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					  How Can My Personal
Interests Relate to Jobs?
      A transition-focused unit
      developed and taught by
            Ashley Curtis
            Spring 2007
            Student Descriptions
3rd   and 4th grade students
  Four   in 3rd grade and three in 4th grade
Self   contained DHH classroom
  except   for science and specials

All 7 use ASL and 5 use spoken English as well
2 have cochlear implants and 5 have hearing aids
  4 hearing    aid users are HH and use spoken English
  1 cochlear   implant student uses spoken English as well

None  of the students comprehend spoken English
                Transition Needs
Prior   Experiences
  Students   have been exposed to community and
   transition units each spring
  This unit builds on these experiences
RelatedLife Centered Career Education (LCCE)
  Daily    Living Skills
     1.   Managing Personal Finances
  Personal-Social      Skills
     43. Identify interests & abilities
     15. Making Adequate Decisions
  Occupational      Guidance and Preparation
     17.   Knowing & Exploring Occupational Possibilities.
          Instructional Focus

Unit   Content Areas
 Math,   Social Studies, and Science
   These 3 content areas are integrated into one
    thematic unit, presented here
 Language   Arts was taught by another
   Elements    of the unit were integrated with the
    unit (also posted on website) by Lindsey Cecala
The   Language Proficiency levels for my students:
 3    students on Level 6
        They  can communicate with people that they don’t know and
         both parties are able to comprehend each other, with some
 2    students on Level 5
        They are generally understood but more clarification is
         needed by both parties in order to comprehend all details.
 1   student on Level 4
        Strangers   would had a hard time communicating with this
         student and familiar adults have to ask for clarification
 1   student on Level 3
        This   student is hard to understand by most people
          -leaves out a lot of details
          -other person has to figure    out what the student is trying to say.
   3rd and 4th grade skills
    Students    can do two-digit addition
      Most of the time they remember to carry, if
    Students    can do two-digit subtraction
      They   forget to borrow most of the time
    Students   are just now learning
      They   know the 0, 1, 2, 5, 10, 11 facts
    The   biggest problem is retention
      Students   forget many things they have learned
       if they stop using these skills for awhile.
    They   also struggle with money
                  Social Studies
3rd   and 4th grade
 Students   need maps to help them locate places and
  need timelines to place events over time
 The biggest instructional challenge is the students’
  difficulty in answering questions
    They   “give up” when asked to read and answer questions by
        They   often cry or immediately sign/say “I don’t know.”
    They    are much more successful when worksheets or
       questions are signed to them.
 They   really enjoy social studies once they realize
   that they can do the work!
    They   need a lot of prompting to get them going.
 They    do really well on map work
3rd   grade
 Class    is mainstreamed
   I    go with them to help teach
   Vocabulary is very hard for these students.
   Questions that they must read and answer own
       their own:
        They   “give up” when they see a questions with lines for
          the answer.
   Not     paying attention to the interpreter
        They   miss the content knowledge and information that
          they need.
   They     excel in hands-on work
4th   grade
 They    are mainstreamed with only an interpreter
    They take tests in my room
    I help with their homework when time allows
    I work with them every Friday to review and     do tests
 2    out of the 3 do really well
    They    only need help when language is challenging so I
       interpret questions for them
 1    student wants to be told the answers
    Needs    a lot of prompting to complete the worksheets
       and tests
 Vocabulary   is the biggest challenge for the
   students in this class, too.
         Unit Design Stage 1
       Identify Desired Results
                     Unit Goals
Developed by combining standards and student needs
 1) Students will explain and discuss different jobs they
 would like and not like to do in the future.
 2) Students will design a chart/graph and interpret
 meaning from the chart/graph
 3) Students will explain how outside factors affect the
 local job market.
 4) Students will keep their own records and
 observations, and be able to explain why it is important
 to keep records.
    Stage 1: Overarching Questions
        & Unit Understandings
What essential questions        What students under-
will be explored?               standings are desired?

What jobs am I interested in?   People have many different
How should I set-up a survey?   jobs.
What is the best way to graph   You should find a job that
my results?                     you like.
Should I buy this or save my    It is important to keep
money?                          records.
What influences the job         Several things can influence
market?                         or change expected results.
 What key knowledge and skills will
  students acquire from this unit?
Students    will know:
  That   there are many different jobs/careers in the
  That not everyone likes the same jobs as another
   person, and that is okay
  That each job has different requirements
  How to read and make a graph (about jobs)
Students    will be able to:
  Explain what jobs they like and don’t like
  Keep accurate records
  Make good personal decisions about purchases
  Design and pass out a survey about job interests,   and
   interpret the results
Unit Design Stage 2: Assessment

                 Assessment Activity   Performance Criteria
    Facet 1:     Math lesson:          Students must
   Explanation   Discuss (a)           give 2/3 correct
                 different ways to     reasons why we
                 keep records, (b)     keep records , and
                 why we keep           2/3 legitimate
                 records, (c) why it   reasons why we
                 is important not to   shouldn’t change
                 change someone’s      other people’s
                 records and (d)       records.
                 why records are
                    Stage 2
                   Assessment Activity       Performance Criteria
Facet 2          The students will make     Students will
Interpretation   different types of         correctly interpret
                 charts, graphs, and        the meaning of at
                 tables with the            least one important
                 information that they      finding using a
                 found out from their       chart, table, or
                 surveys. They will         graph. Two other
                 interpret or explain the   students will
                 important results and      evaluate that this
                 what these mean from       interpretation is
                 (a) their graphs and (b)   correct.
                 from other students’
                             Stage 2
                      Assessment Activity                   Performance Criteria
Facet 3         -Students each will develop a 10-         Students will complete
                                                          each activity, with
Application     question survey about their jobs and
                                                          teacher and peer
                their job interests.                      assistance/feedback until
              - Student will make predictions about the   correct. Students will use
                link between interests and jobs.          graphs and data to show
                                                          (a) at least one way in
              - Students will compile survey results to
                                                          which their predictions
                create graphs and draw conclusions        were correct or
                based on the information.                 incorrect, and (b)
              - As a class, students will compare         describe why their
                                                          current conclusions are
                information across different types of
                graphs to determine which graph best
                represents the information.
                           Stage 2
                    Assessment Activity              Performance Criteria
Facet 4       - Students  will discuss how         - Each student must
Perspective     there can be discrepancies in      identify at least 3
                their findings or results (e.g.,   things that can cause a
                                                   discrepancy in the data.
                adding or tallying wrong) and
                                                   -Each student will
                identify how these happen.
                                                   choose 2 different
              - Students will identify why
                                                   situations and
                they should not: reshuffle         conditions (tasks and
                other people’s papers              people), and describe
                (confusing order of tallying,      how each may affect
                losing one’s place, etc.).         the results.
              - Students will work in pairs to     - Student pairs will
                review each other’s work for       work together until all
                                                   discrepancies are
                      Stage 2
              Assessment Activity            Performance Criteria
Facet 5   - Students will discuss         Each student will write
Empathy    different ways to keep         at least four sentences
           records, why we keep           about what they would
           records, why it is important   do/say if their friend
           not to change someone’s        found out that someone
           records and why records        had changed the
           are important. This will       records. There must be
           focus on other people’s        at least one sentence
           feelings and “ownership” of    correctly describing
           their work and materials,      the person’s feelings
           and why these should be        who collected the data.
                         Stage 2
                   Assessment Activity             Performance Criteria
Facet 6     - Students  will reflect on their     -Students  will describe
                                                  at least 2 needs and 2
Self-         needs versus wants. They will
knowledge     make decisions about spending or    - Students will describe
              saving their “paychecks” each day   how their budget was
              and pay bills.                      used for these needs or
            - Note: “paychecks” are based on
                                                  - Students will give at
              job interest earnings; students     least two reasons why
              choose an “affordable” apartment    they did or did not keep
              from local ads; students drew       accurate budget and
                                                  meet the criterion
              from a bowl each day to receive a
                                                  (85%) for their budget.
              “bonus” or unexpected “bill.”
   Stage 3: Lessons & Activities
       Student needs         Standard              Facet         Lesson Activity
Math   The students need     Draw and interpret    Interpreta-   The students will
       to know how to (1)    picture graphs in     tion          make different
       make different        which a symbol or                   types of charts,
       types of graphs,      picture represents    Application   graphs, and tables
       charts, or tables;    more then one                       with the
       (2) how to read       object. Read,                       information from
       each type; (3)        interpret and                       their job-interest
       different types of    construct bar                       surveys. They will
       information           graphs with                         interpret what
       collected and         intervals greater                   these data mean
       displayed for each;   than one. Represent                 from their graphs
       (4) and how each is   and interpret data                  and from another
       best used.            using tables, bar                   student’s graphs.
                             graphs, line plots
                             and line graphs.
                                  Stage 3
       Student needs             Standard        Facet       Lesson Activity

S.S.   The students need to      Define              Self   The students will “earn”
       learn how to plan         opportunity     -knowledge different amount s of
       their finances: how to    cost and give              money as a form of a
       predict future costs or   an example of              paycheck each day and
       bills, how to save,       the                        then they will have to
       and the importance        opportunity                decide whether or not they
       and rewards of            cost of a                  should save their money or
       saving.                   personal                   spend it on something that
                                 decision.                  they want. They will also
                                                            have to pay bills each day
                                                            and assess their budgeting
                                Stage 3
          Student needs Standard                 Facet          Lesson Activity
Science   Visual examples of   Keep records of    Explanation   We will discuss
          different ways to    investigations and               different ways to
          keep records and     observations and Empathy         keep records, why
          different type of    do not change the                we keep records,
          records. Review      records that are                 why it is important
          different reasons    different from                   not to change
          why people           someone else’s                   someone’s records
          records and why it   work. Explain why                and why records
          would be             keeping records                  are important. This
          important to keep    of observations                  will be linked with
          records.             and investigations               the math lesson.
                               are important.
                 Unit Table for Math
             Monday      Tuesday       Wednesday         Thursday       Friday

Week 1       Intro. to
                         rough draft
                                       Writing rough
                                       draft (revise)
                                                         Typing final
                                                         copy survey
                                                                        final copy
Lessons      they take a of survey                                      of survey

Assessment               Ideas for     Students’ rough                  Final
                         survey        drafts                           drafts

Week 2
                         Intro. to
                                       Intro. to pie
                                                         Rough drafts   Final
Assessment   Using bar   Using tables Using pie graphs   Rough drafts   Final
             & line      made from    from their data    of their 3     copies of
             graphs      survey data                     different      their 3
                                                         graphs         graphs
                    Unit Table for Math
             Monday           Tuesday        Wednesday Thursday             Friday

Week 3       Intro. to
                                             (revising &
Lessons      data &           tions          editing) their                 and deciding
             developing                      interpreta-                    if valid
             conclusions                     tions
Assessment   Practice         Rough drafts Final copy of      Rough         Final copies
             worksheet on     of interpreta- interpretation   drafts of     of their
             interpreting     tions          s based on       their         conclusions
             data & drawing                  their graphs     conclusions
                  Unit Table for S.S.
             Monday      Tuesday       Wednesday        Thursday       Friday

Week 1       Intro. to
                         Intro. to
                                       Intro. to
                                                        Intro. to
                                                                       Picking a
                                                                       career (for
Lessons                                                                income)
Assessment   Contribute Give           Identify         Describe       Use info
             ideas about examples of   different jobs   pay and        sheet to
             budgeting   bills         & income         income tax     choose a

Week 2       Apartment
                         Figure out
                                       Shopping for
                                       food and other
                                                        out budget
                                                                       Shopping for
Lessons                  income        “needs”
Assessment   Apt. info   Monthly and   Glue pictures    Weekly         Glue pictures
             sheet       weekly        on paper         record         on paper
             completed   budget        showing what     sheet filled   showing
                         sheet         was bought       out            “wants” that
                                                                       were bought
                      Unit table for S.S.
             Monday        Tuesday         Wednesday        Thursday          Friday

Week 3       Wants vs.
                                           Intro to the
                                           job market
                                                            Job market        Job market
Assessment   Create        Sort coupons    Make a chart      Identify         Research
             Venn          into            of things that    reasons why      their career
             diagram       categories of   affect the        other            interest in
             classifying   wants and       job market in     countries        Ohio’s job
             wants and     needs           a positive way    would want to    market.
             needs                         and in a          do business      Identify if
                                           negative way      with Ohio, and   this career is
                                                             why Ohio         needed or not
                                                             needs other      much needed
                                                             countries        in Ohio
             Unit table for Science
             Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday         Thursday     Friday

Week 1       Different
             jobs in
                          jobs in
                                        Why pick a
                                                                       Ways that
Lessons      science      science       career?           women vs.    affects daily
                                                          men          life
Assessment   List of      List of       Personal “Pro     Venn         List of
             traits and   traits        and Con” chart    diagram of   unique
             common       students do                     jobs         answers
             factors      not have

Week 2       Why it is
                          Accuracy in
                                        Differences in
                                        records: issues
                                                          Ways to
                                                                       their own
Lessons      to keep                    of ethics         accurate     records
             records                                      records
Assessment   List of      Write why     Identify issues   Gives        Use data
             reasons      it is         from situations   examples     from math
                          important     presented                      survey
                 Unit table for Science
             Monday          Tuesday         Wednesday       Thursday        Friday

Week 3       Discrepancies
             in records
                             in their data
                                             Scenarios of
                                                             Scenarios of
                                                                             Reflecting on
                                                                             their records
Lessons                                      keeping:        keeping:        and record
                                             understanding   empathy for     keeping
                                             different       others
Assessment Examine their List of things      Describe         Describe       Self-
             own records     that could      different                       evaluating
                                                              feelings and
             for             cause them in   perspectives                    their record
             discrepancies   their records                    reactions of   keeping
                                                              others in
           Lesson Plans
Here  are my weekly lesson plans for
 the unit.
 Math Week 1
 Math Week 2
 Math Week 3
 Social Studies Week   1
 Social Studies Week   2
 Social Studies Week   3
 Science Week 1
 Science Week 2
 Science Week 3
          Assessment of Standards
              Assessment Activity                   Student Outcomes

Math       Writing Surveys
           Making Tables from Surveys
                                           Students now can write a yes no survey,
                                           make and label bar, line, and pie graphs.
           Making Graphs from tables       The students are able to answer
           Interpreting graphs             questions about their graphs. All student
                                           performed this at a level of 85 %

S.S.       Budget Record sheet
           Needs pictures
                                           Students were able to use a calculator to
                                           add up their bills and subtract that
           Wants pictures                  amount from their budget. They were
           Venn diagram                    able to explain the difference between a
                                           want and a need. All students performed
                                           this at an 85% accuracy.

Science    Science affects on daily life
           Pro and Con career table
                                           Did not get to teach science part of the
                                           unit—ran out of time
           Science jobs
      Assessment of Unit Facets
                 Assessment Activity               Student Outcomes

  Facet 1        Keeping accurate records          Students explained why it is
 explanation     during the entire length of the   important to keep accurate
                 math unit                         record with an 82% minimum
                                                   accuracy rate.
   Facet         Making interpretations from       The students were able to
                 practice graphs and their own     answer questions about their
                 graph                             graphs at a 90% accuracy rate.

  Facet          Making different types of         The students were able to make
                 graphs and tables                 the final copies of their line, bar,
                                                   and pie graphs using the
Application                                        computer program at a 95%
                                                   accuracy rate.
     Assessment of Unit Facets
                     Assessment Activity                  Student Outcomes

  Facet 4     List how there can be discrepancies in Students were able to list
              their finding or results, then describe and explain discrepancies in
              what could cause them.                  their budget and their tallies
                                                      with a 75% minimum accuracy.
  Facet       Essay on why it is important not to     Students were able to write
              change someone’s records and why        reasons why it is important
              records are important.                  not to change records and
 empathy                                              why they are important with
                                                      80% appropriate reasons.
  Facet       Students will be able to defend what    The students were able to
              they bought and how they spend their    justify their purchase or
              money; they will reflect and evaluate   explain what they should of
  Self-       if they made good or bad choices with   done instead, with a 85%
knowledge     their money.                            appropriate answers.
     Assessment of Unit Goals
                Assessment Activity                   Student Outcomes

Goal 1   Students will fill out an information
         sheet about a job they want in the
                                                 Due to time restrictions, I did
                                                 not cover this goal.
         future and defend their choice.

Goal 2   Students will make interpretations
         from practice graphs and their own
                                                 The students were able to
                                                 answer questions about their
         graph                                   graphs accurately at a 90%
                                                 accuracy rate.

Goal 3   Students will research Ohio’s job
         market for a job that they are
                                                 Due to time restrictions, I did
                                                 not cover this goal.
         interested in.

Goal 4   Students will write/describe why it
         is important not to change someone’s
                                                 Students wrote appropriate
                                                 reasons why it is important not
         records and why records are             to change records and why
         important.                              they are important at an 80%
                    Unit Results
Overall    Results
  Students    have detailed knowledge on the parts of
     how   to make a graph,
     how   to read a graph, and
     how   to answer questions about graphs.
  Students  can describe the difference between a
   want and a need
  Students are aware that families have a monthly
   budget and that they have to plan for the future
  Students know that they need to read coupons
  Students understand they need to plan for
   emergencies and need to save for the future.
                                      Unit Results
                                Comparing Pretest and Post-test results

how many correct answers















                                              Student Name
                  Unit Evaluation
My    Evaluation
 The  unit was plan was for 3 weeks and I taught it
  for 6 weeks
      I   still did not finish the unit!
 Most      of the lessons were pretty high
      I   had to modify them to meet my students needs better
 The  students really enjoyed the unit once they got
  into the topic.
 The unit went in a very different direction
      I had to re-plan based on how the students responded
      I had to fill in the gaps and holes in their learning

Here   are pictures of my students
         work from the unit.
Bulletin Board
Student Surveys
Final copies of graphs
Wants and Needs
Student’s Unit Book
Student work sample 1
Student Income Record
Apartment Rental
How will this help in the real world?
   (What transition skills did they learn?)

  Social Studies
  They  know they should read coupons carefully
  They  need to buy things that they need before they
   buy things that they want
  They need to have a plan and a budget for their
  They   can read tables, charts, and graphs
  They   can make tables, charts, and graphs
  They   know the importance of keeping good records
                Teaching Tips
Advice    about teaching this unit
 Be   flexible with the time framework for the
    Letthe students move at their own pace
    Move at your pace as well
 Eliminate   & modify lessons or activities based
   on timelines and the needs of your students
    Follow   the path of your students within the unit.
 Have     fun teaching and the students will have
   fun learning!

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