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									                   Chinese Culture and Heritage Sharing Group

                                                                                                Forth meeting, Aug.13th, 2008

                   Cultural Similarities and Differences between Asian Communities

                           Chinese                       Korean                        Japanese                    Taiwanese
Main Religion     Buddhism;                     Buddhism;                      Shintoism (unique in           Buddhism;
                  Confucianism;                 Confucianism;                  Japan);                        Confucianism;
                  Taoism;                                                      Confucianism;                  Taoism;
Values & Social   Family value;                 Male dominant;                 Male dominant;                 Family value;
 Conventions      Modesty and humbleness;       Strong family value;           Family value;                  Respect for the elderly;
                  Respect for the elderly and   father/son head of family;     Extremely             status   Harmony;
                  seniority;                    Men aggressive & louder;       conscious;                     Difficult to say “NO”;
                  Sense of reciprocity;         Education important;           Keen sense of reciprocity;     GUANXI;
                  Modesty;                      Education,       profession,   Most      complex       and    Hardworking a virtue;
                  GUANXI;                       wealth used to determine       elaborate etiquette in the     Business in Taiwan is
                  Saving FACE;                  social status;                 world;                         fast-paced;
                  Hardworking a virtue;         Age and seniority is           Modesty;                       Modest and humble;
                                                respected;                     FACE;                          Feng Shui;
                                                Modesty and harmony is         Hardworking a virtue;
                                                Not willing to say “NO”
                                                Sense of Nationalism;

                                 Chinese                        Korean                       Japanese                   Taiwanese
    Entertaining        Dinner party; Karaoke.         Drinks and Karaoke.                                         Dinner party: Karaoke;
Conversation topics &   Avoid:                         Avoid:                        Avoid:                        Avoid:
    sensitivities       Domestic politics;             Japan;                        World War II;                 Communism;
                        Japan;                         Taiwan;                       Religion;                     Politics;
                        Good topics:                   Tibet;                        Minority groups in Japan;     Mainland China;
                        Korean culture and heritage;   Falungong;                    Good topics:                  Reunifications      with
                        Sports;                        Good topics:                  Japanese food;                China;
                                                       Chinese culture & heritage;   Arts & culture;               Good topics:
                                                       Historic sites;               Sports (baseball & golf)      Travel; Weather;
                                                       Chinese cuisine;                                            Appreciation          of
                                                       History and achievements;                                   economic development
 Dress & appearance     Conservative and fashion;      Conservative;                 Very important;               Business people are
                                                                                     Formal business suit;         fashion        oriented,
                                                                                                                   expensive attire;
  Business etiquette                                                                 Japanese Bow, formal
                                                                                     etiquette, 45, hand palm on
                                                                                     thighs, no eye contact;
                                                                                     Address Japanese by last
                                                                                     name, use SAN;

Mandarin speaking vs. Cantonese speaking; Beijing vs. Shanghai vs. inland provinces;
“Make friends in Beijing; live a comfortable life in Shanghai; do business in Hong Kong.”


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