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  Continuing Studies
Business Development Assistant’s
              Nov 2009 to Dec 2011
    Continuing Studies
    This certificate program is designed to develop the skills
    required to assist in business and economic development, and to
    provide individuals with the opportunity to participate in higher

This program is designed for Aboriginal people, unemployed people, and those on low

The program is suitable for individuals seeking professional development, new business
skills and who may have interest in pursuing an academic degree, who are also:

•    Individuals starting a new business or venture; and/or

•    First Nations Band members seeking to work with Business or Economic Development
     Managers; and/or

•    Unemployed individuals who are looking to return to work; and/or

•    Native Development Officers working towards CANDO’s professional accreditation.

The program is partly funded through Western Economic Diversification Canada’s Community
Adjustment Fund to ensure quick recovery from the economic downturn.
Ten Courses                                      Fully Funded
•       Learning Strategies                      Full funding is available for those who meet
•       Introduction to Business in Canada*      eligibility criteria. Limited seats are available.
•       Microsoft Word Level 1
•       Microsoft Excel Level 1
•       Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1             Application Fee
•       Business Communications
•       Funding & Grant Proposal Writing*        Application fee of $125.00
•       Introduction to Marketing*
•       Introduction to Financial Accounting*
•       Entrepreneurship*                        Face-to-Face Instruction
                                                 The courses will be delivered face-to-face by
* Course available for academic degree credit.   business experts within local communities as
Please contact us for further details.           well as Instructors from the UNBC School of
Instructional Assistance
Instructional assistance is available to
                                                 Flexible Delivery &
students in this program and includes help
such as:
                                                 The program has been scheduled in a
•       Interpreting assignments                 modular format to accommodate work and
•       Organizing ideas                         other commitments. Each course is offered
•       Writing research papers                  over the weekend:
•       Revising and editing
•       Improving the writing process            FRI     6:00pm to 9:00pm
                                                 SAT     9:00am to 5:00pm
                                                 SUN     9:00am to 3:00pm

Get Degree Credits
On successful completion of this certificate, some credits are fully transferable to UNBC
academic degree programs. Please ask for details.
Contact Information
UNBC South-Central Campus
Titi Kunkel

Office Hours
Mon – Fri       8:30am – 4:30pm

Phone:        250-991-5705
Toll Free:    1-800-627-9931
Fax:          250-991-7528
Email:        kunkel@unbc.ca

University of
Northern British Columbia
3333 University Way
Prince George, British Columbia
Canada V2N 4Z9

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