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					                                        Copenhagen Business
                 Cass Business School                             EBS Business School   Esade Business School

                     London, UK         Copenhagen, Denmark Rheingau/Wiesbaden            Barcelona, Spain

                   Full-Time MBA           *Full-time-MBA         *EBS Full-time MBA      *Flexible Full Time
                Executive (Evenings)                                  *DBS & EBS                  MBA
                Executive (Weekends)                                 Executive MBA      *Global Executive MBA
                                                                    *Executive MBA      *Masters of Science in
                                                                      Health Care             Marketing,
                                                                      Management             International
                                                                                           Management and
                                                                                            *Executive MBA

                12 months                     12 months           *EBS Full-time MBA:   *FT: 12, 15 or 18
                            24 months                                   12 months      months - you decide
                                                                   (Accelerated Track)  after the firsts two
                                                                      and 16 months             terms
                                                                 (Gateway to Germany
                                                                        Track and
  Duration                                                        International Track)
                                                                       *DBS & EBS
                                                                    Executive MBA: 24
                                                                   months *Executive
                                                                     MBA Health Care
                                                                     Management: 24
                September                     September          *September (EBS Full- August/September
                            March                                  time MBA)
                                                                 *January (DBS & EBS
                                                                      Executive MBA)
Start of term

                EQUIS, AMBA, AACSB          EQUIS, AMBA             *FIBAA (EBS Full-   AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
                                                                  time MBA) *AMBA
                                                                      (DBS & EBS
Accreditation                                                       Executive MBA)
                                                                   *FIBAA (Executive
                                                                    MBA Health Care
                *full-time £31.000       *tuition fees: 37.000     *32.500 Euro EBS     52.000 Euro (full time)
                  * executive £42.000              Euro              Full-time MBA       *Includes intensive
                                           *living-expenses:      International Track   Spanish courses thru
                                               14.700 Euro         *32.500 Euro EBS            Term 1
                                                                     Full-time MBA
                                                                 Gateway to Germany
                                                                 Track *23.500 Euro
                                                                  EBS Full-time MBA
                                                                 Accelerated Track
Tuition fees
                                                                 *29.500 DBS & EBS
                                                                  Executive MBA *
                                                                     32.400 Euro
                                                                   Executive MBA
                                                                     Health Care
                      *paying in instalments    Scholarships available *EBS Premium partial various scholarships &
                                *scholarships   worth up to 50% of the       scholarship     loan options--check
                             available                tuition fee       *Full scholarship of website for Financial
                                                                         the Peter-Horváth-           Aid

                                                one partial scholarship
                                                    of 16.500 Euro
Scholarships for e-

                          *Financial Times       Wall Street Journal      ranked 5th of the  *Financial Times MBA
                        Rankings 2010: full-    2009 Top 12 in world     German business         Ranking: 21st
                      time: 41st in the world, and top 8 for return on         schools          worldwide, 8th in
                         8th in the UK, 16th         investment        (Wirtschaftswoche/Kar     Europe (2010)
                      Europe        *executive                           riere/Handelsblatt,  *Business Week: 6th
                      MBA: 21st in the world,                                   2010)           worldwide, 4th in
                        2nd in the UK, 4th in                                                    Europe (2008)
                                Europe                                                       *Financial Times Msc
    Rankings                                                                                    Ranking - 1st in
                                                                                               Europe with CEMS
                                                                                                 Master (2009)

                                                                           *EBS Full-time MBA        *Exchanges with
                                                                            International Track:   Partner schools all
                                                                             study experience     over the world offered
                                                                           abroad at one of our       to Top Students
                                                                           international partner  *Optional study tours
                                                                          universities in Europe,   to China, Brasil &
                                                                           Latin America, USA,          South Africa
                                                                                Asia or Africa

   Stay abroad
                   *minimum 3 years of        *university degree or    *good first university       Full-time-MBA
                    post graduate work      similar qualification (at degree (Bachelor or      *good first university
                  experience                least Bachelor degree)       similar degree; at    degree (Bachelor or
                   *GMAT 600 (full-time        *At least 2 years of          least 3 years)        similar degree)
                    only)                         work experience       *very good English      *very good English
                      *good university         *GMAT or CBS Test           skills: IELTS or         skills: TOEFL
                  degree                       *2 recommendation                  TOEFL         * good GMAT score
                   *two reference letters              letters               *GMAT/GRE            *at least 2 years
                                              *passed interview in (required for EBS Full-          relevant work
                                             Copenhagen                         time MBA)             experience
                                                *business fluent in       *at least 3 years     *2 recommendation
                                                      English          respectively 5 years              letters
                                                                          work experience     *essays, CV, transcript
                                                                         *motivation above         of grades, high
                                                                                  average     motivation, good team
                                                                       *diverse experience                skills
                                                                         and interpersonal          *international
                                                                                    skills         experience and
                                                                                                 interpersonal skills
                                                                                                 *personal interview
                   Rolling admissions.             A selection of          after successful      Rolling application
                    After submitting a           applicants will be       completion of the      (see deadlines on
                  complete application,      invited to an interview interviews, one needs        website), Online
                  successful candidates          in Copenhagen.             to hand in the     application, personal
                   will be invited to an    Applicants who cannot following documents:                 interview
                         interview.          come to Copenhagen *application form filled
                                             have the possibility of        out completely
                                              a telephone or skype     *Photograph (size of
                                                     interview                 a passport
                                                                       *copies of university
  procedure                                                                  degrees and
                                                                      vocational certificates
                                                                        (including record of
                                                                             *evidence of
                                                                         advanced English
                                                                          skills (TOEFL or
                                                                         *valid GMAT/GRE
                                                                      (required for EBS Full-
                                                                              time MBA)
Portraits at e-                                                        *2 recommendation
                                            Copenhagen Business EBS Business School                                        School

                        Goethe Business School                                 Hult International
       GISMA                                               HHL                                       IE Business School
                                (GBS)                                           Business School

     Hannover               Frankfurt/Main               Leipzig             London, Boston, San       Madrid, Spain
                                                                               Francisco, Dubai

   *Full-time MBA           *Full-time-MBA           *Full-time-MBA,           *Full-time-MBA,      *International MBA
  *Executive MBA         *Executive Master of        *Part-time-MBA            Master of Finance         (Full-time)
        (IMM)           Finance and Accounting                                                         *International
*Young Professional                                                                                 Executive MBA (E-
         MBA                                                                                        Learning with time
                                                                                                      spend in Madrid)
                                                                                                      *Global MBA (E-
                                                                                                    Learning with time
                                                                                                      spend in Madrid)

  *11 months (Full- *FTMBA: 13 months,            *up to 18 months (full-    MBA:12 months, MBA *International MBA in
       time)          *EMFA: 21 months                     time)                 and Master of        13 months
  *22 months (IMM)                                *24 months (full-time)      Finance: 18 months  *Global MBA in 15
*24 months (YP MBA)                                                                                    months

 *August (Full-time)          September           *September (full-time)          September            *International
    *March (IMM)                                   *January (part-time)                                  MBA;April,
 *January (YP MBA)                                                                                      November.
                                                                                                       *Global MBA:
                                                                                                    September, February
                                                                                                      Executive MBA:
                                                                                                      November, June

 AACSB (full-time);            AACSB                     *AACSB                 AMBA, NEASC           AACSB, AMBA,
  AACSB, AMBA                                           *AQCUIN                                          EQUIS
 (IMM); ZEvA (YP

*30.000 € (Full-time)   *FTMBA: 20.000Euro,      *27.000 Euro (full-time),    *Boston: 52.500 US- *tuition fees: 52.000
  *52.500 € (IMM)        *EMFA: 29.000 Euro      *30.000 Euro (part-time)              Dollar                Euro
*28.000 € (YP MBA)                                                              *Dubai 52.500 US-       + 1.200 Euro
                                                                                       Dollar        donation to the IE
                                                                                 *London: 31.800          Foundation
                                                                               pound               (International MBA)
                                                                                  *San Francisco:  *37.200 Euro (Global
                                                                                 52.500 US-Dollar        MBA online)
                                                                              Living expenses and       * 55.200 Euro
                                                                                 materials for the      (International
                                                                              program are on top.      Executive MBA)
                                                                                   The costs are
                                                                             approximately: 86.300
                                                                              US-Dollar (Boston),
                                                                                 80.900 US-Dollar
                                                                               (Dubai) and 57.500
                                                                                 Pound (London).
*GISMA Foundation             *various partial           *the HHL gives         the Hult is offering different scholarships
   Scholarships;         scholarships up to 50%          scholarships to           several MBA-       for financial support
    Company               of the tuition fees,for     extremely promising          scholarships.
 Scholarships (Full-        example: *Goethe          candidates (Young         Applicants need to
       time)              Scholarship *Goethe-        Leader Scholarship,       have an admission
*GISMA Foundation          Institut Scholarship,      Future Entrepreneur     offer and show special
 Scholarships (YP            *Goethe Alumni                Scholarship)             academic or
       MBA)                     Scholarship            *students from EU-           professional
                                                        countries can get        achievements. An
                                                    subsidised credits from     early application is
                                                     the Sparkasse Leipzig           advisable.
                                                    two partial scholarships     each e-fellow          one partial
                                                     each 12.000 Euro for      scholarship holder  scholarship of 24.000
                                                    scholarship holders and receives 5.300 Euro in         Euro
                                                     alumni of the full-time  Dubai. One e-fellow
                                                              MBA              scholarship holder
                                                                             receives 12.000 Euro.

   *Executive MBA                                      *"Financial Times          Financial Times           Financial Times
 achieved 1st rank in                                 European Business       Ranking (2010):           Ranking (2009):
 International Course                               Schools" Ranking 2009:                 *5th for            *MBA: 3rd in
      Experience                                     full-time MBA comes       international mobility          Europe, 6th
(Financial Times, Fall                               first from all full-time   *25th best Business     worldwide
         2009)                                      MBAs in Germany and School in Europe *54.             *Executive MBA: 1st
                                                          34th in Europe       best Business School         in Europe
                                                                              n the USA                 Economist Ranking:
                                                                                            Economist                *Distance
                                                                                  Intelligence Unit          Learning MBA
                                                                              Ranking (2009):           (2008): 1st in Europe,
                                                                                 *23rd best Business     2nd worldwide *MBA
                                                                               School in the USA         (2009): 6th in Europe
                                                                                *44th best Business
                                                                                 School Worldwide

    *Full-time MBA          *FTMBA: Tongji             opional in term 5,                                      Exchange
   (optional): USA,       University, Shanghai,      students can choose                                   possibilities with
 China, India, Spain,             China             out of over 100 partner                             many universities all
France, Italy, Hungary                                     universities                                     over the world:
  *Executive MBA                                                                              
 (mandatory): USA,                                                                                               a.php
     Mexico, The
    Hungary, China
*Young Professional
      MBA: USA
(mandatory); Mexico,
 China, India, Spain,
     France, Italy,
     Hungary, The
 Netherlands (optinal)
   *first University    *Bachelor or equivalent      *university degree       *at least 3 years of  *University degree or
         degree           degree, *Minimum of         *work experience          work experience       Bachelor's Degree
  *work experience       two years (FTMBA) or       *2 recommendation          *at least: 25 years  *at least 3 years work
        *GMAT              one year (EMFA) of               letters         *Bachelor or Equivalent       experience
*TOEFL (min. 77) or          relevant work          *GMAT, for the part-        *leadership skills   *2 recommendation
 IELTS (min. 6,5) or      experience, *Proof of   time MBA alternatively                                      letters
  Pearson (min. 58)        English proficiency,       also the HHL test                                    *2 essays
                         *FTMBA only: GMAT,          *TOEFL or IELTS                                        * TOEFL
                       *Strong managerial and                                                       *GMAT: no minimum
                       leadership potential,                                                          score (on average
                                        *EMFA                                                       680) or IE Admission
                         only: Proof of German                                                                  test
                               proficiency                                                          *Application fee: 120

     Documents:            *online application,         the admission       Applicants register on      *duration: 6 weeks
*Educational records      *resume, *two online     committee will look at    the website with the        *application form
        *GMAT          recommendations of an the documents handed following documents:                      *Interview
*TOEFL or IELTS or         occupational and/or    in, this will be followed    *application form
       Pearson          occupational/academic by a personal interview.         *Motivation letter
  *Application Form          contact person (in        After this a final             *CV
   *CV and essays          English or German),     admission offer will be  *two reference letters
         *Two           *two essays in English,             send.           *certified copy of the
  recommendation       *FTMBA: official GMAT,                                 university certificate
         letters          recommended score:       Application deadlines:       *GMAT-scores
      *Interview         600, *proof of English   *1. July 2010 (Full-time-       *150 Dollar
                           (and for EMFA also       MBA for EU-citizens)       administration fee
                           German) proficiency      *1. November 2010
                            (waivers possible),        (part-time-MBA)
                             *official university
                              transcripts, *non-
                         refundable application
                              fee of 130 Euro,
                              *EMFA: Letter of
                          corporate sponsorhip

      GISMA               Goethe Business                   HHL                Hult International       IE Business School
                           School (GBS)                                        Business School      http://www.goethe-
         m/                                                                   ndex_en.php
                                                                                                          UCD Michael Smurfit
 London Business                                        Rotterdam School of      TiasNimbas Business
                        Mannheim Business School                                                           Graduate Business
      School                                                Management                  School
London, Great Britain           Mannheim                   Rotterdam, the        Tilburg, NL, Utrecht,       Dublin, Ireland
                                                            Netherlands                     NL
                                                                                    Bonn, Germany
   *Full-time-MBA              *Full-time-MBA            *International Full-        Full-time MBA          *Full-time MBA
                              *Executive MBA                  time MBA            (Utrecht, NL), Part-    Executive MBA (For
                                                          *Executive MBA          time MBA (Tilburg,      residents in Ireland
                                                         *Global Executive           Utrecht, Bonn)               only)

 can be customized         *12 months (full-time)    *12 months (full-time)         12 months (Full-        12 months (Full-
individually between    *18 or 19 months (part-time)   *24 months (part-           time), 24 months        time), 24 months
  15 and 21 months                                          time)                      (Part-time)             (Part-time)
                                                     *21 months (modular)

       August             *September (full-time)          *January (full-time)        September               September
                        *April or October (part-time)    *January (part-time)
                                                        *September (modular)

  AACSB, AMBA,            AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS              AACSB, AMBA,              AMBA, EQUIS             AACSB, AMBA,
     EQUIS                                                   EQUIS                                             EQUIS

   49.900 pound           *29.000 Euro (full-time)        *39.000 euro (full-     32.950 € (Full-time),   29,500 Euro for both
                        *47.000 or. 44.000 EURO                 time)            38.950 € (Part-time) -
                                (part-time)              *44,000 euro (part-     including Enrolment-
                                                                time)                (3.000 €) and
                                                            *52.000 euro         Application-Fee (100
                                                              (modular)                    €).
paying in instalments         individual partial         *variety of full and   Partial Scholarships          Four GMAT
  possible, HSBC -              scholarships             partial scholarships   for high potentials in      scholarships, Six
  London Business                                          *ING bank loan          general, partial             Regional
    School Loan,                                                                   scholarships for        Scholarships, One
Scholarships/sponsor                                                                 female high         "Ideas for the Future"
    ships through                                                                 potentials and for           Scholarship
     companies                                                                      high potential
                                                                                 candidates with an
                                                                                    Engineers (in
                                                                                Cooperation with the
                        partial scholarships of 5.000
                        Euro for scholars of the full-
                                  time MBA

Financial Times 2010      *Handelsblatt/karriere       Financial Times     "Financial Times":            Financial Times Full-
 Worlds #1 full-time       (2006): full-time MBA    2010: 11th in Europe,    Full-Time MBA                       time
   MBA programme        comes 1st in Germany and        25th worldwide       ranked No. 78
                              9th in Europe              Beyond Grey      worldwide, Part-time
                         *Financial Times (2009):    Pinstripes 2009: 1st MBA ranked No. 79
                            EMBA comes 21st             in Europe, 7th         worldwide.
                           worldwide and 6th in            worldwide
                         *The Economist (2010):
                        MBA in the top 30 worldwide

                           UK, Denmark, Spain,
                        Canada, USA, China, India,
                        Singapore, France, (delete:
      *a very good         requirements for the full-   requirements for the     GMAT score: > 550         University degree,
  Bachelor or Diploma               time MBA:                Full-time MBA:      points; TOEFL: > 90       GMAT score: 550+
   *at least 3 years of        *university degree      * minimum of 3 years      points (ibT); 3 years    points; TOEFL: 100+
     work experience     *at least three years of work      work experience       of work experience        points (ibT); 3 - 5
   *ability to work in a           experience             * university degree    after first university       years of post-
            team                *leadership skills         * an international     degree; 2 letters of      graduation work
      *International       *international experience             outlook           recommendation              experience
        experience          *GMAT (min. 600) and         * english proficiency
   *good GMAT-score       TOEFL (105 Internet / 260       * GMAT (average
    *business fluent       Computer) or IELTS (7,0)                640)
    English (TOEFL),      *2 recommendation letters            2 letters of
  other possible tests:                                    recommendation
 IELTS, CPE, PTE                                               * 3 essays
  *application-essay,                                              * CV
     CV, references,                                   * application fee of 50
transcript of marks                                           euro (online)
       *application fee
        150 pound

*application deadline       completed application           * enrolling           application form,         Online application
*allocation of date for     followed by individual      admissions procees            interview              form (incl. three
 interview              interviews, case studies and      * application,                                    essays), Support
*Sending out decision            final interviews       personal or phone                                 documents required
                                                             interview                                      are CV, university
                         3 application cycles (early                                                       transcripts, GMAT
                           application is strongly                                                          and Toefl certs, 2
                        recommended and will lead                                                          recommendations.
                             to reduced fees):                                                            All candidates have
                              *31. December                                                                personal interview
                                  *30. April                                                              following application
                                 *30. June

  London Business       Mannheim Business School
      School           http://www.mannheim- 
                         Vlerick Management    WHU - Otto Beisheim            WU Executive
 University St. Gallen
                                 School       School of Management             Academy

     St. Gallen,          Leuven, Blegium            Vallendar               Vienna, Austria

*Full-time-MBA, *Part-     Full-time-MBA      * Full-time                    *Executive-MBA
        time-MBA                                                 *Part-           (EMBA)
                                                         time              *Professional MBA
                                                                          with 10 specialization
                                                                              options (PMBA)

   12 months (Full-          12 months        * 16 months                  EMBA: 14 months
time), 18-24 months                                              * 24      (during this time 3
      (Part-time)                                       months                international
                                                                          residencies: Russia,
                                                                           China/India, USA);
                                                                           PMBA: 18 months,
                                                                           part-time, blocked

*September (full-time)       September        * March                       EMBA: March
 *February or August                                        * September    PMBA: November

   EQUIS, AACSB           AACSB, AMBA,              *EQUIS                  AACSB, EQUIS,
                             EQUIS            *FIBAA (Premium for            AMBA, FIBAA
                                               *Member of AACSB

 63.000 Swiss franc         28,500 Euro             35.000 Euro           EMBA: 39,000 Euro
  (full-time), 70.000                                                      PMBA: 25,000 -
  Swiss franc (part-                                                         45,000 Euro
*full and partial study     Scholarships       (Full-time only) WHU        Full/ Partial
          loans         available at 50% and         Scholarships     Scholarships as well
      *scholarships      25% of tuition fees.    WHU grants some        as special CEE
                        School loan scheme scholarships to enable       scholarships for
                         available to borrow         higly talented     applicants from
                         up to 50% of tuition    candidates from all   Eastern European
                                 fees.        countries to pursue the    countries; low-
                                              WHU MBA. The WHU            interest loans
                                                scholarships are not
                                                 bound to a certain
                                               amount. The granted
       one partial           One partial            amounts will be
                                                    (Full-time only)  partial scholarships
scholarship of 12.500 scholarship of 14,250 Scholarship of 17.500      of 5.000 Euro for
           Euro                 Euro.             Euro for e-fellows-    scholars of the
                                              Alumni and candidates    Professional MBA
                                                  from the e-fellows  (starting November
                                                       MBA-Day                2010)

  Financial Times                                                         *Financial Times
Ranking (2010):                                                          2009: 41st of the
                                                                       worldwide best MBA
*Executive education                                                    programs *Financial
16th in Europe                                                         Times: WU Executive
  *Executive MBA:                                                        Academy 17th in
20th in Europe                                                             Executive-MBA-
        Wall Street                                                      Business-School-
   Journal Ranking                                                            Ranking
       *MBA: 13th

                              China          * 3 intern. Modules à 2
                                                  weeks: Kellogg
                                               School, US, CEIBS
                                             China, IIMB India

                                               *3 intern. Modules à
                                               1 week: Columbia
                                              University New York,
                                               US, CEIBS China,
                                                    IIMB India
    *good Bachelor                *A good              A first degree         *University degree
         degree              Undergraduate              (Bachelor or          (Bachelor's Degree)
  *at least 2-3 years     degree                    equivalent); 2 years       *At least three/five
    work experience                         *At     postgraduate work             years of work
 *GMAT: at least 650          least 3 years         experience, official         (EMBA/PMBA)
          Points           postgraduate work      transcripts, two letters          experience
*TOEFL: at least 110      experience               of recommendation;          *Excellent English
  points; other tests                   *A good     TOEFL 100 internet                 skills
   like the IELTS or          GMAT score -           based; GMAT 600             * Two letters of
       Cambridge              Minimum 550               min, 95 Euro            recommendation
  Certificate will also   Average 650                  application fee.      * Application fee 200
      be accepted           *English language                                          Euro
*three essays             qualification - TOEFL
*two reference letters            or IELTS


  application form          Online application         Based on the           after handing in
     Interview            followed by personal     application form, CV          application
                                interview.           and transcripts,         documents, the
                                                  promising candidates candidates will have
                                                    will be invited to an  to attend a personal
                                                      interview at the            interview.
                                                   campus in Vallendar.
                                                    After a successful    The application forms
                                                       interview, the        can be requested
                                                  application documents from WU Executive
                                                    must be completed.       Academy directly

                                                    Applications will be
                                                   accepted at any time
                                                  but should be handed
                                                  in as early as possible.

University St. Gallen                                                           WU Executive
                                                                                 Academy        *           www.executiveacace


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