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									CRM Meets Hospitality

     Product Presentation
It’s all about the

CRM Meets Hospitality… in the Cloud
  Libra OnDemand is the hospitality industry’s first CRM, Loyalty & Rewards, Sales & Catering
  and Data Analytics application built entirely on the platform.
  Libra OnDemand provides a complete set of tools designed to optimize operations, drive
  sales efforts and increase revenues for the world's premier hospitality organizations.

        Hospitality                          Sales Force            Loyalty &     Catering &
          CRM                                Automation             Rewards         Events

            Data                            Integration&              HotSOS*     Customer
          Analytics                         Centralization          Integration    Portal

 * HotSOS – Hotel Service Optimization / Incident Tracking System
The core philosophy of an
 effective CRM solution is
   where the Customer
  becomes the center of
 attention, enabling your
 organization to establish
      and maintain a
relationship with each and
      every Customer.
    360° View of the Customer
      All customer profile data is immediately available, including reservations history and
      projection, revenue information, preferences and special requests. The system
      facilitates communication between users to provide superior customer service.
•   Recognize and reward your frequent                                       •   Manage the entire event process from the
    customers with your own innovative                                           initial customer inquiry and ordering service
    Loyalty, Frequent Guest and Membership                                       items to printing out the BEO
    Rewards programs                                                         •   Graphical function maps
•   Points can be awarded based on Revenue,                                  •   Meeting space rental, catering services, AV
    Number of Stays or Room Nights and                                           equipment automatically booked and
    redeemed for vouchers, gift certificates,                                    posted to the PMS
    upgrades or free stays

                                                                                              •     Track tasks and activities,
•   Account and contact data
                                                                                                    schedule joint meetings,
    is synchronized with your
                                                                                                    assign tasks to other
    PMS, providing you with
                                                                                                    users and set up activity
    an integrated solution to
                                                                                                    templates for frequently
    manage your Company
                                                                                                    or automatically
    History, Travel Agency
                                                                                                    assigned tasks
    History, Sales Masters,
                                                                                              •     Power, monitor and
    Guest History and Booker
                                                                                                    analyze your email
                                                                                                    marketing campaigns

•   Major key performance indicators, such as
                                                                             •   Built from the ground up as a multi-
    Occupancy %, ADR, Revenue, RevPAC or
                                                                                 property solution
    RevPAR are analyzed across multiple
                                                                             •   Facilitates an exchange of customer profile
                                                                                 information between your properties and
•   Data is grouped by market segment, source
                                                                                 central office
    of business, room type, revenue type,
                                                                             •   Guest and company profile information is
    tracking code or other parameters
                                                                                 centralized, giving you valuable account
•   Over 100 standard graphical dashboards,
                                                                                 intelligence and powerful marketing tools
    charts and reports
Collect data from all
points of contact

Libra OnDemand integrates seamlessly to
central reservation systems, property
management systems, point-of-sale,
Internet booking engines, and social media
 Use the data at all
  points of contact
Libra OnDemand puts all the relevant
information in the hands of your sales and
marketing and guest relations teams,
providing them the tools to be effective and
efficient in their day to day operations.
Communicate on all channels…
       …to create new points of contact

Product Demonstration
CRM and Guest Profile Management
 Comprehensive CRM functionality designed specifically for the hospitality industry. A
 complete 360° view of your customers’ profiles and integration with the leading Property
 Management Systems and other hospitality systems.
Sales Force Automation
 Keeps your sales reps organized and working together so your customers receive the
 attention they deserve. Access Customer Preferences, Email Offers, Guest Surveys and
 Reservations all on one screen.
Email Marketing
 Libra OnDemand partners with Vertical Response and other solutions to provide fully
 integrated email marketing services.
Loyalty & Rewards Management
 View customers’ frequent guest profile information, manage member accounts, rewards
 points accrual and redemption
Branded Loyalty Programs
 Recognize and reward your frequent customers with your own branded Loyalty, Frequent
 Guest and Membership Rewards programs.
Catering & Events Management
 Manage the entire sales process from initial event inquiry to booking function space and
 generating service orders. Functions can be created on the fly using our interactive
 Functions Map.
Catering & Events Management
 Book function charges such as meeting space rental, food & beverage and audio-visual
 items. Manage item inventory and availability.
Catering & Events Management
 Generate Banquet Event Orders, Departmental Function Sheets, Contracts and other
Reporting & Data Analytics
 Hospitality-specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are analyzed on a daily, monthly and
 yearly basis, by property or for the entire hotel chain.
Technology Platform
 Runs 100% natively on platform

No infrastructure
Highly scalable
Proven uptime
High availability
Accessible anywhere
100% customizable
Open APIs
Automatic upgrades
No vendor lock-in
Enterprise Implementation
   We begin with a deep dive

•One day with your          •Understanding of your    •Project mission
executive team              current situation         •Opportunity
•In your corporate            ●Barriers to success    assessment map/
offices                       ●Resources              growth plan
•Our team will facilitate   •Clarity on your growth   •Outline of required
•Each possessing            goals and the expected    initiatives for successful
deep hospitality and        outcome of the CRM        implementation
CRM background              project                   •Rough timeline
                            •Timeline and results

Time/Place                  What goes                 What is the
                            in?                       result?
Then we move to plan creation
       2 ½ Day Intensive, Cross-Functional Offsite Planning Session

 The focus is business growth, versus just the technology implementation.
        The output is an implementable, measurable Project Plan
The Agenda

  Day 1 - Vision                       Day 2 - Plan                    Day 3 – Review

        Activities                           Activities                         Activities
     Strategy Review                   Work Plan Development              Process Optimization
      Core Values                        Decision Making                  Risks and Mitigation
     Success Criteria                Initiatives, Deliverables and             Review
                                                 Ownership                     Next Steps
                                            Dependencies                         Close
                                              Interfaces
      Business Strategy                      Outputs                            Outputs
  Objective Statement (BSOS)           Team Membership and             Scrubbed Strategy Schedule
     Success Criteria             Ownership for Each Component          Strategy for Optimizing
     Tradeoff Matrix                       of the Strategy                      Strategies
     Scope Definition              High Level Plans for each           Risk Management Plan
                                   Initiative (5-7 Deliverables per            Issues Log
                                               initiative)              Validated Assumptions List
                                   Preliminary Strategy Plan with         Plan of Next Steps
                                       Key Interfaces Identified
The Team

Tactical CRM Talent

Technical Talent

Marketing Talent

Executive Oversight
• CRM Tactical Talent is the key       • Overall Project Director will
  “hands on” person for the              conduct the weekly status calls and
  implementation, with technical         any face to face meetings with the
  oversight by Technical Talent and      executive team.
  marketing direction from Marketing   • We provide 24x7 access to our
  Talent.                                secure Intranet which details where
• We provide the project                 every aspect of the project plan
  management talent to ensure that       stands.
  everything on the plan is               – GREEN = no problems
                                          – YELLOW = danger of slipping
                                          – RED = behind
Thank you
 For additional information and to request your free 30-day trial, please contact us at or at the address below:

                                 Matthew White| Managing Director
                                 McLaren International (HQ)
                                 Suite 4, Level 2, 99 Elizabeth St| P.O. Box 2000
                                 Sydney, NSW Australia
                                 Australia +61 2 9231 5320 | Mobile: +61 4 1449 3848
                                 Singapore +65 6549 7204
                                 Skype: mattwhite3848 | Web:

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