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					             McCormick Insurance Agency                    P.O. Box 80870       Las Vegas, NV 89180

    July 2010                                WWW.MAC2INSURE.COM

                                                                               Warrant coverage’s or rights via an “agent affidavit” or
                                                                                “compliance check list”

                                                                       Even where there is not a specific legal requirement
WE NOW WRITE PERSONAL LINES!                                           in place, ACORD believes that if an agency shows that 30 days
                                                                       notice of cancellation will be provided, knowing that it is possible
Give your McCormick Insurance Agent a call for quotes on you           that the insured can cancel without advance notice and the insurer
Home, Auto, RV, Motorcycle, or Watercraft. We have                     is only required to give 10-20 days notice for nonpayment,
competitive rates for all lines of business as well as convenient      ACORD feels that the certificate is now a misleading document.
monthly payment plans.                                                 This could quite possibly be a violation of fraud, unfair trade
We now accept credit and debit cards. Watch for our July 2010          practices, or other state laws. The alternative is to provide for such
“kickoff” with special promotions, goodie bags, etc!!                  notice via endorsement to the policy.

                                                                       McCormick Insurance Agency will continue providing
Insurance Company News                                                 Certificates of Insurance to our client. We will work diligently
                                                                       with Certificate Holders to resolve any notice of cancellation
A.M. Best Downgrades Ratings of Church
Mutual Insurance Company                                               Loss Control Recommendation
A.M. Best Company has downgraded the financial strength rating
to A (Excellent) from A+ (Superior) and issuer credit rating to        Robbery Prevention: Tips for Businesses
“a+” from “aa-“for Church Mutual Insurance Company. The
outlook for both ratings has been revised from negative to stable.     Robbery is becoming a rising problem for businesses who keep
                                                                       money on the premises. You cannot stop robberies from
Certificates of Insurance and Notice of                                occurring; however, you can learn how to be more vigilant and
                                                                       react in a less fearful way.
                                                                       Robbery Prevention Tips
In September 2009, ACORD made changes to the Certificate of
Insurance form. The most significant change was removing the
                                                                               Keep windows clear of displays or signs, and make
notice of cancellation. The change was made due to the fact that
                                                                                sure your business is well lighted inside and out
ACORD was being pressured by state regulators who have taken
the position that a notice of cancellation is a policy right and a             Eliminate any blind spots that may hide a crime
voluntary service and should be governed by the policy. Only                    in progress
filed policy forms can grant policy rights, not certificates.                  Provide employees information on your security
                                                                                system on a “need-to-know” basis
We are starting to see some punch-back from third parties on this              Make sure your surveillance equipment is working.
change. As a result, we anticipate that receiving demands from                  If you are using tapes make sure tapes are new
certificate requestors to:                                                     Instruct employees to report suspicious activity
                                                                                immediately and write down all useful information
        Use older ACORD forms                                                 Mark money in your cash register , record serial
        Amend the newer forms to include cancellation notice                   numbers, and place in safe place
        Complete proprietary certificate forms                                Use a drop safe into which large bills and excess cash
                                                                                are dropped by employees
What to do if your are Robbed                                                from the DMV.
        Remember, robbers are easily provoked
        Always remain calm                                                  Listed below is some information to assist you whenever you
        Do exactly what the robbers asks, do not resist                     goto the DMV to take care of your vehicle needs:
        Advise the robber if you are going to make any movement
        Look at the robber, so you can describe him/her later               NEVADA ID CARDS
                                                                             When you present an evidence of insurance card to a DMV Field
        Note robbers’ direction of travel upon departure
                                                                             Services counter technician, the name on the card does not need
        Obtain description of vehicle if you can do so without
                                                                             to be an “exact” match to the registered owner’s name in the
         exposing you to harm
                                                                             DMV’s database. The Technician will make the determination.
        Remember, “Don’t try to be a hero”
                                                                                   Hyphenated last names: at least one of the last names
                                                                                      must be on the insurance card All other last names must
After the Robber Leaves                                                                be an exact match
        Call the police immediately                                               If the vehicle is insured to a business and it is registered
        Close the business and lock all the doors                                     to an individual, DMV needs the individual’s name on
        Do not touch anything that the robber may have touched                        the evidence of insurance card, or the business needs
        Upon arrival of police step outside so police are aware                       to be added to the registration
         that the scene is secure
        Never discuss the amount of money taken to anyone other             INSURANCE CONFIRMATION ON VEHICLES
         than the authorities                                                    When a customer changes insurance companies or
                                                                                   changes policy information, they need to notify the
Cutting Costs: But at What Cost to Your                                            DMV
                                                                                 The customer or agent may update on line at
Business                                                                           www.dmvnv.com

With the fluctuation in the economy, more and more businesses are            Contact McCormick Insurance Agency immediately if you receive
trying to cut corners and save money. Some ways businesses are               a postcard or letter from the DMV. Please provide us a copy of the
trying to decrease costs are: (1) purchasing cheaper products, (2)           paperwork received and we will take care of the DMV issue.
cutting corners on completing jobs, and (3) even trying to finding           There is a 24-48 hour turnaround & you will be notified when the
ways to decreasing insurance premiums.                                       notification has been corrected.

Insurance premiums are based on numerous factors such as your sales,         Summertime Safety Tips
payroll and even your credit score. It is not enough to look at just the
premium to decide whether or not you are going to accept an insurance
                                                                             The temperature is rising and pool weather is upon us, follow
policy. Depending on which type of business you are labeled as, you
                                                                             these Safety tips to ensure an enjoyable summer.
want to obtain a policy that pertains to your specific industry and risks.
In addition, you want to make sure the policy covers your actual
                                                                                         A fence at least four-feet high should surround the
completed work product.
                                                                                          entire pool. Make sure there are no openings or
                                                                                          protrusions that a child could use to get over, under
There are numerous types of insurance policies out there. Listed below
                                                                                           or through.
are just some “Builder Insurance” policies:
                                                                                         Pool gates should open out from the pool, self-
      Builder’s Risk: This policy is used when there is any type of
                                                                                          close and self latch at a height children can’t reach.
          construction of new buildings or renovations. This policy
                                                                                         Never leave children alone in or near the pool
          covers on-site materials, contractor’s equipment, and the
          actual building.                                                               Avoid inflatable swimming aids such as “floaties”,
                                                                                          they can give children a false sense of security.
      Contractor’s Equipment: This policy is used to cover
          machinery and equipment not included on the Builder’s Risk                     Keep rescue equipment and a cell phone near the
          policy.                                                                          pool. Choose rescue equipment made of fiberglass
      Installation Policies: This policy provides coverage for                            or other material that do not conduct electricity.
          property of others being installed or awaiting installation at                 Adults should be within an arm’s length whenever
          the job site.                                                                   infants or toddlers are in or around water.

It is okay to try to decrease costs within your company, but consider        THANK YOU!! Because we can’t say it enough, thank
the repercussions caused, especially with your insurance. Your
                                                                             you to all of our clients. We appreciate your business and
policies should accurately have your business information; the risks
you are exposed to, and reflect the actual completed value Please            your referrals!
contact your McCormick Insurance Agent to assist you in determining
what coverage’s are available for your needs.                                HOLIDAY: The office will be closing early on July 2nd &
                                                                             will be closed on July 5th for the Fourth of July Holiday.
DMV News
                                                                             GOOD QUOTE:
Nevada recently went to a new DMV tracking system called
                                                                             The future has a way of arriving unannounced.
LIVE. The systems tracks everything related to you and your
                                                                                                                George Will
vehicle, whether it is a personal vehicle or a commercial vehicle.
Whenever there is a mismatch you will receive a letter or postcard

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