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Job Opportunities in Being Bilingual - DOC


Job Opportunities in Being Bilingual document sample

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									                                                             4 Year Career Plan
        Freshman                    Choosing a Major           What can I do with Major?             Job Opportunities                   Resources
                                   The Office of Career      Career advisors are available to   We are here to help you           On-line assessment tests
 Why do I need to visit the          Services can help you    explore                            start your                        Workshops
  UIW Office of Career               choose a major by          career goals and                  resume                         Resource Room
 Services as a Freshman?             administering on line         opportunities                   cover letter                   Fax Machine
                                     assessments.               salaries                          assist you in finding          Internship Fair
 The early bird catches the                                                                            jobs on campus and          Videos
           worm.                                                                                       off campus
       Sophomore                         Major                             Skills                    Job Opportunities                   Resources
                                   Continue to consider        Narrowing down your               Discover the pro’s of          Internship Fair
How can the Office of                majors or career             skills training needed for           part time                   On-line assessments
Career Services help me              opportunities in             your chosen career               Improve resume,                Workshops
with my career goals as a            chosen major               The importance of                     cover letter                Resource Room
sophomore?                                                        transferable skills              Explore internships            Videos
          Junior                          Major                            Skills                Jobs/Summer Internship                  Resources
                                   By now you should         Improving your skills:               Foster new                     Job Fairs
  Is it too late to visit the        have selected a major      Oral skills                           relationships that may      Internship Fairs
Office of Career Services to         or be prepared to.         Interpersonal skills                  lead to full time           Resource Room
 start work on my Career                                        Part-time jobs                        work.
             Plan?                                              Internships                       Experience in your
                                                                Computer skills                       field of study
                                                                                                   Better clarify career
                                                              Do you know being bilingual              goals
   Better late than never.                                    is a plus?                           Develop experience
                                                                                                       for resume
          Senior                       Final draft             Assemble Career Portfolio          Tweaking your outward                 Resources
                                   Tweak your resume            Resume                           Interview skills               On-Campus
 If you are just visiting the      Tweak your cover             Cover Letter                     Mock interviews                  recruiters/interviews
Office of Career Services as         letter                      Letters of                       Dress for success              Job Fair
 a senior we can still help,                                       Recommendation                  Do you have                    Workshops
however, “a year from now                                        Job Descriptions                     appropriate interview       On-line job search
   you may wish you had                                                                                attire?                     On-line resume posting
     started yesterday”

                      Don’t drift into a job, plan your career goals TODAY!
  Administration Building, Room 113 ~ (210)829-3931 ~ Fax (210)829-6094 ~ ~

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