The Harvard Business School Learning Organization Survey by rdh18038


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Field-Based Learning
More than 50 percent of HBS students take learning out of the classroom and into the
workplace in faculty-supervised field-based learning. These field study and Individual
Student Research projects are designed to help students deepen their knowledge in a
particular area of interest.

Field Study
Field-based learning is typically conducted by teams of three or more students who work
closely with a sponsoring organization and a faculty advisor. Projects may involve a
product launch, new business development, or research aimed at solving a real- world
problem. Sponsoring organizations range from small entrepreneurial ventures to large
corporations, from manufacturers to nonprofits. Recent project sponsors include
Disneyland, Cybersmith, BMW, Nike, Children's Hospital Boston, African
Communications Group, and the New England Conservatory of Music. Teams have also
developed their own business plans.

Individual Student Research
The Individual Student Research Project presents an opportunity for a student to study a
specific topic of interest in depth under the close direction of a faculty member. In recent
years, this learning experience has become more popular as students link independent
field-based learning to their career planning and job search.

Field-based learning is a remarkable opportunity for students to truly personalize their
education as they make connections and gain experience in their chosen fields.


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