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									     Teen Drinking

- David Hoover
- James Wilson
- Jeff Howard
Statistics For Teen Drinking

            Ages For Drinking          The three leading
                                        causes of death for
            25            Girls:        15-24 year olds are
                          Boys:         accidents.
Age (yr.)

            15                         The leading cause
                          Aver. for     for these accidents
            10            drinking
                                        are alcohol.
             5            Greatest
Problems Alcohol causes:

   Alcohol poisoning
   Cirrhosis of the liver
   Vomiting
   Seizures
   Passing out
   Weight gain
   Sickness/dizziness
   Bad Breath
   Slurred speech, clumsy
     How much alcohol is REALLY in a
      Beer: 3-5%
      Wine: 9-16%
      Hard Liquor: up to 50%

A 170 pound man would have to consume only 4 beers one hour to be legally
A 137 pound woman would have to consume only 3 beers in one hour to be
legally drunk.
  82.6% of adults who         Children in the U.S.
   drink admit having           under the age of 21
   their first drink before     drink ___ of the
   the age of ___               alcohol consumed in
 A) 24 B)21 C) 18 D)16          the U.S.
  One out of ___             A)4 B)10 C)50 D)25
   parents believe that it     Teenagers who drink
   is ok to have alcohol        are ___ times more
   underage at parties          likely to have sex.
   such as graduations        A)7 B)20 C)17 D)2
   and proms
 A)4 B)10 C)15 D)20

  One in ___ teenage         Americans rate drunk
   boys and one in ___         driving as the
   girls had their alcohol     number ___ issue on
   supplied by parents         the highways
 A)4,3                       A)5
 B)10,4                      B)33
 C)8,5                       C)1
 D)3,4                       D)2
8th Graders

  25% reported drinking alcohol in the past
  8% reported being drunk
  15% reported binge drinking in the 2
   weeks prior to the survey
  1% reported drinking every day
10th Graders

  40% reported drinking alcohol in the past
  22% reported being drunk
  25% reported binge drinking in the 2
   weeks prior to the survey
  2% reported drinking every day
12th Graders

  53% reported drinking alcohol in the past
  34% reported being drunk
  30% reported binge drinking in the 2
   weeks prior to the survey
  4% reported drinking every day
                Other Facts
   Teen drinking is the number one source of
    adult alcoholism.
   Children who begin drinking before the
    age of 21 are more than twice as likely to
    become and alcoholic; a child who begins
    to drink before the age of 15 is four times
    more likely to become an alcoholic
Why is it 21?
  ―Back in the late 1960's and early 70's a number of
   states lowered their drinking age from 21 to 18. In
   many of these states, research documented a
   significant increase in highway deaths of the teens
   affected by these laws. So, in the early 1980's a
   movement began to raise the drinking age back to
   21. After the law changed back to 21, many of the
   states were monitored to check the difference in
   highway fatalities. Researchers found that teenage
   deaths in fatal car crashes dropped considerably - in
   some cases up to 28% - when the laws were moved
   back to 21.‖
                                          - MADD.ORG
   Myth: Alcohol is energy.
    Truth: Alcohol is the opposite of energy. It's a depressant. It
    slows down your ability to think, speak, move and all that
    other stuff you like to do.

   Myth: It's just beer. It can’t do anything to me.
    Truth: Large amounts of alcohol can do major damage to your
    digestive system. You can hurt your heart, liver, stomach, and
    several other critical organs as well as losing years from your life.

   Myth: The worst thing that can happen a hangover.
    Truth: If you drink enough alcohol, fast enough, you can get an
    amount in your body that can kill you in only a few hours.
 Where is the legal                   The first step to
  drinking age not 21 if                getting better if you
  provided by your                      drink:
  parent? A) Home                          A)     Give up

                 B) Florida                B)     Forget about it
                 C) Alaska                 C)     Admit it
                 D) A friends house
                                           D)     Tell someone
 Does coffee really
  help?                                Youth who drink alcohol are ____
   Yes                                times more likely to use cocaine
                                      than those who never drink alcohol.
                                        A) 10-15
 Coffee only makes you think that
                                        B) 5-10
 you are more sober, it gives you
 a false sense of speeded               C) 20
 reactions.                             D) 50
Other Facts
    More than 18% of Americans experience alcohol abuse or alcohol
     dependence at some time in their lives.

    Traffic crashes are the greatest single cause of death for persons aged 6–
     33. About 45% of these fatalities are in alcohol-related crashes.

    Underage drinking costs the United States more than $58 billion every
     year — enough to buy every public school student a state-of-the-art

    Alcohol is the most commonly used drug among young people.

    Problem drinkers average four times as many days in the hospital as
     nondrinkers — mostly because of drinking-related injuries.

    Alcohol kills 6½ times more youth than all other illicit drugs combined.
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