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      A BROAD
                                    Barcelona,                                      Spain
       S TUDY

                                          Escuela Superior de Administracion y Direccion de Empresas
                                          (ESADE Business School)

                                                                    ESADE, a private school founded in 1958, is one of the best business
                                                                    schools in Europe. It is AACSB accredited. Courses at ESADE are taught
                                                                    in either Spanish or English. Students who speak Spanish will have more
                                                                    courses to choose from. ESADE offers exchange students an optional, non
                                                                    -credit Spanish language course before each term begins.

                                                   The city of Barcelona itself is a beautiful setting in the mountains on the coast of the
Approximate Program Dates                          Mediterranean Sea. The city is very lively, and there is always a lot to do at any time of the
                                                   day or night. You can visit a tapas bar, catch a soccer game, go dancing at one of the many
Term I                                             discos, or just stroll along one of the many beautiful Mediterranean beaches. The language
Spanish Course: Aug. 30—Sept. 9, 2010              in Barcelona is Catalan, but the residents also speak Spanish. This program is only open to
Welcome Session: beginning of September 2010       students who have completed at least 90 hours.
Instruction: Sept. 13—Dec. 18, 2010
Term II                                            ESADE has a new residence hall, Residencia Universitaria Roberto de Nobili, located next to
Spanish Course: January 2011                       the ESADE Business School building. They have three types of accommodation, common
Welcome Session: beginning of February 2011        areas, 4 study rooms, 2 leisure rooms, a Lounge Café, fitness room, self-service launderette,
Instruction: February—May 2011                     Wi-Fi Internet connection , reception, security, cleaning and maintenance service and
                                                   restaurant service. More than 6,000 students live in the residence hall.

                                                   Application Process
                                                   Apply online at by February 15th to study abroad the following
                                                   fall and by September 15th to study abroad the following spring.

                                                   Costs (subject to change)
                                                   Items that will be charged to your student account:
                                                   *Illinois Range IV Tuition & Fees (incl. UIUC insurance) $1,800 (approx.)
                                                   **Business Study Abroad Fee (incl. App & SAO Admin Fee) $1,525
                                                   CISI Study Abroad Insurance (mandatory)                  $127

                                                   Estimated out-of-pocket expenses:
                                                   Airfare                                                        $770—1,200 (roundtrip)
                                                   Visa Processing                                                $100
                                                   Room                                                           $975 – 1.295 per month
                                                   Meals                                                          $1,600
                                                   Local Transportation                                           $620
                                                   Books and Supplies                                             $250
                                                   Miscellaneous Expenses                                         $3,000
                                                   *This is the only tuition students will have to pay while studying abroad.
                                                   **$500 is non-refundable.
   Business International
                                             Must be enrolled in the College of Business when you apply
   1055 Business Instructional Facility
   515 East Gregory Drive                    Recommended minimum GPA 3.0/4.0
   Champaign, IL 61820                       Completed at least 90 hours at UIUC.
   Phone: 217-244-7245                       Strongly recommended that students in their last semester         not participate

                                                                                                                            undergrad—Updated 7/2/10
                                                      Typical Courses Available
         This sheet is based on course offerings from the previous years, and is not an actual listing of the courses for the upcoming year.
                                                    There is no guarantee of course availability.
                                                    UIUC course equivalencies are listed in bold.
                                                  Courses listed in Spanish are taught in Spanish.
                                     You are required to take a minimum load of 25 ECTS/13 UIUC credit hours.
           UIUC credit hours are listed within parentheses (__). Credit hours must be verified for courses where hours are not specified.

Fall Courses                                                                  Spring Courses
X25864: Brand Management = MKTG MAJOR ELECTIVE (3 hours)                       X35836: Banca Privada y Gestion de Patrimonios
X45818: Business & the Environment** = MAJOR ELECTIVE for MGT, MKTG,           X25864: Brand Management = MKTG MAJOR ELECTIVE
BPM (3)                                                                        X35820: Bolsa y Mercados Intl = FIN 3xx
X35831: Capital Markets & Portfolio Management** = FIN 311                     X25855: Business-to-Business Marketing
X45053: Change Mgt for Service Excellence** = MAJOR ELECTIVE for MGT, IS/      X85100: Business Environment & Public Policy (3 hours)
IT, BPM, SCM (3)
                                                                               X11847: Business Value of Emergent Technologies = MAJOR ELECTIVE FOR MGT, MKTG,
X25860: Consumer Behavior** = BADM 325 (3)                                     IS/IT
X30850: Control de Gestión = FREE ELECTIVE (3)                                 X20864: Comunicacion de Mktg y Corpoativa = BADM 323 (3)
X80885: Creative Problem Solving in Mgt: Tools & Process**                     X25827: Conducta del Consumidor = BADM 325
X35829: Derivatives** = FIN 412                                                X11012: Consulting Information Systems
X10481: Direccion Estrategica de Persona                                       X11845: Consulting Org of Info Systems
X35835: Direccion y Gestion de Promotoras Inmobiliarieas                       X85874: Consultoriá Estratégica = MAJOR ELECTIVE FOR MGT
X85837: Doing Business Across Cultures** = MAJOR ELECTIVE for MGT, MKTG;       X25827: Consumer –Centric Marketing
1st Intl Bus MAJOR ELECTIVE (3)
                                                                               X85876: Corporate Strategy** = FREE ELECTIVE
X25872: E-Marketing Practices (3)
                                                                               X05209: Corporate Social Responsibility** = FIN MAJOR ELECTIVE (3)
X65862: Economia de la Union European = IB MAJOR ELECTIVE (2nd one)
                                                                               X35829: Derivatives
X25872: E-marketing Practices = MAJOR ELECTIVE for MKTG (3)
                                                                               X25834: Design Mgt** = MAJOR ELECTIVE FOR MKTG & MGT
X35821: El Nuevo Marco de Informacion Financiera
                                                                               X85835: Dirección de Proyectos (3)
X65860: Emerging Economies** = FIN MAJOR ELECTIVE (3)
                                                                               X15895: Dynamics of Org Change & the Learning in Org Networks** = MAJOR ELECTIVE
X25849: Estrategieas de Mktg Internacional = BADM 382 (3)                      FOR MGT, MKTG, IS/IT & BPM
X85827: Gestión en las Empresas Familiares = MAJOR ELECTIVE for MGT (3)        X11011: E-Commerce**
X85856: Gestion de las Empresas de la Industria Cultural y Creativas (3)       X11846: Entrepreneur in ICT Org** = BADM 446
X35835: Gestion de Empresas Inmobiliares = BADM 377                            X65839: Estructuras de Mercado y Decisiones Estrategicas de la Empresa (3)
X35826: International Finance** = FIN 451 (3)                                  X80285: Family Business Management**
X20867: Key Account & Sales Management** = MAJOR ELECTIVE for MGT &            X35863: Fusiones, Adquisiciones y otras Alianzas Estrategicas = FIN 3xx (2)
MKTG (3)
                                                                               X25856: Gestión Turistica y del Ocio = MKTG MAJOR ELECTIVE (3)
X35821: La Nueva Regulacion Financiera
                                                                               X85824: Intl Bus Strategy** = BADM 381
X 60850: Latin-American Economies** = FIN MAJOR ELECTIVE & IB MAJOR
ELECTIVE (2nd one)                                                             X25830: International Marketing Strategies** = BADM 382 (3)
X15871: Leadership** = MAJOR ELECTIVE for MGT; MKTG; IS/IT & BPM (3)           X65837: La Inversion Inmobiliaria: = FIN MAJOR COURSE
X25829: Marketing de Nuevos Productos = BADM 329                               X35838: Mgt Control Systems** = MAJOR ELECTIVE FOR MGT & BPM
X20866: Trade & Category Mgt = MKTG MAJOR ELECTIVE                             X15141: Managing Diversity: Developing Skills for the Multicultural Workplace** = BADM 313
X15141: Managing Diversity**                                                   X45824: Managing Innovation** = FIN MAJOR ELECTIVE
X25829: Marketing de Nuevos Productos                                          X25859: Managing Services** = MAJOR ELECTIVE FOR MGT, MKTG, BPM, IS/IT, SCM (3)
X15831: Motivation, Values & Commitment** = MAJOR ELECTIVE for MGT,            X20045: Marketing for Entrepreneurs**
MKTG, BPM, & IS/IT (3)                                                         X25862: Marketing Relacional = MAJOR ELECTIVE FOR MKTG
X95895: Plan de Elaboracion de Una Tesina de Licenciatura                      X25859: Marketing Services** = MKTG MAJOR ELECTIVE
X15838: Politica de Pers: Sistemas v Herram de RR HH                           X25855: Marketing Business to Business**
X15892: Relaciones Humanos = BADM 313 (3)                                      X11848: New Media Mgt** = MAJOR ELECTIVE FOR MGT, IS/IT & BPM
B00914: Spain Recent History & Current Poltical & Social Issues** = WESTERN    X15834: Org Cultures y Mercados = BADM 312
CIV, HISTORICAL/PHILO & UPPER-LEVEL HUM (3)                                    X15892: Relaciones Humanas: Analisis del Comportamiento de las Personas (3)
X25835: Retail Innovation** = FREE ELECTIVE                                    X25835: Retail Innovation**
X15821: Sem. Estilo y Practica de la Comunicacion = FREE ELECTIVE (1)          X30852: Risk Mgt in Financial Institutions** = FIN 4xx (3)
X20866: Trade Category Mgt (3)                                                 X15837: Seminario: Cross Cultural Communications** = FREE ELECTIVE (1)
                                                                               X15025: Seminario : Negoicacion = FREE ELECTIVE (1)
                                                                               X15006: Seminario: Trabjao en Equipo = FREE ELECTIVE (1)
                                                                               X85089: Social Entrepreneurship**
                                                                               B10484: Social Networks** = MKTG MAJOR ELECTIVE (*)
                                                                               B00914: Spain Recent History & Current Poltical & Social Issues** = WESTERN CIV, HISTORI-
                                                                               CAL/PHILO & UPPER-LEVEL HUM (3)
                                                                               X45814: Supply Chain Mgt** = BADM 335 (3)
                                                                               X65836: Topics in International Economies

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