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					                     The Side Draft
Volume 14, Issue 10                                                                                     October 2007

Chairman’s Message                                              November Meeting Info
…… Steve Hack                                                   …. Gary Griever

I would like to begin the newsletter by thanking all            Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2007
of our 100 plus members for allowing me to                      Time: 7:00PM
represent you for the past two years. November
is our elections month and I have decided to step               Location: Columbia Chevrolet, 9750
back from my position. It has been an awesome                   Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242
time to say the least. I feel we have become a                  Phone: 513-891-3905
tighter family with more fun and that we are
headed in the correct direction. We have                        From I-275: Take I-275 North to exit 50
succeeded in having more technical seminars                     Montgomery / Morrow Exit (US 22W / OH 3
and new interesting places for meetings.                        South) Go south on Montgomery Road / US 22W
Hopefully our next chairman will continue in these              / OH 3 South for approx. 2.1 miles.
avenues, helping all of us enjoy and learn more
about our passion, Corvettes. In the event that we              Food: Sandwiches and soft drinks for everyone.
do not have any volunteers to take over as Chair I
                                                                Features: Gary Griever is always a terrific host
will stay in my position and help the club find my
replacement.                                                    and he has new offers for us.. please see
                                                                enclosed flyers.
All board positions are open for reelection.
Enclosed in this newsletter is a nomination form                         CHRISTMAS DINNER
that each member is strongly encouraged to fill
out and mail to our secretary Otto. When                                  AT HOUSTON INN
nominating someone (or yourself) please be sure
                                                                       6:00-7:00 Cocktails 7:00 Dinner
that they are willing to accept the duties. The
deadline for nominations is November 20th at our                         DECEMBER 2, 2007
monthly meeting (Montgomery Chevrolet). At that
point we will go over the nominations and include                        BOB BURKHARDT
an election form in your December newsletter,


1    Chairman’s Message, October Meeting, Website               Website Information
2    Upcoming Events and Meeting Minutes                        …… Jim Kammerer

                                                                Queen City Chapter Web Site:
     QCNCRS Officers, Swap Meet
                                                                Webmaster: Jack Hunt 859-620-3174
4    Swap Meet Flyer, Columbia Chevrolet Specials
5    Houston Inn Christmas Dinner                               Email Moderator: Jim Kammerer 513-474-5981

                                                    The Side Draft 1
with the new terms beginning in 2008.                    meeting or the picnic on October 21st will be
                                                         counted towards anyone with perfect attendance.
Now away from the political nonsense and into            Either one will count for October.
more important things. WOW -- What an
outstanding annual QCNCRS Picnic! It was a               The Treasurer’s report was read by Mike Murray
beautiful day on the river, and most important we        with everyone receiving a copy of the financials.
had 74 of our closest friends there to enjoy it          A motion was made to approve the treasurer’s
with. We even had corn-hole and horse shoes to           report and was seconded. The motion was
help burn those extra calories we took in. I would       carried to approve the report.
like to thank all members that had a hand in
helping make this event so much fun.                     The Chapter Meet at Columbia Chevrolet was a
                                                         huge success. A statement will follow from Mike
With the temperatures dropping the opportunities         Murray when all of the bills are paid. About
to have outside fun are dwindling. That is the           $1,100.00 was made. A big thanks to all that
perfect reason to take the Ray Skillman Bus Trip         attended and helped.
on Saturday the 17th. If you are interested please
call Mike Murray (513-724-7777), but hurry               The Winter Swap Meet is February 18th, 2008 at
spaces are limited.                                      Columbia Chevrolet from 8:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

Our next meeting is the 20th at Columbia                 The bus ride to Ray Skillman is $20.00 per
Chevrolet.    Please remember them when                  person. The date is November 17th. Call Mike
considering any vehicle, parts, or service. We           Murray if you are interested.
have had several members purchase new
vehicles from Columbia Chevrolet. and all have           The Christmas Dinner Party is the first Sunday of
praised the service and pricing.                         December at Houston Inn. It will start at 5:30
                                                         P.M. with dinner at 6:30 P.M. Appetizers will be
Our Christmas dinner and awards banquet is set           furnished by the club.
for the second of December at Houston Inn, call
Bob Burkhardt for details (513-777-5929).                Nominations of officers are due. All positions are
The QCNCRS Swap Meet flyer is also in this
newsletter. This is the earliest we have begun           Respectfully submitted,
circulation of the flyer and hopefully our               Dave Schwoeppe
attendance will reflect it. If you already have a
flyer take this one to work, hang it up at church,
mail it back in those *^%# credit card applications,
just get the word out.
                                                         SWAP MEET..February 10, 2007
See you in a few Tuesdays
Steve Hack                                               …. Steve Hack

                                                         Columbia Chevrolet… Indoor Swap Meet Sunday,
Upcoming QCNCRS Events                                   February 10, 2007. Columbia Chevrolet is located
Nov 17 Croswell Bus Trip                                 at 9750 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH
Nov 20 QCNCRS Meeting @ Columbia Chevrolet
                                                         For information call Steve Hack 513-553-2080
Dec 2 QCNCRS Dinner @ Houston Inn
                                                         General Admission $3.00
Feb 10 QCNCRS Swap Meet @ Columbia Chev
                                                         10 X 10 Vendor Space $20.00
Minutes: October Meeting
….. Dave Schwoeppe.

This months meeting was held at Steve Hack’s
home on Tuesday, October 16, 2007. This
                                               The Side Draft 2
             QCNCRS OFFICERS
  Chairman:       Steve Hack (513)553-2080
                                                             Regardless of the foregoing, the QC Chapter
                  2110 Beech Cove
                  New Richmond, OH 45157-8661                should make a run for the national at some point in
                         time. We now know that we have the Club interest
                                                             and we have the best site in the USA. I
  V. Chairman:    Dave Schwoeppe (513)661-5019
                  3729 Boomer Road                           respectfully request that Steve have this email
                  Cincinnati, OH 45247-8017                  printed in our SideDraft so the membership knows
                                                             the status of this matter. I appreciate Steve’s
  Judging:        Dave Heitzman – (419) 862-3348
                  15769 South River Road
                                                             service to the QC Chapter as Chair and applaud
                  Elmore, OH 43416                           all his efforts for the best interest of the QC
  Secretary:      Otto Tackas (937)294-2179
                  4331 Overland Trail                        Kurt Meier
                  Dayton, OH 45429-1835
                           Cc: Chair Steve Hack
  Treasurer:      Mike Murray
                  777 East Main Street
                  Williamsburg, OH 45176-1442                Did I Read That Sign Correctly
  Membership:     Jim Kammerer (513)474-5981                 …… Bill Hengstebeck
                  2028 Forestcrest Way
                  Cincinnati, OH 45244-2917                  Since I retired I have been traveling frequently and
                                   found signs that seem to say something other than
  Historian:      Joe Eyl (513)896-9563
                                                             what they might have been intended to say.. for
                  5851 Allison Avenue
                  Indian Springs, OH 45011-2024              example:
  Editor:         Rod Russell                                 Toilet out of order. Please use floor below.
                  7742 Twelve Oaks Drive
                                                              Automatic washing machines: Please remove all
                  Cincinnati, OH 45255
                                    your clothes when the light goes out.
                                                              Bargain basement upstairs.
Copy of Kurt Meier Letter to                                  We exchange anything – Bicycles, washing
Marilyn Heitzman                                               machines, etc. Why not bring your wife along
                                                               and get a wonderful bargain?
…. Kurt Meier
                                                              Elephants please stay in your cars.
                                                              Would the person who took the step ladder
Steve Hack informed me this morning in my                      yesterday please bring it back or further steps
initiated call that he will not run for office for the         will be taken.
year 2008, but would not leave the Chapter in a               The farmer allows walkers to cross the field for
lurch pending a nomination for Chair. Steve has
                                                               free, but the bull charges.
also informed me that Gary Mortimer told him that
the ‘Novi”, MI Chapter had a substantial jump on              If you cannot read, this leaflet will tell you how to
the ’11 National and it would probably be awarded              get lessons.
to them.
                                                              We can repair anything. (Please knock hard on
Because of all the foregoing and because of the                the door – the bell doesn’t work.)
leadership upheaval in the Chapter, coupled with a
                                                              For anyone who has children and doesn’t know
significant time crunch to get together a plan, I
think it expeditious to abandon a run for the                  it, there is a daycare on the 1st floor.
National. Terry Buchanon’s response was                       After tea break staff should empty the teapot and
wonderful and we owe our Dayton friends a lot.                 stand upside down on the draining board.

                                                   The Side Draft 3
The Side Draft 4
 Side Draft 4

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