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					         Impacting Corporate Culture

   WorkLife Partnerships That Help
         Change Companies

Susan MacHolda, Carlson

Maureen Corcoran, Prudential
Kjirsten Mickesh, General Mills
Sandy Haddad, General Mills
   Prudential Work/Life:
    Maximizing Impact
Through Creative Partnering
              Presented by: Maureen Corcoran
              Vice President, Diversity
         The State of Things
• Solid but small cross-functional Work/Life
  Team with other roles, increasing work
• Fiscal responsibility rules the day
   – Need to know what we have, why we have it,
     what it costs and how it aligns with our
   – Leverage resources across the company to
     accomplish mutually beneficial goals (even
     with separate budgets)
• The EVP needs to be the BVP
           Create Opportunity or
           Ride the Wave

• Minding other people’s business
   – Understand your expertise, the connections that
     make you helpful and the value of your programming
• Follow the money (or the task force)
   – Where has the organization thrown its support –
     money, people, time? Are there integration points?
• High-flying and flexible aren’t just great
  qualities in acrobats
   – Thinking big and outside the box
   – Willing to compromise
   – Sharing credit gets the job done
           Case Studies

•   Phased Retirement Task Force
•   Total Rewards Task Force
•   Alternative Work Arrangement (AWA) Database
•   Hoteling & the Alternative Work Portal
•   PruPerk$
           Case Study

• Phased Retirement Task Force
  – Multi-organization HR initiative
  – Leveraging points:
     • Relationship through Work/Life association with BC
       Center on Aging and Work (mutual objectives) to open
       task force
     • Data opened door to culture audit on flexibility for
       company with recommendations
     • Results:
         – Four Generations at Work
         – New Job classification
         – Management tool: Creative work/life solutions across
         – Expansion of two key benefits
         Case Study
• Total Rewards Task Force
  – Multi-organization HR initiative
  – Design input – a seat at the table
     • What’s a reward and what’s it worth
     • What messaging is critical – always a challenge!
  – Results:
     • Data updated quarterly on the Total Rewards System
       with reminders to employees to check it out
     • “My Life” get its own tab next to “My Pay”
     • Work/Life programs have been listed and valued where
       possible to help employees self-calculate their rewards
       which they can add to their Total Rewards number
     • New system links to Work/Life Resources web-site
     • Billboard allows for “story-telling”
         Case Study
• Alternative Work Arrangement Database
  – “Organizational will” and business case was initially
    weak, this project was not going to happen
  – Then enthusiastic pilot group builds a mini-mousetrap
    and everyone came
  – Prospect of multiple systems, multiple updates, policy
    and guideline continuity concerns and missed tracking
    opportunities led to Corporate initiative
  – Results:
     • Partnered with each business, technology organization,
       $$$ later we have an AWA proposal-decision making-
       tracking-reporting database launching in 4th Q.
             Case Study
• Hoteling & the Alternative Work Portal
  – #1 Strategic objective for Work/Life is “Maximize the use of
    Business-Based Flexibility”
      • Policy, guidelines, communications, forums, etc.
  – Technology area objective for hoteling becomes a strategic
    partnership, then a mission
  – HR’s objectives included virtual team management training, but
    funding was limited. Technology needed training and was willing
    to fund.
  – Results:
      • “Leading Virtual Teams at Prudential” launched in 2007
      • Through e-learning development: messaging, philosophy, websites,
        goals were synced. Town Halls, management meetings, joint
        opportunities for promotion ensued and continue.
      • A portal was suggested that linked all technology and HR resources.
        AWA Portal launched September 2008 on Work/Life web-site
      • 2008 AWA use other than flex-time= 67% (flex-time 90+%), 2007=50%
      • Diversity Commitment Statement
          Case Study

• PruPerk$
  – Communication issue – so many programs, so little
    ways to discuss them
  – Discount program was a “lost” benefit looking for a
  – Work/Life takes on the discount program, RFPs, re-
    brands it as PruPerk$, launches, raffles and
    communicates (no cost to us)
  – Results:
     • 1000 new users this year
     • 1000+ visits to the Work/Life Resources website
What Led Us To Explore
     New Options

• 4 Generations in the Workplace – New needs and

• Space constraints

• Greater need for flexibility in how we support
  employees’ work

• Technology
             WHY CHANGE?

• Nature of work is evolving - more mobile & global

• Desire to better match resources to work needs
  without adding costs (“doing more with less”)

• Enable a new culture of flexibility & choice that will
  benefit employees & the company

By looking at Space, Technology and Culture in an
integrated way we can rethink the resources
available to employees and the flexibility our
culture provides.

It’s about options and choices.
The Process
                OUR PROCESS
• Created Cross-Functional Project Team – 2005
   •   Human Resources - Info Systems - Facilities

   • Conducted External Benchmarking - 2006
  •    Working Mother 100 (2005) plus peer companies

• Identified Pilot Opportunity to Test and Learn – 2006
   •   Group of 40 in R&D – primarily Nutrition Scientists

• Launched 12 Month Pilot September 2007
• Main campus implementation Fall of 2008
          WHAT IS FUSE?
  FUSE = Flexible User Shared Environment

• A different and dynamic work environment to better
  support the way we work….new types of work space

• Greater use of technology that enables employees to
  maximize their productivity

• A work culture that supports flexible work

All of this enables employees to work in a more flexible,
                        mobile way
• FUSE space is assigned to the group or
  individual depending on job profile

• Assigned storage houses files and personal

• Employees choose the type
  of work space best suited for
  the work they need to do on
  any given day

                                  ASSIGNED PERSONAL STORAGE
           IT’S ABOUT OPTIONS!
                                 QUIET ZONE

                  PERSONAL STORAGE

                                     TEAM NEIGHBORHOOD
FUSE Technology brings employees’ work to them
wherever they are

Leverage Existing Technology:
• Laptops
• Office 2007 / SharePoint 3.0
• Smart Phones
• Instant Messaging

Add New Technology:
• One Note
• IP Phones & Soft Phones
• Online collaboration tools
               CULTURE CHANGE
• Employees and leadership acknowledge that flexibility
  is good for the entire team

• Norms are developed to facilitate effective individual
  and team work

• Team members accept responsibility for supporting
  each other, regardless of their location and work style

• Training is provided including:
    Change Management
    Personal Productivity Tools
    Technology
                CULTURE CHANGE
Frequent Communication & Interaction between FUSE Team
   and Pilot Group

   – “Monday Communications” – weekly email updates

   – Weekly facilitated feedback discussions with pilot
     participants – during initial month

   – Quarterly surveys and mid-pilot focus groups

   – Check-ins with manager and team during regular staff
The Results
            PILOT RESULTS
• 100% of employees chose to retain their
  mobile/resident status following pilot

• 91% of employees feel positive impact of FUSE

• 85% feel they can plan their day more productively

• 50% experienced a reduction in travel time between
        Personal Impact Results

Satisfaction with workload/job
   56% of employees believe FUSE positively impacts
   their workload and job; 38% responded neutral

Work-life balance
  75% of employees believe work-life balance has
  improved with FUSE

Positive impact on decision speed
   20% increase in those who agree
         Work Team Results

Improved Collaboration
   68% of employees believe that FUSE positively impacts

Improved the sharing of knowledge and information
   13% increase in effective information sharing w/in department
   85% of employees prefer sharing electronic documents

Team Dynamics showed split results
   52% positive, 17% neutral and 32% negative
   Some employees miss the social interaction w/ steady
          Company Results
Enhanced innovation
  48 % of employees view FUSE as having a positive impact on
  innovation (41% neutral and 9% negative)

Cost savings through improved resource allocation
  FUSE design requires 30% less space per person

Enhanced ability to attract and retain top talent
  Employee opinion regarding positive impact of FUSE on
  retention increased 57%; 72% of employees view FUSE as having
  a positive impact on retention; 24% neutral and 3% negative
                             EMPLOYEE QUOTES

                              “At the end of the day, I don’t
                              have to make up all that time
                                          I lost”
  “I’m more efficient with
   my current workload.”                                        “As a new person coming in…it
                                                                 definitely peaked my interest.
                                                                It helped persuade me to take
                                                                          the position.”
                 “It’s amazing how much
                  paper you don’t need”
                                                 “The valuable communications are
                                                          still happening”

  “Everybody has been
required to step up to the
          plate.”                       “People are making decisions on their own, that
                                      they could’ve made anyway. In the past they had to
                                                have their manager’s approval.”
Cross-functional, collaborative efforts which
 provided comprehensive & cohesive support

Leaders’ visible support – “going Mobile”, learning
  new technology, electronic docs

Pilot program to test ideas & safe opportunity for
  employees to try new things out – non-reservable
  conference rooms, new norms, etc.

Gather data...before, during and after the pilot
Significant change required a dramatic mind-set shift
  • “How will we know where people are?”

Existing policy/practices have a strong impact on
 how employees respond to cultural change
  • Example: ad hoc working from home or off-site

Employee anxiety levels high during enrollment and
 orientation period prior to launch
  • Small number of employees excited; most nervous

      THANK YOU!

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