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					                      Honiton and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry
                                   TESCO questionnaire results

     Membership voting by percentage

Q1   Do you support Tesco's current plans to open a large superstore on the Ottery Moor Lane site?
              YES                       NO                    NO VIEW
              10.9                      87.5                      1.6                       100

Q2   Do you have any concerns about any direct or in-direct impact on your business?
              YES                     NO                       NO VIEW
              64.1                    32.8                        3.1                       100

Q3   What are your concerns, if any?
     Site of new store
         CONCERNED               UNCONCERNED                  NO VIEW
                81.2                      12.5                  6.3                         100
     Traffic Congestion
         CONCERNED               UNCONCERNED                  NO VIEW
                95.3                       3.1                  1.6                         100
     Proposed Traffic Management
         CONCERNED               UNCONCERNED                  NO VIEW
                92.2                       3.1                  4.7                         100
     Selling non grocery goods
         CONCERNED               UNCONCERNED                  NO VIEW
                68.8                      23.4                  7.8                         100
     Potential future use of adjacent business park site
         CONCERNED               UNCONCERNED                  NO VIEW
                73.4                      17.2                  9.4                         100
     Appearance of Store
         CONCERNED               UNCONCERNED                  NO VIEW
                29.7                      43.7                  26.6                        100
     Free parking at Store
         CONCERNED               UNCONCERNED                  NO VIEW
                46.9                      37.5                  15.6                        100
     Pedestrian access to Town centre
         CONCERNED               UNCONCERNED                  NO VIEW
                57.8                      23.4                  18.8                        100

Q4   Do you feel the Honiton Chamber of Commerce and Industry should support, oppose or have no
     opinion on the proposed Store?
            SUPPORT                  OPPOSE                 NO VIEW
               12.5                    87.5                     0                        100

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                         Honiton and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry
                                      TESCO questionnaire results


  1   Sadly Honiton suffers with traffic congestion with the sheer volume of both commercial and
      privaye vehicles. To introduce the massive increase of vehicles closer to the town poses a
      risk to all. Honiton residents and businesses wish to protect what attracts us all to our
      market town. We help new business begin and residents to settle, but preserving the town's
      backbone surely has a priority.

  2   Having a new larger store will have major impact on smaller business. Traffic congestion will
      cause a lot of trouble into the town.

  3   Wherever these superstores have been built in such close proximity to a high street, the
      local shops have suffered, with many closing. The wonderful Honiton we know will not exist.
      Only the 'big boys' will be able to survive, leaving no choice to the public where to shop, and
      being at the mercy of these large concerns and their high prices. This could have a knock on
      effect regarding house prices generally!!!

  4   With increased traffic in the high street, after the planning approval the only option then
      would be to stop 'on street' parking to allow traffic to flow. It would also not possible for the
      street market to function on the High Street. There would also be an impact on the
      emergency service vehicles.

  5   I am concerned that the traffic congestion especially at peak-times could put people off
      coming to Honiton High Street, thus affecting the trade of the businesses there who need
      supporting on all levels.

  6   Tescos should be stopped. They are taking over small towns and ruined their way of life.
      We all need supermarkets but we are not a city therefore don’t need city size stores. What
      we have already is adequate.

  7   Concerned about impact on High St businesses. Very concerned about traffic congestion. I
      believe that the traffic congestion issue is the main plank of opposition to block the move of
      the store to the new proposed site. Congestion will create numerous side issues - problems
      for emergency services - people avoiding the town - card shops - electrical goods shops
      closing causing the town centre to become un-attractive as well as congested.

  8   The size of the present Tesco store is sufficient for the Town. The Highways situation re
      Ottery Moor Lane would bring chaos with the proposed new store and adjacent park site
      could well become a distribution point in the future which would be intolerable! Offer them

  9   21/2 x must mean substantially more non food retail which will effect more businesses in the
      town than at present - just look at Exeter Tesco expansion!

 10   This would be an advantage for our work force to be able to shop in their weekly break
      times as some work through week-ends.

 11   If they (TESCO) want more space, they should extend the present store, or go to Cranbrook.

 12   Honiton needs Tesco. Tesco needs Honiton. The site of this proposal is the issue.

 13   Pedestrian access to Town Centre too remote.

 14   Relationship of proposed size of 'new store' to that of proposed 'community centre' should
      be compared.

 15   I feel that the store that they already have at Battishorne way meets the needs of Honiton
      especially since the latest refit. I have never had trouble parking there which was one of
      their reasons for moving the store. They obviously have trouble adequately staffing the store
      at Battishorne way what is the point of building a bigger one when they cannot staff or stock
      the one they have got properly.

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                        Honiton and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry
                                     TESCO questionnaire results

16   No mention of petrol station at present. If at a later date it was built on the adjacent business
     park, of which I believe they own the leases, then this and/or a depot would increase traffic
     even more.

17   I'm sure Tesco management will have a 'masterplan' possibly even to coerce local govt. I
     realise 'their' advantage in the 'market' and local access concerns but Honiton is also quickly
     losing its rural image and ID - perhaps 'LIDL' will apply for Tescos current site??also!

18   Tescos must not be allowed to move to Ottery moor lane - Not opposed to them re-locating
     but not there - Utter madness!

19   It is commercially disastrous to put a city style superstore in an average sized market town.

20   Tescos is quite big enough for the size of Honiton. Tesco's are just being greedy why give
     them the chance to kill off the Town, things are quite ok as they are. Why should we play
     Russian Roulette with our town. Say No.

21   High Street shops threatened by a) road congestion b) competition.

22   Honiton is one of only a few lovely towns in Devon. It attracts trade because of its diversity
     of shops whilst retaining some old world charm. This will be lost!

23   The lower end of the High Street could benefit from Tesco having pedestrian access. We
     think it would bring more people to Honiton - local shops could increase trade if they offer
     the correct products and services.

24   Tesco will stop people going to Exeter. That has got to be good for Honiton.

25   Once Tesco are established I think there is a possibility one of the other supermarkets will
     close and a Tesco express will open in its place. We are proud to be a market town. Tesco
     want to take over wherever they open. In Bicester there are 7 Tesco stores!

26   Tesco's are big enough already. A big store will have significant impact on the town and yet
     again the big boys will bully there way into ruining what is at the moment a thriving town
     centre. ITS TIME SOMEONE SAID NO!! The plans at present only half of what Tesco will
     push for i.e. a link with the bypass and a petrol station. If everyone complains only about the
     congestion argument, this will play into Tesco's hand to push for the connection to the
     bypass. I don't want all the life to be sucked out of the town centre do you!!

27   Enlargement of the store and increased capacity of non food retail may have adverse effect -
     proximity to town centre - and pedestrian access of little benefit as not an easy enough
     walk. Traffic congestion will increase unless there are significant improvements made.

28   I feel they should stay were they are, and enlarge the store, as they have in other towns.
     Also I am concerned about the traffic congestion it would course in the town.

29   Although there may be no impact on my business, I do share the Chambers concerns about
     the impact on small shops that supply non grocery goods to the public and the obvious
     increase in congestion that will clog up our already overloaded roads. The Chamber must be
     seen standing against the large financial bullying tactics of such groups as Tesco.

30   I think people might park and shop at Tesco and then not come into the High St. at all. Will it
     lead the way for more large stores on the site?

31   Every Town Every High will be gone in under 15 yrs with the Tesco Monopoly - Large and
     Small Shops in the Honiton Town will Close. The towns Structure will totally Change. All foot
     traffic will go away from High St and the Market.

32   I strongly oppose the "Country" being taken over and every Town High Street infrastructure
     being taken away. "selling everything" FASHIONS, INSURANCE, CARS, LOANS, WHITE
     Street "Individual Shops close" it will affect the MARKET. and tourism - and property prices.

33   I think we should be pushing Tesco and EDDC to use the existing site for expansion, by
     removing the petrol station and/or trees.

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                        Honiton and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry
                                     TESCO questionnaire results

34   The current Tesco store is quite big enough for Honiton and the surrounding area.

35   I have no objection to Tesco increasing the size of their current store in its present location.
     However the increased traffic in Honiton will have a adverse effect on all traders. We need
     to keep Honiton as a vibrant market town with predominently independent traders. We do
     not want to become a 'clone' town.

36   Honiton is one of the few remaining towns that has a vast range of specialist shops that
     enables the consumer to shop in a traditional way. The relocation of Tesco would put this in

37   Traffic congestion. Parking problems. We feel the existing store is large enough and the
     proposed new store and site would be detrimental to Honiton. Tesco are big enough
     already. Larger store at Exeter only 20 mins away.

38   Support but with strict traffic and congestion provisions.

39   The proposed new store will prove a negative for our town in the long run. TESCO's
     'sweeteners' will run out long before Honiton recovers from its impact - if it ever does!

40   Tesco's will try to purchase other land in the area to avoid any competitors moving into the
     region. Honiton is a MARKET Town - Market = 'gathering of traders for sale of provisions'
     not one bloody great big one!

41   Tesco's will arrive in the town all guns blazing and after a year will give no support to the
     town at all.

42   We are landlords of a number of retail premises in Honiton and are concerned that our
     tenants businesses will be affected by their proposals. There is the loss of existing
     employment buildings.

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