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									Ms. Genis’ Fourth-
   Grade Class
     Welcome 
            My Goals
 To teach students the academic and
  social skills they need to be our future
 To provide a supportive and fun
  classroom environment.
 To help students make new friends and
  discover new interests.
   Specialist Schedule
 Monday – Music 10:20-11:10
 Tuesday – Art 10:20-11:10
 Thursday – Computers 10:20-
 Friday – Library 9:10-9:35
   P. E. 10:20-11:05
          Class Subjects
 The subjects we cover during fourth grade
     Reading and Writing
     Math
     Science
     Social Studies
     Music and Art
     Technology
 Guided Reading
   focus on literary themes,
    reading workshop,
    comprehension, fluency
    and decoding strategies.
 Self-Selected Reading
   focus on fluency,
    independent use of the
    strategies taught during
    guided reading and
    fostering a love of
 Reading A-Z booklet
   Weekly assignment with
    Read and Respond
        Book Reports
 Every quarter there will be one book
  project. I will send home information on
  the book project at the beginning of each
 Students must have their book approved
  by me first to ensure it’s appropriateness
  for the book project.
 Wranglin’ Reader
 There is a new program this year.
 Students will write down the number
  of minutes they read on a monthly
   The calendar is due at the end of the
   It will be kept in their binder. Student
    do not need to write down the book
    titles on the reverse side.
 Please look for more information in
  notes home.
 We will be writing summaries, personal
  narratives, poetry, nonfiction and fiction
  this year.
 Sources used for the teaching of writing
      The Six Traits of Writing
      Lucy Calkins
      Teaching Writing Grades 3-5
      Teaching Quality Writing
 Emphasis: Correct spelling in daily writing
 Students will be tested every Thursday on
  their spelling words. The 1st six weeks
  students will be working with 300 words
  that students should know by the time
  they enter 4th grade.
 We will start using the spelling words in
  the spelling book on the 7th week.
   The challenge words in the unit will be given
    for extra credit.
   Students will be completing their spelling
    worksheets in class and at home.
   Spelling worksheets are due on Thursday.
 D’Nealian Method
    We will be reviewing and
     practicing in class.
 Emphasis on neatness/legibility
  on all assignments
 Spelling homework and
  journals are to be written in
 Emphasis on using
  addition, subtraction,
  multiplication, division,
  geometry, fractions,
  decimals, probability,
  algebra and graphing.
 Multiplication/Division
  timed tests will begin
  approx. the 2nd week in
 Hands on activities and
  games to reinforce
  concepts taught.
 FOSS Kits are used in
  4th grade.
 Science as
 History and nature of
 Life science
 Physical science
 Earth and space
      Social Studies
 US regions
 All about Arizona
   History
   Geography
   Civics/Government
   Economics (Tourism,
    current events, etc.)
   Behavioral Studies (Cultural
   Geography
 Students will visit the computer
lab weekly. They will learn basic
computer skills including
keyboarding, word processing,
inserting clip art, saving to a disc
and/or the school server. They
will be working with Microsoft
Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well
as the Internet.
Classroom Community
 Our classroom is a community. In our
  community, we have rules to help us get
  along with each other.
 Our class rules are:
    Respect and follow teacher’s instructions
    Respect others, their belongings, and their
    Respect classroom materials
    Turn in completed work on-time
    Be on-time to class and ready to learn
    Ask questions when something is unclear
      Positive Rewards
 Payday Friday
 Classroom parties
 Extra computer time
 Positive call or email to parent
 Stickers, pencils, extra recess,
  praise, prizes, teacher assistant, etc.
 Motivational activities (buddies)
 1st offense: Warning…Verbal /Eye
  Contact or Close Proximity
 2nd offense: Move ticket
 3rd offense: Move ticket and stay in
  during recess to talk to Ms. Genis
 4th offense: Call or email home
          Payday Friday
 Weekly 30 minute reward for hard work and
  good behavior
 Kickball, games and puzzles, free choice, art
  project, karaoke, etc.
 Four basic requirements to earn Payday Friday:
    Complete homework on time
    Good behavior
    A ticket that is not red
    Assignment book must be signed each night
 Homework will be assigned on a daily
   Check planner and/or homework hotline
 All homework is expected to be turned in
  on time.
 If your child was not able to complete
  their homework, a parent note must be
  given to the teacher and an extra day will
  be given.
 All homework may be corrected for a
  higher grade but it must have a parent
 All late work turned in must have a parent
Assignment Books
 Assignment books come home
  daily in their notebook.
 List of assignments and activities
  for the day.
 Means of communication to and
  from school.
 Please sign the assignment book
  every night.
 If homework is not finished on time,
  a parent note must be given to the
  teacher and an extra day will be
           Field Trips
 We have lots of fun field trips planned
  for this year!
   An Orienteering Field Study will be held at
    the Wilson lower field in October
   In November we will be going to Saguaro
    National Park West to view petroglyphs
   We will attend a play at Ironwood Ridge
    High School
    Classroom Website
 Updates about activities in the
 Classroom/homework policies
 Links to educational websites
 Link to this PowerPoint
        Book Orders
 I place multiple book orders once a
 Please write a check for the books
  addressed to the book company.
 No cash please.
Let’s Have a WONDERFUL

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