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									                    Walk Talk!
                    American Cancer Society Relay For Life News - North Branford

   May 2005
                              Relay For Life this Weekend !!!
                    After months of planning and fundraising, the big day is here at last. This is
 RELAY WEATHER      the last newsletter, with some last minute reminders and information – some
                    useful, some essential- as well as the event schedule.
75-80o Sunny        Thanks to everyone who has volunteered, signed up to take part, held
                    fundraisers, sponsored, donated or helped in any other way to make the
Saturday Night      event possible. Have fun this weekend!
56-60o Fair

                    What Will You Need at Relay ?___________________
80o    Sunny/Fair
                    To prepare for the event, use these checklists to make sure you have all the
                    details covered. When packing for Relay, please remember that the event is
                    tobacco- and alcohol-free.

                    Checklist for all Relay participants –

                    What to bring:

                      Snacks              Flashlight             Umbrellas
                      Chairs              Decorations            Extra clothing
                      Coolers             Trash bags             Sleeping bags
                      Sunscreen           Bug spray              Outdoor/board games
                      Camera              Money to visit on site fundraisers
                      Fundraising money collected      Your wristband – you need it to get in!

                    What NOT to bring:

                       Tobacco products            Alcoholic beverages             Pets
                         Essential Information___________________________
                         Getting hundreds of people into the track area, parked, and set up is a
- No Alcohol             logistical challenge. Please follow all posted signs and directions from event
- No Tobacco             volunteers. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated and will help things
- Park in designated     run smoothly for everyone.
- Follow al signs and    ARRIVAL
- You can turn in        - Gates open at 7am for RVs/CAMPERS ONLY. If you are bringing an RV
  Fundraising money at     please be in by 8am to avoid conflict with foot traffic.
  the finance tent       - Gates open for all other vehicles at 8am.
                         - You can drive up to the track area for DROP OFF ONLY. You must not
                           leave your car here while you carry stuff to your site


                         - Each team gets 2 passes for the lot in front of the soccer field. You need a
                           pass to park here, there are NO EXCEPTIONS, so please…..don’t ask.
                         - Additional parking is available throughout the NBHS/NBIS/auditorium
                           complex, first-come first-served.


                         The safety of all participants and their enjoyment of the event are top

                         - Security patrols will be in effect throughout the event, including the
                           overnight hours.
                         - Quiet Time is 11pm – 7am: Rowdy/noisy behavior will not be tolerated.
                         - A uniformed Police Officer will be present from 7pm - 7am

                         Luminarias Light The Way______________________
                                 Luminarias are a shining tribute to those who have had cancer. These
                         gentle lights, candle lanterns made of white paper bags bearing the names of
                         loved ones who have had cancer, are beacons of hope leading walkers
                         around the track. The Luminaria Ceremony will take place 9.30pm on
                         Saturday June 4th. The Honorary Chair for this special event is News
                         Channel 8 anchor Kristen Cusato.
                                Luminarias will be on sale throughout the day, and are available for
                         $5 each. Please visit the Luminaria Tent if you would like to honor someone
                         in your life.
Fundraisers at The Relay_______________________
Many teams are having sales, prize drawings etc at their site on the day.
Here are some of them, just walk around there are sure to be more!

Event:        Carriers For A Cure
What:         For a minimum donation of $5 the guys of the NBHS football
              team will gladly carry all of your gear to your campsite. They
              get a workout, you save your energy for walking, and the
              money goes to the Relay!
Team:         NBHS Football

Event:        Dallas Cowboys Prize Drawing
When:         Drawing at 8pm Saturday, tickets on sale throughout the day
What::        First prize is an authentic Cowboys gameshirt autographed by
              ProBowl safety Roy Williams. Tickets are $5 each and a
              maximum of 300 will be sold, so you have good odds!
Team:         Rebels With A Cause

Event:        Lemon Ice and Stuffed Breads
What:         Satisfy your hunger and thirst at the NB Field
              Hockey/Lacrosse Tent, on sale throughout the day. Also a
              drawing for an Italian Basket, tickets $1 each
Team:         NB Field Hockey/Lacrosse

Event:        Scottish Candy and Treats
What:         Come sample a taste of Scotland! We’ll have tablet and
              millionaire’s shortbread. Quite possibly the best tasting stuff
              ever invented. But don’t take my word for it, buy some!
Team:         Scotland The Brave

Why is this gap here…? Because the full EVENT SCHEDULE is on the next
page, and this way you can print it on one convenient sheet and bring it with
Event Schedule_________________________________
Visit www.NorthBranfordRelay.org for the most up to date schedule.

General Relay Event - Survivors (S) - Kids Care (KC) -     Entertainment

WHEN                 WHAT                               WHERE

10am                 First Walkers/Registration         Track
10am                 Survivor Registration              Survivor Tent
                     Handprint Banner Art project (S)
10am – 2pm           Reike/refloxology (S)              Survivor Tent
12n-12.45pm          Formal Opening Ceremony            Stage
12.45pm              Survivor Victory Lap               Survivor Tent
12.30- pm            Liberty Torches Crafts (KC)        Kids Care Area
1.00pm               Survivor Luncheon/reception (S)    Survivor Tent
1 – 1.15pm           THEME LAP: It’s A Small World      Track
1 – 2pm              Active Games (KC)                  Kids Care Area
1.15 –1.45pm         Jerome Harrison School Chorus      Stage
1.30 – 2pm           International Bingo (KC)           Kids Care Area
1.30 – 4.30pm        Moonwalk (KC)                      Kids Care Area
1.45 – 2.15pm        NBHS Select Chorus                 Stage
2 – 3.00pm           Kids Care Walk                     Track
2.00 – 4.00pm        Massage (S)                        Survivor Tent
2.00 – 6.00pm        Reflexology (S)                    Survivor Tent
2.30 – 3pm           Elvis and Miss Connecticut (S)     Survivor Tent
3 – 3.15pm           THEME LAP: Born In The USA         Track
3 – 8pm              Massage Therapy (S)                Survivor Tent
3.15 – 3.45pm        Storyteller (KC)                   Kids Care Area
3.15 – 3.30pm        East Coast Elite Cheerleaders      Stage
3.30pm               Dr. Michael Kane (S)               Survivor Tent
3.30 – 4pm           Israeli Dancers                    Stage
3.45 – 4.30pm        Chinese Dragon Crafts (KC)         Kids Care Area
4 – 4.30pm           The Vague Details Band             Stage
4 – 8pm              Reike (S)                          Survivor Tent
4.30 – 5pm           Lia Witten                         Stage
4.30 – 5.30pm        Active games (KC)                  Kids Care Area
5 – 5.30pm           Karen Wagner’s Vocal Studio        Stage
5 – 5.30pm           Yoga For Kids (KC)                 Kids Care Area
5.45 – 6pm           THEME LAP: The Orient Express      Track
6 – 6.45pm           Angry Toasters                     Stage
6.45 – 7pm           THEME LAP: Caribbean               Track
7 – 8pm              Primordial Soup (Classic Rock)     Stage
8 – 8.30pm           Minotti Music Students             Stage
9.30 – 11pm          LUMINARIA CEREMONY                 Stage & Track
11pm – 7am           Quiet Time


8- 8.30am            Stretching Exercise
10am                 Closing Ceremony/Relay Ends

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