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Linens and Things - Retail Stores Ontario


Linens and Things - Retail Stores Ontario document sample

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  17 Highwood Road, Brampton, Ontario
  P. 416-727-7976                                                                  
  ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ________
                                                 CAREER OBJECTIVE
                                      MARKETING AND SALES LEADERSHIP

  Fifteen years experience in a highly competitive environment, achieving continued success in progressive positions through:

     Developing marketing and advertising programs focused on achieving corporate strategic visions
     Creating new product category initiatives and market introductions based on consumer trends
     Leading passionate marketing and sales team to achieve outstanding results
     Launching overall marketing plans and new product launch campaigns to improve brand recognition and maximize
      sales growth
     Implementing annual and multi year strategic initiatives to achieve financial Profit & Loss objectives
     Creating, presenting and negotiating compelling product and category programs to leading national retailers including
      Wal-Mart, Rona, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Linens N’Things, The Great Indoors, Sears, HBC
     Developing training programs and new sales processes for sales divisions

  Created the DISCOVER decorative family of showerheads, hand showers and shower systems for retail plumbing market.
  Discover brand was “game changing” in the retail landscape as it moved category perception from hardware replacement
  to emotional fashion decorative category. DISCOVER sold in RONA, HOME DEPOT and HBC in Canada, LOWES,
  Bed Bath and Beyond, Linens N’ Things, Restoration Hardware in U.S., HOME DEPOT Mexico, Bunning’s and MITRE
  10 In Australia. Global revenue of new product line in 2004 of $13M, $19M in 2005, $27M in 2006. Product line
  responsible for 71% revenue increase from $38M annual sales to $65M annual sales over three-year period.

  Negotiated annual vendor buying agreements with national retail and wholesale customers and national buying groups.
  Reduced volume rebate schedules, co-op advertising rates and overall customer payment terms, resulting in a 11% net
  profitability improvement from 2004-2007.

  Awarded a three year Global ARENA buying group agreement. Retail members included RONA (Canada) and MITRE
  10 (Australia). Revenue growth from $1.6M annually in 2005 to $3.0M in 2006, a 90% volume increase in Canada.
  Revenue growth from $1.0M in 2005 to $4M in 2006 in Australia, a 300% volume increase.

  Developed a category sales and marketing program for Home Depot Canada. Successful completion of Christmas 2004
  promotion worth over $250,000 led to acceptance within category at over 140 big box locations across Canada. New
  customer delivered $650,000 in profitable annual sales in 2005, increasing to over $800,000 in fiscal 2006.

  Initiated a country direct ship global sourcing program during fiscal 2006. Successfully outsourced over 80% of retail
  product listing to multiple Asian vendors. Program delivered a Cost of Goods decrease over of 22% globally to the
  operating plan for 2006, a 50% increase from a manufacturing based product line in 2005.
BARRY MOULSDALE                                                                                               PAGE 2

Black and Decker Hardware and Home Improvement Group                                                       2007- 2008
Director of New Product Development – Plumbing Division
Responsible for the introduction of new product categories under the Price Pfister plumbing brand.
Duties included consumer and market research, product design, global sourcing, capital expenditure analysis, supply chain
negotiations, brand awareness, marketing of new product lines, sales training, sales & marketing launch. Responsible for
the successful launch of the Price Pfister retail and showroom segment showerhead category. Product line generated
$4.0M annualized revenue during first twelve months in market. Launched shower panel program to Lowe’s Canada
valued at $1.0M annualized revenue. Designed complimentary shower accessory product portfolio for both Price Pfister
and Weiser brand products. Vitreous China product category launched November 2008. Total annualized sales
projections for products launched within 18 month contract equals $15M for 2009 fiscal year.

Interbath of Canada Ltd.                                                                                   2003-2007
V.P. Sales and Marketing
V.P. Sales and Marketing for global operation in U.S., Canada and Australia. Total corporate revenue equaled $65M
Duties included new product creation and marketing plans for all three product brands (Ondine, Interbath and Great
Vibration). Worldwide team leader of 12 marketing professionals and oversaw satellite graphic design firm Genau Design.
Responsibilities included creating annual marketing and advertising plans, price lists, product brochures, all collateral
marketing materials, national and regional trade shows, on-line website design and maintenance, major account line
reviews, new product launch guides, competitive market SWOT analysis, advertising programs in trade and consumer
magazines. Awarded Australian government water conservation project in 2005 which resulted in additional revenues of
$4-$5M per year for 2005-2007 including sales of 200,000 low water flow showerheads. Launched the DISCOVER
decorative line of retail hand showers and showerheads to Lowes U.S.A. and RONA in Canada. Discover product
offering annualized sales equaled $22M in 2006.
General Manager
General Manager of $6M Canadian affiliate of U.S. Based global plumbing company
Duties include long range strategy planning, new business development, overseeing human resources, finance, operations
and logistics. Lead and manage a staff of 7 individuals and manage over 100 sales agent representatives across Canada.
Growth of 15% in first year with the design and implementation of incentive programs for luxury showrooms and boutique
stores, new product branding and packaging strategies, recruitment and training of 5 new corporate employees and eight
(8) new sales agencies. Returned Canadian affiliate to a profitable position for fiscal year end 2004. Sourced and
negotiated a new five-year building lease, a result of sales growth of 19% and profitability growth of 50% during 2005.
Completed fiscal 2006 with sales growth of 17% and margin growth of 29%.

American Standard                                                                                          2001- 2003
Managed multiple segment sales teams for Ontario Region. Responsibility inclusive of P&L, inventory control, and
recruitment & training. Developed and implemented strategic marketing plans including Luxury Retail and Homebuilder
programs. Designed and launched Direct Sales Representative Sales Training and Sales Management Programs. Staff of
nine. Region was at 80% of 1st Quarter plan upon arrival. Remainder of year at 106% of Forecast during deep market
recession to finish at 96% of Annual Plan equal to $44M. Concluded Fiscal 2002 at 110% of Annual Sales Plan equal to
$53M, a 20% increase over Fiscal 2001. First half of 2003 sales plan was at 112% of six month forecast of $28M

G&K Services
REGIONAL SALES AND M ARKETING M ANAGER                                                         June 1998- March 2001
Managed new account sales team for Eastern Ontario. Developed marketing plan and strategic initiatives, prepared
department forecast and budgets, strengthened vendor strategic alliances. Staff of twenty-five. Increased revenues from
$7.5M to $9M to $10.5M over first two years. Achieved Sales Region of the Year F2000, Sales Region of the Quarter
(four times), managed Sales Representative of the Quarter (thrice) and Rookie of the Quarter (twice).
Honours Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Business, Wilfrid Laurier University, 1993

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