       6.6.89      ensuring data integrity. Available program checks include record counts, totals, limit checks, and dollar
          GEN       6.6.90      The system automatically reconciles all exported/imported data.
                                The system provides integration with third-party scheduling tools for all proposed installed and supported
          GEN       6.6.91

                                                                   System & Technical Requirements: Interfaces
          GEN       6.6.92      The system provides interfaces with popular desktop applications (e.g., Microsoft Office, etc.).
          GEN       6.6.93      The system provides a standard interface for document management software.
          GEN       6.6.94      The system interfaces with Microsoft Exchange Server and Oracle Collaboration Suite.
          GEN       6.6.95      The system utilizes standard e-mail protocols, e.g. IMAP, MAPI, POP3, SMTP, etc.
          GEN       6.6.96      The system provides an interface to fax software.
          GEN       6.6.97      The system provides an interface to telephony and IVR systems.
                                The system provides an interface engine capable of supporting the import and system wide posting of
          GEN       6.6.98      transaction data. For example, an import of billing transaction from a program specific system that posts
                                the bill to accounts receivable and updates all relevant tables.
          GEN       6.6.99      The system is compatible with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

                                                          System & Technical Requirements: Desktop Configuration
                           Client stations may run under any hardware/OS configuration capable of supporting a current-generation
          GEN      6.6.100
                           Web browser (Netscape 4.00 or above, Microsoft Explorer 6.0 or above).
          GEN      6.6.101 System is web-based and requires no installation on client workstations

                                                                  System & Technical Requirements: User Interface
          GEN      6.6.102 The application uses a consistent user interface across all components, including:
          GEN              Consistent function keys
          GEN              Screen naming functions
          GEN              Navigation patterns
          GEN              Consistent use of controls
          GEN              Help
          GEN              Menus (as defined by security profile)
          GEN      6.6.103 The application utilizes on-line, drop-down lists for all valid values for each validated field.
                             The application provides immediate transfer of values from "Pop up" tables to the appropriate field when
          GEN      6.6.104
          GEN      6.6.105 On-line screens proceed directly and automatically to the next appropriate field when data is entered.

          GEN      6.6.106 The application can access other input screens and modules without backing out of menus or menu paths.
          GEN      6.6.107 System supports cut and paste for copying data between windows.
                           The application allows navigation between multiple, related input screens without losing information input
          GEN      6.6.108
                           on the original (or header) screen.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ca88f43e-b9b6-41a1-8d99-a8090bdb5a08.xls                                                                                                                Page 5
                                                                     IBIS BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS SCORING
          Area     Number                                                        High Level Description                                            Default   Config   Custom   N/A
          GEN      6.6.109 The application allows the user to move backward within a menu structure without losing data.
          GEN      6.6.110 The application allows user to open multiple screens/windows simultaneously.
                           The application stores a list of recent values for each entry and makes them available for selection during
          GEN      6.6.111
                           the current session.
          GEN      6.6.112 The application supports partial queries for data in transactions and records.
                           The database model, as delivered, provides user-defined fields for the capture of State of Wisconsin
          GEN      6.6.113
                           specific data.
                           The application provides an on-line calculation tool that can be called at any point, and used to insert a
          GEN      6.6.114
                           calculated result into a numeric value field.
                           System allows the user to attach and retrieve a wide variety of files to transactions or records. A "wide
          GEN      6.6.115
                           variety" includes word processing files, spreadsheets, image files, etc.
          GEN      6.6.116 The system manages storage and retrieval of attached, unstructured data.
                           The application allows complete validation and editing of data at the point of entry, either on-line or
          GEN      6.6.117 batch, based on user-defined criteria (e.g., transactions, tables, archived records, transaction status,
          GEN                      Cross validation edits for data entry can be configured by authorized users or administrators.
                                End-user screens contain triggers to load additional data screens automatically based on specific data
          GEN      6.6.118
                                System stores user profile preferences for font, colors, column and row location, workspace, etc. and
          GEN      6.6.119
                                retrieves them automatically when session is initiated.
          GEN                  System carries forward user preferences when system upgrades are applied.
                                Parent and child transactions are linked for the purpose of data entry and inquiry and support the ability
          GEN      6.6.120
                                to go directly to the source document. For example:
          GEN                  Voucher is linked to payment
          GEN                  Purchase order is linked to invoice
          GEN                  Paycheck is linked to timesheet

                                                                  System & Technical Requirements: Help Capability
                           The application provides context sensitive, on-line help features for all screen elements, screen errors and
          GEN      6.6.121
                           error codes.
                           Utilizes an on-line help feature, which directs the user to help screens specific to the transaction for which
          GEN      6.6.122
                           they are processing
          GEN      6.6.123 User can recover password automatically upon successfully answering previously stored, secret question.
                                Help files can be customized by users. Customized help files will carry forward automatically during
          GEN      6.6.124

                                                                    System & Technical Requirements: Workflow
          GEN      6.6.125 System supports user defined workflow for any system event or transaction.
          GEN      6.6.126 System allows at least twenty workflow steps.
                             System allows user defined, standard approval timeframes and alternative approval paths along with
          GEN      6.6.127
                             automatic notification for overdue tasks.
          GEN      6.6.128 Definition of workflow events may be based on user-defined criteria, including:
          GEN             Transaction code

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ca88f43e-b9b6-41a1-8d99-a8090bdb5a08.xls                                                                                                                      Page 6
                                                                  IBIS BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS SCORING
          Area     Number                                                  High Level Description                                          Default   Config   Custom   N/A
          GEN                 Agency
          GEN                 Data values (for example - purchase order exceeds $10,000)
          GEN                 Other user-defined values or parameters
          GEN      6.6.129      Routing of workflow may have multiple destinations based on above criteria.
          GEN      6.6.130      System supports multiple workflows dependent on content type.
                                System allows user to attach notes to content items within the workflow and stores these notes with user
          GEN      6.6.131
                                id and date/time stamp.
          GEN      6.6.132      Workflows can be designated as either 'informational' or 'action (such as approval) required'.
          GEN      6.6.133      Transaction is not finalized until approval workflows are complete
          GEN      6.6.134      System provides tools to support workflow analysis for workflow process improvement.
                                Workflow can be designed to allow simultaneous actions or can require consecutive actions, as defined by
          GEN      6.6.135
                                authorized administrator.
          GEN      6.6.136      System routes rejected transactions to any designated prior approver
          GEN      6.6.137      System provides an "inbox" for each user with workflow items to be reviewed
          GEN      6.6.138 System displays status of workflow transactions so participants can determine where actions are delayed.
          GEN      6.6.139 System provides integrated workflow error handling.
          GEN      6.6.140 System must support electronic signatures for approvals and rejections
          GEN      6.6.141 System tracks workflow approvals and rejections
          GEN      6.6.142 Supports user-defined transaction status, including approved, rejected, pending, under consideration.
          GEN      6.6.143 The status of items submitted to workflow may be identified at any time.
                           Workflow destination may be defined as a specific user or class of users within agency or by using some
          GEN      6.6.144
                           other user-defined criteria.
                           System automatically notifies users when items in their inbox have gone unprocessed for a user-defined
          GEN      6.6.145
                           period of time.
                           System workflow automatically routes transactions to a workgroup after a specific time of inaction (based
          GEN      6.6.146
                           on transaction type).
                           Approval authority may be delegated to another user for a specified period of time (to cover vacations,
          GEN      6.6.147
                           Steps in the workflow may be bypassed by allowing approvers higher in the approval chain to approve
          GEN      6.6.148
                           transactions before the transactions arrive in the approver's mailbox
                           System supports the use of a "master approver" for each workflow who may approve a transaction at any
          GEN      6.6.149
                           time whether included in the normal workflow or not.
          GEN      6.6.150 System allows attachment of external file of additional documentation or notes to workflow events.

                                                           System & Technical Requirements:Query and Reporting
                           The system supports standard federal and state government reporting requirements in all
          GEN      6.6.151
                           modules/applications covered by this RFP.
                           The system allows users to drill down to supporting documents and related transactions from any
          GEN      6.6.152
                           transaction within the system.
                           The report generator can include unstructured data in query results (e.g., MS Word, FileNet and other
          GEN      6.6.153
                           documents attached to transactions).

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ca88f43e-b9b6-41a1-8d99-a8090bdb5a08.xls                                                                                                              Page 7
                                                                  IBIS BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS SCORING
          Area     Number                                                  High Level Description                                               Default   Config   Custom   N/A
                                The report generator links directly to the data dictionary to provide point and click data item selection for
          GEN      6.6.154
                                the user.
                                The query engine can drill down from summary balances to the supporting detail transactions and drill up
          GEN      6.6.155      from the detail transaction to the summary balance (e.g., overtime expense to payroll employees
                                contributing to expense to projects/funds receiving charge, etc.).
                                A properly authorized system administrator can define limits on the execution time for a report or query
          GEN      6.6.156      and/or the number of records to be retrieved with user options available to continue, cancel, or send to
          GEN      6.6.157      The report generator provides reports on user production statistics by user ID.
                                The report generator can produce reports that include user designed graphs and charts, including, but not
          GEN      6.6.158
                                limited to:
          GEN                 Creation of graphic organizational charts from the reporting tool
          GEN                 Creation of line graphs from the reporting tool
          GEN                 Creation of pie charts from the reporting tool
          GEN                 Creation of stacked bar charts from the reporting tool
          GEN                 Creation of min/mid/max line graphs from the reporting tool
          GEN                 Creation of regression lines from the reporting tool
          GEN      6.6.159      Query and report results can be exported in various formats including, but not limited to:
          GEN                 External database
          GEN                 Word processing format
          GEN                 ASCII files
          GEN                 Spreadsheets
          GEN                 Text files (.txt)
          GEN                 Other presentation formats (e.g., PDF format)

                                               System & Technical Requirements: Data Warehouse/Decision Support
                                Data warehouse is portable, that is, it can run on multiple hardware platforms and/or provide built-in
          GEN      6.6.160
                                capabilities for switching between platforms without requiring re-installation or additional customization.

                           Data warehouse scales to allow the State to size the data warehouse to meet its ever-changing business
          GEN      6.6.161 needs. Clients and servers can be added, upgraded or removed as computing capacity needs change,
                           without reconfiguring the Data warehouse and its analytical applications.
          GEN      6.6.162 Data warehouse configurations/parameters are entirely table-driven as opposed to "hard coded."
          GEN      6.6.163 Data warehouse provides online report viewing and printing of ad hoc reports.
                           Data warehouse enables users to run ad hoc reports and queries without data warehouse performance
          GEN      6.6.164
                           Data warehouse maintains an active metadata dictionary that contains descriptions of all data items and
          GEN      6.6.165
                           attributes within the data warehouse.
                           Data warehouse allows incremental refreshes of the data or a complete rebuild of the data warehouse
          GEN      6.6.166
                           based on administrator-defined parameters.
          GEN      6.6.167 Data warehouse enables data refresh to occur as a scheduled event or automatically in real-time.
          GEN      6.6.168 Data warehouse tightly integrates with the system.
          GEN      6.6.169 Data warehouse supports user-generated, automated extract and load routines.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ca88f43e-b9b6-41a1-8d99-a8090bdb5a08.xls                                                                                                                   Page 8
                                                                  IBIS BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS SCORING
          Area     Number                                                    High Level Description                                         Default   Config   Custom   N/A
                           Data warehouse allows the warehouse administrator to monitor and maintain the data warehouse using
          GEN      6.6.170
                           delivered functionality.
          GEN      6.6.171 Data warehouse captures and maintains external data that is not part of the system.
                           Data warehouse supports modular phase-in of analytical applications corresponding to the major functions
          GEN      6.6.172 or “modules” (e.g., Financial Management, Procurement, Budget, Human Resources, and Payroll) of the
                           system during implementation without disruption of State services.
          GEN      6.6.173 Data warehouse must provide the following process controls:
                                           Comprehensive edit, validation, and balancing controls which prevent incomplete or incorrect
                                           data from being processed
                                           Programmatic control of the process flow to prevent data from being processed in the wrong
          GEN               Processing cycles completed in a logical and prescribed order
          GEN               Integrity of data entering the database, safeguarded through editing criteria
                                           Updating of tables/files upon completion of a logical unit of work according to State/agency
                                           business rules
                             Data warehouse must provide user-controlled definition and maintenance of system values and business
          GEN      6.6.174
                             rules in tables without requiring programmer intervention or recompilation of programs.
          GEN      6.6.175 Data warehouse provides at least the following analytical applications:
          GEN               Financial Management
          GEN               Performance Management
          GEN               Purchasing Management
          GEN               Workforce Management
                             Analytical applications included with the data warehouse have the following functionality/characteristics at
          GEN      6.6.176
                             a minimum:
          GEN               Completely web-enabled
          GEN               Able to drill down from summary data to detail transaction data
          GEN               Present data in both tabular and graphical formats
          GEN               Tightly integrated with the data warehouse
          GEN               Analytical applications have similar look and feel as other System applications
          GEN      6.6.177 Data warehouse enables users to customize their alerts and tracking of performance indicators.
          GEN      6.6.178 Financial Management analytical application provides the following functions/capabilities at a minimum:
          GEN               Analyze actual versus budget data
          GEN               Allow comparisons of this year versus last year data
          GEN               Provide month-to-month comparisons and analyses
          GEN               Analyze expenditures by funding source
          GEN               Analyze expenditures by organization units
          GEN               Analyze expenditures by object code
                                Performance Management analytical application provides the following functions/capabilities at a
          GEN      6.6.179
          GEN               Able to track data by various performance indicators
                                                  Optimize management use of ABC data by creating OLAP databases and reports that enable
                                                  decision makers to interactively analyze activity-based information at their desktops

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ca88f43e-b9b6-41a1-8d99-a8090bdb5a08.xls                                                                                                               Page 9
                                                                  IBIS BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS SCORING
          Area     Number                                                      High Level Description                                        Default   Config   Custom   N/A
                                Purchasing Management analytical application provides the following functions/capabilities/reports/queries
          GEN      6.6.180
                                at a minimum:
          GEN                Number and amount of POs by Vendor
          GEN                Average delivery time
          GEN                Comparative analysis of purchases for the last three years
          GEN                Analysis of master contract usage by buyer or commodity or dollar amount
          GEN                List of top 10 vendors in terms of purchasing amount
          GEN                Average price paid by commodity with high and lows
          GEN                Number and amount of POs by commodity
          GEN                Commodity usage by agency
          GEN      6.6.181 Workforce Management analytical application provides the following functions/capabilities at a minimum:
          GEN                      Analyze workforce by various demographic factors such as gender or race
          GEN                      Stratify and analyze workforce by salary
          GEN                      Stratify and analyze workforce by education
          GEN                      Stratify and analyze workforce by job-type
          GEN                      Leave usage--categories of vacation, sick, comp, time without and military
          GEN                      Leave balances--vacation, sick and comp
          GEN                      Insurance type
          GEN                      County
          GEN                      Months service
          GEN                      EEO categories
          GEN                      Department/division
          GEN                      Retirement type
          GEN      6.6.182 Data warehouse provides all security features described below for system application components.

                                                             System & Technical Requirements: Security and Audit
                                System conforms to International Standards Organization (ISO) standard 15408. This standard is also
          GEN      6.6.183
                                called the "Common Criteria."
          GEN      6.6.184      System integrates with current State security software for all platforms.
          GEN      6.6.185      System logs transactions by user ID.
          GEN      6.6.186      System allows users to define which system actions will be logged.
                                System maintains historical records (e.g., a log file) of table updates. Data logged includes, but is not
          GEN      6.6.187
                                limited to, user ID, data before change, change data and date/time stamp.
          GEN      6.6.188      System requires users to change passwords at intervals set by State security officers.
          GEN      6.6.189      System enables security officers to define required password characteristics.
          GEN      6.6.190 System uses a single password and logon for all system functions enabled in the user's security profile.

                                System security integrates with the State's access and identity management tools, Tivoli Access Manager
          GEN      6.6.191
                                (TAM) and Tivoli Identity Manager (TIM), to allow network sign-on to provide system access.
          GEN      6.6.192 System provides the ability to establish one logon that works with all modules within the system.
          GEN      6.6.193 System automates the creation and deletion of user accounts across multiple ERP application modules.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ca88f43e-b9b6-41a1-8d99-a8090bdb5a08.xls                                                                                                                Page 10
                                                                  IBIS BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS SCORING
          Area     Number                                                  High Level Description                                            Default   Config   Custom   N/A
          GEN      6.6.194 System provides secure access to vendors and employees working outside the State's firewall.
          GEN      6.6.195 System prohibits concurrent logon with the same ID.
          GEN      6.6.196 System enables system administrator to resume and/or revoke passwords.
          GEN      6.6.197 System denies access to user after a specified number of failed logon attempts.
                           System logs off a user and generates a report to the security officer if user attempts to breach system
          GEN      6.6.198
                           authorized security level based upon administrator-defined parameters.
          GEN      6.6.199 System records unsuccessful logon attempts and retain the records for a user-defined period of time.
                                System issues an alert to the end-user and notifies the system administrator after a specified number of
          GEN      6.6.200
                                unauthorized log on attempts.
          GEN      6.6.201      System deactivates a user logon id after a system administrator-defined period of inactivity.
                                System automatically logs off user after a period of session inactivity, as specified by the system
          GEN      6.6.202
          GEN      6.6.203      System allows authorized administrators to establish user security profiles that restrict ability to:
          GEN                 Log on
          GEN                 Add data
          GEN                 Delete data
          GEN                 Change data
          GEN                 View data
          GEN                 Approve data
                                System allows authorized administrators to restrict data access for each security profile by using the
          GEN      6.6.204
                                following values either individually or in combination:
          GEN                 IP Address
          GEN                 Employee id
          GEN                 User id
          GEN                 Any element in the chart of accounts (e.g. grant, project, fund)
          GEN                 Application module
          GEN                 Screen
          GEN                 Data item or field within screen
          GEN                 Workstation
          GEN                 Menu
          GEN                 Report
          GEN                 Employee status
          GEN                 Transaction type
          GEN                 Document type
          GEN                 Role
                                System allows security profiles and related data access limitations to be applied across all reporting and
          GEN      6.6.205
                                query functions.
          GEN      6.6.206      System restricts use of data by external report writers, data extracts, etc.
          GEN      6.6.207      System supports standard Internet security, including but not limited to:
          GEN                 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
          GEN                 Digital Certificates
          GEN                 Various levels of encryption
          GEN                 AES encryption
          GEN                 Secure Socket Layers (SSL)

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ca88f43e-b9b6-41a1-8d99-a8090bdb5a08.xls                                                                                                                Page 11
                                                                     IBIS BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS SCORING
          Area     Number                                                       High Level Description                                             Default   Config   Custom   N/A
          GEN                Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS)
          GEN                Digital Signatures
          GEN      6.6.208      System enables centrally administered security (i.e., one security administrator).
                                System enables de-centralized security administration (i.e., agency application/system security
          GEN      6.6.209
                                administrators overseen by a central security administrator).
          GEN      6.6.210      System provides security reports showing:
          GEN                Authorized system use
          GEN                Unauthorized system use
          GEN                Security profiles by user
          GEN                Security breaches or attempts
          GEN      6.6.211      System is able to define user profiles in various ways, such as:
          GEN                Assign multiple users to a single profile
          GEN                Define user specific characteristics for a profile without creating a new profile
          GEN                Assign multiple security profiles to a single user
                                                  Designating combinations of security profiles as representing incompatible functions and
          GEN                      generating a warning message to notify the administrator if multiple security profiles applied
                                                  to a single user are in conflict. Such instances should be recorded by system
          GEN      6.6.212 System provides the ability to record or file encryption using 3-DES standards .
          GEN      6.6.213 System can encrypt data stored in the database.
                           System can block the full display of certain data, for example, display only the last four digits of SSNs
          GEN      6.6.214
                           either online or on a hard copy report.
                           System provides security for e-commerce functions, including customer authentication and encryption to
          GEN      6.6.215
                           protect customer data.
          GEN      6.6.216 System integrates biometric user verification devices.

                                                   System & Technical Requirements: Error Handling Characteristics
                                System error messages appear in a consistent format across all system modules for both batch and on-
          GEN      6.6.217
                                line processing. Specifically, error messages have like codes, text and screen locations.
          GEN      6.6.218      System integrates error messages with on-line help function.
          GEN      6.6.219      System provides an error/recycle file for rejected batch transactions.
          GEN      6.6.220      System captures rejected or unposted transactions in a file for user resolution.
          GEN      6.6.221      System produces error statistics by module, transaction and source.

                                                                  System & Technical Requirements: Documentation
                                System provides accurate, up-to-date, electronic, end-user manuals which contain clear and thorough
          GEN      6.6.222      descriptions of all screen and batch processing functions, screen data, programs, and any processing
          GEN      6.6.223      System provides search functions for on-line documentation.
          GEN      6.6.224      All system documentation and manuals are available electronically, for example, on CD-ROM.
                                System provides comprehensive technical system documentation and technical manuals (intended for
          GEN      6.6.225
                                information systems personnel) including, but not limited to:
          GEN      6.6.226      Program descriptions
          GEN      6.6.227      Screen definitions and descriptions
          GEN      6.6.228      Database definitions, logical data model, and record layouts

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ca88f43e-b9b6-41a1-8d99-a8090bdb5a08.xls                                                                                                                      Page 12
                                                                  IBIS BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS SCORING
          Area     Number                                                  High Level Description                                              Default   Config   Custom   N/A
                             System enables users to incorporate user-defined documentation into system documentation (e.g., user
          GEN      6.6.229
                             procedures, business rules, etc.).
          GEN             Accessible in the same manner as Vendor provided documentation
          GEN             Incorporated into documentation automatically during the upgrade process

                                                                        ADA: Applets and Plug-Ins
                           When a web page requires that an applet, plug-in or other application be present on the client system to
          GEN      6.6.230 interpret page content, the page must provide a link to a plug-in or applet that complies with Federal
                           Accessibility Standards for Web-based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications §1194.21(a)
                           through (l).
                           Do not use applets and plug-ins that require specialized scripting to work with screen reading and screen
          GEN      6.6.231
                           magnification w/ speech applications.

                                                                                ADA: Color
                                Web pages shall be designed so that all information conveyed with color is also available without color, for
          GEN      6.6.232
                                example from context or markup.

                                                                             ADA: Data Table
          GEN      6.6.233 Row and column headers shall be identified for data tables.
                           Markup shall be used to associate data cells and header cells for data tables that have two or more logical
          GEN      6.6.234
                           levels of row or column headers.

                                                                               ADA: Display
                           Do not use color-coding as the only means of conveying information or indicating an action. Always
          GEN      6.6.235 provide an alternative or parallel method that can be used by individuals who do not possess the ability to
                           identify colors.
                           The application should not change colors set by the user. The application should support user-defined
          GEN      6.6.236
                           color settings. Highlighting should also be viewable with inverted colors.
          GEN      6.6.237 Do not use patterned backgrounds behind text or important graphics.
                                To the fullest extent possible, users should be able to override application default fonts for displays and,
          GEN      6.6.238
                                more importantly, for printing. It is recognized that this might not be possible in some circumstances.
                           Allow user adjustment of, or allow user to disable, flashing, rotating or moving displays to the extent that
          GEN      6.6.239 it does not interfere with the purpose of the application. These features often cause screen reader
                           software to lock up and require the user to reboot the machine. Occasionally, screen readers do not
                           identify such features and the user is unaware of them.

                                                                          ADA: Documentation
                           Provide all manuals and documentation in electronic format as an ASCII text file or a "".hlp"" file.
                           [Accessible PDF, HTML based and Windows Help compliant documentation also is functional.]
          GEN      6.6.240 This should include text descriptions of any charts and/or graphs or pictures or graphics of any nature.
                           This is done to ensure that the information presented in charts or graphs is available to screen readers
                           and/or in Braille versions of the text.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ca88f43e-b9b6-41a1-8d99-a8090bdb5a08.xls                                                                                                                  Page 13
                                                                  IBIS BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS SCORING
          Area     Number                                                  High Level Description                                                Default   Config   Custom   N/A
                           Any reports that the application generates must be available in a "print to ASCII file" format. [Accessible
          GEN      6.6.241
                           PDF, HTML based and Windows Help compliant documentation also is functional.]

                                                                          ADA: Electronic Forms
                           When electronic forms are designed to be completed on-line, the form shall allow people using assistive
          GEN      6.6.242 technology to access the information, field elements, and functionality required for completion and
                           submission of the form, including all directions and cues.

                                                                           ADA: Field Labeling
                           To the fullest extent possible, position the descriptions or labels for data fields immediately next to the
                           field, so that it is easy for screen reading software, used by individuals that are blind, to associate the
          GEN      6.6.243
                           labels with the corresponding fields. The preferred position would be flush against the left side of the field
                           with a colon. For example, LABEL: XXXXXXXXXX (where XXXXXXXXXX is the data entry area).
                           On screens where there are multiple input fields on one line, the input fields should be separated by a
          GEN      6.6.244
                           separator character, such as the vertical line or the backslash.
                           When building input screens to resemble paper forms, developers should keep in mind that a user with a
          GEN      6.6.245 screen reader may be working with the screen and should make the design as accessible as possible
                           under the circumstances.

                                                                            ADA: Flicker Rate
                                Pages shall be designed to avoid causing the screen to flicker with a frequency greater than 2 Hz and
          GEN      6.6.246
                                lower than 55 Hz.

                                                                              ADA: Frames
          GEN      6.6.247 Frames shall be titled with text that facilitates frame identification and navigation.
                           When possible avoid using frames since this can cause navigation problems with screen readers and how
          GEN      6.6.248
                           it will read the webpage.
                                                                           Subtotal-ADA: Frames
                                                                               ADA: Icons
                                All icons must have clear precise text labels included on the focus or provide a user-selected option of text-
          GEN      6.6.249
                                only buttons.
          GEN      6.6.250      The use of icons must be consistent throughout the application.
          GEN      6.6.251      Provide pull-down menu equivalents for icon functions (menu, tool bar).
          GEN      6.6.252      Provide keyboard access to all pull-down menus.
                                Painted text is not accessible to all users. Use system text drawing tools so that screen reader software
          GEN      6.6.253
                                can interpret the text.

                                                                       ADA: Software Compatibility
          GEN      6.6.254 The system is accessible with version 6.2 of the JAWS software.
          GEN      6.6.255 The system is accessible with version 5.0 of Window-eyes software.

                                                                         ADA: Keyboard Access

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ca88f43e-b9b6-41a1-8d99-a8090bdb5a08.xls                                                                                                                    Page 14
                                                                  IBIS BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS SCORING
          Area     Number                                                  High Level Description                                             Default   Config   Custom   N/A

                           The software program must provide keyboard access to all functions of the application. All actions
          GEN      6.6.256 required or available by the program must be available with keystrokes. (i.e., keyboard equivalents for all
                           mouse actions including, but not limited to, buttons, scroll windows, text entry fields and pop-up menus.)

                           If the application includes keyboard functions different from or in addition to those provided by the
          GEN      6.6.257 operating system, clear and precise instructions for the use of these keyboard functions must be
                           provided. Generally, keyboard functions should not differ from those provided by the operating system.
          GEN      6.6.258 The software must have a logical tabbing order among fields, text boxes and focal points.
                           The focus must follow the keystroke (e.g., using the arrow keys to navigate through a list followed by
          GEN      6.6.259
                           pressing the ENTER key or spacebar to select the desired item).
                           The software must not interfere with existing accessibility features built into the operating system, such
          GEN      6.6.260
                           as Sticky keys, Slow Keys, Repeat Keys in Microsoft Windows 9X.
                           Avoid using timed responses, if possible. If used, the ability to modify the timing parameter, by individual
          GEN      6.6.261
                           user, must be made available.
                           The software should not interfere with status of Page Up, Page Down, Insert, Home, End, Number Lock,
          GEN      6.6.262 Shift/Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock keys. Where change of status must happen, an auditory indicator, in
                           addition to a visual indicator, must be presented.

                                                                      ADA: Multimedia Presentations
          GEN      6.6.263 Equivalent alternatives for any multimedia presentation shall be synchronized with the presentation.

                                                                          ADA: Navigation Links
          GEN      6.6.264 A method shall be provided that permits users to skip repetitive navigation links.

                                                                            ADA: Readability
          GEN      6.6.265 Documents shall be organized so they are readable without requiring an associated style sheet.
          GEN      6.6.266 Menus should not be over complicated with drop downs or mouse overs.
                           Avoid extra menus and information boxes on a website when possible since, at times, screen readers will
          GEN      6.6.267
                           jump between these and the materials being read.

                                                                              ADA: Scripts
                                When pages utilize scripting languages to display content, or to create interface elements, the information
          GEN      6.6.268
                                provided by the script shall be identified with functional text that can be read by assistive technology.

                                                                              ADA: Sounds
          GEN      6.6.269 Provide a visual cue for all audio alerts.
                           Support the Sounds feature where built into the operating system, such as Microsoft Windows 9X show
          GEN      6.6.270
                           sounds feature.
          GEN      6.6.271 Allow the user to disable or adjust sound volume.
                           Wherever and whenever information is presented in audio format it must be capable of being displayed by
          GEN      6.6.272 the user in text format, either as closed captioning, a pop-up window, or other means, in parallel with the
                           audio information.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ca88f43e-b9b6-41a1-8d99-a8090bdb5a08.xls                                                                                                                 Page 15
                                                                  IBIS BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS SCORING
          Area     Number                                                  High Level Description                                            Default   Config   Custom   N/A

                                                                        ADA: Text-Only Alternative
                           A text-only page, with equivalent information or functionality, shall be provided to make a web site
          GEN      6.6.273 comply with the provisions of these standards, when compliance cannot be accomplished in any other
                           way. The content of the text-only page shall be updated whenever the primary page changes.

                                                                             ADA: Text Tags
                                A text equivalent for every non-text element shall be provided (e.g., via "alt", "longdesc", or in element
          GEN      6.6.274

                                                                            ADA: Time Delays
                                When a timed response is required, the user shall be alerted and given sufficient time to indicate more
          GEN      6.6.275
                                time is required.

                                                                             ADA: Windows
                           Applications developed for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems should use only Microsoft
          GEN      6.6.276 standard classes of Windows [controls]. These are defined in the relevant Software development Kit
                           (SDK), provided by Microsoft Corporation.
                           Avoid creating custom objects (e.g. controls) which differ significantly in "look and feel" from Microsoft
                           Windows standard objects. For example, do not create a custom control which appears to be a list box but
                           upon activation (i.e. clicking on it) exhibits behavior inconsistent with a standard list box such as
                           switching the cursor to another field or closing the active window.

                           Developers using object oriented application development tools (e.g. PowerBuilder, Delphi, C++ and
                           SmallTalk) should follow the GUI Guidelines closely and avoid creating classes of objects which are not
                   6.6.278 equivalent in end user "look and feel" to the Microsoft standard classes of objects. This requirement is in
                           no way intended to prevent or impede developers from making full use of object inheritance and the other
                           object oriented features of these tools.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ca88f43e-b9b6-41a1-8d99-a8090bdb5a08.xls                                                                                                                Page 16

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