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									                YW/YM Video Scavenger Hunt


• You have ________ (specify time) to complete as many items on the list as possible. You must
return to ____________ by the designated time for your tape to be valid.
• Teams must limit the filming of each item to 20 seconds or shorter (except for int roduction)
• All team players except cameraperson must appear in each video segment.
• Stay in the specified region for the hunt.
• Wear your seat belt whenever the car is moving.
• Cell phones cannot be used to complete tasks.

01. Name & Jingle - Each group must come up with a team name and a 4 line jingle (5 points)
02. Introduction - Each video must have a 1 minute CREA TIVE introduction to their video (make
sure to include your jingle) (10 points only if it is creative and if it includes team jingle)
03. Gum Architecture - Each team will receive a handful of gum along with a 2'x2' piece of
cardboard. The first 10 minutes of the activity is to be spent building something that represents
your team out of chewed gum. You ONLY have 10 minut es. Be creative!! (10 points)
04. Service with a smile - You were given a goody to share. Deliver it to someone you think
might appreciat e it while singing your favorite Primary song! (10 points)

ITEMS TO BRING BACK: (Each item is worth 3 points)
Each item must be taped onto a paper, eac h paper containing your team name. Several items
can be taped onto one paper.

01. Ketchup packet from McDonalds.
02. A piece of junkmail.
03. A photocopy of one team members hand. Each person of the team must sign that paper like
they would an official document.
04. Crossword puzzle from yesterday’s newspaper.
05. A business card from a car salesman.
06. Job application from a grocery chain.
07. A paper plac emat and menu from any Chinese restaurant.
08. Two paint sample cards.
09. A fast food coupon.
THE TASKS: (Each task is worth 5 points)

01. Visit fire station and get a fire safety tip.
02. Visit fire station and run a siren.
03. Group hug a police officer.
04. Serenade waitress at a busy restaurant with the Happy Birthday Song (you may have to sing
fast to get it recorded in 20 seconds)
05. Find a runner. Have your team jog with him or her.
06. Video of everyone searc hing on the floor for a cont act lens.
07. Pump someone else’s gas and was h their windshield
08. Someone ordering a cheeseburger without any cheese.
09. Doing a cart wheel inside 7-11.
10. Team riding an automat ed kiddie ride in front of store.
11. Go to a restaurant and stand in front of it singing the restaurant's theme song.
12. Do a good deed for someone you do not know.
13. Your group standing by a movie poster rated PG or less.
14. Someone doing stupid human trick.
15. Organize appl es at grocery store.
16. Form human pyramid in front of a famous landmark in the community.
17. E veryone wearing king hats from Burger King.

BONUS TASKS: (Each task is worth 10 points)
01. Have at least one of your team players throw a (raw) pizza crust in the air at a pizza joint (10
02. Getting your whole team in one tree.
03. Doing the bunny hop wit h at least two complet e strangers.
04. Photo booth photo of all team members together.
05. Get a stranger to let you bowl one ball for him/ her during their on going game. (5 extra points
if you get a strike)
06. Have a stranger tell you their best blonde joke.

Each team will leave their tapes with those in charge after scavenger hunt is completed. Leaders
will decide which parts (if not all) to watch on each tape. Meet the following week to play the
tapes and hand out awards…the cornier the better!

Have each person sit with their group. While videos are getting set up, or being changed, give
them a challenge. Give each team a paper wit h the word “scavenger” on it. Each team has to
come up with the most words using only the letters in the word scavenger. By the end of the
evening, the team with the most words wins !

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