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					Vol. 2 No. 4
                      ACT II
                          Mission: To provide collaborative faith-based services that meet the health
                                          and wellness needs of the whole person.                                Summer 2008

Then Whose Will These Things Be?
                                         clinical professor of pediatrics
O      ne of our Sunday adult
Bible class options this summer
                                         in the University of Arizona
                                         College of Medicine and clinical
                                         professor of pharmacy practice
is titled “Legacy: Then Whose            and science in the College of
Will These Things Be?”                   Pharmacy, Tucson; and Clinical
This class is hosted by James            Professor of Pediatrics,
Vandiver, director of the                Creighton University, Omaha,
Resource Center on Aging at              Nebraska. He is a fellow of
Harpeth Hills, and Turney                the American Academy of
Stevens, dean of the College             Pediatrics. Haworth Press, New
of Business at Lipscomb                  York, recently published his
University. The class meets in           medical and pharmacy ethics
room 211 from 9:45 – 10:30 a.m.          textbook titled Drugs, Ethics,
                                         and Quality of Life. He recently
This class grew from the                 participated in the Christian                                  Dr. Bruce White
educational aspect of our                Scholars Conference at
Legacy Fund at Harpeth Hills.            Lipscomb University.
Through our educational                                                                  quality of life for the elderly
programs, we hope to focus               Dr. White headed the ethics                     population, while reducing the
on significant aspects of                committee at St. Thomas                         cost to Medicare Advantage
stewardship, life planning, and          Hospital for a number of years                  health plans. INSPIRIS part-
the legacy we leave.                     when he lived in Nashville. He                  ners with individual health
                                         also taught pharmacy law at                     plans to provide acute, post-
On July 27, Dr. Bruce White              Samford University in Birming-                  acute, custodial and hospice-
will join us during this class time      ham, Ala. He is a physician,                    care programs that address
to discuss facing the end of life        attorney and ethicist. His wife,                the needs of the plan's
with courage and dignity. Dr.            Sarah, previously served as a                   membership. Both Drs., Sarah
White is chairman of the                 geriatric nurse practitioner at                 and Bruce White, serve on our
Department of Pediatrics at St.          Vanderbilt. She currently works                 Resource Center Advisory
Joseph’s Hospital and Medical            with INSPIRIS, a unique health-                 Board.
Center in Phoenix, Ariz. He              care management company
holds faculty appointments as            focused on improving the                                            Continued on page 2
Page 2                                          Act II                                      Summer 2008
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 On August 17, Congressman                                               If all future Medicare and Social
 Jim Cooper will be the pre-                                             Security obligations are added
 senter for the class. He will                                           together, the full obligation is
 speak on the topic “Medicare                                            larger than the net worth of all
 and Social Security: Life after                                         American families and
 Our Social Contracts Bank-                                              businesses combined. What
 rupt.” Cooper has taught                                                happens to future seniors who
 courses at Vanderbilt University                                        are depending on these two
 on this topic. This subject is                                          programs as cornerstones of
 also a focus of his attention and                                       retirement plans?
 committee involvement in
 Congress.                                                               Even affluent seniors must
                                                                         have healthcare coverage and
 "Most of our national conversa-                                         expect to receive back from
 tion about healthcare is about                                          Social Security a portion of
 the 47 million Americans who                                            what has been paid in. Our own
 are currently uninsured. As                                             Congressman Cooper is
 important as this is, the larger                                        among the nation's
 issue of concern is how Medi-                                           most influential and knowledge-
 care will pay for its future             Congressman Jim Cooper         able legislators… and
 healthcare obligations to those     The Medicare Trustees               most candid. In a no-media, off-
 already over age 65 and the 73      estimate that Medicare will         the-record session, he will be at
 million additional baby boomers     bankrupt by 2013 at the             Harpeth Hills to advise us all as
 who will be turning age 65 over     earliest, 2019 at the latest.       to how best to plan for our
 the next few years.                 Social Security is also             futures,” said Turney Stevens.
                                     projected to bankrupt as well.

 Program expansion
 includes grief and loss focus
 As the Resource Center on Aging continually assesses
 needs of the congregation and the community, new pro-
 grams arise that address these needs. Two new pro-
 grams are currently being designed to concentrate on
 issues of grief and loss. The programs will not just ad-
 dress the issues of grief in the context of death and bereavement, but will discuss grief and loss in
 the larger context of life.
 The first program, scheduled to begin this fall, is being developed under the leadership of Dr. Karen
 Nash, director of Grief Support Services at Alive Hospice. On a monthly basis, speakers uniquely
 qualified to address issues of grief and loss will lead discussions on topics such as tasks for healing,
 grief during the holidays and self-care during grief.
 We are also developing a grief support group led by Dr. Phillip Pistole, a marriage and family thera-
 pist in private practice in Brentwood. Dr. Pistole is a Harpeth Hills member very active in our Single
 Adults Learning Together (SALT) program. He also directs our divorce recovery program. The mate-
 rial for this support group will be based on GriefShare, a resource used throughout the United States,
 Canada and in over 10 other countries. The group will meet during the Wednesday evening class
 hour beginning in September. Registration will be required for this class.
Mission: To provide collaborative faith-based services that meet the health and wellness needs of the whole person.         Page 3

                                               The researchers caution that                    phone number.
How Much                                       government policy that re-
                                                                                               The older brain has more in-
                                               treats from addressing social
Volunteering is                                ills by assuming that the older                 formation to remember, thus
                                               population will pick up the bur-                making it more difficult to se-
Good for You?                                  den may be detrimental both                     lect one out of the crowd.
                                               to those in need and to those                   (After all, how many more
Research frequently reports                                                                    people has a 60 year old met
on the positive effects – in                   who feel morally obligated to
                                               provide. “Social policy could                   than a 20 year old?)
health and well-being – of vol-
unteering activities among                     be best served by working to-                   Because older adults retain
older people. This research                    ward the optimal balance of                     more information, they can be
asks the interesting question:                 creating opportunities for older                better problem solvers than
Is there an upper limit to the                 adult volunteers while guard-                   younger people. They can
positive effects of volunteer-                 ing against excessive burden                    transfer information learned in
ing? Could too much volun-                     on individuals and ensuring                     one situation to another differ-
teering be counter-productive                  that human services and the                     ent one more readily.
to well-being?                                 voluntary sector have ade-
                                               quate funding support” (pg.                     These tendencies can offer
The 2,500 participants in a                    69).                                            benefits in life situations when
recent study were 60-64 year                                                                   it is unclear what information
                                               From: Volunteering and Psychologi-
old people from Australia, and                 cal Well-Being Among Young-Old
                                                                                               is useful in solving problems
in a survey they enumerated                    Adults: How Much is Too Much? By                or avoiding them. A broad at-
their volunteer activities. Other              Timothy D. Windsor, Kaarin J. An-               tention span may enable older
information, including a sense                 stey, Bryan Rodgers. The Gerontolo-             adults to know more about a
                                               gist, 2008, 48, 59-70.                          situation and the indirect mes-
of well-being, health indica-
tors, employment status, mari-                                                                 sages about what’s going on
tal status, and years of educa-                                                                than their younger peers.
tion, was also gathered.                       Older is Wiser                                  Some scientists conclude that
After adjusting for various                                                                    a reduced ability to filter out so
                                               Can’t think of your next door                   -called “useless” information
demographic variables, the
                                               neighbor’s first name? Don’t                    could also contribute to crea-
researchers concluded that a
                                               remember your brother’s birth-                  tive thinking.
moderate amount of volun-
                                               day? Having a “senior mo-
teering is most beneficial.
                                               ment”?                                          The results of various psycho-
People who volunteered at
least 100 hours per year, but                                                                  logical studies suggest that
                                               Most people worry that as                       older people are “wiser” than
fewer than 800 hours, scored                   they age, their brains are go-
highest in well-being.                                                                         younger ones. As Jacqui
                                               ing to become less sharp. But                   Smith, professor of psychol-
                                               in certain respects, the as-                    ogy at the University of Michi-
There was no indication that
                                               sumption that the aging brain                   gan said, “If older people are
volunteering great amounts of
                                               is in decline is itself in decline.             taking in more information
time to good causes filled the
gap left by the absence of a                   Studies reported in a new edi-                  from a situation, and they’re
partner. There were no gender                  tion of Progress in Brain Re-                   then able to combine it with
differences found in satisfac-                 search suggest just the oppo-                   their comparatively greater
tion, but the types of volunteer               site. For most aging adults,                    store of general knowledge,
activities tended to follow                    much of what occurs over the                    they’re going to have a nice
stereotypical lines, with                      life-span is a gradually widen-                 advantage.”
women engaged in more nur-                     ing focus of attention. As the                  From: Getting Older May Indeed
turing activities and men in                   focus broadens, it is more dif-                 Bring Wisdom by Sara Reistad-Long.
more managerial ones.                          ficult to recall one small fact,                International Herald Tribune, May 22,
                                               such as a name or a tele-                       2008, pg.11.
Summer 2008                                        Act II                                       Page 4

 SAVE THE DATE…                                                         Advisory Board
 When:            Thursday, October 30, 2008                              Members:
                                                                                  Van Cluck
 Where:           Harpeth Hills Community Room                              Dr. Richard Gentzler
                                                                              Mary Harkleroad
 What:            Wellness 66: End of Life Issues                             Barbara J. Helm
                                                                                Janet L. Jones
 This seminar will be a collaborative event coordinated by the               Dr. Suzanne Rueb
 Harpeth Hills Resource Center on Aging, Centennial Medical                 Dr. James Vaillancourt
 Center, Center for Healthy Living and Parthenon Pavilion.                       Stacia Vetter
                                                                             Dr. Bruce D. White
                                                                                Sarah J. White
                                                                              Tonya Zuckerman
 Book Review:
 The 36-Hour Day                                                         Harpeth Hills
 by Nancy Mace and Peter Rabins                                            Resource
 The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for Persons With               Committee:
 Alzheimer Disease, Related Dementing Illnesses, and Memory                      Kathy Clark
 Loss in Later Life, written by Nancy Mace and Peter Rabins,                      Doug Cope
 has helped over half a million families cope with issues sur-                   Randy Gott
 rounding the care of a person with memory loss diseases.                      Greg Hardeman
                                                                                Don Holladay
 When someone in your family suffers from Alzheimer disease                   Mary Ann Hooper
 or other related memory loss diseases, both you and your                    Dr. John Netterville
 loved one face enormous challenges. For over twenty years,                   Donna Randolph
 this book has been the trusted “bible” for families affected by               Harold Sparks
 dementia disorders. This guide, now thoroughly revised and                    Turney Stevens
 updated, provides the practical and specific advice you need to              Dr. Hyatt Sutton
 make care easier, improve quality of life, and lift the whole               Dr. Jim Vaillancourt
 family’s spirits. It features the latest medical research and                     Jo Wright
 news on current delivery of care. Comprehensive and compas-
 sionate, this book is a guide to help your family through this
 difficult time. You’ll learn:                                          ACT II Editorial Staff
                                                                                 Marie Byers
     ♦   The basic facts about dementia;                                        Chris Pepple
     ♦   How to deal with problems arising in daily care—meals,                 Leanne Smith
         exercise, personal hygiene and safety;
     ♦   Financial and legal issues you must address;                     Contact Info:
     ♦   How to get outside help from support groups, friends             Resource Center on Aging
         and agencies;                                                          Harpeth Hills
                                                                               Church of Christ
     ♦   How to cope with an impaired person’s false ideas,                1949 Old Hickory Blvd.
         suspicion, anger and other mood problems. *                        Brentwood, TN 37027
                                                                              373-0601 ext. 112
 *From : The 36-Hour Day. This book is available in the Harpeth Hills
 library, recently donated by Dr. Steve & Melinda Yearwood-Graham.

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