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                                         MBA Students Earn Award Certificates for Strategic
 8:30 a.m.–10:30 p.m. ET                 Management Decisions
 Saturday                                By Dr. John Patton
 10 a.m.–6 p.m. ET                       BUS 5480 students (Cathy            48th in the Overall Game-     3. Maintain a B+ or higher
                                         Alleyne, Katherine Baker,           To-Date Score of 106.0           credit rating.
 Sunday                                                                   •	 During the week Aug. 3–9,     4. Achieve stock price gains
 11 a.m.–5 p.m. ET
                                         Kelly Beeman and Daniel
                                         Thompson) were designated           2009, they ranked 37th in        averaging 7 percent a year
                                         as Company F co-managers            the Overall Game-To-Date         through year 15 of the BSG.
                                         by the course instructor            score of 107.5.               5. Achieve an image rating of
                                                                          The overall Game-To-Date            70 or higher.
                                         as they participated in
                                         the Business Strategy            score rankings are based on      The co-managers are
                                         Game (BSG) simulation            a 50%–50% weighting for          charged with taking over
                                         (www.bsg-online.com).            the Investor Expectations        the operations of an ath-
                                         Competing with six other         Standard and the Best-in         letic footwear company that
                                         teams in this class as well as   Industry Standard so that        for the past 10 years has
 Inside this Issue                       over 700 other teams world-      the overall performance of       competed head-to-head for
 Welcome ........................... 1                                    all companies worldwide          global market leadership,
                                         wide, the Company F team
 MBA Students Earn                       named “Fusion Feet,” earned      are calculated on the very       competing against rival ath-
 Award Certificates ............ 1       a Global Top 50 ranking of       same basis and thus truly        letic footwear companies run
                                         their company’s BSG-online       comparable.                      by other class members and
 Account Refunds .............. 2
                                         performance in three sepa-       Performance is judged by         students from other colleges.
 FYI Policy for Students ..... 3                                                                           In a just completed year 10
                                         rate annual decision-making      the following five categories,
 Goings On at the                        activities, as follows:          each weighted at 20 percent:     revenues amounted to $230
 College of Business........... 3                                                                          million and net earnings of
                                         •	 During the week Aug.          1. Grow earnings per share
                                            17–23, 2009, they ranked         at least 7 percent annually   $25 million equal to $2.50
 Important Dates................ 3
                                            14th in the Top 50 for           through year 15 of the BSG.   per share of common stock.
 Reference Sources ............ 4                                                                          It maintained an ROE of 17
                                            Return on Average Equity      2. Obtain a Return on Equity
 Financial Aid Corner ........ 4            (ROE) with 36.4 percent.         (ROE) of 15 percent or        percent and a solid B+ credit
                                         •	 During the week Aug.             more annually.                rating. In this experiential
 VA Corner ......................... 4
                                            9–16, 2009, they ranked
                                                                                                                   continued on page 2
 2                                                                                                           The Web Alliance

Account Refunds                                 E-mail Information
By Teresa Williford, Director of                By Rhian Resnick, Systems Analyst, Information Technology
Student Finance and Treasury
                                                All Students,
                                                Google Applications is live at Florida Tech! Join the 3,065 users who have already
Often, students receive financial assis-        made the switch. This new system, powered by Google, provides Gmail to the univer-
tance and/or payments that exceed the           sity, as well as a suite of other Google products that enable everyone to better commu-
tuition and fees charged for the semes-         nicate, share and collaborate. Optional migrations are occurring now. Be sure to
ter. In this case, the student is eligible to   watch for more information regarding the mandatory transition Dec. 14, 2009 on the
receive a refund of the credit balance on       IT Google Applications Project Page (http://it.fit.edu/accounts/google.php) and our
their student account. All refunds will be      Google Applications FAQ.
processed in the form of a check payable
                                                Please remember:
to the student.
                                                1. Your current Florida Tech e-mail address {TRACKS}@fit.edu will continue to be
University Alliance Students
                                                   active until Aug. 2, 2010.
Students with a credit balance not              2. You must inform people of your new e-mail address {TRACKS}@my.fit.edu by
resulting from financial aid should                Aug. 2, 2010.
contact their University Alliance               3. To avoid being blocked by SPAM checks, all users of Outlook, Thunderbird and
representative for refund instructions.            other e-mail clients must update their settings to use the new e-mail address
Beginning with the Fall II 2009 Term            For more information, you can check out the Google Apps Help Center at www.google.
Students with a credit balance result-          com/support/a/users or watch video presentations below.
ing from financial aid will automatically       •	 E-mail—http://services.google.com/apps/resources/overviews_breeze/Mail/index.html
have the refund processed after the ninth       •	 Calendar—http://services.google.com/apps/resources/overviews_breeze/Calendar/
business day of class and will no longer           index.html
be required to request the refund. Any          •	 Docs—http://services.google.com/apps/resources/overviews_breeze/
additional credit balances created after           DocsSpreadsheets/index.html
this period will be processed weekly.
Please allow four (4) business days for         We will be in touch again when we get closer to completing the transition to Google Apps.
processing and mailing after the date of
the refund transaction. The quickest and
most convenient method for the student
                                                MBA Students Earn Award Certificates for
to determine if the STUDENT REFUND              Strategic Management Decisions
has been processed will be to check             continued from page 1
the student account on PAWS. Refund             learning simulation game, the student teams begin making decisions for year 11 with
checks will be mailed to the MAILING            each decision period representing a year. However, in the class, these decisions are
address unless a STUDENT REFUND                 entered weekly through year 15 and must consider over 70+ decision variables since
address has been updated on PAWS.               this footwear company operates in four geographic regions (Europe-Africa, Asia-
Students should verify their address each       Pacific, Latin America and North America).
semester to ensure the check will be
mailed to the desired address.                  The distinguished team awarded certificates for the caliber of their decisions in the
                                                BSG ended year 15 with the following results: Revenues, $604, 275; EPS, $7.25;
Please be reminded if you are receiving         ROE, 26.4%; Stock Price, $116.59; Credit Rating, B+; and Image Rating of 86.
Federal Title IV Funds (grants such as          We congratulate the team for their distinguished performance!
Pell, ACG, SMART, etc. or loans such as
Stafford or Plus) and you wish for these
funds to pay for charges other than tuition
such as books for example, Florida Tech         amount of your financial aid after tuition, which may cause a balance due on your stu-
must have your authorization to do so.          dent account. You will then be required to remit payment back to University Alliance for
If you intend to use your financial aid         the remaining balance.
for these types of charges, please use          Note for All Students: Students who have received a refund from a financial aid
this link to the authorization page,            overpayment and have withdrawn, or who have been over-awarded, may be required
http://authaid.fit.edu. If you have not         to repay a portion of their financial aid to Florida Tech. Students should access their
made this authorization, then Florida           student account through PAWS on a regular basis to stay informed regarding the status
Tech is required to refund you the entire       of their student account.
 3                                                                                                                     The Web Alliance

FYI Policy for                   Goings on at the College of Business
Students                         By Christopher J. Durie, Manager of Online Business Programs
Policy regarding math            While the 2009–2010 academic year has just                areas. They are Jarin
and communication                started, many exciting events have taken place            Eisenberg (CIS/ITM),
required courses                 at the College of Business. The primary event             Jennifer Morin (marketing/
                                 is that we are no longer just the “College of             healthcare management/
The term after completing
                                 Business.” Florida Tech is pleased to announce            project management) and
the diagnostic assessment as
                                 that due to a generous gift from Nathan M.                Zachary Gabe (account-
part of ASC 1006 Mastering
                                 Bisk, we are now the “Nathan M. Bisk College              ing/finance). Dan Riding
e-learning (typically this
                                 of Business.” Mr. Bisk is both a CPA and a                is now responsible for all
would be the student’s
                                 lawyer who is a leader in the online education            management degrees and                Christopher J. Durie
second term), depending on
                                 community. His company (Bisk Education)                   the HR minor. This restruc-
the results of the diagnostic
                                 is responsible for allowing a consortium of               turing will also aid us in our
assessment, students must
                                 schools and colleges to offer their degrees in            goal of attaining AACSB
register for either a math
                                 an online format nationwide. The $5 million               accreditation.
                                 gift that Mr. Bisk has given the school is to be
•	 MTH 0003 Basic Algebra        used to support the Nathan M. Bisk College
   (3 credit hours but credits   of Business in three ways. The gift will provide
   may not be applied to any     monies for the marketing of
   Florida Tech degree)          the business programs offered
•	 MTH 0111 Intermediate         through the college, will allow
   Algebra (3 credit hours but   for additional support as the
                                                                           Important Dates
   credits may not be applied                                         Fall 2—2009                              Spring 1—2010
                                 online programs continue
                                                                      Aug. 20: First day to register for Oct. 15: First day to register for
   to any Florida Tech degree)   to grow, and will create an          Fall 2—2009                              Spring 1—2010
•	 MTH 1701 College Algebra      endowed chair to be named            Oct. 2: Last day to file a Petition Nov. 27: Last day to file a Petition
   (3 credit hours)              the Max, Edith and Robert            to Graduate for Fall 2—2009              to Graduate for Spring 1—2010
•	 MTH 1703 Finite Mathe-        Bisk Distinguished Chair of          Oct. 14: Last day to register for Dec. 30: Last day to register for
                                 Business. The faculty and            Fall 2—2009 without late fee             Spring 1—2010 without late fee
   matics (3 credit hours)
                                 staff of the college would like      Oct. 15: First day to register for Dec. 31: First day to register for
or a communication course        to personally thank Mr. Bisk         Spring 1—2010                            Spring 2—2010
                                                                      Oct. 21: Last day for Fall 2—2009 Jan. 6: Last day for Spring 1—2010
•	 COM 0110 Basic Writing        for his gift and his confidence
                                                                      confirmation of tuition or financial aid confirmation of tuition or financial aid
   Skills (3 credit hours but    in the good work that Florida        Oct. 21: Last day to register for Jan. 6: Last day to register for
   credits may not be applied    Tech is doing in our online          Fall 2—2009 with late fee                Spring 1—2010 with late fee
   to any Florida Tech degree)   endeavors.                           Oct. 26: CLASSES BEGIN                   Jan. 1:1 CLASSES BEGIN
•	 COM 1101 Composition                                                    (Monday)                               (Monday)
                                 Besides the name, there have
   and Rhetoric (3 credit                                                  Nov. 1: Last day to withdraw           Jan. 17: Last day to withdraw
                                 been other changes at the                 from a course with full refund         from a course with full refund
   hours)                        college. As of May 2009, all              Nov. 11: Holiday (Veterans Day)        Jan. 18: Holiday (Martin Luther
•	 COM 1102 Writing about        of the business programs are              Observed                               King Jr. Day)
   Literature (3 credit hours)   now overseen by the col-                  Nov. 26: Holiday (Thanksgiving)        Feb. 12: Last day to file a Petition
                                 lege. Because of this change              Nov. 27: Last day to file a Petition   to Graduate for Spring 2—2010
The following term, the
                                 and enrollment increasing to              to Graduate for Spring 1—2010          Feb. 15: Holiday (Presidents Day)
student should register for                                                Dec. 6: Last day to withdraw from      Feb. 21: Last day to withdraw from
                                 over 4,000 online students,
whichever one (MTH or                                                      a course with a W and no refund        a course with a W and no refund
                                 we have hired three new
COM) was not yet taken.                                                    Dec. 12: Fall Commencement             March 4: Last day for admissions
                                 program coordinators to join
Both sequences of courses                                                  Exercises                              eligibility for Spring 1 – 2010
                                 Dan Riding in his duties. The
should be finished by the                                                  Dec. 17: Last day for admis-           March 7: Last day of classes
                                 three new hires are respon-               sions eligibility for Fall 2—2009      (Sunday)
end of the first year.
                                 sible for assisting in the over-          Dec. 20: Last day of classes
Students who have appli-         sight of the academic subject             (Sunday)
cable transfer credits in
the MTH and COM area
should complete whatever
requirements are missing by                                              Request from the Editor
the end of the first year.           If you have any ideas or success stories to share with us, e-mail me at amorley@fit.edu
 4                                                                                                                                                                          The Web Alliance

Bridging the Distance: Reference Sources                                                                                                                      VA Corner
By Cheryl Davis                                                                                                                                               We’re proud
                                                                                                                                                              to educate our
Do any of these scenarios seem familiar?
                                                                                                                                                              nation’s finest
•	 You’re writing your research paper and you are unsure of the                                                                                               with military
   spelling of a word …                                                                                                                                       tuition assis-
•	 You’re seeking information on the professional associations in                                                                                             tance and
   your field of study …                                                                                                                                      veterans educa-
Don’t know where to begin? Facts, definitions, synonyms or                                                                                                    tion benefits.     Katie Werner,
statistics are just a few clicks away. Evans Library has organized a                                                                                          Questions about VA Representative
comprehensive listing of the best online reference sources.                                                                                                   your veterans’
                                                                                                             Cheryl Davis,
                                                                                                             Distance Learning                                education benefits?
From the LINK, the library’s home page                                           •	 Style guides—
                                                                                                             Librarian                                        Contact your VA Representative,
at www.lib.fit.edu, under Express Links,                                            MLA, APA, etc.
click on Best Internet Sites and then                                            •	 Thesauri—Roget’s and others                                               Katie Werner, at (321) 674-8207 or
look for Reference Sources.                                                      •	 U.S. Societies and Associations—                                          cwerner@fit.edu.

Here you will find Web sites for                                                    professional and academic                                                 The Post-9/11 Veterans Educational
                                                                                 Remember! If you have any questions,                                         Assistance Act of 2008 or “New GI
•	 Almanacs—great for quick facts                                                I am here to help. I can be reached at                                       Bill” has been enacted into law. It
•	 Dictionaries—English and foreign                                              (321) 674-8766 or cdavis05@fit.edu. And,                                     will become effective Aug. 1, 2009.
   language options                                                              you can always use our Ask a Librarian                                       For more information, go to
•	 Encyclopedias—helpful when begin-                                             service at http://lib.fit.edu/questionpoint.                                 www.gibill.va.gov.
   ning to gather information on a poten-
   tial research topic                                                           Next time I will tell you about another
•	 Quotations—both classic and                                                   great Evans Library resource that will
                                                                                                                                                              ATTENTION VETERAN AND
   contemporary                                                                  help us all to bridge the distance.
                                                                                                                                                              MILITARY STUDENTS!
•	 Statistics—national and international                                                                                                                      If you have registered for classes and
                                                                                                                                                              want to use your GI Bill benefits,
                                                                                                                                                              you will need to request them.
Financial Aid Corner                                                                                                                                          You can submit a request form at
            If you are interested in                                             To access your Florida Tech student                                          https://dl.fit.edu/forms/ua/va_certification
            receiving federal financial aid,                                     e-mail account (Squirrel Mail), visit
            complete your 2009–2010                                              https://webaccess.fit.edu. Your login ID
            FAFSA using your 2008 tax                                            and password will be the same as your                                        Teacher of the Year
            information at www.fafsa.ed.gov.                                     PAWS account, www.fit.edu/paws.                                              Award
Our federal school code is: 001469. A                                                                                                                         We are announcing the launch of a
financial aid counselor will e-mail your                                                                                                                      teacher of the year award in which
                                                                                     Financial Aid:
financial aid package to your student                                                (321) 674-8270 for UA Students                                           students can nominate faculty
e-mail address after you have been fully                                             E-mail: uafinaid@fit.edu                                                 teaching in the eight-week online
admitted to the university. Check your                                                                                                                        programs. The nomination forms will
student e-mail account frequently for                                                FAQ Web Site:
                                                                                     http://online.fit.edu/faq.php                                            be available to the students via the
important financial aid and academic                                                 Visit to learn more about University                                     LMS during weeks 6 and 7 of each
updates.                                                                             Alliance and financial aid                                               term. Specific details as to when the
                                                                                                                                                              announcement of the winner(s) will
                                                                                                                                                              be made, etc. will be provided at a
Attention University Alliance online students, please follow these instructions:                                                                              later date.
If you would like to use your financial aid to pay for your books, you must complete the
appropriate authorization at http://authaid.fit.edu, even if you think you already have
authorized financial aid to pay for your books. The web application is the only method                                                                               150 W. University Blvd.
financial aid recognizes for these authorizations.                                                                                                                  Melbourne, FL 32901-6975

Florida Institute of Technology does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, color, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, marital status, age,
                                                                                                                                                               Editor and Publisher: Andrea Morley
disability, sexual orientation, Vietnam-era veterans status or any other discrimination prohibited by law in the admission of students, administration           Contact e-mail: amorley@fit.edu
of its educational policies, scholarship and loan programs, employment policies, and athletic or other university sponsored programs or activities.

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