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									                                  Bell County Schools
                             Standards-Based Unit of Study

Unit #1

Subject(s)/Course(s): Reading                        Grade/Level: 4th

Unit Topic/Focus: Reading Skills

Unit Organizer: Vocabulary Visits

Integration with other content areas (if applicable):

Estimated time for implementation: 2-3 weeks

Connections to previous/future learning:

Standards (see Combined Curriculum Documents)

*Please see the important document concerning the reading curriculum for a complete
listing of Academic Expectations, Program of Studies, and Core Content bullets.

Other Standards (e.g., national, district, English language proficiency)
Bell County Schools Curriculum Map Key Concepts:
    Prefixes
    Suffixes
    Base Word
    Synonyms
    Antonyms
    Homonyms
    Context clues
    Skim/Scan

Essential Questions:
   1. How does adding a prefix or suffix change the meaning of a base word?
   2. How do synonyms, antonyms and compound words assist in reading
   3. How do skimming and scanning and using context clues help you understand the
       meaning of a passage?

Connections to Literacy:
Emphasizing these reading skills will impact all content areas and life long learning.

Connections to Career/Workplace:
Written expression/communication

Reading Unit 1 – 4th Grade                                                               1
Rev 5-07
                                 Bell County Schools
                          Standards-Based Unit of Study
Culminating Activity/Assessment:
   See CATS like assessment

          Accelerated reader/reading counts, content area reading passages, audio reading

Ideas for Instruction:
    Match Game (synonyms, antonyms, homonyms), (prefixes, suffixes, and base words)
    Newspaper scavenger hunt (skimming/scanning)
    Timed Reading (to determine comprehension using context clues)

Critical Vocabulary:
    Prefixes
    Suffixes
    Base word
    Synonyms
    Antonyms
    Compound Word
    Context clues
    Skim/scan
    Pronunciations
    Phonetic principles
    Multiple meanings.

Ideas for Assessment:
    Worksheets
    Open response
    Weekly quiz

Reading Unit 1 – 4th Grade                                                                  2
Rev 5-07

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